who else is a double bunion buddy?

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I am due to have a double bunion op.

Would very much like to hear peoples personal experiences.

Like how long did you wear the post op shoes?

What type of pain killers did you take?

How dependant were you on others?

thanks x

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    Hi Jessica. I am week 5, after scarf otstiotomy still wearing shoe but able to walk around the house without it but told not to stop till after my next appointment week 6.pain killers I stopped after a few days with just occasional paracetamol but took Orimorf for the first few days. My husband cooked for me for a couple of weeks and still helps when foot swollen but after resting for the first couple of weeks and keeping it elevated as advised I did a few bits myself. A lot depends on what operation you have though.. There's a lot of information on the thread how are you all doing.. Have a look it might give you some of the information you are looking for.. Good Luck with your operation x
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      Thanks x good luck with your recovery.

      Sounds you are doing well..and good you have your husband to help.Have my dad and mum on hand.

      I have been reading the blogs and think their all great and invaluable.

      Thanks your response x

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    Hi Jessica

    I just had a bunion surgery and a pin between big toe to keep them straight  5 weeks ago still wearing the post op shoe next week the pin comes out and post op shoe goes byby thank god.As far as the surgery it's not that bad but I really advice that you fill with your freezer with leftovers because the first 2 weeks you need to try to stay off of feet as much as possible elevate and ice.they gave me some Vicodin for the pain which I only took for a day then started with ibruffin.as for help if you can get help its good for the first 2 weeks then you can do stuff on your own.but remember I only had one foot done at a time.Good luck

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      Sounds a bit daunting...but I guess you have to suck I up and trudge on through.lol.

      Yes have seen and heard about the shoes.

      Thanks for replying...really helps reading peoples experiences.

      How long are you signed off for?

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    Hi Jessica I had my op on the 10th March only one foot though, I only used painkillers for th 1st 2 days then the occasional ibrprofen or how every you spell it lol, the shoe is awful only used it for a couple of days around the house then found walking on my heal easier but I do use it walking out side, I think I've had the same surgery as swampiesue but without the screws as I wasn't told a lot when I  left hospital the same day but  prob still had anaesthetic in my system so didn't register it, I'm not in any pain there's just a dull ache and you can some times feel it tightening like it's swollen but doesn't hurt. The worst part is being stuck in and relying on others to get out n about for shopping etc 
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      That's good your on ibuprofen and not anything strong.

      Prob will end up being fed up the shoes..dont look v comfy lol.

      I'm having screws fixed in my big toe joint I'm sure...apparently mine are bad for my age ....oh well.lol.

      Hope you have a good recovery x

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      True doctors tell you minimum.

      I have learned most on forums like this on after care and troubles.

      I think I am having screws in my big toe joint.

      Thanks reply.

      Hope your recovery goes well.

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      Hi I had a double bunion op (scres/staple and fusion) 9wks and 2 days ago. I managed to walk out of the hospital in special boots (like walking on stilts!) Painkillers for the first few days and lots of water, fruit, veg etc. Its easier walking with two boots as you are the same height and you do get used to it. Just elevate all the time. I couldn't stand for a shower so had a bath and slid in but kept my feet elevated and pulled myself out carefully. I went back to work after a month but elevated under my desk (I still do). I could drive an automatic after 6 weeks as my right foot healed ok and wasn't fused like the left but only got the left boot removed last week. I was pretty down as I am quite active normally but at last managed to feed the horses this morning (a mile stone for me) and am able to get my feet in pumps (extra wide). You have to learn to walk again which noone tells you - put your weight down and onto your toes which when youv'e been dependant on the boots for months is not easy believe me! My feet are still swollen but no pain just the odd strange sensation which I assume is the nerves healing etc. I was told it takes a year to completely heal so 9 weeks is early days. Keep reading this forum as we all have diferent treatments and go through different things but your questions get answered by humans on this site - its been my life line! Good luck.
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      Thanks for your reply.is helpful to hear experiences of others.

      I guess you have a sit down job, I work with children,and on my feet all day.

      Have been told I will be signed off for 8 weeks.that is if all goes well.

