4th week into TKR

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Hi. I am new on here. I had a TKR on 8th Sept 17. I have been doing very well with all my physio. Today out of the blue my knee became very stiff and I am unable to weight bare. The muscle has tightened above and to the side of my. I am unable to bend it. I am seeing my consultant in the morning but I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience. It's as if I have sprained or twisted it. Is this a common thing. Daphne

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    Are you icing and elevating?

    Have you maybe over done things a bit?

    Rest and exercise are both important.

    Hope it improves soon!

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      Hi. Yes I'm doing all that. Possibly been a little too enthusiastic with the exercises given. I was hoping to go back to work end of October. I think this will have to wait. I am usually very positive and upbeat but this little setback floored me temporarily. I am left with quite an uncomfortable sciatica. I see my physio this morning so hopefully he will help with encouraging lighter exercise to start with. Onwards and upwards. X

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    Look up Chico Marx on this site. The man from Texas has several well written commentaries regarding the path the righteousness and healing by the numbers or weeks. You are still in the early stages which seems a lifetime to you, I know. I've been through 11 surgeries and t complete rehabs with stories you don't even want to know about (a rare tumor are my knee up. I didn't have te luxury of arthritis, etc). Everyone heals differently but taking pain meds as prescribed, using ice like it was free, elevate ( which doesn't

    mean sticking it in the air like a flagpole but just getting it above the heart) and rest. Don't be so anxious to try and get back into family activities. Its waaaaaaaaay to soon. Rest and that mea s sleep at every opportunity. The body can't heal when you continually beat up on it by getting in and out of cars, going out to eat, trying to keep up with kids, skydiving(that can come at 13 weeks) and all the other things that wear the body some. One other little tip that most Dr s and therapists don't putlsh....hydrate, that means water without the scotch. A dried out old carcass just can't mend like a well watered body. Remember..don't let others push you into thinking you should be running with the bulls at 6 weeks. None of us are made that heal that fast. This is a process that has to be worked through and the mantra of tkr recovery: Its a marathon not a sprint. Be good to yourself - you deserve it. You've been through a lot and unfortunately, you got a ways to go. Stay with this group, they've all been through it and will help you get through it....even the man from Texas I spoke of in the beginning.

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    Hi Daphne!

    Welcome to the forum!??

    I have found that pretty much EVERYTHING is common when it comes to total knee replacements!

    I've had both knees replaced at the same hospital with the same surgeon and three and a half months apart. They are both MY KNEES, but I had TOTALLY DIFFERENT experiences with each one! One was swollen ALL the time no matter what I did. The other had minimal swelling for a couple weeks then DONE. My worst knee PRIOR to surgery was my best FOLLOWING surgery and still is my best two years post surgery.

    There would be good days then an awful patch of several days. I just kept praying and resting and icing and elevating. My thigh-high compression stockings went on again several weeks after I thought I had taken them off forever to help with swelling with my first knee.

    Healing is a crazy thing!😵The body has a plan, but it DEFINITELY is NOT sharing that plan!

    Even now, two years later, I will sometimes get a weird twinge or pain. It is odd, especially since I have had two very successful surgeries and feel better than I have felt in YEARS.

    Sometimes sitting too long or staying in a certain position while sleeping will cause strange sensations or sharp pains.

    I make it a habit to STRETCH throughout the day, before getting out of bed, and definitely during long car rides. I elevate my legs while watching TV or reading. Walking is easier than just standing. I fidget A LOT if I have to stand a long time!

    Give yourself some time, take some Tylenol or Ibuprofen, drink plenty of water to ward off dehydration which can cause all kinds of trouble. Rest when you are tired and even if you aren't! It will get better!

    Come back here often!

    It's a GREAT forum!😄

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      I know. It is hard NOT to worry about each and every thing after having the surgery!

      For me it was being concerned that I might get an infection. I WAS TAKING MY TEMPERATURE about 20 times a day! I can have a temperature of 102° and not notice it. I wanted to BE SURE I stayed on top of my temperature to ward off any chance of infection.

