What's due to Mirtazapine WD and what's not? ...So very confused :(

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Hi all..

I've been feeling terrible; still do. (Thoughts go out to others that are struggling too).

I hope the following makes sense ...just wanted to share my thoughts

I read an old posting of David's (fellow member many will know), this one: [.."I kept tapering to 7.5, and when I stopped, within three days I was in pure misery. That was 18 days ago, and I am still suffering. Abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, insomnia, anxiety, stress, weak, nausea, dry mouth, and others. This is my second attempt, and I am determined to stay off this horrible mess. I now understand why those who abuse drugs sometimes have to admit themselves to special hospitals to detox. The emotional support alone is worth it. My advice to anyone getting off this stuff, or any of the others, if possible, find you a buddy as support that will be there for you 24/7 until you are over the hump, and do it before you start. I hope that this will help someone"...]

The parts in BOLD really really resonate with me!

Thing is, I've become so so very confused now (nothing seems ceratin except my sufferring/pain). I find myself questioning what of my symptoms are related to Mirtazapine/Remeron withdrawal? and what are related to my historical poor mental health/Depression? and what are related to my Thyroid condition (initially Overactive>>made Underative)? and/or my Digenerative Disc Disease (chronic lower back pain)? and what MIGHT be connected to some other undiagnosed 'new' health issue?

The whole situation is complex and confusing.

It seems to me that whereas say a motor car is taken to the carage and goes through a lenghty diagnostic check ..I (many of us) have but a short chat with our GP/Doctor who then prescribes whatever is the med of the moment before being sent home to analyse myself/ourselves. 

SURELY thorough and correct diagnosis with close monitoring and evaluation by extremely capable and knowlegeable clinical practioners is key? (the type of support that a celebrity drug addict might get after going into rehab or a therapeutic clinic/retreat etc).

The recession, economic cuts here in the UK have resulted in many sufferers of poor menta health just not getting the care/support/resources they are so much in need of.

I feel so alone and in the dark ..and helpless  [sad]

Kind regards, Karl

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    Hi Karl. I too feel your pain. I am involved with a local self-help group for people with mental health issues, and it has been invaluable in helping me to get through the bad patches. We have a website, and a weekly Drop-in where we can talk together about anything under the sun or do art, crafts, whatever. Some members say the Drop-in is what gets them out of the house, and I find it useful to discuss medications too. Is there anything like that in your area, where you do not need to feel so alone? Just an idea.

    I'm rooting for you


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      Pixie thankyou ..

      I am in England UK and what with the financial cuts NHS and Community Groups funding ...services, resources etc has been badly effected.

      Things ..I mean support just isn't what it should being my humble opinion.

      I guess its a post/zip code lottery ...it all depends where one lives ...and wherever they are even able/strong enough to get past their front door.

      Have I made sense? ..pls forgive if I haven't ...pretty lousy period for me.

      Much peach and gratitude!

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    Hi Karl, Reading your post Im just thinking did you start WD with the help of your GP??  You sound in such a lot of distress. I myself have some of your health issues one being thyroid,you'd be surprised the problems that can cause,so get that checked out.   Also if you have mental health issues WD from Mirtazapine could be bringing some of them issues back.

    I suggest you go back to your GP or health worker and discusse the problems you've got.

    Comeing off Mirtazapine is not easy for anyone,but for people with mental health problems it could be worse because you may have them problems returning.        Please get yourself checked out,I hate to think of you suffering needlessly.   Big Hug  Take Care 

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      Thanks Norma ..

      Help of my GP? no

      When it comes to Mental Health matters, personsl experience has made it difficult to be trusting of my GP ...or MOST GPs; particular those that are quick to prescribe without fully explaining the risks etc, and who operate with cash strapped services and moreover who have no real personal experience/empathy where MH is concerned.

      Thing is this forum offers me more advice, support and comfort through people like YOU!

      Please forgive any ignorance and negativity on my part ...feeling real low at this point.

      Many thanks and kindest regsrds

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      I can understand how you feel about your GP or any medics,I've had my fair share of them but if you don't stamp your feet a bit they sit back and do nothing like you say.

