wish me luck..losartan dose doubling tonight

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After talking with the kidney doctor, he wants my blood pressure under 120 over 80. This morning it was 124 over 81. He requested I take 100 MG of losartan instead of 50 MG.  He also asked me to take it right before bed time. I'm hoping I don't go to low. I take toprol Xl in the morning. Anyone who has been through doubling of the med and taking it at bedtime let me know if you have had issues with it. 

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    Gracious, Todd!  124 over 81 is GOOD!  Let us know how that works for you, taking it at night.

    I had to come off Losartan because I developed a cough.  On Candersartan now.

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    Well, the blood pressure is up in the morning 146/86 this morning. It used to be in the 120/80 range. I'm having vivid dreams. My gosh, I have never had dreams like this before. I also use a CPAP machine, and my Apnea index has dropped from a 2.6 to a .6 at night. That's a positive note. Today I'm tired. Don't know why, but I feel exhausted.

    I let the doctor know via email today. I'm sure he will tell me to stick with it.

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      Todd, have you got a problem with your kidneys  if the kidney doctor wants your blood pressure so low?  My kidney consultant has said he wishes to see my BP down to 130/75 especially in view of the fact that I have CKD3, which I feel is a bit of a tall order when you're getting older!  However, if you are quite young, then it is understandable that he wishes to keep your BP low.

      I was taking both 50mg of Losartan together with Diltiazem but the latter was causing swollen ankles and a problem with my bowel so I've stopped it and continued just on the Losartan.  However, it isn't controlling my blood pressure, so have to add another pill (a diuretic) shortly.

      Many pills do cause vivid dreams and in fact I had a nightmare just the other night and woke up shaking! 

      Perhaps the exhaustion will improve as your body gets used to the higher dose - I do hope so, but do keep in touch and let us know what your doctor advises.

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    increasing losartan dose probably won't do anything but give yoy more side effects.  Split the dose 50 am 50 pm, adding hctz 12.5 in AM will have a more significant impact on BP, but your BP is fine, what's with your doc?  Watch out or you'll end up with low BP.  Losartan is the weakest ARB in the class, and short acting.
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    Losartan is aong the first angiotensin meds, I think - could be wrong.  It's not a spoecifically targeted as Valsartan or Candarsatan   Losarton has the effecg of dying up diff part s - it gave me hugely dry lungs.  I creaked like a crocodile at night.

    Hypertension is such a nuisance.  

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      Louise, Losartan Potassium is among the newest of ALL blood pressure drugs rather than being "among the first angiotensin meds".  ACE Inhibitors such as Enalapril, Captopril and Lisinopril also work by blocking production of angiotensin II, but the Losartan works by a different mechanism from the ACE Inhibitors.  

      Soon after Losartan appeared on the market, the Stroke Association in its blurb on BP meds, commented that this drug does not have the side-effects associated with the other classes of drugs with the occasional exception of dizziness.

      My pharmacist has recently backed up this comment by informing me that Losartan is the BP med of which he hears the least complaints of side effects from his customers.  Certainly, in my experience, it is to date the only BP pill that is giving me no discernible side effects.....and I have tried 6 different pills in the last 18 months!

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      My GP prescribed Losartan first, years ago,  - and I read that it is less precisely targeted than Valsartan and the others.  Didn't describe different mechanism.  But if it works for some, that's good.   It made me susceptible to coughs and chest infections, which I've never been...  And the blurb said that was a side effect.

      One of my relatives is a primary care doctor, and she recommended Valsartan.  It was fine, but then came off Patent and available was variable.  

      It's good that Losartan suits you.  

      I discussed Amlodipine with my doctor last week, and mentioned the side effects so many people have experienced.  She said that some patients had none whatsoever.  

      Guess it just shows how individual we are.  Some of my siblings are really overweight, and they don't have hypertension.  

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      Louise, yes the documentation does list cough as a side effect of Losartan in a few people, though that side effect doesn't seem to occur nearly as often as for those people on the ACE, Ramipril - I have several friends on the latter who complain of a permanent cough.

