What's wrong with me?!

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Hi guys,

I'm new to this. Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place - just after some ideas/advice.

Since the beginning of December I've been feeling sick quite regularly, particularly after eating food. This became so severe that over Xmas I was off work for a week, spent the week in bed feeling excessively tired and feeling horribly sick. I barely ate anything and as soon as I did eat then I just felt even worse. I've seen my GP on 3 separate occasions now. She has prescribed Omeprazole 20mg and Metoclopramide 10mg, both of which I've been taking for 2.5 weeks now. GP has asked me to change my diet and is putting my symptoms down to Gastritis. I should add, whilst I don't eat unhealthy food, I do work 12 hour shifts which include nights so the times at which I eat and the food I choose to eat at these times can affect my stomach. Bloods have been taken, but nothing showed up so as far as the GP is concerned there is nothing to worry about. But.....as I'm sure you can appreciate, there is something to worry about because I still don't feel well, and this is six weeks later.

Making the situation a million times worse is I'm Emetophobic (fear of vomit) and so feeling sick stresses me out because I then worry that I might be sick and tend to avoid eating in case I am sick.

No diarrhoea, vomiting or passing of blood accompanies my symptoms. Just the feeling sick and overly tired. Does anyone know what could be causing this and if there is anything I can do to aid recovery?

Many thanks in advance for any help offered,


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    Hi Dec

    Your symptoms sound very similar to mine feeling sick all the time never been sick and blood tests, stool sample all came back clear. I also work 12 hour night shift (2 days 2 nights 4 off) so totally understand what your talking about in regards to eating habits. I do still try to eat healthy even on night shifts - while everyone else is eating their KFC or dodgy kebab I'm eating toast or salad roll but it's me feeling rough not them!!! Anyway sorry to hear your not well mate I've got a date for endoscopy so hopefully find out more after that (hopefully not to serious tho) but in the mean time I tried the Lansoprazole which didn't really help I've since been prescribed donperidone and Colofac which I thought helped but I seem to have good days and bad days. Can I ask do you also get pains or bloating feeling? Do you find it's worse first thing in the morning or when your stomach is empty? Doctor thinks I have gastritis but this has been going on for 3 months now!!! I have tried laying off the alcohol almost completely as I did enjoy a beer. Do you drink much alcohol? Smoke? I suggest next step is to also try get booked in for endoscopy to see what's going on inside. I thought could be stomach ulcer but doctor told me at hospital that people don't really get ulcers anymore as it starts off as inflammation (gastritis) and meds normally sort this out before becomes ulcer - not sure how much of that I believe because people are always posting about stomach ulcers.

    Let me know how you get on mate. Sorry not much help but still going through process of finding out what's wrong with myself. Sometimes it can help just knowing your not alone with these symptoms.

    All the best


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    Hello mate,

    Thanks so much for replying. Glad I'm not alone, although it's not good that you are having to suffer too.

    I'm exactly the same on nights - the rest of the shift often get takeaways and I'll be having a pasta or salad sandwich. I answer 999 calls for the ambulance service so it's not a great environment to be in when you're feeling a bit delicate - hearing people vomit down the phone sets me off these days, although it never used to. This makes me wonder if at least part of what is going on with me is psychological, too.

    Hope your Endoscopy goes successfully. The GP did say at my visit last week that if the symptoms are still there in 2 weeks she will consider sending me for one. My Mum is actually an Endoscopy nurse at the local hospital and both her and her colleagues think I should already have been sent for one instead of wasting time, but I suppose the GP has to treat for the basic stuff first.

    I too have good and bad days. End of last week was perfect - Thursday and Friday I ate normally and felt wonderful. Thought it was all over. Just spent the weekend away in York and felt rough most of the weekend and even worse now I'm home. Although the GP never advised me to, I felt it was best to cut out alcohol for the time being to see if it made a difference. Can't say I've noticed a difference, so last night I had a couple of pints which was great because it made me really hungry and I was able to eat some food without feeling sick. But I can't be doing that every night just to give myself an appetite! Never smoked either.

