Whats going on? Raised BP, Anxious, Stressed or Doc says vertigo, really?

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Me - Im 35, male,tall, slightly overweight but not too much very active, lots of sports, good diet loving husband and and great daddy to a 6 year old! No illnesses apart from the very occasional anxiety spell when Im overseas or out of comfort zone etc... maybe 2 a year for 5 mins. I had liposuction 4 weeks ago on my chest, (gynecomastia op).. wearing a very tight compression vest at the minute, 4 weeks in, another 4 to go until it can come off.... OK, thats me,..Enough about me....

Recent events - Wife had minor heart attack in February, didn't notice it, taken to docs cos her bp was very high, taken to hospital, stent in her ventricle out 5 days later. Shes fit, healthy, never smoked, doesn't drink heavily, not really in family either. 

4 weeks after coming out she had a TIA. Jeees WTF?!!!... another 5 days in hospital. Shes fine now.....Thank god!. 

3 weeks ago I was sat at my desk at work writing an email. (im a stress-head might need to add). I was typing an email and got hit by a dizzy spell, nearly knocked me off my chair!... For no reason!,...Thought it would pass, it didnt. That evening still slightly dizzy and a headache. ( i never get those). Same the following day and couldn't concentrate, pain in back of head moving to front of eyes repeatedly. I went to A & E.

My BP was 190/110!! They gave me a diazepam and a Cortizone jab. Told me it was stress at work and waited till BP came down and sent me home.

Following day, same, back to A&E, doc says I might have developed hypertension having been through such a tough time lately with the wife, gave me enalapril 10mg, blood test - normal, ecograph, ecg, normal, xray and ultrasound - normal. Did a weird finger test and said my eyes flickered to the right and diagnosed me with Peripheral Vertigo, gave me Betahistine twice a day and told me to make appt with GP and write my BP results down 3 times a day.

3 days later, betahistine has had no affect on the dizziness and I have now developed unprovoked anxiety panic attacks! (What the he'll are they? - Horrible). Sat at home in bed, sat in a restaurant, 2/3 times a day.. for no reason?.....

3 days after that, the dizziness seems to have subsided slightly and I cant stand these panick moments so I binned the Betahistine to see if that was the potential cause, low and behold, touch wood, I havent had an anxiety attack since (maybe just coincidence), is this a side effect??

Went to GP a week later with BP results, average 160/95 morning, 158/95 afternoon and same in the evening. GP changed BP tablets to Ramapril 5mg once a day and gave me Lorazepam 1mg for the panic attacks and said I was OK to have them one a day and may also help with the dizziness and BP. I also (for my sins) have a few wines every night pretty much to destress and chill. (ive always done that)  I told the doc and she said it isnt ideal obviously but to me its better than benzos?? 

OK so here we are today.. I havent taken the Lorazepam as theres only one of us working here and I need to be sharp. BUT I AM NOT! My BP is still 150/90 all the day on average and either the dizziness or fuzziness has reduced somewhat or I have just begun to handle it better. (I meant to say, I have zero appetite either with the headaches)

I have a permanent headache now (mainly around the crown area). I struggle to focus on anything, my work is suffering, I feel like my head is going to explode all the time, Im tired more than usual, I struggle to laugh, im just not myself at all. I feel like Im sat next to me and my body is just going through the motions...  quite sad really..... My little girl is beautiful, work is going well, Im not depressed (I dont think I am anyway), my wife is fine now and although yes it has been awful start to the year, she is genuinely doing well and I cant simply put all this down to stress, I just cant, it just sounds wrong.

Appreciate this is information overload!!, but I needed to get this out. Any feedback or thoughts much appreciates. Just nice to have someone to talk too.....



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    Hello Adam, I think you need to be patient and see how's things turn out, and deal with the high blood pressure as best you can. It takes time to build up high pressure as you have said with the problems with your lovely wife.

    I can recommend two things that lowered my blood pressure by 15, it might or might not work for you.

    Firstly, you need to, after your bath if possible, shut yourself in comfortable room with headphones on and do 15 minutes of meditation, get some sympathetic breathing, and some other chill ones. Plenty online. Do this 4, 5 times a week. When mediating do nothing but think of how relaxed you are.