      It's also true that there are some patients who are fine on Amlodipine - my hubby and a couple of close friends included.  But this forum certainly seems to contain posts with many more complaints about Amlodipine than any other BP pill doesn't it.  Certainly it proved a no-no for me with the unabiding side effect of swelling and inflammation in my lower legs and feet which even persisted after being in bed overnight, plus the inflammation eventually leading to a diagnosis of varicose eczema in the swollen areas.

      I've also come across people for whom one brand of a med can be fine whereas the same med but produced by a different company can cause them problems.

      As you say, we are individuals - what suits one may not suit another.  I guess it depends on exactly what is causing each person's particular hypertension.

      As far as the blurb is concerned, the manufacturers really do cover themselves when they quote that a particular pill can cause both constipation and diarrhoea.  The Losartan blurb, for instance, describes the uses of Losartan, one of them being that it slows the decrease of kidney function in patients with high BP.  Yet in another section it lists changes in kidney function, including kidney failure, as being "Common (1 in 10)!!!  That is a subject on which my fingers and toes are tightly crossed!

      Good luck with whatever treatment you are on just now.

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      1 in 10 is worrying!  You must be having regular checks with your GP?  I'm taking Candarsartan.  But I'm also exercising regularly and am feeling particularly fit!  My BP is linked to my thoughts, I've discovered.  I'm a cognitive behavioural therapist and although I KNOW what's going on, it still catches me out!  Catastrophic thinking and up goes my BP!  Mindfulness helps, too.   Keep well ... think calm thoughts!
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      Yes, Louise, I am having regular checks on BP and bloods.....with a renal consultant.  I do walk daily - about a mile and a half.  I did ask the consultant whether he thought that additional exercise might help, to which he replied that there was no harm in trying it.  I am now awaiting a GP referral letter for the gym (have to be careful as I have a slipped vertebrae).  I so agree - the wrong thoughts/stresses can increase BP (proved by white coat syndrome at the surgery, for instance).  I tried Candesartan a long time ago but it increased my Creatinine and was stopped.  However, Losartan (obviously because it's the same family of BP meds) is also increasing my Creatinine but that is being kept an eye on.  Nothing like as bad blood results though with 3 weeks on Indapamide, when the Creatine went even higher, the same with the Urea, and my sodium levels dropped making me feel very weak.  Did I say I was awkward?!rolleyes  Now, got to stop thinkins about my high BP and, as you say, "think calm thoughts".  You stay well too.
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      I'm currently taking Amplodipine along with Perindopril (Coversyl Plus HD) with the diuretic Idapamide in it. I currently experiencing burning feet & legs..the burning is progressing to my upper body, & is now in my arms, & parts of my neck. Also, I can feel some heat in my chest as well.

      I've had a previous sensitivity to the Amplodipine, necessitating me coming off that med..but I went back on it at the end of January/2014. About a week after taking the Amlodipine, that's when the burning began. My doctor all but insisted I persist. Now that Im complaing bitterly about the burning, he suggested I come off it...just to see if indeed this is the culprit, but my kidney specialist (Nephrologist) didn't want to change the meds when I saw him. This was at the initial consultation. He has ordered blood tests, which I've done, but don't see him for another 3 weeks. I'm hoping he finds something..or at least something minor which will help us get this bp under control. I intend on telling him about this burning..which is annoying the life out of me. It starts about 10 min. after I get up in the morning..starts at the top of my toes, then gradually works its way up my legs. After about 8 hrs. or so, my legs are on fire. I will certainly ask him about coming off the Amplodipine, but I must admit, I'm nervous of coming off for fear of the bp rising, unless he comes up with something else.

      I'd certainly appreciate anything you might suggest in the meantime.

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       Its a weird side effect but if you Google Amplodipine and Burning you will find that you are not alone. 
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      Mike, if the Amlodipine is affecting your quality of life like this you should not be left on it when there are many other hypertensives to try.  I am under a renal consultant for my BP due to having only one kidney and Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3.  He has been very patient with me as I have suffered horrid side effects from several BP drugs and had to stop them.  Some were interfering with my walking, and if you're supposed to do brisk walking every day to help the blood pressure, then you're in a no-win situation with Amlodipine and several others for me.  Others made me short of breath.

