3rd Thread Worm Encounter

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Hello. I'm 14 years old. This is my 3rd encounter with thread worms. I'm crying now because I'm so sick of them.

I have had them twice before, and discovered them again today (17th July)

The first time I forgot to take the medication two weeks after, and ended up getting them a second time. The second time I did more cleaning, hoovered my room thoroughly, around the skirting boards, the bed, I wore pants every night, clean pjs every two or so days, I washed every morning and night thoroughly, and obviously took the medication.

That was in Easter. I have been free for ages. I ALWAYS wash my hands well, washing them in the PROPER way and usin soap. I washed my hand so much they became dry and cracked.

For weeks I was checking constantly at night to see if they went, having restless amounts of sleep and using up my hand gel within a week.

They finally went and I was able to live normally again.

And just as the 6 weeks starts, they're back again!! Im so fed up I'm crying, I thought they had gone and I'm still stuck with them. Im going to tell my mum or dad tomorrow and get more medication. I think I may ask them to take me to the doctors.

I'm so afraid they will never leave me alone, I need help - I'll wash and iron my sheets, Hoover my bedrooms, but more hand gel, use the tablets more regularly. I'm still already using my own towel. I'll even get my dogs treated (even though I know they dont give them)


I'm so upset right now, whenever I get them I feel filthy, despite the fact I shower everyday and always wash my hand I feel like a tramp.

I might eat pumpkin seeds, any other advice?? Please don't scare me and try to be helpful because my life is ruined by these and its the holidays and I'm stuck with them and I'm so upset.

I have the itchy bottom symptoms but I have seen them as well in my bum, but not in the toilet.

I will put Vaseline on my bum and wash morning and night until they leave but I need to get rid of them per mentally. I'll wash everyday morning and night for 6 weeks. My bedroom is hoovered everyday anyway. The worst thing is, my mum and dad never even believe I have them anyway.

But I know I do, I've seen them, I have the symptoms. I need to be treated, because I feel disgusting, like a tramp.

I'm so fed up I just keep crying and now in scared I've already put the eggs back into my system. Do you recommend the doctors, then I can see if I can take a tablet every day for three days, then one after two weeks and then one each month for two months?

I need something to help me here. Any advice. Helpful advice I might add, these things make me feel so useless and gross, and I never seem to understand why I have them. I'm perfectly hygienic!! I think I must be picking them up from school. I'll just have to clean my hands all the time and as soon as I get in from school.

I'm begging for help now. I'm desperate. Any advice will be muchly appreciated. I need these gone. I can't cope with them anymore and it's only my third time having them. That's still three times too many.

I became obsessed the last time, paranoid, I don't care if it happens this time I want them gone. I will clean the entire house and I dont care what I have to do to remove them. I'll suck the life out the rugs, change pjs everyday and wash them, iron them. Just anything please!!!

Please help,

A very upset person

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    I swore I would never get on to these discussions again but you desperation moved me.

    Ok first just calm the hell down you will be rid of these little buggers. I went through what you are going through last year and looking back from a calmer place I had well and truly lost it. Not like me at all.

    A couple of things;

    Firstly you must treat the entire family and do the follow up in two weeks time.

    Secondly are you sure you have them? I don't mean to be dismissive of all you have written. But I know from my own experience that you reach such a state of extreme stress and anxiety that you sympathetic nervous system kick into gear. I thought I had them crawling on my face and hair and concocted lots of little potions that I rubbed around my hair line to prevent them getting into my nose and ears. Looking back madness..

    I eventually went to see a reputable Chiro / kinesiologist. He tested me and said that yes I did have thread worms but they weren't crawling all over me that was just my exhausted body heading into over drive ( like when junkies scratch the hell out of themselves). I got some natural meds from him. Sunk them for about six weeks all gone! This was last year.

    The crawling symptoms continued for a while until my body chilled out.

    I hope this helps. Keep a diary and see if you can convince the family to take the meds. Even if it's just for your own sanity.

    Take a deep breath.

    You will beat them. Just do the math. If they are highly contagious and can't be eradicated as some people claim than over the last 40 000 - 60 000 of traceable human culture we would ALL have them, and we don't!