    Secondly. Make this drink to have 2 times a week. 2 sticks of celery, 1. 5 handfuls of spinach, half a carrot, half and advercardo and then a pint of pure natural beetroot juice, put some coconut oil in there as well.

    And chill, take this slow and methodical. Realise this will not go now, takes time. Your cortisol levels must be high, you need to bring these down. Once u hit 145 and below, maybe stop the meds every other day. It will go down. Oh, and make allowances for the extra fibre you will be having in that drink. Every ingredients has been proven to lower blood pressure naturally. Personally I would stop all meds and try it for a week. Oh, and get yourself a fitbit to monitor your sleep, blood pressure and exercises. Hit those 10k steps per day, and get ur ass to the gym if you have time. Your body is telling you to chill, get healthy and be happy. You owe it to your little girl.

    Good luck friend.

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      Hi SpenceK,

      Much appreciated for your detailed reply! All info is gratefully received.

      I am no stranger to the fuit/veg juices, I am a bit on an anorak with the 'fat sick and nearly dead' movies. I did do a few days after the Gyno operation to help get the nutrients in for the healing process, in fairness Im not quite sure why I stopped, maybe Ill add another one into my diet. 

      Re-the exercise. Im an avid sportsman, I tennis and squash 3 times a week and run 6K's on the other days. Unfortunately this compression vest limits the exercise for now. I need to wait another few weeks before I can begin again. What i will say though, I could think of nothing worse that tennis right now, My head feels like its going to explode as it is and im dizzy as hell. i couldn't run and hit a ball if I tried??... Oh and Im obsessed with my apple watch fitness rings too, if i dont close them I go for a HIIT 10 mins... smile

      I do agree that I should try in the long term to forget the BP meds. I dont have high blood pressure, I never have.. What I dont understand though is if all this head/dizzy thing is being caused by the BP and the newly prescribed medication for it.

      Just wish I knew what was going on in there. 


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      adam20324...I have just read your reply to SpenceK, & I must say I'm a little taken aback at your comment re blood pressure. You said you don't have high blood pressure, never have. What do you call readings of 158/95 & 160/95??? THAT most definitely is HIGH. Elevated blood pressure most certainly can cause headaches, or lightheadeness. A person doesn't have to have headaches or dizziness for their bp to be elevated. Some people don't have symptoms at all, which is why it's call the 'silent killer'. The systolic numbers you report (the top number) certainly aren't in the range of causing a stroke although those numbers aren't great. The diastolic (bottom numbers) are high at 95..

      Regardless you DO seem to have high blood pressure. You also said you should try in the long term to forget the BP meds. Don't even consider that at this stage of the game. You'd be wise to wait & see how the management of the readings come out. Later on, with exercise, diet, & getting the anxiety into control just may lower the bp enough that your Dr. will reduce the dosage, or have you come off.

      Never ever take yourself off meds without consulting your Dr. If you go against Drs wishes or instructions often enough, you could find the Dr./patient relationship come to an end. 

      I truly think your main problem is the anxiety..As I wrote in a previous post..try your best to relax, play a game on an ipad/computer or whatever. Go for a long relaxing walk. Take your wife for dinner or a movie...but you must relax.

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    adam20324...first of all, when reading your blog...I could feel the tension. Relax, Buddy!!!!!!! It isn't any wonder things were going haywire on you with all you had to deal with. I also would NEVER tell anyone to stop their meds..especially bp meds as one other writer has done. If you tell you're doctor you've stopped the meds...he/she would not be impressed. You can get rebound bp., meaning bp would rise if you suddenly stop taking them. 

    You said..."Ok so here we are today..I haven't taken the Lorazepam, & there's only one of us working here &  need to be sharp".Does the Lorazepam make you drowsy??????? I know it can help some people to relax when they go off to bed for the night. Why not try taking the Lorazepam at bedtime that way you can eliminate the concern of not being sharp while at work??? Take your bp meds in the morning with breakfast. Headaches can be aggravated by wine, especially red wine. Why not lay off it a while? 

