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Hi folks.  Within the next two months or so, I'm contemplating taking Cymbalta.  I am right now tappering off Remeron and not sure I want to go back on a SSNRI smilar to Remeron aka Mirtazapine.  Any input welcome.  Thanx.

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    I've been taking Cymbalta for about 8 years now and it's worked fantastically for me. Depression issues and panic/attacks lessened drastically and I didn't suffer any side effects. I'm currently being slowly taken off the cymbalta as I was on 120mg because it's not really working for me anymore. I guess I just get immune to the medications after a few years and have to switch. Best of luck!!!

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      Thanx so much for your reply stacy.  I am looking forward to trying Cymbalta not that Remeron no longer is giving me its beneficial effects.  Doc is going to start me at a low dose of 30 mgs.  Once off the Remeron (should be another month since I've been taking it for so many years), I'm going to try it.  My body like yours I think begins to tolerate meds and those they stop works.  Thanx for the good wishes.

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    Please be careful! Research! Talk to doctor about side effects. I'm very tolerant of side effects but the nightmares are terrible!  Hard to get off it. 

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      Hi Marmar:  I changed my mind.  After reading about all the side effects, I got scared. Talked with my doc and changed course again.  The withdrawl from Remeron was so difficult and the side effects so terrible including the return of symptoms before I took Remeron, I decided to stay on it at 15 mgs.  I went thru two months of withdrawal hell for nothing except to learn a lesson.  I'll be on this medication prob. for the rest of my life.

      Thank you for the warning.  I hope you are doing well.

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    I have just started taking the 30mg caps and the side effects are pretty intense compared to anything I've taken before.  I am on Palexia, Lyrica and Norflex for chronic back pain. My doc added Duloxitine(Cymbalta) for a combination anti-depressant/pain.

    So far, I feel really weak, exhausted, unable to concentrate, crazy thirsty all the time, shakes(I feel like my inside are shaking too?), blurred vision, loss of appetite. I think the worst thing is the confusion...I struggle at some times to form a sentence. My girlfriend says I look wasted all the time.

    I have been on very strong meds on and off for the last 10 years including Oxycontin, Morphine and Endone so I am used to feeling various effects...This is more intense than any of them. I hope these will settle as I can definitely feel a reduction in my pain. smile


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    Sorry fazzled...I just noticed you changed your mind on taking this med. Good luck smile
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      Hi loops.  Yeah, the list of side effects freaked me so I'm sticking with remeron.  I tried to get off that but.... Seems like 15 mgs. is doing the job. 

      I hope you are feeling better.  Thanx for your informative reply.

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    Good choice I think not to take it. I've been on it 11 weeks and tapering off now. It's been absolute hell. I can't believe some people like this drug! I'm moving back down to 30mg tomorrow and I'm so desperate to be off it. I had problems on Mirtazapine but I'd take those ones over the Cymbalta any time! 

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      Hi Mari,

      Could I ask what made them so awful for you? I am experiencing lots of side effects..I'm not sure if it's these pills or if it's reacting with the other meds I'm taking. I've only been taking the 30mg, in 3 weeks I'll be put up to 60mg.

      I hope you feel better soon 😊

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      Hi, well the worst side-effect was complete and total apathy. Just not interested or caring about anything. The dog destroyed the sofa as she was so bored. And I do mean destroyed. And I didn't care one little bit. I have mostly lain in my bed for two months, sleeping and staring into space. My mood dropped through the floor, my anxiety increased, I have felt dizzy, nauseus, lost my appetite, bad taste in mouth, terrible headaches, shakes, chills, too hot!! My fibro pains actually got worse instead of better. Oh yes and I didn't leave the flat for the whole of July. I have missed seeing my oldest friend in the world, who will be heading back to Oz soon. Not wanting to speak, or text or email. And I started drinking. I told the gp how I was feeling and for some unfathomable reason he doubled my dose to 120mg. Well I lasted 6 days on that. Pretty sure I was developing serotonin syndrome. Felt diabolical anyway. So went back down to the 60mg. I'm down to 30mg again but I'm still sooooooo tired. Feeling a little bit perkier in my mood though - thank God!

      Sorry if that has scared the living daylights out of you!! That's just how I've reacted though. And I started to feel apathetic etc very quickly on the starting dose of 30mg. And fibro pains flared up in my fingers. I think if you have side effects but are starting to feel less depressed/anxious then hopefully you will start to feel better soon. I think this just was not a good drug for me. I have yet to find one - but I'm told I will - eventually!

      best wishes xx

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      Thank you so much for  that, I really appreciate it. I feel a reduction in my pain but feel much the same in mood as you described... as well as erratic heartbeat, confusion, cramps and utter exhaustion.

      Thanks again for your reply, I'll persevere for a while and see how it goes. 

      Good luck mate 😊

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      WOW  I think I made the right choice by sticking with Remeron at 15 mgs.  It's not doing what I had hoped it would -- boost my mood but at least I'm not experiencing side effects.

      How are you feeling now?

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    I have been taking Cymbalta for a week now. I was experiencing all over muscle pain as well as shooting pains, pins and needles and numbness in various limbs. I also have depression and sore joints as well. So far it seems to have worked very well on my muscle pain. I have had a very low level of muscle pain since taking it. So far I haven't had any shooting pains or anything like that but since this symptom comes and goes it will be interesting to see if it comes back or not as time goes on. The only side effects that I have experienced have been loss of appetite, some mild nausea and being unable to orgasm. Not fun but I have lost four pounds so far which is awesome. 

    I have also noticed that I haven't really been anxious or very low in mood but I know that this can take quite a few weeks so I'm skeptical if this is the tablet or a good period. 

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      Hi Helim:  Thanx so much for your reply.  I've gotten great feedback.  As you can see from my other posts, I just couldn't stand the withdrawal from Remeron so I'm staying on 15 mgs.  Not the best but not as bad as what I've been reading here.

      I hope it works for you.

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