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    Yes, it can. From drugs.com for clotrimazole, a common antifungal: "Dermatologic side effects have included erythema, stinging, blistering, peeling, edema, itching, burning, and general skin irritation. Contact dermatitis, confirmed by patch testing, has been documented."

    Whenever I use anti-fungal medication, say topical cream for a vaginal yeast infection, I usually get some slight stinging which goes away after it is absorbed. I have gotten some mild dryness and itchiness from anti-fungal foot cream. But all of these were mild and did not cause me much, if any, pain. Any rash-like redness would disappear within an hour or two.

    I had to contact a doctor once when one cream made my ezcema flare up around the area, and the medication was stopped.

    If the rash is bad enough that you are feeling uncomfortable or worried, you should definitely see a doctor. From drugs.com again: "If any of the following side effects occur while taking clotrimazole topical, check with your doctor or nurse as soon as possible: Skin rash, hives, blistering, burning, itching, peeling, redness, stinging, swelling, or other sign of skin irritation not present before use of this medicine." Too much extra irritation when your skin is already infected is not good.

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      Thank you! The rash went away. Every time I see a new thing on me I panic. I'm undiagnosed yet but think I have herpes although tests so far are negative. I do have a bacterial and yeast infection which is cleared but I'm taking the last dose of the bacterial medication tomorrow. My vagina has looked the same physically and just get these mild symptoms and I don't know what's causing what but this bacterial medication is the first to actually help. Everything else he gave me wasn't working. It put me in a panic. I'm still in a panic. I want to get better testing done but I think I'll wait till after my birthday in two weeks. I don't want to get bad news before them. I'm trying to be hopeful.
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      I'm glad the rash went away. 

      You said you have a bacterial and yeast infection--did you get properly tested for them?

      These mild symptoms, are they recurring many times per year? If you get recurring mild symptoms (4 or more times per year), and they all test positive for yeast infections, you might have recurring yeast infections that require more a more specific treatment plan and probably stronger medication.

      If you suspect a herpes infection, you can read up on how to test and manage for it here: 



      With any type of vaginal infection, you need to practice good hygiene (no harsh soaps, definitely not on the inside, wiping front to back because you don't want poop germs near your vagina, loose cotton underwear, loose pants). Also absolutely no douching. Even plain water is fine for washing, because the vaginal discharge is a self-cleaning mechanism. Unprotected sex is not recommended either, if you have a bacterial or yeast infection, because you can pass it back and forth between partners, even if the other partner shows no symptoms. I try to avoid it altogether because I noticed it just aggravated my own symptoms. 

      You could also try to limit sugar in your diet and eat probiotics (I eat a plain probiotic yogurt with some unsweetened cereal every day) to help with the balance of microbes--especially if you are currently taking antibiotics. After I had a severe bacterial infection on my hands from my ezcema, the antibiotics I took resulted in a secondary infection, a yeast vaginal one since I am prone to them. Antibiotics work by killing all bacteria, bad and good, and this balance disruption could allow other microbes to grow and take over. Probiotic bacteria in yogurt (or in supplements) can help with keeping that balance. 

      I highly suggest you get tested or see a doctor about your worries, instead of waiting two weeks. The more you wait, the worse the symptoms may become. Last minute emergency visits to the doctor are pretty anxiety-inducing, best to avoid them. 

      Though, if you are hoping to get tested for herpes, you might have to wait until you get another rash to test one of the boils.

      Emis Moderator comment: I have replaced the given link with a link to the equivalent article on our site and also a discussion with a list of resources.

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      Thanks. I've been to the doctors 4 times in 5 weeks. They properly tested me for both. (Two different gyros, two different times) I read my results and it's there. I've shown 5 people my vagina. Two gynos, one online doctor, my male paramedic friend, and another friend who is an RN in the ER. All said they don't think it's herpes but rather a very bad bacterial infection. The medication I've been on has worked but I missed half my dose Monday night and all my symptoms came back by Tuesday. So I'm on this now another 7 days. It started kit because I'm not clean (I'm 32 with two kids) this has NEVER happened until this last guy I had sex with unprotected. His spark clearly didn't mesh well with mine and I can't get rid of it. Further STD testing will be done but in the meantime I'm back to square one. I have a rash and discharge. I really just want a drink at this point due to stress of this and other things and I can't even do that! Ugh

      What medication did you take for your bacterial infection? I can't do dairy so I can't do the yogurt. I do have a probiotic though I'll take it tomorrow.

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      It sounds like the last guy passed it on to you, or some other factor was in play. You also become more prone to infections with age.

      I bet it's frustrating and stressful for you, but at least the antibiotics have proven effective. I've found it useful to set daily alarm reminders to make sure I take my doages properly--may work for you if you haven't already. You could also do that for your probiotic.

      Azithromycin is the name of the antibiotic I took for my skin bacterial infection.

      Please take care--stressing about it makes your body's immune system weaker. You must give yourself and your body lots of patience and love!

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