    If you have an ipad or something of that nature, you can always relax playing a game. You can really get into the game..it's relaxing & fun.That helps reduce bp also. If you continue to be stressed, the bp numbers likely will stay high, & your doctor would confirm my statement. 

    You've said your little girl is beautiful, work is going well, & your wife is fine. Buddy, what more could you want???

    Chillax! You have everything going for you, believe it or not. 

    These forums are great. We all share our experiences & offer help..but we are not doctors nor do we profess to be. Some ideas have come to be extremely helpful, & we realise we are not alone. 

    Chill,Buddy...chill. Let me know how you get on.

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    Hi Guys, Thank you all for the replies.

    I feel I need to clarify my previous statements possibly. Firstly, when I said I dont have high blood pressure, I mean 'as a general rule', I have never suffered with high BP, even after my wifes Heart attack in February, she has monitored her BP twice a day as per doctors orders since and whenever she checks it, I do mine as well to show the machine is working OK, before she does her second check. I dont recall being anything over 135/80 ever!. not even the week before this all started with the dizzy spell at work.

    They say that a raise in BP is normally something that can take its time and not necessarily an immediate thing. What concerns me the most is that I haven't had a reading below 156/95 at any stage over the last 3 weeks having been on the meds prescribed. Even now having changed to Ramapril its still the same. The doc says she thinks this is stress related and in time, as my wife gets months under her belt with no more issues and life gets back to normal that its likely my BP begins to regulate itself and she will start reducing my dosage with a view of finally taking me off them. This is of course assuming she is correct and it is stress, and not just my time of life who like may others needs this type of medication.

    My next appt with the GP is Wednesday morning. Since my original post on Monday I haven't had any wine/alcohol at all. 3/4 days now, which I know its not that long but still I was maybe hoping for a little reduction. Yesterday evening I tried a light run, maybe 1.5K, then walked the rest due to a headache coming on. It wasn't unbearable but definitely induced by the jog for sure. Then again, I know BP does rise during workouts so i was half expecting it tbh. I gave up and walked after that and it stopped hurting. 

    The pain feels just at the back of my head, like Im wearing a baseball cap too tight. Ill take on board the chill advice, last night we found the new 'the good fight' so watched a couple of episodes quite relaxed. I felt the best ive felt for a while so although I dont want to obsess, I thought Id check my BP as I was sure it might have been slightly lower if the headaches were a sign of of it being high. Unfortunately Its was 158/97 sad I suppose in my nievity I was hoping that if I felt better, my BOP might reflect that. but it didnt.

    Re- the Lorazepam. I dont actually know if it makes you drowzy. Im quite uncomfortable taking this type of drug during work hours not sure why. I have read that benzos are highly addictive and if the drinking does actually have anything to do with this, swapping one for the other doesnt seem like the answer either. Although I would say, that 4 nights without a vino have made it difficult to relax I must say. I am also one of those annoying tpes (my wife says) that rarely feels fatigue. Im up early, work a full 9/10 hours, often play with my little one until shes in bed and then go out for my runs/tennis. Some nights I dont start playing till 10.30pm and get home at 12. Even then I dont feel like shutting my eyes. I don't ever recall falling asleep on the sofa, not that kinda guy. 

    So maybe the 2/3 wines I have just help to chill. I always wake up fresh and work bloody hard at my job.

    Oh, i tried the chill music in bed.... Yeah ok, that is somewhat relaxing I suppose. I did take half a lorazepam (so 0.5mg) not sure if it worked or not. I have drifted off and woke up at 7am with no disturbance each night. Buth thats quite usual for me anyway. ( I weigh 110kgs, 242lbs, and 6ft3 so dont think 0.5mg will have much effect)

    Ok, so Im looking forward to the weekend. My current status is the dizziness is less, the headaches still there sometimes worse than others and BP still up on all 3 checks throughout the day.

    Ill soldier on and report to GP on Weds.

    Thanks for all your patience and boring reading. Sometimes Its just nice to get things off my chest.