      Im Haveing problems at the moment with the NHS and my hubby who's never been ill in his life.  Nobody would Beleive the difficulty ive had until I stamped my feet a little.

      i Sincerly empathise with you as my son and myself suffer with mental health,my son also works with men with mental health,so I know where your coming from.

      All Im saying is it's no good sitting alone feeling really ill you have to do something because it won't go away. Get some help please.

      i have my hubby,David had his wife,Rose had her daughters are you alone?

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    Hi Karl,

    I've just replied to you on another discussion but we'll switch to this new one shall we.  

    Did you feel this bad before you started your withdrawal 9 days ago?  In my humble opinion, 15 mg down to zero in 9 days is rather quick.  There are some very wise folk on here, Rose in particular, Kathy 56977 and Norma 72045 spring to mind ... read their stories about wd and maybe, just maybe you could take ONE step back rather than a big jump.  Rose said she recommended staying with 7.5 for MONTHS (6 to be precise) and then 3.75 for the same.  

    David jumped/cold turkeyed hence his anguish and pain; we're all praying for him and hoping he will get in that photo one day soon!  Be kinder to yourself than you think you should with this wd. A rapid WD has the ability to bring back the very symptoms that you took if for in the first place, no flipping wonder you're confused.  

    I wish you well and hope I havn't been too harsh, I can't help thinking that with a little slower timing you can get this right for yourself.

    Namaste my friend 


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      I get your point ..and I think I agree.

      I think I simply underestimated Mirtazapine/Remeron ...such a tiny pill? And (not 100% convinced as I'm so confused) IF it is soley WITHDRAWAL from this drug that I've been experiencing AND STILL experiencing ....MY GOD!

      Like David suggested in one of his posts ...people suffering like this should be allowed FREE admittance into a Residential Clinic so they can be fully supported, evaluated and monitored.

      I cannot even leave my bedroom ..my day is spent in pain and worst still fighting demons that continually attack my mind ...what little of my resolve, motivation, self esteem, optimism seems all but gone! sad

      Its SAD that in 2015 and living in the UK ...I've been getting more advice and love and support online from souls I've never met.

      Excuse my negativity...

      Much love n peace n thsnks

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      Karl, DONT KEEP SUFFERING,  Ring your GP or 111 or even the Samaratians but don't sit there alone and suffering.

      you can get some help if you ask for it.

                  PLEASE ASK 

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      karl, that is what i want to do if i can..go to ahealth\rehab clinic.  ir would be nice ifwe all had the money to do that.  it's the same here in canada, altough i do think some people must go there without having to pay.  thinkingof you and the others going through this horrible journey
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      I called Samaritans ...person listened but wasvnot allowed to offer any compassionate advice, thoughts etc. So just a listening ear ..a sounding board.

      Meditated for a little ...and have been drinking more water. No appetite and scared to try to eat again after last time. Ate a few mouthfuls of bran and was sick!

      I am more convinced now that this is the result of MIRTAZAPINE/REMERON and WITHDRAWAL.

      Never never never again!

      Much peace (and gratitude) Karl x

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      As each day as gone by ...and with my own terrible personal experiences and those of others on here re. Mirtazapine ...I have gone from being 50% sure I was experiencing WD to 99% sure.

      For me, and with no disrespect to those who did well with Mirtazapine ...I LOATHE THE DRUG ..AND I LOATHE THE PHARMACEUTICAL CARTELS THAT PLY THE DAMNED THING! (sorry for my anger/frustration).

      Take care Suzie and many thanks for your kind support. Karl x

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      oh lord karl you called the samatarians woah ,,,hold on mr...here for you...hear me ??? 
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      I called I spoke and they listened ...and that was that.

      I meditated ...prayed ...drank a lot of water ...and now I'm sat trying to carry on weathering this most difficult of storms.

      Thanks Lesley!

      Inspite of how I'm feeling ..to you and others I wish you peace and improved health!

      Karl x

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      woah i often wondered what they would say...guess they cant do much more but hey u did it mr............keep weathering the storm mr...same back at ya despite how we are all feeling we are here......keep the faith x
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      back at ya!!..u know it !!!.......peace and love and hopefully some chill...
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      Calmer are you saying maybe I should go back to taking Mirtazapine ...and then try coming off more slowly?

