Worst pain in the morning frozen shoulder

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Hi all

My second frozen shoulder (right side) has really kicked in over the last week. I'm taking pain killers through the day, pain right down to hand, hand feels numb. During the nights its worse, very achey.

I'm getting excruciating pain on waking or just after I wake. It really hurts and is tricky to straighten my arm out. The morning pain last around 10/15 minutes and then eases to the aches mainly throughout the day. Does anyone get this in the morning? Any advice?

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    Yes - for me the morning was really bad. The aching at night you describe was a also bad but I usually did manage to get SOME sleep - but upon waking I just wanted to not move and cry! I started slowly getting from bed to shower - with one arm getting the water as hot as I could stand it and standing with it running on my shoulder/arm for at least 10 minutes. I did this for a while each morning. It did seem like as the symptoms progressed through the roughly one year (a little over) that my cycle lasted the mornings got somewhat better.

    It seemed like the hot shower also got me moving more - probably helped overall bloodflow and was about the only start to the day I could manage.

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      during the day to warm me up i use the following see pic.

      rock sauce really hot. like the old deep heat but better.

      biofreeze as it says it cools and helps. i have such an arsenal against the aches


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    hi sam

    get in here first

    at night the joint contacts in on its self. hence the pain. try holding a weight and do pendulm motions back and forth and rotations. this will open up the joint and and help with the pain.

    google exercises for fs it will show you


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    I agree with the commentor on hot showers personally i take a short hot bath in the morning and it helps any achiness but imagine a shower would work too

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    hi sam

    me again lol . its because the gleno-humeral (shoulder) joint at night contracts and pulls in causing that crappy pain . especially night and morning.

    google exercise for frozen shoulder . hold a bottle of milk or similar. stand over a chair and swing the arm slowly back and forth. then side to side. them rotate in a circle and reverse.

    you need to re-open the joint and stretch it open every morning. slowly but steady. the weight re creates the gap where the fluid should be. .

    come one every one help out here. any other ideas. some one in pain here lol.

    really are we in pain or putting it on. as i got told. from 3am was a real mare to me

    if it is too much just hold a weight in your hand dont move if its too painful. as that can be detrimental to the problem


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      thought first post failed so re done it

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    Thank you I'll try this tomorrow, i wanted to cry this morning too Colin. Did a few stretches tonight but will try with kettle bell tomorrow.

    Much appreciated xx

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    yes the swinging arm is good hanging down i usually do circles - call them potstirrers.... like you are stirring a big kettle but bent over and arm totally hanging loose

    actually feels good on both arms and i still do this regularly

    i would try with no weight first then add

    going from bed to shower got me up everyday and kept me from sitting on the side of the bed and bawling

    i also realized that the thing needed to run its course

    i realized after the fact that the muscles were all suffering so imagine a large circle all the way around your arm (under armpit etc) and find a massage therapist who can gently work those to keep bloodflow

    this will help later on after you get range of motion back

    drs and and physical therapy wanted to focus on moving my shoulder (like above my head, behind my back) and it just wasn't ready until the cycle was complete in my opinion there are other things that could be beneficial along the way while waiting

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      say what it does rock sauce really hot and warming for the day. like old deep heat but stronger in heat and smell

      biofreeze cools the muscle down when too hot. warming in a cold way.

      i have such a stash of weapons against this. the both can be applied over the sport tape and slowly sinks in

      which i have on now as i was an idiot after the hast injection


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      Cheers, can I get them in the Uk?

      I had physio on my last one and made no difference in my opinion, it just aggravated the pain.

      I've massaged a bit tonight in the shower, I also use a tens machine, its more a distraction from the pain than a relief. Just mornings I find hard to cope with. I actually yell out £&@# with the pain.

      Resting it helps but its my right so not easy. I sometimes wonder if a sling would help as sometimes its hurting when I walk and I find myself holding it protectively in front. Oh and it clicks a lot, feels like a click and pain right in the shoulder.

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      ha ha you have the clicks as well lol. clicky shoulder joints and an uber clicky neck. feels like me head has snapped.

      any sport injury clinic does the sauce and freeze.

      dont sling the arm. suffer the pain.to put a sling on will make it freeze worse.

      i first had me arm in a brace at the start and got told off by the doctor.

      movement is good


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      ok no sling, yes I've weirdly had a clicky neck for ages too, I wonder if its related.