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      Hi adam20324...First off., bp creeps up on a person. I too never had a problem until a few years ago..back in 2013. Did I believe my bp was high?...No I didn't., but readings told me differently. So you see, it IS quite possible you indeed do have high bp..at least for the time being. The best advice I can offer is to do what your doctor directs. If she feels you need the medication..take it. Yes, excercising is a great thing. You were relaxed watching a show..this too is a good thing. Don't fall into a false sense of security thinking that you were totally relaxed watching a show; therefore your bp may be down. It MAY be down..even a little, but you can't go by that. Your headaches are at the back of the head; which usually are tension headaches. Does it feel like a dull pulse back there? I get those...but I have neck problems as well. 

      I suggested to you in an earlier post that you take the Lorazapam at bedtime. While it may make you drowsy, it likely will help you sleep, & rest is very important. Remember, meds usually stay in the body 24 hrs., but as morning comes around, it's just starting to taper, then of course you'd take the next tablet at bedtime. I know someone who takes Lorazapam 1mg...every night...it calms her & helps her sleep., but she's been taking it for over 20yrs.. I have a problem with her Dr. repeatedly prescribing it rather than trying to get to the root of the problem as to why she has trouble getting off to sleep. 

      Also, having a headache doesn't necessarily mean your bp is elevated. Feeling unwell can elevate it., just as pain will. At least the dizziness is less..that's something I just can't stand. 

      You also said that you check your bp when your wife takes her readings to see if the machine is working ok. How do you know if your machine is accurate??? This could be key. What type of monitor are you using???

      Do NOT use a wristband monitor; they're notorious for being inaccurate. Also the same goes for one that attaches to the thumb.

      You truly must find ways to relax because if you don't., you could find your bp staying as it is, or elevating even more. Your doctor might increase the dosage if this turns out to be the case. At this stage, you just might need a bit extra medication. If you're now on Rampiril, this is an ACE Inhibitor...& one of the most common side effects in ACE's is a dry hacking cough. Approx. 1 in 4 people on ACE's develop this cough, but it may not happen to you. I take an ACE...never got the cough because of it., but I do have a cough that I had before taking the meds. The cough is being investigated though. 

      Keep exercising...you don't need the wine...relax with a movie you don't have to think about...go for nice long walks with your wife. 

      By the way...do you keep a diary as to when the headaches occur? This may be helpful. 

      Let me know how you get on. 

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    Hi Adam,

    Anxiety is propably the worse trigger of high blood pressure. I have posted my experience here earlier. I have same issues like you; at one point i thought i will have a stroke. I couldn't do job properly. Remember the ball is in your court, take your mind off the blood pressure issue. I have managed to control my blood pressure naturally. Exercise, healthy food; get resperate. Plan a strategy to have control over your life. Good luck

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      stanley60767...You have provided some very sound advice. I do think Adam needs to focus on something else rather than the bp. I've suggested things to help him relax. As you said.."the ball is now in his court". 

      I will say though, some people were given a fright about bp...no education about it..just given a prescription for the medication, then when the numbers are high., a reaction from the Dr. scares them. This is what happened to me. I finally got fed up with it all...left that bloody Dr., & returned to the doctor I had for over 30yrs. I don't worry about going to see him, don't worry awaiting my turn, & certainly not anxious when in his presence. I don't even think about bp anymore. It can rule one's life if we let it.


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    More sound advice and much appreciated.

    Had my GP appt yesterday and Dr. upped my Ramapril to morning and night. Checked it this am and just now and 138/84. Looks like the revised dose is better.

    So, with that hopefully now regulated a little, I was hoping the headaches and fuzziness will also reduce. The BP is down today but the headache seems worse than ever today. Even writing this post Im having to go back and delete every word as its spelled wrong and have to re-read the line above to remember what Im doing??.. My work has definitely suffered with lack of focus. The constant pain at the back of my head doesn't cause blurry vision but my left eye doesn't feel right and twitches sometimes and quite dry. weird symptoms I know. 

    The anxiety seems to have subsided for the time being. Still no panic feeling for over a week, still adamant that was a s/effect of the betahistine but who knows. 