    Just take it easy.

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      Thanks so much for your advice. I'm 100% positive I've had them on all three occasions. I saw one today, it move but I checked again and it was dead.

      I have that tickle feeling? I guess you could call it that. I will certainly be treating my mum and dad too!! I'm going to shred some raw carrots and eat everyday along with pumpkin seeds I think.

      And Vaseline at night to stop the ladies laying thousands of eggs on me. I'll just do my normal cleaning session again I think.

      I'm determined to remove of them as they are absolutely awful!

      It terrifies me reading the forums where people are like "nope, haven't sorted them yet. I've had them for three years"

      If I do I won't cope, my mum thought it was weird to wash in the morning (I shower at night) and then she was like "your obsessed!" I was. But it needed to be done.

      Someone in my friendship group at school must have them. Since we are a massive group it must be one of the 10+ people i sit with. I'm away from them for 6 weeks so I'll get things back on track then.

      Ovex is coming back into my life again! (I think I might even have some spare from last time) but it seems to be only me getting them every time! But oh well. They're going for good this time.

      I've started a thread war. And I'm gonna win.


      The tickle feeling makes me want to tear my butt off but it shall pass by tomorrow when I've chucked some carrots and ovex down me and loaded myself with Vaseline.

      Do you recommend an ovex every month for a few months?? Thanks for your help!! Thought I was going to be stuck alone!!

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      Hey alichilli

      Can you advise what the medicine was that worked for you?

      I have had threadworms for 7 years, have tried mebendazole lots, garlic, pumpkin seeds, DE etc, nothing has worked so far so any help would be much appreciated.

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    You poor thing, I really feel for you but please try not to let it get to you so much, this thing is beatable.  Firstly you must get your mum and dad on board,nit could well be that they are re infecting you as some people can have them without having any symptoms.  Secondly, don't ever put Vaseline or anything else on your bum as this will make them lay the eggs INSIDE  you and make the problem much worse.  I would go to your doctor and ask her for treatment to treat your whole family.  Hope this helps.
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      I will tell them haha. They haven't taken the medication since the first time. I think we still have some ovex at home.

      I'll go and buy some pumpkin seeds and carrots today and get some ovex down me 😂

      Thanks for warning me about the Vaseline. I used it to help with the irritation at night, but this may be the reason they are coming back.

      I also didn't follow the cleaning routine for 6 weeks (I still hoovered my room and bed and washed my hands and changed my pjs and stuff but the NHS say to follow hygenie routine for 6 weeks. How is that possible!?!

      I don't see how they could be re infecting me. i slept with socks on the last time and constantly used hand gel and all sort, keeping my nails short too (I'm a violinist so it's a requirement) I really want to say that it's the dogs giving me them but they give you like round worm or summit, which is frustrating, because I don't think they have been wormed for a while.

      Anyway, I'll just give everywhere a good clean and get rid of them this time. I didn't eat the carrots or eat and drink the pumpkin seed water or eat them so I'll do that this time.

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      Please don't tell people that the females will lay eggs inside the bowel.  Why would they make a four hour trip from the small intestine to specifically lay eggs outside of the bowel in a sticky substance to keep them there when they don't need to bother.  The eggs require oxygen to become viable. 

      Where to you get this information from.  It is misleading and will make people more paranoid than they already are.

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      I have read that from other sources too, I know you weren't actually talking to me directly but you know haha. I read that putting garlic in your bum can make them just lay eggs inside you instead but I don't know if it is true 😂
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      I got the information from the official NHS site and also from the leaflet that came with the medicine.  The worms live in the large bowel, not the small intestine and the reason the females lay their eggs outside the body is so that they will spread to another host and not make their own host overcrowded and increase the fight for food.   The sticky substance she lays her eggs in is deliberately itchy so we will scratch and spread the eggs to other people.  Mother Nature is very clever.  Once the female has eggs she HAS to lay them and if she is prevented from laying outside the body by cream, garlic or whatever she WILL Lay inside the body.  As she can carry up to 1000 eggs this is the worse thing that can happen.  If you don't believe me, go on any reliable proper medical website and they will tell you the same thing.  By the way, they don't need oxygen, people just assume that because they lay outside the body.


