Colonoscopy coming up in 2 weeks,

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What is this new thing they are doing now?

Last one I had, I had to drink all the bowel prep the night before.

Now, they are doing one on me the 26th of this month(January)

and I am to drink half of it the night before, and I am supposed to get up at 4:00 AM to start drinking the other half (Half Gallon I guess)

Last time I had one, they found a growth, as I had been putting off my colonoscopy, as I was afraid. Plus I do not/Did not have any one to stay after me. I sucks when you don't have anyone around that cares about you, and will stay after you. I told my doctor to stay after me, but she never did. It is really my fault though.

But it is nice if you have some one to stay after you.

Anyways, the growth WAS cancerous, and they had to remove part of my colon, and it had spread to the lymph nodes, so they had to do Chemo, and now I am worried about it coming back, and killing me. Don't put your colonoscopy off if it is due.

Also was anyone allowed to dring less bowell prep because they have part of there colon removed?

I asked the doctor today, but they have to call me back.

I told them I wanted it looked into, and not just told to drink it all.

I did have a hard time drinking it all last time, but that was when I did have the growth in me.

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    Had a Colonoscopy last week, don' t have your problems Anthony but mine all went well. Really no probs at all....they were so professional and it was over in 15 minutes...Hope they can give you the answers you need....think the bowel prep was given in a large jug as it's a type of fizzy salt....mine fizzed up to 5 times it's volume ! Then settled down to just 8 fluid ounces....two or three mouthfuls. I also got up early to take the second dose. ....which was fine...Just don't be far from the loo !  All the best to you. Try not to worry. 
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    I had the pre testing and the nurse said

    "off the record"

    I would be better off to dring about 3/4 of the gallon the night before, and the remaining 1/4 of the prep the next AM,

    But I forgot to ask them if I am allowed to dring anything else in the morning.

    It's too late to get ahold of anyone now though.

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    Hi Anthony

    when I had my colonoscopy I had to be at the hospital for 8.30 and I was only allowed to drink plain water on the day of the procedure and that was only allowed up to two hours before hand so nothing at all to drink from 6.30...

    All the very best for Monday I really hope you get some good news...

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      Yeah, I did read that elsewhere too, I wish they would have told me it was alright.

      I guess I can drink a little water while I am drinking the bowel prep in the AM

      I wish it was over.

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    Hi Anthony,  my Colonoscopy unit literally gave me a "blow by blow"  itinerary of exactly what to eat and drink almost hour to hour from two days before....!

    I had to stop all solids from 12 o clock the previous day, took bowel prep at 4pm and 5pm that day....but continued to drink plenty of fluids......the morning of the procedure I had to be up at 6am for my final bowel prep. Then could only have a glass of water at 10.30am for the procedure at 2.30pm.....

    I guess they're not all the same ?! I'd advise you to call them for advice, my unit works 7 days a week....this will all be over really soon and hopefully put your mind at rest. All the very best...

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      Well, they gave me this paper, but it's sort of vauge.

      OK so mine is at 9:30.

      Yeah, Sunday at 3:30 I take 4 ducolax, Then start drinking the prep at 6:00.

      Then up at 4:00 to Finish the prep.

      I may drink about 3/4 the night before, like the nurse said, I am not sure yet.

      It even says on the bottle, drink all, _______OR_______ untill your bowel movements are running clear.

      I think a lot of times, those girls in the office, they don't really know what it's all about, they just sit there and "read" instructions off the computer to you.

      So if mine is at 9:30 (don't know if they'll start right at 9:30)

      But the paper says,

      At 4:00 am the morning of the procedure begin to drink the remainder of the prep.  Again, 1 cup every 10-15 minutes until it is empty. This step must be completed by 6:00 am or 2 hours before your procedure time. To allow optimal results with your colonoscopy, make sure the jug is completely gone.

      It almost sounds like I could start drinking it at more like 5:00 or 6:00 AM,

      But thats what I mean, I think if you saked them, most of them don't really know what it's all about, and use the "CYA" approach, and just repeat whars on the paper.

      Sounds to me like I _______CAN_______ have at least 1 glass of water, as long as I finish it by around 6:00.

      OK, Thanks for the reply.And for taking the time.

      I am very nervous.

      Hopefully all will go well.

      Hey, something is ______wrong______at the moment, I don't feel all depressed.

      Don't tell me I am coming out of this?..........................LOL

      (I don't know why spell check does not work on this page, I hate when I make a spelling error.

      Like spelling _____DrinK_____ as  _____DrinG_____)

      Then they don't allow to edit.

      Thanks again,


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    Now things are normal, the depression is setting back in.
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    Dear Anthony please try not to feel depressed tho of course it is understandable you are feeling this way...

    i have just checked back on my pre op sheet and it defo says in capitals only drink water up to 2 hours before your appointment..

    i don't think you are allowed chicken broth the day before Anthony just clear soups strained like say chicken noodle and make sure you strain the noodles out of it, clear jelly s and I was allowed bovril oxo cubes to drink they defo helped me. To feel less hungry..

    all the best for Anthony for Monday

    please let us know how u get on 


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    chicken broth I think is OK, it is just clear broth, no noodles,

    Did you eat anything solid the day before,

    see here it says, "starting at noon"

    I am wondering if I should eat anything Sunday AM.

    (This is from the same paper they gave me. )

    Eat only clear liquid diet starting at 12PM.  You may only have:

    Clear broth – chicken, beef or vegetable (no noodles)

    Plain Jell-O (no red or purple)

    Tea or coffee (no milk or cream)

    Clear pop such as Sprite, 7-UP and ginger ale

    Clear juices such as white grape, apple, lemonade

    Sports Drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light (no red or purple)

    Popsicles, Italian Ice (no red or purple and no added fruit pieces)



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    see, they keep changing this stuff too, cause, I know last time, they made a big deal, about nothing to drink after midnight.

    Now they are allowing me to finish the prep the next AM, and I am sure if I drink a little water after the prep, it will be OK.

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    The "no drinking" rule is not just for the Colon, but for the anaesthetic....just in case you're sick....which they never want to risk. My advice to you is do exactly as they've asked......

    personally,,I was not hungry at all......stopped all solid food from midday the previous day.....did my various bowel preps. Had lots of water, Bovril or any stock cube in hot water and cups of. tea....Then had the procedure at 2.30pm....wasn't hungry till afterwards, and the hospital gave me tea and biscuits in the recovery room..! 

    do hope this helps.

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      I understand.

      But I am going to Have to drink something, as I have to drink 1/4 to 1/2 of the bowel prep the next AM.

      I have to start drinking it 4:00 PM today, not looking forward.

      Did not get up till Noon, I never want to get out of bed these days.

      The trouble, or the thing I don't really like about this doctor, is, they don't really go over nothing, they just hand you a paper.

      I saw a patient ask a question one time, and she handed him a pamphlet.

      I did not eat much yesterday, fair breakfast, small sanwitch for lunch,

      late dinner, can o cream chicken soup, with chicken broth in it, and also cooked an egg in it. It was good though.

      Will drink clear liquids and chicken broth today.

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