A poking-like sensation on various parts of my body

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I’m not sure if my case could be classified as muscle disorder, but definitely there is something wrong with it. I’ve been suffering from sleep disorder for the past ten years. One of the symptoms that keep on interrupting my sleep at night is a sensation of a very focused pulsation, a poking-like sensation, on various parts of my body: head, neck, limbs, torso, everywhere. Most of the time it feels like someone is poking my body physically with a thin but strong object such as a blunt pencil tip.

The intensity varies from time to time. When it gets strong it makes me feel like I’m being hit by a hammer; when it gets sharp it feels like a needle head pricking my body. Sometimes it’d hit me continuously when I try to fall asleep so that I wouldn’t be able to sleep; sometimes it’d hit certain spots on my body during my sleep and repeat itself in succession until I’m woken up, and sometimes just a single hit would get me up at night.

It has been a major part of the symptoms of my sleep disorder, among other things. This particular one has gradually moved from happening during my sleep at night to happening when I am fully awake during daytime. So technically I can’t really think of it as simply sleep disorder anymore.

It puzzles me a great deal. There is nothing I can do to prevent it from happening, and there is no cure I know of that might help. It doesn’t matter where I’m in the world, it just follows me around. I know it sounds strange and it feels strange to be plagued by this torturous thing. For a long period of time I’ve been suffering it in silence. I don’t know how to deal with it, but I know I have to live with it everyday for the past decade.

Has anyone experienced a similar disorder and found a cure? If so, please share with me. Could anyone offer some suggestions as to how I should treat this horrible disorder? I need your help desperately. Thanks

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    hi my name is marco and everynight when I lay down ready to go to sleep something pokes my feet. Now i put the ironing board in my bed and put my feet on top of it and something keeps on poking me. The way it stops is if I play a prayer on youtube getting bad spirits out of my house and it stops its just weird hope it helps someone

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      I've noticed alot of people complaining about this and I see they say something or refer to the feeling as if someone or something is doing it. the truth is that someone or something IS doing it to you. It's called RNM. remote neural manipulation. satellite technology beaming you with emf waves to remotely harass you. look into it on YouTube. I deal with it also and I have the v2k. I hope this helps. it's called no touch torture.

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    This same exact thing happens to me. I don't many people about it because it sounds crazy. I will get poked. Sometimes something will touch my eye lids and lashes. Something will touch my hands and make them asleep or numb. I will poked in the eyes while driving. It changes here and there on what is happening to me. I started thinking it may be gang stalking. I have used camera to try to find something but there will be nothing. This has been happening to my for two and a half years

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      I have been told it is a neurological problem, so please visit a neurologist.

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    I have been told it is a neurological problem, so please visit a neurologist.

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    im having the same problem. it started arounf a month ago. it was only like an itching sensation, now i feel like im been stab with tiny needles from under my skin. my doctor doesnt know whats wrong with me. it gets worse if im under sun or around heat. the moment it starts i see like red dots all over my body and it only gets better if i get under cold water. please if anyone find an answer. this is getting worse, i wont be able to work

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    I have been experiencing this for a long time now. It happens to me occasionally, especially if I wake up in the middle of the night and fall back asleep. Though, this to me feels more like a person poking me or using their hands. I experience this very similarly. Sometimes my body will even go numb in these areas or I wake up with that area particularly sore. I can't seem to find anything about this on the internet.

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    Hello...hope this thread is still active. I also started having this pricing sensation as recent as a couple of weeks. One of the days, i woke up suddently with feeling of pricking on my back... I thought it probably was the feathers in the pillow which was on the side, but scratched myself and slept off! Recently been getting these pricks even when I am awake.

    I get these pricking at various spots...sometimes on my forehead, sometimes even on my head, thighs, hands, neck, back, butt...sometimes i get it multiple places...

    Once I think I felt when I sneezed..

    Once when I coughed...

    I think even when i was kind of screaming at my kid...

    Anyone approached a doctor? Anyone tried any self remedies also that worked?

    Will keep posted about what I learn from my consultations/advices...

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    hello. i have the same sensations. i have done research and found this is sleep paralysis. you are in a state between sleep and awake. look up lucid dreaming. its wonderful. you need to stay calm and allow yourself to enter the dream. its hard to get over the panic. with practice you will begin a wonderful experience. stephan lebarge is one who professionally researches this. stay calm and enjoy your lucid experience. id love to hear from you

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    To add to the "twitching & muscle spasms" happening to all of you... I've been experiencing these for well over 20 years! I can't tell you what it is, but I can say it can be worse than 'MILD POKES'!!First; I was under 'attack' from some entity that does this to us. I experienced BOILS on my back from intense burning sensations from??? Then after moving, trying to stay active, for a few years, I was not hindered by the nonsense. Not till I moved to another city, another life and years later did it return and the 'pokes' were daily. Arms, legs mostly, chest too. I looked on the net, found a few related stories. Mostly about MK ULTRA (govt. testing) that took some of this s**t to high degrees. Also see; "Mobbing" an individual. (some feel like they are "threats to the system" or visa versa"). Mobbing is an entirely diff. can of worms!

