Withdrawal from benzodiazepines

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I was wondering if anyone had ever withdrawn from benzodiazepines and if so how did they go about it and how long did it take. Also what are the side effects of withdrawal and how did people cope.

Many thanks. xx

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    Currently tapering Klonopin. 3-5% every 2-4+ week's. Ashton's manual if you haven't read is very helpful. Also benzobuddies

    Ashton's manual tapering is no more than 10% every 2+ week's. A good bunch of group's of benzo's recovery are also helpful with 100s going through the same thing. Main thing is never cold turkey or cut to quickly. The longer you've been on the longer the tapering to avoid the worst withdrawals.

    I wish you the best. I'm 4 months in on my taper using a gemini mg scale. Other methods used, liquid or compound pharmacy.

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      Thanks for the info. I have started to read Ashtons manual I am shocked at the effect these benzos have on the gaba receptors in the brain.

      Is it ok to PM you?


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      Yes to the PM. Trying to share what I've learned the hard way hoping to help other not go through the same.

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      I am weaning off Klonopin after taking it for 10 years for GAD.  I began reading about long term effects about 6 months ago, and decided this prescription is not intended for long term use.  I first was prescribed (0.5) mg up to 3 times per day for anxiety and insomnia.  The past 5 years it went up to 1 mg.  I understand the difficulty that everyone here is facing as this is not easy.  I'm determined and not giving up.  I have been taking 0.5 mg at night for the past 3 weeks & if I wake unable to return to sleep I have taken another .5.  My Dr recommended taking .25 in the morning, and 0.5 at night for couple weeks, then tapering to .25 morning and .25 night for few weeks, then to only .25 evening.  How does this sound to any of you?  Also, how do we PM someone here?  And is Benzo buddies good site?

      Thanks so much.

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      I just posted on here and appreciate the information you have shared.  Not easy, and I really wish i had never began taking clonazapam years ago!!!!  It's meant for short term use.  Can you read what I just posted as my Dr's advise to weaning off.  I know she means well but she has not been a user of this.  Also, how do we PM someone here?

      When I decided to wean off this, she prescribed Lexapro.  I take .10 mg in morning and have since Aug 21st, so almost 2 months.  I'm feel like I'm trading one pill for another.  Should I slowly wean off the Lexapro too? I was diagnosed with GAD 15 years ago, but have been going to group classes every week which are helping so much.

      Thanks, God Bless to all.

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      Excuse my silly question of how to PM, LOL.  I'm so new to this site that I didn't even see the mail sign.  

      Just happy to know I'm not alone in this, and other's understand this withdrawal process.  TY


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    Hi Harriet l am tapering off diazepam which I have been on for 10 years.My advice is slow the taper to your place as doctors tend to cut too quickly.Prepare yourself for waves of symptoms however if you take your time you will keep them manageable.You will get deflated and frustrated but don't worry you will get there in the end.

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      My dr is too slow. However I wish to taper off clobazam safely.

      Why did you decide to taper off diazepam, were you experiencing side effects?

      May I ask you how you coped with the tapering off regime and what withdrawal signs and symptoms did you personally experience? How much diazepam were you prescribed?



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      I was on 7 and a half mgs for sleep noticed as years passed l was having interdose withdrawal and my mood was very low.I also noticed l was unable to cry or feel any real emotion.l did a lot of research and decided to get off them.l am down to 4 mgs l taper half a mg every 3 weeks.The side effects l have are muscle pain, tremor, mood swings, dizziness and waves of panic.They come and go.l have to say l don't know how anyone copes with a fast taper.Harriet everyone is different and you may get fewer symptoms.Millions of people go off these drugs with little or no problems.

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      Thanks for your reply.

      I have been told that it is very unsafe to taper quickly.

      I am taking 20 to 30 mgms of clobazam daily.

      I was prescribed 20 mgms bd .

      I am puzzled as to how to taper as dr will not advise me and neither will my neurologist. All I get is 'do it slowly if at all.

      I just want to get off them without losing my life or sanity.

      I feel very annoyed that the dangers of benzos were not pointed out. All I was told was  just take them when having clusters of seizures  as you can develop a tolerance to them. That was 20 years ago.

      My problem now is spasms, numbness, tingling of legs, ankles and feet. I cannot work out if it is due to the clobazam or the withdrawal. No use asking drs.



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      Harriet l don't know.l haven't had any help from the doctor.Do some research and hopefully you will be able to get off these awful drugs.I believe it probably is tolerance and withdrawal from the benzodiazepam.

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      You should check out the benzo buddies forum it is a great resource
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      Did I Read that correctly Harriet, your on 20-30mg of clonazepam daily?
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      Hi Mike

      ​I am taking 30 mgms of clobazam a day for epilepsy for the last 20 years. Three years ago started with neuropathy, spasms demotivated cannot stand this much longer.

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      mike sorry should have written 20 to 30 mgms of clobazam a day. The neurologist prescribed  20 mgms twice a day but I refused to take all that!!

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