Burning sensation in stomach - permanently

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Guys i am in need some support....i need simple advise and a positive word..

On 27 of december i got food poisoning.... 4 of us in work got sick...following vomitting and diarrhea (i didnt vomit at least 20 years). Vomitting stopped next day but diarrhea not. My doctor gave me antibiotics and some corticoide steroids.... for 5 days... since i took thoose i had slightly some kind of sensation in stomach.... no pain nothing...diarrhea slowly disapeared...but not completely... talking 2 weeks after food poisoning... my stool was incosistent...and i mentioned the sensation in my stomach to my gp...he prescribed me tripple therapy for helycobacter...just like that.... i started to have loose burning stool.it was a nightmare to go to toilet.it was like i was eating chilli.... but i wasnt.... antibiotics didnt help and my burning sensation began to be consistant...i had it all day long.... eating or not...it was present... worse in the evening less in the morning.... 10 days after tripple therapy i wasnt feeling better so i went to Emergency department... they did blood test...urine test....xray and i was sent home with another tripple therapy. Talking now middle of february.this time different antibiotics 2 but stronger..it didnt help...in fact it was making me dizzy.

So at the end of february i had endoscopy.... the doc said laughing... haha there is nothing but gastritis at 45cm and deudonis very light but nothing further... no hernia...no ulcer...no reflux.he said go home and take some gaviscon.. he took sample for biopsy and it came negative for helycobacter... he said 100% take it easy and relax...

So i stopped antibiotics....next day my stool become normal...no more feeling bad... but my stomach burning is there...i tried aloe vera.... i tried apple cider vinegar..it made me worse... i am using L glutamine and i am on doble dose of pantoprazole and taking gaviscon.... i dont smoke or drink... for over 5 years...

I am on bland diet...no salt no red meat but boiled chicken.... etc

.. i eat salads and boiled rice with chicken or toast if its an emergency.

Nothing gelps... no matter what i eat the burning is there...if i drink water or eat just plain boiled rice... burning is there....

Second i dont have pain while sleeping.... at all..and shortly after i wake up.... once i wake up and i start eating i have constant burn in stomach untill evening.

I am getting stressed a lot and sometimes even panic attacks...

This is eating me alive...

I am 35y old male... never had issue or alergy to anything....

I am in need of urgent advise or at least positive word....

Can antibiotics and steroids destroy me so bad? How long time to recover? Is it normal to feel burning at all the time- during the day only?

Please its not a pain...i would say... but really burning sensation... if i lie down i dont feel it.

Hint:we had my second boy to join us on 30 of january but this condition doesnt allow me to enjoy my day with my family...

Any tips will be highly appreciated


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    If gastritis and duodenitis were confirmed by endoscopy, accept this diagnosis.  Endoscopies are accurate. Stick to bland foods with nothing rich, spicy or fatty.  Avoid apple cider vinegar and aloe vera because they are highly acidic and can make heartburn worse for some people.  Milk is alkaline and is very good for soothing a burning stomach.  

    Triple therapy antibiotics can be harsh on the stomach and disturb gut flora and cause an overgrowth in bad bacteria.  Maybe try probiotic foods  like yoghurt to replace good bacteria.

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      Thank you for imput... i do aloe vera every morning 25 ml... so that will stop for now... but it was recommended by health shop owner....

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      Eventually it should get better; try to stay calm and don't google because it gives general information that doesn't take account of individual circumstances.  Dr Google causes anxiety

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    Now just an update.....

    I mean after tips recieved here i am defo a micro bit better..in terms of anxiety definitely much better.. now i know i aint going to die and its gastritis. But burning is still present. i stoped eating red meat completely...and i am doing gluten free and lactose free food only... its just sometimes i feel little dizzy for a short period of time.... and only in the morning i feel like i am gonna vomit...its just a feeling that goes as soon as i stop thinking about it....but its there....

    Now me thinks its side effects of zomex 30mg... i have no any other issues but still the terrible stomach discomfort.

    All i take nowis gaviscon and zomex 30mg once a day..

