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Cervical Rib Syndrome

Join group Also known as Extra Rib, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

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  • nije40627 1

    pain under front right rib chage

    Hi, In case of my blood results count of MCHC is 31,8 while MPV is 10,1. I've seen that this parameters are in relation with hemoglobin and hematocrit. In my case hemoglobin is 16 while hematocrit is 50,3. I had blood test done because I had some pain under my front right rib cage in last 2-3

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  • paul15196 1


    Hi guys, been reading on this site for a while. After 2 years of dealing with the symptoms and countless appointments and attempts to grt it right, i finally had surgery on 26th of september. I had a fibrous band removed, as well as some tissue to take pressure off the tendon and nerves (C6). My

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  • dee50031 4

    Shoulder pain

    Hi I have been having pain in both shoulders mainy when pressure is put on top of them such as wearing a vest that is tight is a no go get horrible aching, so asked dr if it could be first rib problem as I can feel bone. Very close to skin neck to neck, she said no , we'll I got a free check with

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