    There is a marked difference between mornings and evenings. Mornings are horrendous (previously I've always been a morning person so I know something is definitely wrong with me!). I have to force myself to eat breakfast and then generally take a Metoclopramide to stop the feeling sick afterwards. I almost feel normal in the evenings, though. GP and my Mum advised that I mustn't allow my stomach to get empty because it will continue to produce acid and if there's no food to deal with then it'll make me feel sick. I understand that, but as I say, even when I do force myself to eat I feel sick.

    I'm going for some therapy tomorrow to assist with my phobia of sick. I'm sure this is making me feel worse than what is real. Hopefully it will do some good.

    I'm back in work on Wednesday for 2 day shifts and then 3 nights. Hopefully the busy weekend nights will keep my mind occupied. In answer to your other questions, I do get terrible bloating and abdominal pain but I've suffered with IBS for years so I just put it down to that. How about you? And is there a pattern with yourself?

    Keep me updated as to how you get on; I'll do likewise. My Mum is at work today and is going to ask the surgeons and consultants she works with for some advice - will post it on here if it's useful!

    Good to hear from you,

    All the best,


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      Hi dec,

      Like you I've been having the same synptoms.  Terrible nausea without being sick.  Flatulence. Burning in my throat all the way down to my stomach.  I've been to so many doctors.  I've asked for an endoscopy but my gp believes I don't need one. She's given me PPIs and metroclomide but they're not working and I'm in so much pain.  Burning in my intestines too.  I feel so lost and don't know what to do now.  Had a colonoscopy and because It came back okay they don't think i need anything else. I'm so exhausted.  Had to take time off work because of it and losing weight drastically.  I just don't know what to do. Dec have you had any news about your results?

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      Nice to hear from you, and I'm sorry you're having to experience these horrible symptoms too. 

      I'm at work full time now, refusing to take time off. My symptoms last 2-3 days and then disappear for up to 3 weeks. It's so strange! There seems to be no pattern leading up to it - I don't eat any differently, don't drink any differently etc. I just don't understand it. I'm so jealous of my work colleagues who all seem to have perfect health!

      The only way I can describe by symptoms is it's like having a tummy bug. I feel generally rough, dreadful nausea and very tired....except I don't have the D&V that comes with a bug. If it was a one off I'd put it down to a mild bug but how can I possibly be catching one every 2-3 weeks! 

      All the the results my GP did came back fine. Like you, they just assume there can't be anything wrong. I've got another appointment on Friday morning so will see how that goes. :-)

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      I am new to this forum which I found accidentally  Can't believe my symptoms are exactly the same as your. I have had similar tests and all clear  I also find mornings are the worst - even if I just have fruit (How healthy is that!) I feel nauseous and tired  Much better at dinner time and feel like eating. My symptoms are also similar to Terri10426.i

      P,ease let me know what happened with your endoscopy 

      OMG Just realised that your post was written 12 months ago

      so hope you get this 


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      Hey, I didn't realize this was a UK forum until after I signed up.  I wanted to recommend to all of you to ask for an H. Pylori test.  In the meantime try to relax, your anxiety over your health is making you feel a lot worse.  Also take heart in your NHS, I'm out $3,800 on tests(and i'm a college student) and so far and they still haven't pinpointed whats wrong with me
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      Hi , Im fern and i have been suffering with these symptoms to im onlt 19 and its been a few months now i have been having no sleep feeling like i want to vomit but i am so scared to do so , it stops me from going out , i stay in bed , im going for a blood test soon so hopefully something will show if anything , really scared as before it started i was fine but then i had food poisoning of some sort and since then i havent been feeling myself , sorry for the description , but i get trouble going to the toilet passing anything ... when i eat i feel sick and my diet is very poor , i eat loads of junk food , i rarely eat veg or fruit but the pain in get is like  an acid feeling in my throat and my intestines hurt and im forever passing wind , does anyone else get this please help xx
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      Hi there, 

      My grandma has got the exact same thing, she is always exhausted and she has lost 10kg in the past 8 months from being sick all the time. We have travelled from Gladstone to Brisbane looking for answers. But if your feeling sick get some powdered slippery elm, it helps settle the stomach it helps my grandma a lot

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      Hi dec,

      Im new to this chat.. ive been doing some research and stumbled on you symptoms which are very similar to mine. Its been on for 2.5 months now. I had an endoscopy and it was discovered that i had chronic gastritis.