    Cold that be the culprit? I am taking it 3 months

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      Hi EdEire

      Glad you are feeling a tad better anxiety wise. Did you have an 'Information Leaflet' with the Zomex tabs. If so check it for side effects to see if there are side effects for dizziness and nausea.....

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      Some of the side effects of Azithromycin are Pseudomembranous colitis, Jaundice, Maculopapular rash, Cholestasis. Some more adverse effects includes Dizziness, Vertigo, Headache, Fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Palpitation, Abdominal pain, Rashes, Photosensitivity, GI disturbance.

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      I was on double dose..but went slowly to single...thinking to drop it completely...

      But afraid that it will hit me like a train....

      Now i can definitely sing up my feelings towards the negative side effects in long term use zomax.


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      Yeh i did.. i even asked my gp.... he saidexactly to me... dont take them if they doing no good to you..i asked can i go cold turkey? He didnt even know what was i talking about...he said just stop taking it instantly....

      I am sure that zomel is very potent and going cold turkey will have major reverse effect in my condition. But my gp has no idea at all...

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      Sorry, I had difficulty finding out what your medication was and I had to guess so what I posted was incorrect.  I should have asked you first before I assumed!

      Here is the correct info!

      Zomel Lansaprazole



      Disturbances of the gut such as diarrhoea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, wind or stomach ache.

      Dry mouth or throat.


      Skin reactions such as rash, itching or hives.

      Altered results in liver function tests.

      These are the most common side effects. If you look at the medication leaflet, it will probably list the others.

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    If you have taken antibiotics then your gut flora is shot!  You need to eat fermented foods.  Try this.  Go buy some cucumber chip pickles. Sit down at night and relax -- and then eat quite alot of the pickles.  If the pickles don't hurt then you know you gut flora needs some help. Chat me up for any questions.  Good luck...

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      Because Cucumbers, Dill pickles has an approximate pH of 3.45, Cucumbers, Dill pickles is considered very acidic and you should think twice before eating Cucumbers, Dill pickles with gastritis ..

      They wont be choice for me.... it would hurt my gastritis...its like drinkinh apple cider vinegar... my stomach is very sensitive at this stage

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    Sometimes an antibiotic can make your stomach feel like a burning sensation. Because for one thing the antibiotics usually kill all the bacteria even the good ones that help your body. Especially since you were on them

    Twice and a triple therapy kind. I thought I was having a heart attack when I had to take antibiotics for a long time for kidney problems. And went to the ER and they told me the antibiotics cause the burning and it’s like having a bad heartburn. They gave me a liquid to drink

    That had mylanta lidocaine and something else I don’t remember but they call it a triple mix. It works immediately. I was so glad it wasn’t a heart attack. They gave me a bottle of the mixture to take home. Once I had finished the antibiotics a couple of months later the burning finally stopped. 

    Hope you feel better soon.

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      I finsihed them 6 weeks a go....but i am still having the perma.burning sensation.

      I had a scope but they told me take gaviscon + omeprazole..... doesnt help at all..

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    Did you find out what was your burning stomach? i have similar symptoms burning stomach pain all the time no matter what i eat. how did you got better? i will appretiate your advice
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      Well.... I went through ultrasound....scope..and 2 blood tests... I have occasional burning every now and then...but while i though i have fatty liver... My results came clear... No gb issue... Nothing... So it seems antibiotics and all medication make it worse... And since i stopped taking ppi my condition is little better... Ppi's are like poison .avoid them if possible.

      How did it startfor you? Whats your symptoms? Diarrhea? Pain?

      My gp thinks that its in my head only...

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      Lots of turmeric...and time... Not chocolate...no fat..for few months ... I am nowhere near 100% but at least i can function.

      And no yougurts....no bread.... Bananas and blueberries are you buddies...

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      my doctor told to take ppi because she thought i had silent reflex my only issue before medicine was lump in throat. then 2 days after i started ppi my stomach was upset. i stopped taking them by day 7. it is being 9 days off ppi and still having stomach burning all the time nausea and loos of appetite also heartburn which didn’t had before. what your symptoms? how dooes your started?
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      Well....similar... I almost didnt want to eat as the burning was there.... I only had relief while sleeping .. as i had no issue laying down and resting.
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      how long did it took for you to feel a little better? how long did the buening pain last? can you better now?
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      Months..... And i am still not perfect.... Not even close... I cant even say that it was improving by weeks.... I say months... But look at my story... Tripple therapy double....steroids.... And more.... So i was pretty down...