      Losartan is the only pill that after many months doesn't seem to be producing any side effects, but when they add a second pill such as Diltiazem, my bowel is severely affected.

      My consultant said that he has tried the drugs that are supposed to help my kidney function, however some have caused the opposite, especially Indapamide which produced several abnormal blood test results after just a few weeks, which I think even scared the consultant!

      Do ask (demand!) to be tried on Losartan.

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      Before going back on the Amplodipine, then taking the Coversyl (Perindopril), I had been on calcium channel blocker (Amlodipine), an ARB (Avapro). When I wasn't particularly responding well to the 150mg of Avapro, the Dr. doubled the medication, then added the diuretic to it..which meant I was taking 300mgs Avapro with the hydrochlorizide (sp). THAT wasn't so great. I read that Dr.s should double the medication because that med just works on one system in the body, but who am I to challenge that sort of thing.Certainly, I'm not a physician, but believe in doing what the dr. tells me. He then added 25mg Metropolol. Combining the Avapro300mgs & the Metropolol gave me violent headaches..headaches that scared the life out of me, so I came off the metropolol,...then onto the Coversyl. You know the rest of the story.I can hardly wait for the next 3 weeks to come 'round so I can see that Nephrologist & hopefully get to the bottom of this mess. I do find that late in the day when the legs are at their peak of burning, I sometimes feel slightly lightheaded (I mean slightly), & slightly nauseated. This will go away in about an hr or so, but I don't think anyone should have to live like this. I'm with the understanding that Losartan does have a lot of side effects..I've read about them, & what's described is certainly not something I want to risk. I don't think I have mild bp problems..not that it's all that serious either. What doesn't help is when I go to my family doctor's office..I wait my turn...getting anxious of course...I get called in..don't get to rest for a bit..& the nurse takes my bp in the RIGHT arm..sometimes I'm sitting, sometimes I'm standing. The cuff isn't particularly tight either. Because of the anxiety attached to this scenario, naturally the bp is elevated. I now don't allow the nurse to take the bp readings. Earlier, the Dr. would seem a little panicky..saying "this bp has to come down!!". Of course it does!...but I'm taking my meds regularly..never missing a single dose. 

      I don't think it's asking a lot of the world for me to feel better.I can only hope that something is discovered or we have an answer in the next few weeks.

      By the way, I was always instructed to rest for 5 min...put the bp cuff on my LEFT arm, sit with feet flat on the floor...then take the readings. I was told the very same when I saw the Nephrologist. Although he didn't say much, I could tell my the expression on his face, that what I was experiencing at the family Drs office was not the way to take bp readings. He even pointed to a poster he had on the wall & said "THAT is the correct way to take readings"..which is exactly how I was trained.

      I'd appreciate further comments from you & I thank you in advance.

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      Further...I have had all 3 classes of modern day bp meds...calcium channel blocker (the Amlodipine) ARB (Avapro), ACE (Coversyl)..

      I don't see just why because of my age or condition, which I believe isn't the worst in the world why we can't get the bp down. Going on the old fashion medicines, i.e. Vasodilators, etc. seems weird to me...but we'll see.

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      Drugs affect us all differently and the side effects listed tell you if it is likely to be 1 in 10, 1 in a 100 etc. The majority of people (those who don't need to post here) benefit from them and have no side effects.

      Being a very 'sensitive' person most give me side effecst but Losartan only made me light headed until my system got used to it. One other effect is that I have a very slight itching sensation that my GP says is caused by an effect losartan has on the kidneys.

      You should take your BP on the arm that consistsanly gives you the highest reading and it should be checked when sitting and standing. Both the specialist hypertension consultants I have been to did that. 

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      Mike, I don't know quite why you fear Losartan so much.  If you read all the leaflets that come with all the BP drugs (and others) you will find they all have a whole load of listed side effects.  Furthermore, if you look on the Amlodipine thread on this site you will find more complaints about it than any other BP lowering pill.  Of course, that could be because it's being very widely prescribed - it certainly seems to be flavour of the month at the moment.  I was just telling you of my happier experience on Losartan and my better quality of life than on the other drugs, and there are several other people, including Derek who has replied to you, who post here who are also happy on Losartan.  Granted it isn't quite as efficient as some at bringing blood pressure under control in some people.