    After it slowed to a stop about 5 years later, I moved again & again.

    When I was in a VERY BAD PLACE (drugs, alc & low pay), I began to get BURNING SENSATIONS ON MY FEET regularly. LIKE A MICROWAVE OVEN ON HI ON MY FEET @ WORK & HOME!

    Till I couldn't stand it anymore & put a gun in my mouth & pulled the trigger!!!!!!!!!! God intervenes when he wants, I'm still here meaning the gun didn't go off... tho I PULLED THE TRIGGER!!!!!!!

    Moved again and again it stopped, but I was an over the road trucker. Stopped for a few years.

    Its almost like they, it or whatever is looking for a quiet calm person to f_#k with. Currently (2021) Ive been being poked for about a year again (not working, sitting at a pc). After working long hours, I'm about to retire due to a major hip problem. Getting surgery soon. Now the pokes are consistent again... to the point I'm gonna get to the bottom of this s**t. I scream out to stop, it seems to help! I don't have a clue??? But if we all put our thoughts together on a forum like this we may figure it out!

    I have recent VIDEO of the twitching. I suggest others do the same. The time I told a doc about it... You know how that went!!! I think it's soooo important that ALL SPEAK OUT ABOUT THE "INVISIBLE POKING" TO YOUR BODY, WHEN & WHAT BODY PART. These pieces to the puzzle will get answers eventually!

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    This happens to me too. Although I do have RLS I've noticed that this happens more while I'm wide awake. It feels like an insect bit me or like I was stuck with a needle. It just happened to my thumb not even 30 minutes ago. The pain only lasted for about 20 seconds & was gone with not blemish on the skin to make look like a bug bite or actual needle prick. It makes me think it's a nerve issue.

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    I’ve had some of the same symptoms. It only happens when I’m in a deep sleep at night though, I’d say like maybe 3am or there about. I get abruptly woke up by what feels like someone taking a red hot poker or a lit cigarette and poking it into my skin. And it’s always in the same places, either my arms and hands or my upper torso area. Mostly it’s my arms where I get the feeling. It’s always the sudden intense painful burning feeling though and only at night while I sleep. It feels so real that I will actually sit straight up in bed, throw off the covers and look for a lit cigarette or the source of what is on fire. Never thought about going to any doctors and trying to explain this to them just figured the end result would most likely be me in a straight jacket in a dingy white padded room. Although I have found that after I smudge my room with sage I’m okay for a little while, then it starts happening again out of no where so I’ll just smudge again. I’m hoping in time it will go away just as suddenly as it started.

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    Always check with your doctor about this. Perhaps good advice can take you through the race of health.

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    Yup, same here... i have not been sure about how to deal with it,i'm not sure what i did to start it off it's a case of life is busy and it could have been serveral things that was the trigger 1)an injection from the doctor this would also explain why dr's look at you strange ie they expect people to know they have targets from the goverment and they are running a business, this doctor was a complete bh and i was too young to know any better also bit of trivia did you know the goverment used to promote milk saying it was good for you even when they knew of all the illness's it gives you, why?! they were paid by large companies

    and 2)i went on a massage course with a friend that we only went for the one time and had a leg massage.im a nervous person and this may have upset my inward balance and my body is lashing out in guilt.

    and 3) i was a hairdresser on my feet alot and walked everywhere alot too and maybe its age?? i still walk alot too and the issue neither subsides or gets worse with extreme walking for miles on end which is distressing cause that incentive you used to feel from doing alot more disappears and you can either do more or sit in pain if that makes sense?? sorry trying to be breif as need to get off.

    the lesson ive learned trust no bh and tomorrow you will have no guilt and the people running these scams will soon get bored and come back with another scam but the person you dealt with wont be able to show their face...and you will be wiser...

    my conclusion look after your bodies dont smoke etc...and say no.

    The only thing thats helped me is keeping a really clean house so im constantly unaware of the situation and to tired to deal with it (i still think it was that flu jab i had that i niether wanted or needed) this might not work for everyone cause we all have different ideas on what a home should look like ie we are all different.

    anyway thats my two pence, x

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    Hello everyone,

    My father has been facing similar issues. He has pricking sensation all over his body, especially his legs and back. He is not getting good sleep due to this.

    He has been suffering from acidity since many years. He believes the pricking might be because of the acidity but has not been able to find any help.

    He has consulted many doctors and they have not been of any help so far. The reports and blood tests turn out to be fine and do not indicate any problem.

    I have read through the thread and found out that there has been no solution so far.

    I am posting this just in case someone might help us.

    My father's number:+919449313945

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