      Yes you are right this site is a jem!!

      And people reply quickly.

      I drive a manual....prob be longer before drive.

      I am having screws in my big toes yay.

      Also how are your scars healing?

      And what cold compress is better...a ice gel pack or frozen veg?

      Thanks x

      Hope recovery ok

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      Hi Jessica

      Yes I do have a desk job so its OK for me but I only started walking 3 days ago without boots and its not quick or easy (I've been 9weeks), not sure how you will cope with working with kids, slowly i guess. A friend who had similar done was signed off for 12 weeks and then was put on sitting duties to break the day up so she wasn't walking and standing too much.

      I drove my manual on friday and oh did it hurt to change gear - back in my mums automatic today!

      My scars have healed and I got told to use bio oil twice a day now but I did use Boots cucumber moisturiser whilst it healed.

      I haven't used a cold compress etc but would just use a frozen pack of peas if I had to, cheaper option.



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      Sounds I have a long,interesting recovery ahead.

      Had my pre op today makes all so much more real.

      I have heard lots about bio oil I think I will invest in some.thanks for your comment and sharing your story x

      hope your recovery continues well

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    Hello Jessica,

    I had Bi lateral (both feet) Scarf and Akins on 23rd January. This means I have 2 screws in each metatarsal bone and a screw in each big toe. They will remain unless they give me grief.

    1/ Pre op; Prepare as much food and buy in all the goodies as you can. Gather all your entertainment around you, DVD's books, laptop. Wax legs and cut toe nails as short as humanly possible. Maybe get eyelashes and brows dyed. Use a heavy duty product to remove as much hard skin from your feet as possible (you'll see why at week 4 when your skin start to sloff off like a snake shedding it's skin). BioOil for scars and E45 cream for rest of the foot essential.

    2/ The actual operation is not as bad as some say. Painwise I had Oramorph and paracetimol that I took for first 2 days to keep pain at bay when foot block wore off, though I didn't think the pain was bad just like bad bunion pain. The problem I had was with the little injections I had to have daily for 10 days to prevent blood clots. I was very squeamish about these so had someone else do it. The feet should be elevated above heart level 50 minutes out of 60 for first 2 weeks. Easier said then done. This is to get the swelling down asap to promote healing and avoid infections.

    3/ THE BOOTS; horrible things. I was told not to walk anywhere without them for at least 6 weeks even to the loo, as you are not allowed to weight bear on the forefoot until Doc xrays feet to make sure bones have healed. After 2 weeks the big heavy bandages were removed and I was able to admire my straight feet. A light dressing was put on that I could change myself. Don't over soak your feet at this stage so to avoid infection I soaked for only a couple of minutes in salt water. I will mention here bathing. A bit of a hassle whenyou've had both feet done. If you have the funds invest in the waterproof bootie things so you can get in the shower you will also need a stool to sit on in the shower checkout Ebay. I couldn't have a bath til Boots were off because I couldn't get in and out. I do have a bidat though thank God.

    4/ Diet; look up the super foods for bone and tissue repair. I got a supply of orange juice with added calcium. You need plenty of vitamin C. Walnuts spinach peppers etc. Oh the joy of shopping on line. I am a convert to Ocado. You can get almost anything delivered even birthday cards and presents I'd forgotten to buy pre op. Even now whenI canget about I'm still having shopping delivered. It works out cheaper as I'm not being tempted to buy all the random things I would do.  

    I have done 8 weeks now and getting a little better each week. Physio is great for moving you along.

    Any questions you know where we are, good luck!


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      Thanks reply 😊👍

      In response

      1) pre op:

      What brand of skin remover product did you use to take off skin?

      The snake shedding sounds gross.lol.

      2)the op:

      How long was your stay in hospital after the op?

      I am due to have ostectomys....screws in big toes.

      3) I have invested in a shower chair and tried it out.lol.

      My thing is not being able to have a shower hate feeling dirty.

      How long did the iodene stain your feet?

      4) what kind of physio help did you get?

      Sounds you are doing well.but I guess you need to be patient.

