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Can anyone help me? I don't know where to turn, been to every doctor it seems, no one seems to have any idea... 

Key parts:

WIRED (I feel heavily stimulated), Going days without sleep or need for it, most was 10 days is confirmed at Northwick Park Hospital. When I do sleep during this phase, it is usually just a couple of hours. Even with medications or drinking, i do not get tired. (as you will see below)


Recently this comes with a crash, where I finally get sleep, typically 24 - 30 hours. I wake up shattered, sometimes shaking, with huge anxiety running in my veins, then without warning flips back to a wired stage. I never wake up feeling normal, the stimulation is always running.


When really Wired/Stimulated my speech races, can’t settle, I feel out of it, warm, headache, eyes feel heavy, pupils dilated (without mood changes, constantly depressed), can’t eat with the feeling in my stomach. I’ve physical symptoms when wired, such as my downstairs shrinking during ‘wired’ phase.


I am lately having a lot of fevers, sweating a lot but with low temperatures, dizziness and other symptoms coming into play, which I have a feeling is a consequence of 3 years living like this). 



3 years i've had 60 GP appointments, 4 endocrinologists, cardiologist, MRI, CT, EEG, Psychiatrist for a year, and seen a Neurologist.


Medications tried: 


Melatonin – No difference to sleep

Supplements – HTP5 etc for sleep – No difference

Zoloft – Added to WIRED effect (came off it within 2 weeks)

Mirtazapine – No change to Wired, happiest I’ve been in years, helped my depersonization, depression, anhedonia / emotions, only stopped it because I wanted to tackle this first, this is a medication I feel I need in the future.

Olanzapine – No difference but helped anxiety but not as much as I’d like, still would want to be on this in the future  

Zopiclones – No difference and can’t make me sleep


Last year:

Lithium – No difference at 0.9 for months

Depokte – No difference at all for anything

Quietapine – Could make me sleep but not nightly, no change to Wired

Beta Blockers – Helps shakes (still on them)

Lamotrigine - (couldn’t tolerate)

Xanax & Clonazepam - Both can bring down the feeling a bit, even sometimes get me sleeping, but the sleep only lasts a few hours and other symptoms are still apparent, including the wired just to a less degree, don’t get me relaxed




Symptoms in order they came in (all are still on going and worse):


Year before this wired feeling:

High Stress – Break Up – ‘Nervous breakdown’

Depersonization/Anxiety/Derealisation/Depression/NO THOUGHTS/ BLANK MIND/No inner monologue/ Anhedonia – This is my biggest priority after this wired thing. Gets SOME better on Mirtazapine


Bladder dysfunction – Physical shrinkage depending on how ‘wired’ I feel’

Dilated pupils – Eyes dilated very large, everyone points it out and feel heavy


Last two years:

Start of this “wired”, unable to get any sleep or switch of even though I am shattered – Feel stimulated 24/7

Excessive sweating

Physical Anxiety – Bad, especially with the shakes or when I go wired

Bad memory


Last year:

Crash – After days I crash, where I sleep for over 24 hours

Easily over-stimulated – Now can instantly go into ‘wired mode’ from a simple conversation and pupils will dilate and that can then stick for days

Tremors - I shake badly without beta-blockers and sometimes with (80mg)

Shortness of breath (don’t breath automatically anymore)

Exercise intolerance – Can’t walk a mile, when I was relatively fit before

Fevers - Every few weeks I’ll have a bad fever (but low temperature 33/34)

Intolerance to heat

Cognitive impairment

Craving SALT

Aching neck

Muscle aches expect when really wired

Excessive thirst - Drink 4 litters of water a day

Weight gain from 12 stone to 16.5 in one year

Restless leg syndrome

Headache/migraine - ALL DAY EVERY DAY

Glazed eyes when wired, family notice it and can tell straight away


Last 6 months

More wired than a year ago / Happens a lot faster

Legs feel weak and shaky

A lot more fevers

Dizziness – Pretty constant

Personality changes, more aggressive, agitated

Generally feel weak



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    Wow sorry to hear but that’s a lot to deal with how old are you ? Sad thing is can’t imagine all of that I’ve had my share but think till they find out issues hard to even say . Tell check into few diseases related to these issue could be all anxiety depression . Sorry for you I have issues sleeping not sleeping but due to gbs I had . God bless keep going to doctors.
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    Wow!! I can't believe you are able to function at all. Have you been checked for Lyme disease or some kind of deficiency? There had GOT TO be something that us causing all this..it's got to be all connected...sure hope you find some answers..bless you..

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    Thanks for both your replies  Caroline and Terrie. I just don't know how no one takes this seriously or which doctor to go to next, my neurologist who was £220 for 20 minutes was not overly interested, my GP is totally lost and he has been trying but it's so unheard of. I just want this cycle to end...

