Why can't I eat or sleep ??

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Started my mirtzapine journey 7 weeks ago after a nightmare 10 weeks on citalopram which ended up with me being addmited to my local hospital mental health ward.

Started on 15 mg and that night I actually slept ( had 10 weeks of abt 3 hours a night), I managed about 6 hours and my appetite returned with a vengeance. A week later I was upped to 30mg ( I was also tapered off my citalopram over that week).

I was discharged from hospital after 2 weeks and seemed to be feeling the effects of the mirtazipine I could actually go places without feeling extreme anxiety but I was still feeling depressed a lot of the time but I managed to float along most days.

Then a week past Monday I just seemed to be getting lower and lower each day, my sleep stopped tossing and turning most of the night, struggling to eat again so I took myself off to the doctors on Friday where he decided to increase my dose to 45 mg.

I was also given zoplicone 3.75 mg and told to take it 2 nights on and 2 nights off.

Woke up sat anxious as usual but managed to do what I need to do, same again Sunday and Monday but then noticed I was sliding again yesterday and today has just been awful. I'm back to living on complan the last 2 days and my sleep is terrible I manage to get 6 hours wen I take the zoplicone but without it I just keep waking up constantly during the night, I know I'm dreaming so I must be getting some sleep but I just feel exhausted with no appetite at all ! I thought this med was supposed to aid sleep and stimulate appetite ?

I know it's still early days and Iv had a dose increase I just need reassurance that these things will settle down once my body adjusts to the new dose or is mirtazipne not going to work for me !!!

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    Hiya hon, I had bad reaction to citalpram. I was put on Mirtazipine. Mirtazipine is more sedating the lower the doses. As bad as I was I never let them up my dose. I stayed on 15mg for 7 moths and did great, sleeping eating etc. don't let them up your dose if your doing okay!!!!! I am sick to death of them. Trust yourself only. Go back down to where you were okay. You will be more manic the higher the dose. You have had serotonin overload and therefor need sedating, your system is a nervous reck!
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    Honey go back to 15mg! Mirt is sedating the lower the dose! I had bad reacting from citalpram. Your nervous system is a reck and needs sedating. Do not listen to the stupid doctors!! I never let them up my dose and I did great!
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      The higher the dose the more skittish you will be. YOU do not need that right now! Your nervous system needs to level out and will take time. Please don't listen to doctors they have no idea. Go back to 15mg. You will be able to eat and sleep and you WILL get through this x
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      I am currently med free.
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      You will get better I've been through this.
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      6-7 months including weaning myself off. Trust me I was fecking crazy begging to be admited to hospital before I was put on them, I had 2 severe reactions to SSRIS
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      So the mirtazipine worked for you ? How long did it take got it too work ?


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      Tablets just take the edge off and they only mask a problem. It was a process that came off in layers you have to help yourself because no one els is going to! They do far more harm than good doctors have no idea what they are prescribing! You will have to go through withdrawals also after getting better leaving you feeling like your back to square one. This WILL pass as everything in life does you will NOT feel like this forever. You have to learn to dance in the rain
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      After the bad times can only come good
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      Thank you Sara

      I am trying to say to myself this is just a phase in my life and I will get through it, but sometimes I just seem doom and gloom

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    Be really careful with Zopiclone. It's possible to have prolonged withdrawals even after a short time as little two weeks on them.

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      Thanks for that

      I'm trying to not take them and Iv only had about 6 over the last 7 weeks I really don't like having to take meds unless really necessary

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    I have been taking citipram 30mg for 15 years, then 4 weeks ago increased to 40mg. then started feelling very sick in the head, doctor told me to change to Mitzapine by taking 40 Cit and 15 Mitz on alternative days reducing over 4 weeks

    to just taking Mitz, after the first week I have felt drugged and ill every day, tonight

    I just broke down. Has any one else tried coming off Cit,

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