      Again i am still not fine.... And i almost forgot... Apple cider vinegar with water in small amounts... It didnt reliev it immediately but i believe it helped me as well as mentioned turmeric....

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      How are you doing? are you feeling better? i am wodering how long did it took for you burning pain to subside and a least eat without pain?
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      Well..3 months min...i still have the burn here and there... But i learned to ignore it..

      I had all kinds of test including ultrasound... Indicating anything from fatty liver to gallbladder issue... Nothing confirmed....

      I had to adjust lifestyle mainly.... Not eating much take away and i started to eat wild fish..... More green and sometimes even i can take some sweets or ice cream.... I try to not to limit myself but i am not 100%.

      I was scared .worried...and constantly thinking...but i got over that part ..now i have to deal with the burn.... Its there..but not 24/7.

      I hope that you gonna do the same and progress... Remeber its a long jurney!!!

      If you wanna know more or you wanna share symptoms just ask.



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      And my burn was there... I mean not matter if i et or not... Didnt go away. Not antiacid could help.... Just saying...i didnt have any "good" moments... I had at all the time...but not when asleep or shortly after waking up.

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      hi eddie, how are u doing with your burning? i being off ppi a month and half and still have burning stomach. i did a bad decision to take zantac for 2 days 3 weeks ago because doctor told me to but that made it worse and it seems like the tums don’t agree with my stomach either.  did you just took turmeric? did it help?
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      Well yes..i did buy dry turmeric and was doing myself a tea. And i did drink plenty of apple cider vinger with water as well....

      Nothing helped immediately. And nothing did stop it. Its just horrible how can you turn from nothing to this

      .. i had no stomach issue prior this.

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      but are you still having stomach issues, the burning. has that burning got better? can you eat mire food now? thanks for your advice.
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      Yes every now and then i cam feel burn. I dont think about it anymore... And i eat all... I mean almost no restrictions... But note that i dont drink alcohol and i dont eat fast food.

      I am better yes... But its a long process. How did your started? Mine was triggered by food poisoning i asume and then my gp killed me with tripple therapy wipe out...

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      But getting of h2 blockers was my best decision. I felt better within a week. For me they are poison.
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      My started after a week of omeprazzole (ppi), Doctor gave me this medicine because she thought i was having silent reflux due to a a lump feeling in my throat. which now i think that lump was due to stress/anxiety. after the week on omerpazole i stopped it because since day 2 i experince side effect bloated, stomach pain and grubling in my stomach. days after i stopped the medicine the burning pain in my stomach started and acid reflux which did't had before i started the ppi. it is being a month and a half and still have burning stomach. i can even take any pill supplement because my stomach hurt. Doctor don't thing this was cause by the ppi use. how many months did it tokk for you to a least not feel it evey single day?

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      Honestly i believe 6 weeks...and nothing made.me better instantly..no food could easy my burn... No yogurt or milk or anything... I went for turmeric as i said and i dropped the ppi...

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      Well around 6 weeks....but in 1 week improvement when i gave up ppi
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      When you come off PPIs very quickly, you can get acid rebound.  Try milk to lessen the burning.
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      what kind of turmeric did you used? powder or pill? how often did you took it and how much?  also i get hearburn sometimes worry this could cause mire heratburn.thanks
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      Tablets once a day and dry turmeric for tea. It did helped a lot.

      And try small amount of apple cider vinegar dissolved in water. Drink 3 times a day.

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      did you know the brand name of the tablets? can i find them anywhere. i have see alot of capsules brands so no surewhich would work better
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      I am in work Maria....its called curcumin or something like that..but i will have a look once i will get home. Ed
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      Curcumin from holland and barret its what i am using. Just checked for ya.
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      i saw in one of your post that you used alkaline water, how did you make it alkaline? one of my friend has a machine that has an alkaline water machine and she gave me some ph 11 but wonder if i cam make it my self.

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      yes simple read some tips online.. plenty of th3m. i use acv in small amount.

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