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      You know the ent I go to specializes in sleep apnea. I just wonder if uou found one that specializes in sleep disorders if they could help you..there has got to be someone out there that can help you..so sorry you are going thru all this..
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      Thanks Terrie, 

      See it's really not just a sleep thing, it's a constant 1,000 cups of coffee + feeling, really stimulated and out of it, sleep is just the really extreme consequence. I actually rang a couple of sleep specialists and they said because I don't need sleep for days it's not sleep apnea. Kept a sleep diary lately, but it's the stimulated, shaking etc.. that really shows something is going on

      Thursday 18th – Wired – 0 hours sleep

      Friday 19th – Wired – 0 hours sleep

      Saturday - Crash - sleep from 11pm – 1am Monday – 26 hours Sleep

      Sunday – Wired – 0 hours sleep

      Monday 22nd  – Wired feel out of it. Crash– 2pm – 11pm – 9 hours sleep (heavy fatigue,     shaking, headache) – Slept again 11pm-5am – 9+6 = 15 hours

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      Life can be stressful look they couldn’t find any thing wrong with me till they admitted me no choices then the did spinal tap wow there u go they found what was wrong after basically the longer they waited I was paralyzed stupid doctors think Most need more education 
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      I’ve been to sleep apnea test stayed over night at clinic hooked me up on all these wires never slept all night still said I didn’t have it so thought sleep apnea sleep insomnia was I there for nothing thought it was based on those two because still have the issue same thing sleep for 1 hr wake up go back sleep wake up again literally after my gbs it got worse and had axiety sever and depression never in my life felt how but because was paralyzed so on had gotten both . But also dealing same when I get these attacks I learn to cop with it along medication for both but still have to manage it . 
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      If you are having sleep issues-when you try to go to sleep is your brain still going 90 miles an hour and you can shut it off so you can relax and sleep? I had that problem. I would lay awake and think of a million things and couldn't sleep. I gave up as much caffeine as I could and I got Standard Process Min Tran which is not a medicine, it is made from foods. I take one every night and it causes my brain to settle down and I fall asleep within 10 minutes. It is not habit forming and you can take more than one if you need to. you can also take it during the day if you can't seem to "settle down". It doesn't knock you out it just allows your brain to relax so you can fall asleep. Trust me, I have tried every sleep aid out there and this is the only thing that works for me. Hope it helps. 

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      Sounds like you've been through it all. 

      I will look it up, but its not that I feel my brain going 90 miles an hour, it's 24/7 and then in more intense physical reactions where i literally feel stimulated, like coffee but worse, shaking and everything, it's not thoughts, my mind is blank, since my depression got bad I have no inner monologue, my brain is silent.. so it's not thoughts, it's very physical 

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    I am so sorry for all you are going thru. In you list you said you are craving salt. Is your thyroid off? There is a great herb called bladderwrack that I take for thyroid and it works. the dr. wouldn't give me anything because I wasn't in the "bad area" when they tested me. Look up the symptoms for low and high thyroid.

    Look up the syptoms list for no or not enough magnesium. Anxiety is on there. I take 500 mg along with calcium for the effect it has on my muscles and for anxiety. I have noticied a difference. Just be sure you take the mag. that is required for the symptoms you have.

    I would suggest you go to a naturalpath and see what they say. I'm like you, I have been to so many drs and pts and had tests and MRI etc. I have learned that sometimes I just have to investigate and they turn to herbs and essential oils if the dr can't help me.

    give all of this a try. We aren't getting the minerals from our food that we used to years ago so we have to supplement. I know this all works for me. I've had that"electoral" feeling and pounding heart and anxious feeling as well. the magnesium has cleared it up. I also take Drenamin from Standard Process. It is made from foods and is not a drug. I take 1 or 2 or ever more if needed when I feel that wierd sensation.

    There are so many side effects to drugs. check out what you are taking. I'm not a dr but I can tell you that you need to be careful because some of the side effects aren't listed and some require more meds to handle the side effects. I took a med to lower my cholestral . and it effected my muscles and I quit taking it and use Lemongrass and it works without side effects.

    Hope some of this helps you.

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      Wow Carol, I am a true believer of all natural myself. I do the oils..love thm.....so what is the Drenamin? Iv never hrd of tht. I am Goin to order some of the magnesium flakes and make a spray..didn't realize there were different types of magnesium. Interesting! I am interested in the drenamin for weird feelings. I feel weird often. I get dizzy, my head buzzes, it even feels like it's buzzing as well, I have tinnitis, I get the weak shakes, just feel at times like I just got over the flu. Sometimes I awake with shakes from pure stress..I have slacked off of my oils, but intend to go back full force..I use often lavender for sleep..lemon balm for aches..love learning about all the natural healings..