      According to my consultant, we should sit quietly for a couple of minutes before taking our blood pressure, on the left arm.  We should then repeat the reading twice, each with a couple of minutes between, relaxing and letting our bodies go as much as possible.  I then have to record the average of the 2nd and 3rd readings to take to my consultant.

      And, yes, most of us can feel anxious when having blood pressure checked in the surgery/hospital, and with a lot of people that anxiety (white coat syndrome) can result in a higher than usual reading.

      I've just been to the gym (GP referral) and am being an awkward gym bunny - the teacher takes our blood pressure at the start of the class and occasionally at the end after a few minutes cool down.  Everyone without exception produces a lower reading after the cool down.......except that is yours truly.

      I was getting quite excited over the last couple of weeks having seen some really good readings in the low 130's; however, that unfortunately doesn't seem to have lasted and it's going up again.   Grrrr!

      Do you want to share why you are under a nephrologist?

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      Hi there...I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support. Thanks also to derek76!

      It isn't that I fear Losartan..not at all. You're quite right in what you say about side effects with any/all medications. I'm just of the mindset that I'm not sure I could cope with being sick half the time anymore. Usually, it takes my body approximately 2 weeks to tell me if the meds are going to be accepted by my body or not. I may have to bite the bullet if the Nephrologist changes some of the meds, but at this point, I truly don't care..let's just get on with what the problem might be so I can start to feel like a regular human being again. Leslieadele has written that Losartan is the newer than the ACE class, but among the oldest in the ARB class...please read her post. I wouldn't say my bp readings are the worst in the world, but they're not mild either. Certainly, not readings that would require an emergency visit to hospital. 

      My pharmacist has told me that Amlodipine is not known for causing burning sensations...but a lot of threads I read dictate otherwise. For numbers 1 out of 100, doesn't necessarily mean anything, & again, I fully understand what derek is driving at. I know a few people who do take the Amlodipine & have no problems with it at all. Actually, I was beginning to wonder if I was some sort of rare breed for experiencing the burning, but the threads certainly indicate that I am NOT. The burning isn't painful..more like a sunburn..but extremely annoying..& more so since it's spreading. 

      I don't mind you asking why I will be seeing a Nephrologist. Sometimes something can be going on in the kidneys which keeps the bp elevated.

      I had a CT scan..to check the overall condition of the kidneys, the structure, arteries, etc. This was over a month ago..haven't heard back, which goes to the old saying 'no news is good news". I had the bloodwork done 2 days ago, but the Lab doesn't let the patient know the results. The results are revealed when I see the Dr. 

      There are some days when I experience what I call an 'episode"...I go for several hours..the legs are burning although mildly. I start to feel slightly lightheaded..slightly nauseated..with a sleight weakish feeling in my arms...then it seems the burning becomes more intense. This feeling may last from 1-2 hrs...then I feel fine.

      The Nephrologist told me the best way to take readings...is how I was trained...take 3 readings...throw the first one away, then average the next 2. He's asked me for readings..to take them 2x/day, 3 times/week..

      but this was at the end of August, & my appt. isn't 'til Dec. 8. In no way does he need 400 readings! (exaggerating here of course!  lol ). So, I'll begin taking the readings starting the first of next week. I won't be surprised if the readings are high, but I certainly will be telling him of my physical feelings (the episodes), & also the stress I've been under in my private  life.

      My friends are very supportive..which I appreciate so very much..but they are not experiencing what I'm going through, & don't understand a lot of it.  I don't want to be talking to them about it a lot because of this,

      yet they don't know how I'm feeling unless I tell them.

      This is not all in the mind...what I'm experiencing is very real.

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      Yes, I, too, know a few people who are taking Amlodipine without too much problem, including my hubby who has been taking it for some years.  However, he collapsed with total heart block a year ago, and had to have a pacemaker fitted.   I have read on very trusty sites that Amlodipine can cause heart block!