    I must admit I am feeling slightly more relaxed about things now I assume the BP is more regulated. The GP has also sent me for a blood/urine test on Monday morning to see if there is any other underlining reasons for the sudden changes. id love to know what these headaches are all about. I absolutely hate feeling dizzy and if im outside/driving/chatting I have no problems at all, but when sat at the desk trying to concentrate or making plans for the weekend I cant seem to focus and my brain feels like theres nobody home. very unlike me. 



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      adam20324...Have you recently had a good thorough eye exam? The problem when you're at your desk could be your eyes...Maybe you need glasses, or if you already wear glasses...the new ones. 

      It was a good idea of your Dr. to have a blood test done. 

      I wouldn't be surprised if your Dr. has them check your sugar levels (part of the blood test). If your sodium is high or low, or even your potassium, that could tell a story. 

      Now,when your standing talking to someone, & you're looking straight at them for a few seconds, do you get the sensation that lightheadedness is starting, yet once you turn your eyes in just the slightest, that sensation goes??? 

      Get back to me please..let me know how you are.

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      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the reply.

      In short, yes, I stopped off at the opticians last week as i though the same about the computer etc..It wasnt necessarily a thorough exam, she just sat me down and made me look into a big machine where she moved things closer and further... she said I was fine, so Ive ruled that out.

      Regarding your point of standing and talking, no it doesn't really go when I turn away. They did also check my blood sugar in emergencies and all Ok there.

      Re-blood test, Im in for that on Monday. I did have one in emergencies and it showed nothing abnormal but it was only a brief one they use in A&E. The one I have on Tuesday is a more thorough one the Doc ordered to see if we can find a root of the sudden increase of BP 4 weeks ago.

      Been to Ear, nose & throat this morning. Lots of tests including manoevres and audio tests and the Dr doesnt think my ears are a problem. She has referred me to an internal medicine doctor (neurologist department) for further examination and suggested I might have a possible vestibular migraine??? She has given me flunarizine 5mg at night to take. Lets see if that helps.

      having looked this up, it does outline my main symptoms -  nhs.co.uk website says;

      ''Flunarizine has been used in medical practice for over 25 years. It was initially introduced as a medicine to improve blood flow and is a medicine known as a calcium channel blocker. It has been mainly used in the treatment of dizziness, vertigo and prevention of migraine'' 

      Seems to tick all my boxes doesnt it? 

      Today my BP seems to have been normal. 138/90 this morning and 141/90 just now, so hoping it stays at this from now, on.

      It has also been the worst day for dizziness today for a long time. It wont seem to go away this afternoon. Its awful!! Just feels like Im swaying constantly, cant wait to go home from work today, I cant hack this feeling at all and struggling with my memory too, all down to fogginess I think.


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      adam20324...Hey Buddy...it seems we have a lot of the same symptoms. I don't get 'dizzy'...just a little lightheaded at times. My eyes were fine upon exam as well, but there was a little change, so the Optometrist did prescribe glasses. As for the computer...I have one helluva time. My shoulders will start to hurt, so I adjust my posture. Apart from that, my eyes will start to burn a little, then next thing I know, I can feel my head starting to ache. I too saw an ENT a year ago. He ordered a CT scan...which came back normal. I had complained of pulsatile tinnitus,but considering the CT scan was normal, nothing was done. I still get the pulsing from time to time. There are days when I feel nauseated...for no apparent reason. I had Gastroscopy just yesterday., & the Dr. told me he didn't see anything., but of course he took some tissue to be biopsied. On the pamphlet I was given to take home, it did say.."Result:..Normal"..then it mentioned the biopsy. I can't for the life of me figure out why my body is doing things, yet doctors aren't finding anything. My wife says she knows full well what I'm going through isn't in my mind. She can tell when I'm not feeling so great..I'm pale, & quiet. I can go 3-4 days feeling great, then suddenly, I'm not well. Something's going on, & they need to find it!

      I do have something neurological going on, but the Neurologist says "I think it's your sensory nerves". He THINKS. Quite frankly, I think the nerve problem has gone internal, & if so, I could be in real trouble. I will see my GP in 1 1/2 weeks & will ask him strongly but politely to refer me to someone who can perhaps get to the root of my problems. It's breaking me down mentally.