      Never GOT an infection, thank goodness, but I remained SUPER DILIGENT for WEEKS! (Needed to replace my thermometer battery after just a week!?🙄?

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      Ha ha. I get what your saying. Infection was my worry too. I had a small bleed from a burst blood vessel apparently and that's what caused my symptoms. I've never been ill and never had major surgery so understanding all this pain and discomfort comes as a bit of a shock. I'm recovering well and have consciously made an effort to understand what's happening every step of the way. This site is good for me I don't feel alone. Lots of support and humour. I'm from the Uk. X

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      Glad to hear that your recovery is going well!😄

      Yes, I come here often to see how everyone is doing. I found this site a couple weeks into my recovery with Knee#1. I've learned a lot here! Best thing is knowing that friends here GET IT and can offer support in a special way because they have gone through the surgery themselves.

      I like to know what's going on, too! I've ALWAYS been a questioner! It helps me feel more in control of my situation which in turn keeps me calm.

      Keep us posted on your progress!??

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      What physio are you getting, and is it on the NHS? I am am interested because I was very impressed with what I received.

      Really helpful!

      Seems to vary a lot from place to place.

      The physiotherapists I saw were so positive and the group I attended was actually quite a laugh! I used to make jokes about them not torturing me... fortunately I was at liberty to make the jokes because pain was not the name of the game, and the approach was not a "no pain no gain" one!

      Actually miss it!

      Now I am just seven months on, and enjoying my new knee...it is really fantastic!

      It is hard in the first three to four months, but seems to take off after that...varies for every person, some quicker some slower.

      Blessings to you for your on going recovery!

      Scones and cream help...in moderation. As do garden centres, comedy, and happy loving people!

      You may like to go to my profile by clicking on the image next to my name. I kept a journal of my own knee replacement journey, and I have been told by several people they found it helpful to read, or skim through. It was written to convey the need for patience, something our culture in the western world is not really geared up to! It has a lot of useful suggestions and information.

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    Welcome, "Kneebie"...  At four weeks, I was still drooling on my pajamas...and you're typing lucidly on a computer?  Congratulations!!!!

    If you haven't heard it before...this recovery takes a looooooooong time...and you've just started.  There are advances, setbacks and plateaus, in other words, it's a non-linear path.  First, give up all your expectations about timetables or time-based milestones.  Second, never, EVER compare your recovery to that of anyone else...we are all different.  Third, the word "should" must be stricken from your lexicon.  Fourth, if someone says that naughty word to you, either run them over repeatedly with your walker or club them to death with your cane...no jury will ever convict.

    This recovery will take time, patience and strength of will.  Need help?  We're here.  Except for your knee bending 90-degrees sideways or blood spurting out some hole, virtually everything you'll go through is totally normal.  Swelling, knee feeling "hot", tightness, stiffness, "a band-like" feeling, popping, clunking, and so many more are to be expected.  Ice, elevate, eat healthy, hydrate a lot, do your home exercises, finish PT to get your ROM to 0 / +120 (or as close as possible), and then start an exercise program to finish the ROM work and regain all the strength in your atrophied quads, glutes and core.  Get past 6 months and you'll be feeling much better and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel; for most of us, a full, complete recovery (walking up and down stairs using alternating legs without holding onto anything...you know..."normal"wink takes about a year, give or take.  Some minor pain, stiffness and funny sounds can last 18 months. Everyone's different.

    Listen to the other 6-star Oracles on the Forum...we have a great group on here.  For your reading pleasure, click on my name or picture and then on "See All Discussions".  I have over 20 out there on all sorts of topics that you may find helpful.  Also, search for topics like "sleep" to see what others have posted.  Lots of people, lots of great info.

    So, sit back, elevate your knee, plop the ice bag on top and have fun with all the "horror" stories.  After all, it's almost Halloween...we'll scare the crap out of you!!!!!  LOL!!!!!

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