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      See thyroid was what I thought and my doctor, because 'Wired and Tired' can be a sign of Adrenaline Fatigue, but i've been to two different Endocrinologist and still seeing one, got tested 4 times now for thyroid and it's been ruled out, although I have read that you can have normal readings in 'stage four adrenaline fatigue' if you believe in that, my GP actually does, my Endo doesn't... but i can't even find a specialist here in Northern Ireland who goes of symptoms for Adrenaline Fatigue. 

      Unfortunately my symptoms would be both but saying as 'Wired' is Hyperthyroid i'd lean towards it, but then i've huge weight gain (4 odd stone in a year) and fevers, which is hypo.. so I really don't know. My T3,T4 and all that come in really good, which is so frustrating. 

      Magnesium I actually take daily. I have always been sceptical of a neuropath, not because I don't believe in supplements, tried LOADS during 3 years, it's more because it's so extreme. 

      I will defiantly check out Drenamin now. I just need this madness to end. 3 years and it's getting really extreme, so shocked that doctors (apart from my GP who finally gets this is really bad) are just like, 'meh, can't find any reason for you having these symptoms.." just need an answer 

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      I’m also buying Lavener pillows you can get them . Good idea listen maybe also change on maybe diet look on your food when buying also there’s so much crap in foods . Did u get allergy tested cause could be some thing to look into if your allergic to some thing ur eating or allergic to give that thought hun
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      For vertigo you can put a couple of drops of ginger or geranium essential oil behind each ear and a drop or two on the tops of your ears. This has helped me a lot. For tinnitis you can put a  couple of drops of geranium or peppermint on your forehead, temples back of your neck or behind your ears. Drenamin will help your adrenal system. Make sure you are taking the right amount of magnesium and be sure to drink lots of water. I gave up soda pop because of the sodium and it has really helped my blood pressure. You can also rub some lavender oil on your wrists and I put it on my heart area and have good results with that. Lavender is a calming oil and I really love using it. There is a product from standard Process called Min Tran that helps you sleep. It helps your brain relax so you can go to sleep. I take one a night and I fall asleep within 1o minutes. It isn't habit forming and you can take up to 4 but when I take more that 1 at a time I sleep too soundly and can't wake up as easily as I do when I only take one. But everyone is different so what works for me might be different for someone else.

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      Drenamin is all natural. It's made from foods not meds. It helps the adrenal system and calms down the anxious feelings I get in my chest. I used to take it every day but now only need it occasionally. I take one in the morning and that's it. Make sure you are taking the right amount of magnesium. I was only taking 250mg and I needed 500. It made a difference in my muscles. I also had to increase my water intake.The spray magnesium is good for spraying on your muscles but you also need to take tablets internally. I love the oils as well. they can really make a difference. Sometimes I'm sure I smell awful but I feel good!

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      Listen as long s ur feeling better you can always wash ur self good u can do natural body cream I’m using aveeno I used so many different kind cream thought the sensitive Nivea was good but last two weeks I’ve been using aveeno it’s the best . But trying to thing if I take that what if I have enough magnesium in my body so on?
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      Yea, you know Carolyn, it's like sugar seems to affect my brain..I know that sounds funny, but when I eat sweets, it's like the head buzzes worse. Sometimes I awake at night and it feels lie the whole top of my head is like buzzing. I do have Tinnits, but this feels different..like nerves or something in the brain..my head just don't feel right. Goin 2 ENT 2moro due to dr seeing like a small growth in my ear..sure praying easy fix will stop all this weird sounds and feelings in my head..wink

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      If you are talking about Drenamin, it is sold by Standard Process and if the health food carries SP then yes. If not, you can get it from amazon.com or standardprocess.com or a local chiropractor.

      There is another thing out there that you might want to look into. Research Candida on the internet. It's when you have eaten too much sugar or carbs that turn to sugar  and candida overrides the good bacteria in your gut. Then you need some probiotics. and they will kill off some of the bad bacteria and leave the good alone. You have to cut back on sweets too. There is a list of about 60 symptoms that candida will cause.look it up. 

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      I will check it out thank you Carol cause I also have sugar problem diebetic taking pills for it also have diverticlious I had an episode 4 weeks ago had to go on I v cause had a bad issue with another infection cause me to be dehydrated my heart rate was high so they had to do I v again week after sad to say was fighting two things . Cause I can’t get flue shot so hospital decide to put me on anti viral pill due to had gbs ., Gillian Barrie my worst night mare . Because that can’t have flue shot this year was sick 6 times very bad . But I’m gonna check into this thank you so much. !!!
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