      My question is, are u cured now and if yes how long did it take ?



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    Have either of you lost much weight? Saying this because I have and I am already pretty slim to start with....o worrying...anyway re ulcers I was told the same but I dont understand it wither...I haven't been given antibiotics either for this so bow could it be cured?

    Anyway I can hardly eat without feeling sick and always have a nagging full strange feeling in stomach..been 9 weeks now ...and I couldn't tolerate the PPI tablets that Dr gave me.....think they were the same as yours....

    I have had an endoscopy done, and there was no mass luckily ..consultant thought it could be the gallbladder as it has tones or the pancreas so have an an ultra Sound and CT scan..now awaiting the results....luckily I dint work anymore so that is easier but I have lost a lot of my energy..prob because I have so little to eat...

    Do go for an endescopy and CT scan..if it is the gall bladder it is easily corrected.......

    Keep on line

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    Hi there, good to hear from you.

    I've not lost much weight - perhaps 6 pounds. Surprising, really, considering how little I am eating compared to previously. Nine weeks is a long time also. Sorry you're having to go through this, too.

    It's difficult to explain how my stomach feels - it kind of feels full, but still makes the rumbling noises like it's empty.

    Sounds like you were sent for an endoscopy pretty rapidly - which part of the country are you in, may I ask? I think that's where I'll be headed. If the tablets I'm on we're going to work then they would have done something by now. I fear the Omeprazole is just hiding something else possibly.

    Ill health eh - what a pain!!!

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    Dec I know what you mean when your saying is it all in my head but they do also say stress plays a big part to these symptoms so becomes a viscous circle. I have also heard about not letting your stomach get to empty as the acid could make it more painful it if is gastritis/somach ulcer but like you say easier said than done when feeling sick all the time. Sounds like you know the perfect people for the job, if your mum does that for a living haha very handy. Yeah let me know what her colleagues suggest.

    Hi Val,

    Yes I have lost quite a bit of weight wihout trying. First of all I used I try get in the gym and do weights when I could but ended up injuring my back. This was around June time last year and I done so much damage I was on strong pain killers and took 3 months to get over it - part of me wonders if pain killers set off this stomach problem - anyway I originally put losing weight down to not working out anymore and so losing muscle but the weight just keeps dropping off me. I was over 11 stone 6 months ago I now weigh 9 stone 6 (61Kg) without even trying. Starting to worry me a bit now I'm not gonna lie. Only good hing to come out of this horrible illness is six pack starting to come through haha but no seriously it is a worry and I'm starting to look ill now aswell as feel it.

    I live in Essex and think it's only from pushing the doctor that I got endoscopy booked but it's still been couple of months. I first went to doctors early November.

    Hope you all start to feel better soon.


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      Many of the symptoms of this topic are similar to mine. Your weight loss even is similar to mine. I was 74 kg last may then 59 last week. I think i have finally found out what it is in my case. Waiting for an official diagnosis but i am 80% sure. One question, does anyone have a mysterious rash? It might come and go. Might be elbows arms or abdomen. Can blister and itch like crazy? That was my eureka moment. It seems that I have Ceoliac disease (or at least something remarkably similar). My symptoms go back 25 years and have had dozens of symptoms. Fatigue/nausea after eating. Sudden weight loss. Diabetes, lactose intolerance, hydrogen sulphide smelling flatulence anxiety (started to have panic attacks just looking at food). I have only been on a GF diet for two weeks now but already i feel a lot better. Went all day today without any chronic fatigue or "Bleurgh" feeling. hoping to get an official diagnosis this week. My advice would be to try a couple of weeks gluteN and other allergan free for a couple of weeks. You have nothing to lose.
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      Forget this post. Barking up the wrong tree, the rash was just a Nickel allergy to my belt. Only started to happen as I was losing so much weight and my belt was starting to touch my stomach. Seems the root cause for me is anxiety

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      So did the gluten free diet end up working for you? Also are you now on anxiety medication or have you been able to control it? The reason I am curious is because I am have the same issues as you. 

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