      I also read an article produced by a hospital in the US carrying out research on Amlodipine, warning against prescribing it for women over a certain age because of a risk to their hearts.  I queried this with one of my consultants some 18 months ago but he said it was never taken further.  Once I read that it really put me off - 'no smoke without fire'.

      At least you seem to being monitored well, with having kidney scan etc, so let's hope all is well there and you are simply being an awkward patient like me as far as BP drugs are concerned!wink

      PS:  I'm in the UK, just outside London.

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      Actually Amlodipine plus Atenolol were the meds first prescribed when my BP was found to be 210/120 in 2000.

      The side effects were such that I pleaded to be taken off them. Of course it may just have been just one of them that caused the side effects. The next three prescribed caused other side effects that caused me try others.


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      Hi derek76...

      When it comes to the appt with my Nephrologist, I too will plead to get off the Amlodipine. More & more I believe this drug to be the culprit of my burning legs & feet...& the spread of the fire.


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      I have a cousin & a neighbour who takes Amlodipine without problems.

      I'm glad for them, but the more I think of it, the more I believe this drug is the cause of my problems, unless there's something else going on in my system that we haven't discovered. 

      I know what you mean when you say "awkward patient" MrsO, but my body has always responded well to whatever medication may have been needed. Sure, there has been the odd time where I've needed just a little more medication to knock out whatever was making me sick, but I"ve never gone through this before in my life. As I've mentioned, & my family doctor has stated..I've taken bp meds in each of the classes...CC, ARB,ACE & Beta Blocker. I've got fingers crossed that the Nephrologist can come up with something, & we can find the right medication for me.

      I hate to keep harping on the same thing, but I honestly do believe the Amlodipine is the villain. The more sites I read, the more I find people complaining about it. I went onto the Mayo Clinic site where it talks about Amlodipine..it lists side effects, etc. "Burning" IS listed although in the 'rare' category, but to me because it's rare, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. It has happened to you...to me...& several others. 

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      Either Amlodipine or Atenolol gave me cold extremities while the rest of me felt normal temperature. After the first week on it we went to Barbados on holiday every one we met commented on my cold handshake.
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      It was Atenolol that gave me cold extremities, Derek.  I also found that it changed my metabolism, making it difficult to maintain my weight.  It also slowed me down considerably when walking as though it was affecting my breathing.  In the last couple of years, it's been decided by Atenolol together with a diuretic was posing a risk to blood sugars, so I believe that combination isn't given any more.
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      I only took them for a few weeks. It puzzles me that any drug can have so many side effects listed and affect people so differently. They are all tested for years before coming on to the market. Perhaps the old blood letting or leeches would do more for us. 
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      Interesting comment about the blood letting.  I've had a few nose bleeds recently and although I know they often say they can be as a result of high blood pressure, I've noticed reduced pressure often follows.  The nosebleeds have been occurring since I upped my daily garlic from one to two cloves, so perhaps the extra one is thinning my blood too much, hence the nosebleeds.  I do remember having frequent burst blood vessels in my eyes whilst on steroids and had to stop the garlic for a while then believing that it may have been adding to the steroid-induced blood thinning.
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      Is there any need for you to take a blood thinner or are you just taking the garlic for its other benefits. Are you showing bruises from slight knocks? I was bruising easily on my hands and arms when taking warfarin and it has not improved much since stopping it.

      Some years ago I had burst blood vessels in my eyes a nurse at the eye clinic said it was due to hypertnsion but my doctor at that time said no connection.

      Presumably less blood should reduce the pressure. With the new reverseable BP treatment 'Rox flow coupler' on trial at the moment a device fitted in the groin diverts some blood flow from the heart to other areas. The hypertension specialist I am seeing said ' I see what it is doing but I don't understand why it works'

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      There's a diuretic in my Coversyl (Idapamide)..& as you know, I also take Amlodipine & Atenolol. One of the risks with Atenolol is that is can raise your sugar levels, which I think should me monitored every few months.

      With regard to the Amlodipine & my problem with it, or at least I STRONGLY suspect it's the problem..I find when I'm up for just only 5min or so, I can feel the heat starting on the top of my toes. I don't know if it's indeed the chemical in the Amlodipine starting to do its aggravating thing because it's certainly in the bloodstream, or it's the circulation of the blood along with the chemical. I think it's the latter...makes sense.