      Thanks reply x have a good recovery

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      1/ I only used my normal pumice stone for a good pedicure. If I had known what was going to happen at around week 4 I would've used the Scholl hard skin remover that acually removed deep hard skin. This is why I am advising all hard skin removed so the extreme snake skin shedding thing would'nt have been as gross as it was.

      2/ I stayed overnight in hospital. Next day I was given all sorts of advce but as I was stillmushy from the anesthetic I really didn't take it in and so resorted to this site for all my info. Incidentally my physio guy has given me invaluble help and guidence. I was a little bit afraid of my new feet. I thought if I pressed too hard my bones would break! lol (you'll see)

      3/ I got the iodine off as soon as the big bandages came off. I used baby wipes.

      4/ I have had 3 physio sessions so far. Deep blissful foot massages and exercise instructions. I would've been scared to try the tippy toe exercises at first on my own. I was assured that my big toe wouldn't break! lol

      The proccess is a lot longer than I thought it would be but not painful. You lose your muscle tone very quickly and everything takes so long. I'm so tired after doing a bit of housework it really was a revelation to me. It really is true if you don't use it you lose it!


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    Hi jessica

    I'm 16 weeks post op, bilateral lapidus, Atkins and hammer toe release.

    had paracetamol, ibuprofen & codeine meds, but gave up on them after 5 days. In "shoes" with crutches for 6 weeks. After stitches out (14 days) wobbled to local cafe for lunch, about 1mile round trip. Hiring a wheelchair from the Red Cross was a godsend, but my husband thought he was Stirling Moss so it turned into a bit of a nightmare. Was at home alone, during the daytime, but time seems to slow down, and you do everything at quarter speed. Had plenty of knitting to do, so it kept my mind off things, with the extra bonus of having to sit straight, with you legs up = flatter tummy.

    can only get into 3 pairs of lace up shoes/boots/trainers so suggest you don't throw out any old battered comfortable shoes 'cause you'll need them after the 6 weeks. 

    Good luck, and organise yourself beforehand. 


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      Thanks for your reply Caroline.

      I guess I will keep my ugly bunion out of shape work shoes....prob be all can wear as feet be swollen.lol.

      I like your humour point...positive spin...all looks better when laying down flat.lol.

      I am having screws my big toes and a tendon release..

      How long before you got back to driving?

      How long before you were doing small tasks yourself?eg dressing,making tea...picking things off the floor...

      How and how and if you did attempt stairs?

      Your recovery sounds is going well.

      Thanks for the advice and hope recovery goes well.

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      Hi jessica

      i was driving a manual after 7/8 weeks. I suggest you check with your workplace to see if you can have priority parking for a month or so.

      i had the op 4pm on the Thursday and was dressing myself etc from 8am the next morning, best to wear a skirt and leave jeans/trousers on the hangers for a few weeks.

      i was doing everything for myself, 4 days later on the Monday, hence the suggestion of a high stool in the kitchen. Took over full cooking duties from 14 days, but whoops, not the washing up. Was ironing shirts etc after 6days,  2 items at a time, with plenty of breaks.

      'bottom hopped' up the stairs when I returned home on the Friday, and for the next 10 days, but walked down hanging onto the banisters.

      Form all accounts I'm doing ok with getting on with things, but being a stubborn old bat probably will kill myself doing so.

      dont worry about the iodine stain, won't be able to see it under the bandages. Suggest you get a pedicure (unvarnished) the day prior to the op. And also take photos before, and on days afterwards so you have evidence on how well your feet are healing, take some measurements as well, good to judge the swelling with. 

      Also, during the weeks after the op you'll wonder why you had the b thing done - take a look at the photos, and you'll knowbiggrin

      If you're op is MIS you'll recovery more quickly.

      keep positive, and posting.


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      Lol!! Ispent two weeks with my feet up. As long as I got fed the house could've fallen about my ears. If my family had seen me on my feet (heels) they would've assumed I was recovered. they had a lesson in what happens when mum isn't available. My op wasn't MIS unfortunately so things do move along a little slower at first but by week 6 I think it's about the same.


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