Zyprexa Withdrawal symptoms even thru tapper

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Hello everyone! My name is George. I'm 51 years old. 16 years ago Zyprexa was prescribed to me because I was going through a very intense anxiety picture. At the moment I was taking 3 mgs of Xanax daily. With the passing of days I improved a lot. But here comes the problem. The Zyprexa dose was 7.5 mg daily. When I did blood tests, they found my cholesterol and triglycerides very high. I was medicated for this. I was never warned about the side effects of this drug. I eventually decided to lower the dose to 5 mgs daily. I was like this for a few years, then I went down to 2.5 mgs daily for other years. When I began to see various symptoms of the damage caused by Zyprexa, I decided to gradually lower the dose to reach .60 mgs. There the problems began: headache all day that changes position constantly, dizziness, permanent muscle pain in the cervical area and in the shoulders, arms, etc. I went to the neurologist and doctor twice and they did exams including a brain scan. They told me that everything was normal and they recommended me to go back to the last dose of Zyprexa. I did it both times and the pain disappeared. Now a month ago that on the recommendation of my general practitioner I suspended the Zyprexa and the symptoms have returned. There is no pain reliever of any kind that will relieve my headache or muscle contractions, including muscle relaxants. A little insomnia has added. I take 3 mgs. of clonazepam daily. I do not want to take Zyprexa again. It has been a month without taking it. I'm also having immediate memory problems, I think of something I have to do and within seconds I don't remember what it was. I forget what I have to do in the moment, the memory of the past is perfect. I would like to know if someone has gone through this and how they have done it. If someone can advise me or has been through a similar situation, I would like you to comment or tell me what to expect from this withdrawal.

Thank you.


Psychiatrists deny that these problems exist with ZYPREXA, but I never had these symptoms before taking Zyprexa !!!!

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    Hello George

    Honestly my blood boils when I read another horror story of the withdrawal affects of this evil drug! I know from experience and it cost me almost 2 yrs of really bad mental and physical havoc

    I never should of been prescribed it in the first place and I ended up preparing a case against my DHB. From this I am now employed as a Consumer Consultant in Mental health and initiated a big survey on medication management which surprisingly was welcomed by my DHB management. It just happens too often!

    It was actually very disturbing what I experienced and without a doubt is was all medication related. I got through it with utter determination of refusing to go bk on it or any other drugs to counteract the symptoms of withdrawal

    I also did daily yoga and meditation classes no matter how bad I was feeling and I revised my diet to eating super nutritional food. I honestly went to hell and back but it the end I got back to feeling my true self.

    I'm sorry you too hve had to experience the criminal affects of this drug and I really wish you back to Wellness


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      Thank you very much for your caring and support. Indeed olanzapine is an evil drug. I live in Argentina. Here it is Rx a lot. No shrinks warn you about side effects and even deny withdrawal effects apart of nausea if going cold turkey. They treat patients like if they are empowered to manage ones life.

      I even have seen that a lot of info on this issue has been taken off the web. The companies that make all these medication withhold info. I know that in the US these meds carry a black label warning, something that does not happen here and in many countries.

      Thanks again my friend!

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    I am currently trying to taper off zyprexa and finding it exceptionally difficult. Can anybody advise me the best way to,taper off. there is so,little information about this on line and i am desperate to find help. I am doing this on my own as i have lost faith in the medical profession.Please can somebody help

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      Hi Sabi

      Thank you very much for replying to my comment. I am not a doctor, but have been treated with zyprexa for over 16 years for anxiety. I decided to come off due to the side effects of this poison! Many shrinks deny it , but it is well know among the medical community of its dangers in the long run. In order for me to help you please give me details about how long have you been on this stuff, at what dose, and what is your medical condition. Hope to hear from you soon, and remember we are not alone. Many people have been able to get off this crap, sorry for the word!


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      HI You will see my response to Jorges original post

      It is utterly criminal that medical profession allow this dangerous drug to be prescribed!

      My withdrawal affects on this drug were horrendous. It was no joke!

      Only shear determination not to resume this medication or anything else to counteract the withdrawal affects got me through and at the same time I did daily yoga with meditation classes lots of walking and some cycling along with a very nutritious diet. Hope you hve good support around you too

      Hang in there🙏😊

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      Thank you for your reply. i started at 5mg last July. I have been tapering since September. I am tapering at 5% every 2 weeks and down to .18mg. I am really struggling. Do you have any advice for me as i am feeling so desperate.

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      sorry i am down to .9mg. I am tapering other drugs at the same time which i know is not ideal but i just cant stay on these toxic poisons any longer than i have to

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      Thank you for your reply. Please let me know how you tapered as i am so desperate to get off this poison before it destroys me. I am multi tapering as I cant stay on the drugs any longer than i have to.

      Any advice you can give me will be so much appreciated.