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      If, as you have stated,  'By the way, they don't need oxygen, people just assume that because they lay outside the body'  that when the female leaves the body to lay their eggs that the eggs do not need oxygen to mature there would be no problem if they were laid inside the bowel they would only mature if there was oxygen inside the bowel.  Logic suggests to me that they need to be laid where oxygen is freely available. As I already stated why make such a journey and die if it was not necessary.


      The life cycle of the female can be up to 13 weeks, so taking a tablet within two weeks of the first may work for some but not for others, I suppose that depends on how infested you are.  Have you caught the infection before too many have managed to lay their eggs therefore a much better chance of killing them off.


      Some of the things I read on this site (I do not profess to be an expert on this subject) are confusing so many different opinions and ideas, and not everyone has the same tolerance.

      Putting vaseline on your bumhole will only make the irritation worse as they try to negotiate a greasy surface - quite frankly can't quite see them thinking oh oh vaseline, can't lay my eggs here and disappear back

      up your bum.  Don't think anything would stop them, the hatchlings appear to be impervious to anything you put on your body - like mother like offspring.


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      Google it! I've read the same many times! The reason they come out is to lay their eggs! If your trapping them in??? Makes God knows what I'm typing because this stupid COPD as is over my words!

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    I am sorry that you have these parasites.  I have been fighting them for 4 years now and I really haven't found anything to get rid of them at all.

    Are the rest of your family also taking the medication at the same time as yourself?  Even if they have no symptoms (some people do not feel the itching) you must all take the medication.  The longer you delay the more worms, the more eggs and the inevitable retro-infection.

    I understand your frustration and anger.  I get terribly depressed also when I

    have a bad irritation (not every day) but it's part of what the parasites cause.

    Washing clothes and cleaning the house became paramount to me but really and quite honestly it didn't really achieve anything.  I do clean but not to the point of  OCD.

    Keep checking the various discussions on this site as I'm sure one day someone will come up with a permanent solution to this persistent parasite.

    Take care lovey


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      I will clean like I did the last time but this time I'm adding the carrots and pumpkin seeds to my diet and staying off the sugar (I think a recent chocolate bar may have set it off 😂)

      I am also avoiding Vaseline as this can cause them to lay their eggs INSIDE me I was reliably informed haha.

      Eating high fibre foods such as bran is also good as it cb bunk up your feaceses and make them come out in there.

      I might add, every time I have these, I only ever see 1 around my bum at night. And I kill it. I have seen others in the toilet, some moving but after a few days of ovex, they're dead.

      I think I just have reinfected myself somehow, or didn't break the cycle well enough.

      Or I've breathed the eggs in again. I dunno ifnive got them from someone else cuz I get given chewy a lot at school, and I know for a fact some people don't wash their hands and if they're touching it then that could also be a possibility??

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      Dogs don't have pinworms.  However horses have them but they do not live in humans.  When you look at it you worm a dog every three months and diatomaceous earth is given to farm animals for 13 weeks.

      I did read somewhere a while back that the cycle can be as long as 13 weeks and not just the 2/3 weeks. 

      Nothing can kill the eggs that are around your home, they have a very hard shell and absolutely northing can penetrate it even the hydrochloric acid in your stomach cannot kill them.   Apparently it is not the washing but the rinsing that can rid them from your bedding and clothing, hence perhaps an extra rinse on your washing machine.  Just little things I have gleened from the internet from reliable sites.

      By the way the itching during the day will be the little hatchlings crawling out after they crawled in after hatching during the night.  It will take time for this to stop (so my doc told me) if and when you are successful in getting rid of them.

      Delusional parasitosis is imagining you have them.  All the symptoms but none of the actual worms, tranquillisers work for that, but I definitely have threads.


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    Is it normal to feel you don't even have them? Like you doubt you had them eventhough you saw one? I'm sure I saw one, and I'm going to take the necessary precautions to get rid of them, but I just want to know if anyone else thought the same as me?

    I'm still going to do what I said but I only ever see one at a time, is this weird?

    I feel the itch/tickle now at its 12:03 but in the afternoon, not morning??

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