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for the past week ive had this sensation like an air bubble is trapped at the entrance to my vaginal canal. moving around and squirming doesn't seem to help. I can't get relief from this feeling. I went to the gynecologist. my swabs were negative for STD yeast and BV. I was worried about a fistula or prolapse but after doing an internal exam my doctor said neither one of those was the problem. she referred me back to a pelvic floor physical therapist. I was in PT two years ago for high tone pelvic floor dysfunction. I'm just wondering if anyone else has felt this way? has treatment been successful for anyone? I'm having a hard time trusting my doctor... if she didn't find anything what else could this feeling be?? it's causing me great anxiety and driving me a little nuts.. I can't get comfortable and it's causing me to lose sleep. help!!

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    I am trying to figure this out like everyone else. Pelvic floor stretches were helping and then i started to feel it again. While driving i did a few Kegal exercises and i felt it go away, not permanently, but i feel like it has eased up. I dont know, but so far, it seems like it is all related to the pelvic floor.??? Ill keep posting and checking in on this board. Hope someone figures it all out!!!

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    Has anyone worked out what this is? Ive been to my GP - had swabs, internal examinations, urine tests, blood tests etc I even paid for a private ultrasound. Everything is coming back normal. It is driving me insane!!!

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      Hi! you are not alone. It is stressful to have this going on and no one seems to know what it is. I feel a lot of anxiety from it. I am continuing pelvic floor stretches and at some point may look into a pelvic floor physical therapist. Please someone post if you get this figured out!

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    I have had the bubbles sensation for a few weeks now.

    I have been on hrt for 15 months.

    Each time I've had this bubble sensation (which drives me mad) it has only been in the evening/night time.

    It started when my peri menopause symptoms started 16 months ago, i went on Oestragel and after a couple of months it stopped. 4 months ago my hrt was changed to oral hrt and a month ago it was changed again; each time the bubble sensation returned in the evening/night.

    I mentioned it to my doctor today and basically had nothing to offer just said discuss it with the gynaecologist at my next appointment (in 2 months time).

    As i don't have any urinary issues/pelvic floor issues and the bubbles aren't a permanent thing.

    I am therefore thinking that in my case, it is related to low estrogen as it does stop eventally.

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    After reading all the posts, it does seem to be caused by different things. Please if someone figures out what " it" is, please post. My bubbles aren't horrible, but I do feel them a bit daily. I do think stress contributes to it.

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    i started experiencing this exact thing last week and it was maddening! On the 3rd day of dealing with it I went to see a doctor and for a pelvic exam and an STD panel; Everything came back normal. After reading this forum, I started doing kegels, diaphragm breathing, and stretches like happy baby and child's pose. The stretches helped in the moment but as soon as i would stand up or sit I could feel the air bubble moving around again. I feel like the only thing that helped me (that hasn't already been said on this forum) was taking epsom salt baths!! Doing all these things, I felt it less and less and it had completely gone away after probably the 7th day! I found also that obsessing over it and touching down there to try to get it to release, made it more noticeable and uncomfortable, so maybe try to avoid those things if you can. I went 4 days without feeling any bubbles or discomfort but I woke up and feel it again this morning (although not as bad). I'm going to try the things mentioned above throughout the day and hope it goes away again. It's extremely frustrating that there isn't more/any for sure medical advice for this topic, since clearly a lot of us are experiencing the same exact thing with no answers. I can't imagine dealing with this long term! I hope this is helpful, these replies really helped me so I wanted to contribute as well and help someone going through it if I could. Sorry for the lengthy post!

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    hei girls, i have not found a solution yet, i ve been to many gynecologists, they all told me they didn t hear of this, one of them suggested i may actually feel the colon since it is very close, and it makes sense because i have ibs symptoms, but i am not sure it is actually the colon...... reach in privat and lets find a solution together

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    we are around 20 women with the same symptom that check this forum once at a few months because no doctor can help us, lets comunicate in real time and find solutions and support. text me in private and lets make a group.

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    Just a random thought...are all you ladies approaching or in the menopause, or even past it? A friend of mine had this feeling and she was given vaginal oestrogen pessaries which seemed to get rid of the feeling. She was also overweight and went on a diet and lost 2 stone. So whether it was the pessaries or losing weight or a combination of the two, she doesnt know, but something worked

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    so glad others feel the same as i do. it is so irritating. wiggling around i can sort the 'bubble' feeling but does come bback after a while. I've had dr check and I've had a scan and all is normal. overy thinking it is the worst

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    i have this same symptom too.

    Im 42 had both vaginal and c sections. Im on hrt gel and vaginal. Started with it about 2 years ago its only now and again. Starts of like cystitis and feeling like something is stuck inside vag then leads to the air bubble sensation. feels better if i do kegals but comes back after

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    I'm so glad i found this thread. I've had this feeling on and off for years and its so irritating! why do we have to have yet another uncontrollable and painful bodily function??

    I will be trying stretches tomorrow. The only comfortable position is with my legs parted but thats not a good look.

    I am however, astounded that so many doctors have never come across this problem. Is this another case of women just putting up, shutting up and just carrying on.

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    Hi I have had this for 10 days now, going a little crazy. Did it ever settle or did you ever get an explanation? x

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    I'm another who is lying awake googling this sensation-not good the first time. It's different than queefing, which is what seems to come up every time I Google it, and i don't think it's a fistula. It won't be menopause, although that could impact it, because I've had the sensation periodically since i was a little girl. It does go eventually, but drives me absolutely insane for ages until then. nothing at all that I can do seems to release the little bubble feeling in either my vagina or urethra. I really wish I could figure something out. It's making me crazy!

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