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      Hello SabiRunde

      I tell you, the speed of your discontinuation is not bad, but you must bear in mind that it is usually done at 10% of the initial dose, and after waiting for about 3 weeks, we proceed to another reduction of 10% but from this dose To be practical, I exemplify: if you were taking 5 mgs, the first reduction would be a dose of 4.5 mg. That you would have to take a few weeks until you feel comfortable, then you should lower another 10% of this last dose which would be equivalent to 4.05 mgs, take it for a few weeks and then another 10% reduction that would give 3.64 mgs and so on. I know it is a VERY LONG process. But it is the only way that your brain could get used to the lack of medication. Zyprexa does not produce addiction, but dependency. These are two very different things: Zyprexa hits more than 11 specific receptors in the brain, especially dopamine and serotonin receptors; It blocks them, which means that when you stop taking Zyprexa, these receptors unblock over time and are flooded with new transmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and cannot handle it. Then all the symptoms and signs of discontinuation of the drug appear. The doctors will only tell you to return to your usual dose and that all this discomfort will disappear, in fact it is so, because you block the receptors again, BUT the symptoms and signs that you feel you did NOT feel before taking Zyprexa, so clearly They are produced by Zyprexa.

      As for being polymedicated, a very common thing in psychiatry, from my humble appreciation, discontinue one drug at a time and do not try to discontinue several, since it will be very difficult for you, I know it is a very long and tedious process, but it is the only way. At the moment, perhaps a month ago, I no longer take Zyprexa, but the week after I left it, the symptoms began. It is the third time I have tried to quit, and this time there is no going back. I still have to continue taking 3 mg of clonazepam daily for anxiety, I know that it is addictive, but that in the long run it is less harmful than olanzapine or Zyprexa. Once I get rid of the Zyprexa I will start to decrease the clonazepam. It is very important what Karorogers says is very important: you must eat balanced and try to exercise a lot, so that your body releases endorphins and gets tired and you can sleep better since you know that the lack of Zyprexa generally produces among so many things insomnia. Let's stay in touch! I will gladly try to help you.


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      Thank you for your reply. I am so tempted to CT now as every withdrawal gets worse. Do you think this is a bad idea. i am down to .9mg from 5mg. How quickly did you taper each time and what dose did you stop at. i really appreciate your help.

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      Good morning. I started tapering 2 years ago. Twice I had to stop, since I could not tolerate the withdrawal effects. I dropped off at 0.6 mg. About a week after that the effects kicked in. Drs, Neurologist and Shrinks tell me to get back on it!!!! No way!!! I spaced each tapper cut about 3 weeks, twice had to go back to my previous last dose and hold some time then continue. Lilly and Company has been sued for millions in the US.due to diabetes induced by the medication they devolped more than a decade ago for esquitsofrenia and bipolar treatment. They held the patent that in turn gave then billions in revenue, but after it expired, their profits dropped and they began informing doctors that they could use it for many other ailments!!! That is due to the availability of generics. Every time I started a tapper and got down to about 0.6 mg headaches, cervical neck pain, and nausea appeared. Had a CT scan done and guess what, thank God nothing!!! Then the neurologist told me to take again the last dose I was on and everything resolved!!! That proves Zyprexa is to blame. But I am not going to take it again in my life!!! I will have to surf it thru like many have done. please let me know your age and where you are from and what side effects are you feeling. Take care.


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      Because the psychiatrist would not listen to my personal view on what I was experiencing becoming so far beyond my normal self I took drastic action and stopped taking it completely which I wld I would definitely not advise as it caused absolute havoc to me mentally and physically but what was clearly noticeable for me within 48 hrs I started thinking more freely. I was left feeling so apprehensive towards starting the drug again and tapering off so I stuck it out and went to hell and back. It took me nearly 5 months to get through the terrible withdrawal affects and luckily was ok to travel to China for sons wedding.

      This drug is lethal and I can't believe how it continues to be permitted to prescribe.

      I wish you the very best😊

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      Hi everybody , yesterday and today have been much worse. Yesterday I started with abdominal cramps, headaches again, the feeling of constantly having something in my throat, and today bouts of diarhea and again muscle cramps. Talked to my GP who was the one that advised me to get off this stuff, but today he told me that I should take in concern what in medicine is referred as cost benefit. In other words he told me to evaluate retaking the drug at the last dose in order to feel better.... I told him I will keep trying to continue and get thru this hell.


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      Hi Jorge I am taking 5mg of Olanzapine how do I break the tablet to taper in such small doses, regards..

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      Hi Mauricette

      You will need a pill cutter available at pharmacies. They are cheap. After you tapper to 1.25 mg, that is 1/4 of a 5 mg pill you will have to get an electronic scale, maybe off ebay or amazon in order to be able to keep tapering . I tried to re taper to .65 mg and the headaches, cervical pain and nausea kicked in again just 24 hours after taper, this stuff is poison!!! Hope to hear from you.


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