When did you drive again after bunion surgery? I've had left foot done

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I am so desperate for other people's opinions and what they did

I am five weeks post bunion operation to my left foot

I am sick of being stuck at home now really depressing and not being able to get out in the car myself

When did you drive after surgery and when did you stop wearing heel weight shoe?

I would ask my consultant , well I have left messages but they have messed my apt up so I have to wait till I'm 8 weeks past op for my nxt follow up

I can't stay in this boot

My foot is heeling fine and no pain

Any advice please

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    Hi Victoria

    I never wore those uncomfortable shoes I laid with my feet elevated up to 4weeks used a wheelchair to get around, after I started walking around in my crocks with crutches for 2weeks I started driving only at 6weeks and my feet still hurt at time while trapping in the clutch it's best to test urself to see what you can accomplish I had both feet done at the same time. My recovery is going well although my feet aren't straight I was told there isn't anymore bone to cut and that all my toes need to be straightened for my feet to be straight and the end result wouldn't be nice "they told me this after surgery rather than before" I think they some times take us for Guinea pigs. Anyway I am now 9weeks post op.

    I wish you a speedy recovery yes it is indeed frustrating not to get around on your own

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    I had surgery Oct 3, hammertoe repair, and bunion fusion don't remember the fancy name for it... anyway had second surgery Oct 28, 2017. Was casted for a total of 16 weeks. Came out Dec 19 and wore boot. Am still not able to get into a shoe. I just started driving about a week and a half short distances. I can now drive comfortably to work. Am still on one crutch as far as walking but am finding I am slowly starting to get my life back. Will have to have second foot done but dr said not till next year. His recommendation is to wait a year.

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    Thanks for all your replies

    My foot is heeling well

    I'm goin to wear the boot for another week and hopefully at six least week mark attempt to drive

    This is such a long processs and thought I'd cope better but the Bordem is unbearable now and putting me into a depression

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    Hello Victoria, I know exactly how you feel, I had my Bunion op on 1st October, I had the big toe realigined and the Bunion shaved and 3 toes straightened on my left foot [what is it with the left foot for heavens sake everybody it seems has the left foot done!] I am still limping about as it is still very very tender, but we are all different and I think age plays a big factor [I am 69] I changed my car to an automatic as it was imposible for me to drive a manual, I just couldn't put my foot on the clutch just too painful. I managed to get into a wide fitting flat shoe that I bought to acomodate my swollen foot but now it is too big, I'm not sure if I will be ble to wear heels again, perhaps 2inch I haven't tried yet, but like I said everbody is different. This site has helped me enormostly and I hope that it helps you too. good luck. Regards Maureen.

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      You have had a lot more surgery than I have

      I hope you recover soon , it's so long isn't it

      Yes this site is helpful it's great to hear other people's experiences

      I only had the left bunion shaved off and now five weeks

      I can get my foot into an old ugg boot and hoping to attempt driving end of this week even if it is just to take my kids to school I'm hoping x

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      Hi there, I started driving again on 14th Jan when I got my new car which I love by the way I have never driven an automatic before and now i will never go back to a manual, so so easy. I also have a pin in my toe joint which makes the joint a bit on the stiff side, I'm hoping that it will eventually subside. I'm going to London on Thursday with my sister and a couple of friends to see Beautiful so a bit of walking is involved here! I have a good pair of flat M&S boots that are comfortable so fingers crossed. You take care now and good luck to you. x

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      Enjoy your trip and thank you for your advice

      I just took the car out round the block and it was fine

      It's a manual so I'll keep driving to a minimum but start slowly

      Nice to get out for five minutes x

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    Hi Victoria,

    I am also 5 weeks post-op, have my 6-week appt next week.

    Recovery is going well, minimal pain, just soreness, ice helps a lot! 

    My doctor cleared me to drive a few weeks ago, although I just started driving, stick to local places, errands etc. 

    Yesterday I overdid it so taking it easy today. 

    Just do what you can...and yes, I have been advised to always wear the boot to protect the foot.  Check w/ your doctor soon to see about new one or new shoe. 

    I hear you in that it is tough being at home so much.....getting used to it but try to get out when I can. 

    Best in your recovery! 

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      Thanks for your message

      I have started driving just up road and back

      So nice to get out

      Sound like you over did it so chilling today

      I've been wearing shoe in house and uggs for srivibg

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    I wouldn't chance taking the boot off and then you stub your toe into a chair leg! I know your going crazy .

    I have ADHD and had my Rt foot done Nov 21 2016 . Lt foot done on Dec 29th 2016. I had the Akin Austin bunionectomy

    My best friend has driving me coming up on 3 months to every family Dr. Appt, eye appt, my foot Dr. follow up appt's, shopping..

    She has stayed the week with me, cooked for me, taken my dog to the vet.I have been humbled every single day.

    I have not followed my Dr.orders.It is a pain putting on the boot just to go to bathroom.

    Now I am on12 weeks rt foot post-op. Burning sharp pains in my rt big toe, feels like a hot metal prod. The bottoms of my feet hurt terrible. I still have pain meds.

    I know long reply, I guess what I'm saying is get out of your head and find something productive to do. Please follow Dr.s orders. You are having such a tough time now, imagine if you do slam your toes into a chair or a door? Another surgery?

    I started crocheting and it's not bad. I work puzzles and yes, I bet I'm older than you!

    Get out and get some sun on your face. Enjoy this down time.

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    I am just 8 days post-op for my second surgery (right foot). I had the 1st completed on 4/12/17...returning to work on 4/24 with my husband driving until stitches removed on 4/27. I used the Darth Vader Boot but non-weight bearing while in school (for support and protection) but crutches lasted a full 6 weeks. I realize I will not be driving as quickly this time but fully intend to return to work on 1/2/18. This was basically the same correction but done with a one piece screw/plate but required a lengthening of the tendon to the big toe. Far less swollen this time and the 24-hour nerve block from the shin down made this much easier time so far!
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      Hi Michelle. I had bunion removed last Wednesday and had the nerve block as well. It wasn’t offered when I had it done by a podiatrist on my left foot years ago. How long was it until you could drive? this is my left foot, but was told by my orthopedic surgeon the down time would be very different than my left foot. I actually go today for my post op and am hoping they tell me I can drive soon. No cast like I had before, so that’s good! I found this site late last night while not being able to sleep because my big toe was so painful! like the fire feeling most ppl describe so I’m glad it’s not me.... I have to work on Monday though... and I don’t want to have my boss come get me! yuck!! I was just curious if it were true that the healing times have gotten better in the last few years. Fingers crossed! 
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