Wrongful descision - anterior/posterior repair

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I'm 34. V.bad forceps delivery. 3 years ago. Resulted in damage down there...

Begged for surgery. What was I thinking? I wasn't even that bad... mild recotocele, moderate cystocele and apparently prominent suburethal cushion (does anyone even know what that means?) I'll ask my gyno at my 8 week post op c/up.

Now I'm 11 days post op and just feel so selfish and stupid for having it done. It was totally bearable and Know feel i should have waited until it got bad(der)

I've got a 2.5 year old who I can't lift. .. (ever again????) And all I've read is not to ever do this, and not to ever do that ...

I thought after surgery is be able to hit the gym again ... hard. Having issues post birth meant I've spent 0 time in the gym doing what I used to. No weights? No heavy lifting of shopping bags? No walking continuously for 10 hours straight ... ( I love walking challenges, and shopping till I drop...)

- have i screwed myself over?

- am I at higher risk now for a far worse prolapse

- even if I take it easy for a few months will the bladder and bowel really be secure?

- because of the op ... Will the prolapse (if it comes back) be worse?

- have i left myself open to a uterus prolapse now?

I want more kids... gyno said would be fine with c sec. She even said I could lift my 2.5.year old after a few weeks. She's so blase about it all... she makes me feel confident in her she's amazing...but is she for real?

Just to share also, post op I've had absoluetly ZERO pain! Stupidly went down to the hospital vending machine to get a cold drink a few hours after surgery ... but felt and feel completely fine! Didn't hurt and doesn't hurt a bit...

Please help. Has anyone here had it done around my age just for extra confidence, to fix what shouldnt have happened in the first place. Am I doomed sad

I'll do my pf exercises and loose weight... but going back to work and have a 2 hour round walking trip carrying a heavy laptop bag most days and bearly get a seat on the commute.

Even having to ask my kids nursery to lift and pack the buggy away for me for the next few months. Hoping they say yes. I'm going to tell them it was a pelvic operation...otherwise tmi

Thanks all.

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    I don’t know the difference between the different operations and issues everyone on here has-I had a Laproscopic hysterepexy which is where they put a mesh support under your uterus is sort out a prolapse.

    However much you begged for surgery you must have been eligible, they wouldn’t do it just to keep you happy.

    I’d direct all those questions at your check up, but I think we all expect to heal quicker than we actually do.

    A two hour walk and being on your feet is not going to work, is there anyway you can switch work location or work from home?

    I hate asking for help too, I think many of us do,  but needs must.

    Lifting a 2.5 year old in a few weeks? What was she thinking when she said that?!

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      Thanks Polly. There's three main types of prolapse from what I understand. Bladder (cystocele) bowlel (recotocele ) and your utereus.

      I thought I only had bladder but she found and fixed the bowel too and apparently I had prominent suburetheal but I've not idea what that is. Regardless she fixed that too.

      It was done because she felt as a youngish woman I shouldn't be havinf confidence issues ... personally I was more concerned with putting things back in their place more than the actual symptoms as after 18 months or so they got better. So when I say begged for surgery ... I more hammed up how much it was really affecting me. That's my fault I shouldn't have done it and I admitted that just before we went to theatre. She said she'd look and if nothinf needed doing she wouldn't do it. Turns out I need x3 procedures in thay operation. Only 1 of which I knew about.

      I'm grateful to her for doing it. I know many patients my age and severity get turned away ... or fobbed off. I was at first until i met her.

      She made it sound so simple. Quick couple stitches here and there little nip tuck etc and all will be fine.

      I'm just wondering... Will it? Have i actually given myself a BIGGER chance of a more sever prolapse now I've had surgery... ultimately that's my question.