      Thing that worries me ...I read several times online people doing a slow taper weening off but its taken 6 ..even 12months. And in some cases people have STILL reported getting withdrawal.

      This drug should be BANNED ...I feel completely ruined.

      Regards Karl

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      In my humble opinion yes, were you on 15 mg ????  IF these unbearable symptoms have come on in the last 9 days since your withdrawal - nine days is not the recommendation of CITA - do your have the CITA protocol plan?  If not I can help you.

      What you "hear from other people" who withdraw slowly and still get bad symptoms I can't comment on because their method might be rushed also ... I'm no medic but when it come to wd my mantra is SLOW SLOW SLOW


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      I eascscsred you were going to say that Calmer...

      But ...thinking about it, taking into account the numerous posts online AND how lousy I've been feeling ...I THINK YOU ARE CORRECT!

      Knowing what I know now ...particularly as I've been stung personally by Withdrawal ..I wouldnt want my worst enemy to touch Mirtazapine (Remeron)...

      Can I go back on it ...stabilise ...and then ween off S-L-O-W-L-Y over 6-12months? ..hmmm I don't think I could ..Inspite of that approach most likely being the best and safest way.

      Karl is his own worst enemy I hear many say ...but right now I put Mirtazapine in the same category as Uranium/Plutomium/Cyanide!!

      I'm scared!

      That said, if Ibget pummelled much more I might think and feel differently and have one more relationship with Hell's Drug!

      Peace, Love and Best Wishes! (and Gratitude)


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      I couldn't agree with you more about Mirtazapine being banned and the pharmaceutical companies being stopped.It is by far the worst drug ive ever taken,but Haveing said that,I do agree with calmer you DO have to come off it SLOWLY very SLOWLY.   Does it really matter how slow as long as you feel well,and can get on with living.  Please take care Karl.
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      hey Karl how are you feeling today......hope you coping with your day so far....i have just braved it to make a doctors appointment and have a chat....took me hours to pluck up courage but courage we must have s wish you well throughout your day....stay strong....if i can brave it i send you some braveness today x
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      I hear you Lesley ...the mere fact you got out and made to your GP is a big positive. Many won't understand ...but we who 'know' ..do understand. OK so that's one positive out the way ...i hope you can find and complete a few more before the weekend!

      Me? I am not sure how I feel. I guess bad still but weathering the storm. Not being able to have consistent good quality 8hr sleep is a suffering just on its own.

      I just did 2hrs meditation ...had a coffee with some multivitamins earlier ...and now will drink a Priobotic Actimel and 1 pint of hot water. After that? God please help me to leave my house and go for a ramble somewhere to get some fresh air n exercise ..pleaseeeee!

      Be well ...be happier ..be peaceful


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      hi Karl well i aint made it out and to the gp yet apt at 4pm..to be honest i dont even know what i will say to him friends are so worried they making me go so have to follow through...i get the feeling that he will just try lower my dose cos of withdrawal...so gawd knows......i hear you with the sleep im not sleeping at all on 30......its great your doing meditation i cant even do that feel worthless and sick of being sorry for myself when people are much worse..........actimel great for your gut ..please try and leave your house although its difficult fresh air is important says she ,,,lol....anyway wishing you strength.......hey at least it will get me showered and dressed how exciting a docs apt.......take care you and please try get outside.....rain tomorrow so make most...maybe go and vote lool (kidding)..lets not do politics!!
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      i am now wondering of course what awful meds he will try and dish out on me this time........no idea.....oh well im going...apparently!!!!!...get outside mr and get some sun if you are able even though its hard...ok.....peace to you
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      Thanks for your kind encouragement Lesley...

      Please can you tell me ...did you make it to the GP?

      If you did, looking back ...how do you now feel about having gone?

      If you can't get into the rhythm of meditating (I.e. resetting thoughts and strengthening your mind) ...then consider listening to Delta Wave music (YouTube).

      Much peace


      [Note. DELTA = Is associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative, healing sleep. It is also been found to be involved in unconscious bodily functions such as regulating heart beat and digestion etc. Adequate production of delta waves helps heal the mind, improve ourvoutlook and feel completely rejuvenated after we wake up from a good night’s sleep].

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