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      Derek,  you may have missed my post on the other thread a week or so ago where I mentioned increasing my intake of garlic for the last few weeks following the TV programme on hypertension that recommended beetroot, celery and garlic, but two cloves of the latter rather than the one clove I had been taking for a long time.  No I don't suffer easy bruising - know what that's like after my 5+ years on steroids.

      Yes the jury is definitely out on whether or not high blood pressure is the cause for burst blood vessels in the eye - certainly my ophthalmologist at the time agreed that it might be the garlic in my case together with the steroids.

      They admit they don't understand how most drugs work - I have a feeling that good old paracetamol might be one such drug if my memory serves me correctly.


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      Mike, yes I believe the concern about Atenolol raising sugar levels was that the risk was higher when taken in combination with a diuretic.  I believe I remember at the time the recommendation was that those people already on the combination and not suffering high blood sugars could be left on them but that care should be taken when prescribing them for future patients.  I suppose it all comes down to careful monitoring.

      The only way you are going to find an answer for your problem with 'heating' is to stop/replace the Amlodipine and see if this problem disappears.

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      Hi there..yes, I know to find the answer to the 'heating' problem would be to stop/replace the Amlodipine. The more I think of it, the more it makes sense the Amlodipine is the cause...just as my doctor said. After all, this 'heating' starting approximately 1 week after resuming the Amlodipine. I'm sure if it wasn't for the diuretic in the Coversyl, my feet &

      legs would be swollen quite a bit, but they're not swollen at all...just very very warm, or burning. 

      I fail to understand just why tests can't be run to find out...unless the only way is to come off the Amlodipine. I haven't heard from the Doctor's office as yet regarding an appt. for Ultrasound., so I'll put a call in very soon. I don't expect to hear anything about the Endocrinologist appt

      for quite some time.

      I do wonder though if I'll ever be able to feel human again. 

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      When I was suffering all the leg/feet swelling from Amlodipine, I was offered a diuretic to reduce the swelling.  I'm afraid I baulked at being prescribed a drug to offset the side effects of another and I declined and asked to change from the offending drug.
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      I try to avoid paracetamol as well though my Doc says its not is bad as many make out.
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      Here in Canada, Paracetamol is simply "Tylenol"...which can be taken with most prescription medications without worry of conflict. I find it's much better than Aspirin.
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      MrsO..In many ways, I don't blame you for balking at taking a prescribed drug to offset the side effects of another. When we think about it, truly it doesn't make much sense. When I was having some tests done, the Cardiologist wanted to take me off the Coversyl Plus HD (the med with the diuretic)because my potassium level was lower than it should have been (during tests early Sept.), however I was taking Potassium Chloride to help prevent the potassium level from dropping. He said it made no sense whatsoever to take a medicine to counter-act the side effect of another. I wouldn't permit this, as he doesnt' know my history, & the Nephrologist didn't want my medication changed. I had visions of my feet& legs ballooning because of the Amlodipine & no diuretic. 

      MrsO..I got a call from my Dr office on Friday...I managed to get the appt. for the ultrasound, but when I called to confirm that the appt. was suitable for me, the girl said she had a cancellation & was I interested in taking that appt...which is for Mon. Nov.24. Of course, I accepted with pleasure! So, I'll have the ultrasound done on my legs this morning. As for the appt. with the Endocrinologist...that takes place Dec. 2. I'm very pleased at getting these appts. so quickly. I was expecting a couple of months wait. 

