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my dad

my dad died of this disorder on 18 march 2010 it was a battle but we found out what it was a little to late he was in so much pain that it even hurt me i wish this for no one it hurts so much . now i am lost confused an overall shocked it progressed so fast we didnt have time time to say goodbye

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  • Amandaten Guest

    Bless you for wanting answers.

    It has been along time now since you posted.

    I have had NS for the last three years and I collapsed at work and had no idea about NS. I was always very active and healthy.

    There is no know cause or cure but lots of us have this and we are all treated differently.

    Did you Dad have any underlying problems?

    How old was he?

    My late Mother passed away from Diabetes and NS ten years ago.

    So not sure in NS is hereditary.

    How are you now? Did you get any answers?

    Amanda xx

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