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hi i have 7 year old daughter and since very little always had problems eating and now she has got worse she sticks to one dinner and thats it wont try anything else and then she will get fed up with eating same thing and im at loss cause what else she will eat as every food is yuk to her so now at the moment all she will have for her dinner is hot dog and brekfast is choclate sandwhich ...anyone else going through same ?

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    hi i have 4 year old daughter when she was 1 she had problems eating and now she has got worse she sticks to junk food and thats it wont try anything else and then she will get fed up with eating same thing and im at loss cause what else she will eat as every food is yuk to her so now at the moment all she will have for and brekfast is choclate and crisps ...anyone else going through same ?
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    oh my word you are lucky that she eats so much,my grandbaby is four and was weaned by the so called baby led weaning, when she was 1 she would try evrything but as she has got older she does not eat enough to keep a bird alive,she has never had a sweet or lolipop or anything like it she also has problems as she has read whole books since the age of 2 and is very bright in a lot of ways but very slow in others so we have had a pediatrician involved she used to not touch anything without freaking out but not being a brat pure fear on her face she still has her moments but we have tried to make it ok to have sticky hands or if a crumb drops on her,the only fluid she drinks is milk ,and food is a few bites of a sandwich,or a banana,or recently a few tiny bites of pizza,and some mueller rice,but never mixed or as a full meal just bites here and there you just have to roll with it as it is pure fear not being naughty ????
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      are you sure she isent suffering from the form of autisum called ASPERGERS  what you are decribing sounds like my son and myself ,

      aspergers children are normaly very bright in some ways , either reading, maths. science , etc , but tend to lack behind in social skills.

      as a child i used to freak out having my hair washed hated the water on my head , my son did to , i cant stand certain textures in food as cant my son but we both differ to which foods. 

      i cant stand my husband using vineger on his food because my sense of smell is so acute taht i can actuly taste it when i am eating my food and it spoils my food . it a very strange condition . and very hard to understand . aspergers are sensistive to ligth,touch,sound , taste smell. which makes us act in the way other people think starnge. 

      i twitch if i am caught in the rain with out a coat , i just dont like the feel of it on my skin . if i am reading a book or involved in anything and am disturbed i get very agravated . its worth considering. we all tend to be high functioning , in facts and figures have a very good memory , but social skills take a lot longer , 

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      hiya tiswas you have just described most of the things she hates,they are wondering if she has asbergers and it is taking so long to diagnose i personally thought it was ocd at first,but she will leave a book at a certain page and god help you if you turn it to another page she will immediatly put it back on the same page open on the floor or sofa wherever she has left it,and her memory is better than mine people think she is a brat but i know she is not there is something deeper,her blood cousin has tourretes he is coming up to 8 now and is in the highest class in school he aced all the sats that were for an 11 year old and was offered a place in a fully paid for scholarship private school but his mum wants him to just be a normal 8 year old with the mates he has so i know the school system will try and use my grandbaby to turn her into a robot basically they allready think she is just being bad by not mixing but we have some great natters and her imagination is unreal xxx
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      thank you so much you have reinforced what i think no what i know xxxxx


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      my son used to play memory card games with me and win hands down ,i used to do the tray thing were i put several items on a tray and cover it take one away and he no which one every time, and that was from the age of two . you can ask my son what date will the 3rd tuesday of say feb was and in a couple of secs he tell you. 

      he w asnt diognosed untill he was 6 yrs after being in and out of school he ended up with home tutoring and for senior special needs school simply because in a full class there was to many destractions and  to much noise, i was diognosed when i was 46 and my brother when he was 43 , my dad never thats just my oipioin but he had all our traits and more. they i got threw senior school because we had rules and discapline and it was all girls , i would never have got threw today . 

      sad to say when my son finished special needs school he was put into ordinary colleage laughingly with support NOT!  and just like i said it would it totaly failed , he could not do social skills . i dont want to paint a bleak picture but this condition was first noted back in 1946 by doctor hans aspergers .and we dont seem to have moved much further on, he did write a book on it, but i found it tough going. there is an amazing book written by an autisc jappenes boy, earlier this year it was a bbc 4 book of the week, and was in book shop window displays . i cant remember the name excatly it was something like why i jump il try and find it and get back to you . it explains why theese children do certain things that we dont understand and its from the child side.

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    I tell you all:  there are only two types of people:  Those who EAT to LIVE and those who LIVE to EAT!  I am the latter and perhaps many mums are too and we just don't get it when others, who are eating to live, do not want to follow our lead. In short they really do not ENJOY eating anything!  So leave them alone. They don't understand us and we don't get them. It's as simple as that. One of my favourite snacks is chips with a lot of butter on bread - a chippie sandwich. Wholesome and delicious. There is potassium in the potatoes and if we get enough of that, we will live!
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    Lucy I was that child I am now 50 I recall my mother crying because she just did not know what to feed me I never ever ate vegetables and Louise was right the texture has a lot to do with it, I actually never ate veg until I was in my mid 20's due to someone adding some sauce and flavor to them, my lovely old mum would boil them and serve that was it!

    Egg whites were and still are vile to me due to my father trying to force me to eat them, I am not saying you would ever do this, it was just my experience.....from personal experiance try to elaborate on what she does like, chocolate sandwich how about breakfast pop-up chocolate toasties anything with the flavor she is eating at the time, do a Google on Chocolate breakfast, hot dog add something with it or a different type of hot dog, eat infront of her do not let her eat alone and make it obvious you are enjoying your meal with going over the top, invite a friend of hers to eat over with her and let her see what her buddy likes xxx

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    hi LucyI am so sorry for the worry you are going through. My grandaughter is only 5 and is going through a very similar thing. She will only eat Freddo choc bars, toast, quavers, wotsits, the occasional yog if we are really lucky and even more rarely a dairylea dunker. It has been months since she has eaten a hot dinner despite us bribing, pleading, begging, shouting out of frustration and worry and total despair.

    We have sought the advice from a school nurse and that did not help and also went to the GP who has now referred her to the hospital to see a paediatrcian.

    We have used a lucky dip bag to give her a small gift if she eats a little something but the novelty wore off quickly. We have put food in front of her but she will scream the place down. I think she is getting skinnier and it worries me sick. I thought it was just a phase but it has been like this for months now. She seems healthy enough but there is a lot of anxiety about food. We just keep trying.

    I hope you get some answers soon and I hope your little girl starts eating more variety of food.

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    Did your baby daughter cry a lot particularly after being fed ?

    My daughter did nd it turned out to be gastric reflux.

    Perhaps this acid reflux is putting her off eating ?

    Smething else you could checkout is if she is ntollerant to certan food. Reactions to these food stuffs could be having a memeory effect on her thus reducing the amount of food that she is willing to eat.

    Hope this helpful for you and your daughter 


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    My grandson had exactly the same problem. Gastric reflux.  It made him refuse food.  He used to have these little coughs all day.  He was so thin that people used to look at him, with huge eyes and sticky out bones.  

    He's OK now, but still difficult with vegetables.  He's 15, 5' 8" and is gorgeous.  I'm still working on the vegetables.  

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      I remember that, I was the one with the sticky out bones. I never ate meat until I was 21 ( a lazy chewer ). Oh if they could see me now !

      Good luck with the vegetables

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