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      With any luck the technician may give you the results of the Ultrasound today.  Hope it goes ok.
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      Hi MrsO..I had the ultrasound yesterday. Here in Canada, technicians are not permitted to discuss ther results with the patients (i'ts law).The results are analysed by the Vascular Surgeon, then forwarded to the family doctor. The results should be with my family doctor in approximately 5 days or so, then I'll call for an appt. to go over those results. Fingers crossed. I still think the burning in my legs/feet is caused by the Amlodipine.
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      Mike, during part of an ultrsound looking for any blockages in my feet/legs recently following an inflammatory/swelling problem with one of my toes, the technician strapped a blood pressure cuff around my legs.  Whereas I can cope with the sometimes quite intense pressure of some of the BP cuffs (including mine,) I found my legs couldn't take it when it  was pumped beyond a certain point.  I hope if your Ultrasound involved such a test, you weren't a wimp like me!
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      Hi MrsO...No, the technician didn't use any bp cuff at all...just put some gooey stuff on my legs, then used a "scope" of sorts..moving it here, there, etc. There were times when I was asked to take a deep breath, then push down with my abdominal muscles. Don't say you were a wimp;..we all have things we can't tolerate. 

      I haven't heard anything back form the Nephrologist's office as yet. The blood tests I had done were over a week ago, so I'm assuming "no news is good news"..but of course, I still have the appt. Dec. 8. It's in my mind though that if there were anything of great concern in the bloodwork, I'd have received a call by now rather than letting me wait a few weeks before the appt.

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      I used to have the BP cuff on my legs when having a T2 diabetic check up.

      That nirse left and the new one doesn't do it. If fact each year it becomes more hurried.

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      Good luck, Mike - keep up the positive thinking....as you say no news is good news
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      MrsO...As you might remember, I take Amlodipine, Coversyl Plus HD (which has a diuretic in it) & 25mgs Atenolol 2xdaily. Never have I heard that it's bad to take Atenolol with a diuretic, but everybody's body is different.
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      Mike, if your blood sugar is monitored occasionally and you have no signs of diabetes, I doubt they would consider taking you off  a combination of pills that are working well.
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      Hi again, MrsO...I don't recall last time my blood sugar was monitored, most likely when the Dr. ordered blood tests, but you can be sure, I'll ask to have it done next time I see him. My b/p readings since yesterday have been quite good, the best being 131/74!!!!!  Yesterday's readings were a little higher, but I wasn't feeling so great then either. These readings certainly give me encouragement for when I see the Nephrologist. As I mentioned previously, I'm going to ask about coming off the Amlodipine. While I realise discontinuing this may cause the bp to rise, I'm sure they could give me something else..or monitor me until things start to settle again. I'm not going to go looking for trouble that's not arrived (yet)...I'm just forward thinking. I've put up with quite enough from that "snake venom", & it would be worth it to finally get some peace (without the burning). I truly hope it's the Amlodipine that's causing the burning, otherwise I wonder what if anything they could do to find out just what the cause of it is.

      It's fine for the medical profession or whoever to say that Amlodipine is not known for burning, but everyone's body is different. Look at the comments in this site..MANY are complaining of the same thing..burning, etc. The Mayo Clinic site lists one of the side effects of Amlodipine as burning...although listed in the 'rare' category. Because it's rare, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. 

      Something in the body causes burning...it's not natural.

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      You could ask at your GP practice for a blood sugar monitor. They usually have a stock of them. Doctors tend not to think much of doing your own reading unless you need insulin injections they prefer just to get your three month average.

      Alternatively if you Google the Free Style Co-Pilot web site you can ask for a free one if you give the right answers they later make money from you having to buy lances and test strips after the samples run out.

    • Posted

      Hi derek76...I have a friend who has a blood sugar monitor. I can always ask to test my sugar whenever I visit him.

      I don't want to spend any money unnecessarily...my blood sugars have always been good, & about the only risk I have is that my late Mother was diabetic..that's about it. 

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      Hi Louise, I think I must have the same problem as you with catastrophic thinking increasing my BP. I can't listen to music unless its classical and I can't watch the news as its too upsetting or frustrating! Great idea to focus on mindfulness (Eckhart Tolle) and thinking calm thoughts. Thanks
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      Evidence shows mindfulness is very effective.  I use Christian mindfulness - some guys I know swear by it!
    • Posted

      Oh that sounds interesting. Have you any particular exercises in Christian mindfulness? Best if it becomes a ritual to practise daily I guess. Is it the same as meditation? All these questions...sorry! I'm in to exercising dogs for fitness but They recommend more aerobic exercise to work the heart. I don't think I've the energy as I suffer with chronic fatigue so it's a little ambitious for me just yet.

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