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Why do I feel like I'm dying/going to die?

Hello, again.

I've posted on here a few times already.

But, this is a question no one has answered me.

Why is it, that without having anxiety, I still feel like I'm going to die? It's a feeling I feel every day for most of the say and it scares me, a lot.

And also, why does depersonilization occur? And how do you deal with it?

Better yet, how do you deal with both? I have a very very bad feeling I'm going to die and I'm afraid I'm going to fall and die soon.

Good tips/advice?

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  • HeyZeidy

    You are not aline this. I get weird symptoms some pretty bad and have health issues and as soon as something feels off i feel that way too. I know its irrational but so hard to stop thinking like that. I have lost a lot in doctors over the past few years because they temd to ig ore me when i say i react poorly to meds. Doc have witnessed it but says thats all they know to do. So i have health anxiety and am fearful of suffering and dying. More the suffering. I wish so eone figured out why we get panic attacks and get a way to rid them already. I wish. I think its some virus we all caught at sime point and it effected our rationale somehow but i dont know. They used to blame stress in ulcer and decades later realized it was a oarasite so im oraying some genius does the same for Severe anxiety

  • HeyZeidy

    Hi, HeyZeidy. Sorry you're not getting replies, but maybe it's because we think you should talk to your doctor. You could be suffering from anxiety without recognising it as such and he/she may be able to help you, either with medication or free counselling. I find both are useful. Hope you get some useful replies to this forum today.

  • HeyZeidy

    What exactly is it that you feel you are going to die from? Or is it just a general feeling? I think, for me at least, depersonalisation is a way for me to cope with the hell that goes on inside and outside my head. I just let it happen. It will pass eventually, and panicking just makes the situation worse. Have you tried deep breathing and visualisation techniques? I also have a hobby. I'm obsessed with adult colouring books. They really help me to focus.x

  • HeyZeidy

    Hi heyzeidy, you say these things 'scare you a lot.' If you have no solid reason to think you are going to die, and the feeling you get when you think this way is a real fear, then this IS anxiety! If it's impacting your life, go and see your doctor. There are lots of options - CBT, councilling and different forms of medication. Your doctor will be able to help you decide which is best for you (if they are any good!) CBT may be a good start if this is a new thing for you

  • HeyZeidy

    Its anxiety. An impending doom feeling every day. I have it too. And it keeps me up late. Sometimes I dont sleep at all. My first anxiety attack happened on my 23rd birthday and I wound up in the hospital. I thought I was dying. Its been 7 years and I have been in and out of the hospital so many times its unreal! My Dr put me on adivan and it really helped but then I battled addiction. Then I got over that and didn't have any problems for years until recently. So now I'm trying to deal with it. I have learned through the years talking to someone close to me or reading really helps. As long as I get my mind off the problem helps. Maybe it would work for you?

  • HeyZeidy

    Hey hun, you are SOOOOO NOT ALONE! I feel like this on a daily basis. You are asking why you feel like this when you don't have anxiety? Love their are different types of anxiety. You can have anxiety 24/7 and not even realize it till it turns into a anxiety attack. Anxiety attacks are far worse and worse otic them way more then just anxiety in general! Your symptoms of anxiety will cause you to have feelings of being detached because of your feeling fear and worry! I absolutely hate it and your so not alone! I constantly feel detached and scared that I'm dying to the point I call 911 to come help me! I recently got put on adivan and a sleeping med and I feel slightly better but not 100% normal! Go for walks!!! Put cold water on your face, listen to music or watch a movie. Read a book ORRRRR CALL A FRIEND TO CHAT!!! honestly talking to someone is amazing! It will help you on so many different levels!


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