      Sorry to hear you had to have a procedure too...Im possibly the worst patient... in that i have no patience... I'm so full of energy. I genuinely feel from reading everything I have... this procedure possibly puts women in my position (with no lump popping out) in a worse position in that now I've got to adapt my whole life to ensure I don't ruin the surgery

      Been resting non stop for 11 days though and hired a wheelchair so I can actually go out with my lo without walking so much. Extreme? Possibly. But my pigeon steps don't really get me very far. Lol

      Thank u for taking time to respond .

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    Sorry to hear your having such a terrible time,believe me it does get better,you have to give yourself time to heal,don't beat yourself up for pushing for the surgery,you did what you thought was 5right for you at the time,in a few weeks time you will be able to start light exercise,you will be back to normal before you know it and the fact that you can have more children having a C Section is a small price to pay,just enjoy taking things easy while you can cos sooner than you think you will be able to do everything you used to.

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      Thanks Shirley.

      I wish I'd had a c section to begin with. A 57 forceps labour and delivery caused this. It was appalling.. (how I was treated).

      Was hoping this operation would put things in the rightful place so I could go back to how I was pre baby...

      Now I feel it may have made things worse...before I'd still lift. Lunge. Horseride. Pick up my hefty toddler.

      Have u had the procedure. Do you think in 4 to 6 months the connective tissue will be strong enough to withstand these activities...

      Stupid quest. As so subjective.

      Thank u for your support

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    I don’t think anyone can answer whether you’ll get back to normal activities in 4-6 months.

    But it sounds like you are young, fit and active enough to get back to normal-someone who is as physically active as you are has every chance to return to previous activities-I would think.

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    Hi, im 29 and had this op 3 weeks ago mine was anterior and posterior repair, like you wasnt terrible but it did give me issues and was reccomend to have it fixed while i was young b4 it created issues i was getting pelvic pain, i slso have ic over active bladder that gives me issues, ive had a urine infection since having it done so ove been sick and its still a little painful if ive been on my feet for a while, like you i worry about the future i ride horses every day give of take 6 months of the year sonetimes more depending on the weather my gyno said ill be riding again by September, but no lifting heavy for the first 6-12 weeks then be sensible about lifting after that, i have 2 children 3 and 6 turning 4 and 7 im not planning on having anymore but like you i hope ive done the right thing and life will return to normal 🙂

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      I think anterior meant cystocele snd anterior is rectocele so i think ive had pretty much the same as you
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      Hi yes!!! We've had the exact same thing smile it's so good to not feel alone...

      I was forever getting cystitis ... and always felt a bearing down sensation..

      My gyno seems very blase about it and I was wondering if it was just her being a bit crazy haha because literally everything I've read says the opposite... I.e..never to horseride never to lift heavy ... and with little ones I'm forever bending down and lifting heavy shopping into the house. Etc. I'm 11 days post op. Hired myself a wheelchair so I could go to the park ... will feel a bit strange but needs must.

      I'm just praying for a repair... even if it lasts until I'm 50... in my 30s and 40s my little boy is growing up and needs me on the floor with him and running round. I can't bear to be out of action for another 8 weeks like this again...

      How are u finding the recovery? My main thing is the sheer frustration if not being able to do housework myself lift washing etc / pull open doors etc x

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      The actual pain of the surgery is going ok, im 3 weeks post op but the nausea from the uti was horrible, i ache if i walk around alot, and im the same slqays having to pick stuff up but my gyno said yo bend down on my knees is ok just dont squat, also i said about feeding horses he said can lift 2 or 3 kilos as long as im only lifting with my arm not from down there, he knows how much of a keen horse rifer i am and hes said i should be fine to ride by September, fingers crossed, he also said b4 op i eould feel great once its done and healed, he said i could go back to work after 6 weeks as long as im not lifting heavy, not sure if ill be anle to yet as im on my feet all day wt work, i still take pain killers when i ache, where abouts are you from?

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      I also worry that even when im healed ill do something and ill ruin it 😞

      Its so goid to talk to someone around my age thats had the exact same op 🙂

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