      Right, stuff to try, thanks again! Tomorrows a new day 😃

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      no no no tomorrow is a pain in the neck . arm. back lol

      with the PT. we never actually worked actively against the frozen shoulder as it it what it is.

      we worked hard very hard on releasing the muscles around it to give relief.

      the neck right up into the base of the skull release. followed the shoulder blades around. they were bad and knotted. and the bicep muscle down.

      just taking the anger out of them really helped.

      there was a mention of hydrotherapy in the chat sunday.

      would like to know what was involved. as i tried swimming and could not get me arms infront quick enough.

      me i am very slow and deliberate in movements. the injections help so much. i just cant have the zingers back again.


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    just got back from orthopaedic surgeon he had a look.

    do you know something. i have a bi lateral frozen shoulder.

    well well well. i did not know that. i should have sent the pain monster after him. any one got a spare monster to hand.

    good news at last someone listened. got a full shoulder MRI in 6 days. NHS but being done by bupa / ramsey health.

    hope to get to the bottom of why. still hoping to blag a double hydro jab if it is possible.

    then to boot the company sent me to see a shrink.......... because i am grumpy all the time........ now what did i say........ i gave him the full no sleep bad pain grumpy face lol.


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      That's good Colin that they are giving you an MRI

      Yeah I'm not sleeping well either 😦 waking in early hours, painful, cant get comfy. At gp tomorrow so going to ask if they'll consider hydrodilation I'm worried as its my right and getting less movement each day, any pressure and it hurts. Have also noticed my neck is really tight and that hurts my shoulder when i try to move my neck, clicking too.

      Have been doing pot stirrers and arm swings

      It does get you down, esp no sleep

      Talking to someone wont hurt 😃 😃

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      me again lol

      if you are that tight and in spasm. you should try a sport massage. not to pee off the joint . but to help loosen the muscles up . i have just come back from me 4pm tussle with her and i am managing to keep on top of the spasms. feel really loose but in pain.lol

      it really does help me

      still blame myself for over working the joint post injection. r/h side

      idiot !!!!.


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      Hey Colin

      Think I knew more about fs than the Dr, but its my second one and there's no mistaking what it is! Exactly same pattern of freezing and pain as the first.

      Anyhow, she's referred me for hydrodilation , might be a few weeks before I hear and in the meantime she said she would check if they could do a cortisone shot. Other than that just the pain meds, heat ect I'm sure it all helps but doesn't feel like it.

      The only way out is through 😉

      I'll have a think on the massage :p

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      we do know more the doctors. when i went to see him on the morning of the first hydro injection. i asked for some strong pain killers just in case.

      i saw the cheat google it on his screen. as he was reading it he was telling me about it. lol

      i think we get more out of telling each other how to get through this. than the professionals. to them FS is kind of a grey area.all be it its 5% ish of the people that get it. they should know.

      i just learnt last week my mum had FS when i was 16. and i do remember her hurting and using a infra red heat lamp tied to the ceiling hanging down onto her arm.

      i did manage to see a PT on way home last night. not the regular one. she had a different approach and went into the arm pit to release. she said it should hurt. hey we are use to hurt by now.

      i found it strangely looser this morning. still aches but looser some how. but i did have to resort to codeine last night for bed. that was not good.

      do you know the hospital yet where you are going to attend. if so try and google their approach on FS and who are the consultants. gives you a heads up on their skills.


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      Morning! It's my local hospital , I had the hydrodilation 2016 for left shoulder. It went from 20% movement to 80% with no pain literally within days of the injection, so fingers crossed!

      Yeah the dr also had to put the frozen shoulder google in and consult with another dr . Trouble is when you google it doesn't always fully explain how bloody painful it is! Maybe there is a genetic link? My dad had FS too (he's tougher than me though!)

      Have a good Saturday, I'm gonna do some pt and heat pad in a bit and get the tens machine on it

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      hi sam

      MRI done. we will just see. await the results. radiographer yanked me shoulder under a kind of hooked cuff to keep arm still then 2 bean bags on me up turned palm was not ready for that ouch !!!.

      at least i had steve wright in me headphones for 30 mins lol

      still pinchy due to work load taped has helped me


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      sounds painful!

      mines still on the freeze! just a waiting game now for appointment, so wont be any time soon! Nights are hard 😦

      let us know when you get your results. at least the sun has been shining today 😃

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