Will Gastrisis ever go?

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Hi everyone,

I've had Gastrisis on and off now for about 1-2 months. I've had a gastroscopy to confirm it and biopsys done (waiting of results). I'm currently on omeprazole and gaviscon. The Gastrisis went completely for around 2 weeks, then after a McDonald's burger (my own fault I know) it came back! The first day of the flare up was horrendous, now it's settled down again, now 100% but I do feel maybe 80% better, I wake up around 5am with burning and cramps but they settle down as the day goes on then completely go... Same again day after.

When I first got the Gastrisis it was sudden, happened overnight and before that I've never had any kind of trouble with my stomach, or had issues with eating any type of food. My doctors guessing a bug has caused it but until the biopsys are back we won't know.

All I'm asking is if anyone has been in a similar situation and has got rid of it completely? I'm only 26, and a bit worried about living my life this way long term.

If it is a bug that's caused the problem, then when it's treated should the Gastrisis go?

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    Well laura29342, we are in the same boat. I have been dealing with gastritis, and acid reflux that wakes me out of my sleep since the beginning of February. The ER doc also thought my Gastritis could have been caused by a stomach bug, but I was never sick. I am not taking omeprazole I was prescribed as it lowers stomach acid which creates a perfect environment for bacteria. I'm already attempting to get the H Pylori under control. I search these forums everyday for tips from other sufferers. I just want my life back! I'm afraid to eat, I've lost weight, and overall just feel tired. I'm feeling a lot better but still have stomach discomfort daily. I hope you get some relief. Let me know if you
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      I was never sick either April, I've lost weight too because I haven't been eating as I normally would.

      i hope you feel better soon x

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    My research has led me to believe Gastrisis always heals

    Nov 2014 I thought I had Gastritus but after the gastronomy ..they said I didn't ..don't know ..somehow they can tell by the biospy ..

    Any way my symptoms of burning and gas went on for 3 month

    Then I got back to normal

    Now Jan 2016..the problems are back

    I wake up with burning sensation as well..nights are bad

    My only advise to you, when you get better, do not get complacent

    Don't go back to any trigger foods

    I've read a lot about people having issues after macdonalds

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      Hi I am in the same position as you and other posters. However you mention not going back to trigger foods, but if a stomach bug has caused it and therefore it should heal why should food be a problem? I hope this doesn't sound rude but if something heals and you have never had a problem with any food before then my rationale is that any food should be fine again. As long as you're not eating ride greasy food all day every day. If it comes back it must be because something has attacked out again or you have worn down the mucosa layer. That's my understanding anyway.
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      I went back to normal

      I over drank in January twice..but my symptoms did not start till about 9 days after the drinking

      If the alcohol is damaging the wall of my stomach and it takes time to heal..maybe that's it

      Last time I swore off drinking ..this will be my second chance..

      I'm guessing ..but in my case might not be food

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      I'm the same, I've giveb up alcohol twice during this horrendous experience. I dont think its the drink that causes it, moreover it exacerbates the problem. Unless you're an alcohol dependent then the drink might have contributed in the first place! Also with food, it might and it might not have done it! Why should food be a problem now when you've never had a problem before?! I'm inclined to think it's some sort of invader that's caused an imbalance and it just takes time, patience and dedication to fix the problem.
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      I watch my diet completely and have had cut out a lot of my favourite foods, but that's the way it goes. I don't drink or smoke, but still finding trigger foods but they are then temoved
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      I don't know what to think

      In away this time is not as bad, it's different

      And that scares me and add anxiety ..which makes everything worse

      The things you read on a Google search

      In a way if you change your diet completely

      It may complicate it as well and add new symptoms..high fibre = more gas


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      Hi Trish, it was my understanding that diverticulitis and IBS are different to IBS and do require ongoing management? Unless I'm wrong? Do you also suffer with gastritis on top of these conditions? Thanks
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      Sorry I meant "different to gastritis".
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      When I hopefully get back to normal I'm gonna completely avoid anything like that, gonna stick to my low fat diet long term and maybe have an odd treat here and their if I can. Not taking any risks this time round X
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      Yes IBS and diverticulitis are different and have much the same symptoms on you, however the diverticulitis is slightly more aggressive, and all I'm given is fybogel drinks, I think your doctor hopes you determine bad and good things in your diet, to maintain it yourself. That's been my experience any way.
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    I'm the same , I got food poisoning when I was in my 20's and since then have flare ups of IBS and diverticulitis good news is that you get to know what foods to avoid, and it's usually your favourite things lol

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