      I do hope the flunarizine helps you. Taking it at night is the best idea...no worries about falling during the daytime. Considering it's a calcium channel blocker, it may also help lower your bp.

      Take care, Buddy...keep in touch!!!

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    Thanks Mike,

    I hope you improve, I agree, not knowing what is going on is quite unnerving isn't it?

    Since my last post I had 2 horrendous days on the dizziness and general zombie unwell feeling, it was so bad on Friday It was the worst I can remember over the 5 weeks and literally couldn't function or even remember what I ate last night. Even when my wife reminded me, I could remember eating it? WTF?. I decided that the last 2 days are coincidentally since increasing my Ramapril to twice daily. I have no idea if this would have an effect but since the doc increased it ive felt terrible!!.....My bp however for the first time in weeks has regulated to 130/70..

    In light of feeling sooo bad, I was on the brink of ditching all the meds and try and sort myself out. This just isnt me.... but in light of the raised bp problem, I decided to revert back to Enanarpil only. Although it didn't work to reduce the BP the first time, it was a pill once a day but didnt seem to have any side effects per se. In all honest the Ramapril didnt work on a once a day treatment either so maybe she will up my dose of enanapril when I see her on the 31st. 

    I know I shouldn't go against docs ordered and the internet is terrible for things like this, sandwiches can cause cancer if you read enough posts, but I did research Ramarpil and even on this site there are loads of posts about it giving you a zombie feeling. The symptoms are exactly like I had, to a T!!! Check this one out:


    So, Im back with GP for bloods tomorrow am, and neurology on Thursday. Im hoping the enenapril might work better this time, if not, Im sure she'll change it on the 31st. There are after all a number of different options for BP and even my boss said it took him a year or so to find the right combination for him. 


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      adam20324..Hang in there, Buddy!!! Do NOT switch medications without your doctor's approval, unless you mean that you're going to ask for the meds to be changed. Ramparil, Elanipril..are classes of ACE's...but so is Perindopril. Some say they're the same, but I say they may have some different ingredients. ACE's are known to cause a dry hacking cough, but not everyone experiences that. I'm one of them. I'd like to suggest something to you...if you're doctor thinks an ACE is best for you, why not ask him/her for COVERSYL...

      it's a very good medicine., & is an ACE..If you need a diuretic, it can come with that as well, & is known as Coversyl Plus. Yes, there's Perindopril alone, but Coversyl I believe is superior. 

      I know where your boss is coming from. Sometimes it takes a few meds to find the right one. Again, I was one of those people. I can be downright frustrating...but we have to learn to be patient.There are people out there who do very well with just 1 medication...& I envy them..but in a good way.

      Let me know what transpires.

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    So another week and a half gone by and pleased to say I am feeling a little better. My Neurologist appointment last week consisted on a number of checks, earns, nose, vision, vertigo finger movements, ultrasound etc.. and guess what.... They have now decided that all my symptoms are stress related and the zombie feelings, uneasiness, dizziness etc.. may all be a collective issue caused by a mixture of medication. They dont think I have migraines as I cant give them a specific trigger and not vertigo either.

    The told me to STOP EVERYTHING... and gave me what they call... 1 PILL THAT WORKS for everything. a Beta Blocker!... I now have to take 1 pil, twice a day or Propranolol which is supposed to help lower bp, reduce migraines and reduce dizziness by reducing heart rate. 

    I am now on day 6, I can feel no specific effect from the new meds at all apart from admitting I do feel a bit better (suppose thats how meds are supposed to work) , I am much less zombie-fied and generally feel better and my concentration is better for work. Im sure the bp meds were affecting my mood, im sure of it.

    I have checked my bp a few times, (4), so im not obsessing as much, and each time im showing 157/100.

    Although my headaches are now only 1 a day instead of 8 and Im only experiencing dizzy spells once or twice, they dont look to be helping lower the bp. 

    I have my next GP trip in the morning for the blood test results who will undoubtedly wonder why the neuro has put the kibosh on all her attempts but lets see. I just hope she doesnt prescribe more zombie pills.

    Lets see.


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