Discomfort in the stomach

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I have been having this uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. It comes and it goes. I have bowel movements daily. I don't k own if I'm dealing with a hiatal hernia. I went to GP last week. I am a 43 year old female, I had an endoscopy a year ago. He feels that there is no reason to have another endoscopy. He has me on 40 mg of nexium every other day and famotidine on the days I don't tkaw the nexium. He feels it's gastritis.

I'm so nervous it's something worse and I'm making myself so nervous about it. What can this uncomfortable pain be? Anyone else experience something like this?

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    You need a 2nd opinion. You didn't mention any blood work to rule out pancreatitis or an ultra sound for gallbladder. 

    My advice - see another doctor and find out what's  causing the stomach pain.

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    I had blood work done back in January. All good

    Yes, I am very stressed and this is just making me more stressed. I feel all I do is read this forum.

    The pain is straight between breastbone, it's bearable but you know the pain is there.

    I don't keep a food diary but I kinda know what I can eat. As for drinking, I had quite a few vodka and club Saturday night for a party I attended, but I also know my doctor told me stay away from the club soda as that is a lot of gas.

    My GP said he don't like giving endoscopy, because I had it a year ago. I tested positive for h-pylori last year, I went on he crazy meds , my body couldn't handle it. So doctor took me off because I was Laing so much h weight.

    Anyway long story. I was able to do the second round of treatment for 7 days as opposed to 14, low and behold it knocked the h pylori out and I tested negative.

    Back in august (7 months after) I had a UTI, I was put on cipro. I took the cipro like a champ however 2 days later I started feeling really sick. Nauseous everyday, no one can figure out what it was. Finally a month later my girlfriend said I should go to hospital, and that's what I did.

    They ran bloodwork and all looked normal. So they ask t me home with a case of gastritis. I started feeling better with the meds they gave me.

    I feel my stomach can't handle antibiotics after taking so many for the h pylori.

    Now I'm going on week 3 with on and off pain on my stomach.

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      It appears your issue is going to take longer than normal to diagnose. My daughter had an issue very similar to yours. She went to the ER numerous times, was seen by our family doctor many times and nobody could figure out what the problem was. Finally, she ran into a doctor that was determined to figure it out.. Low and behold, she had a gallbladder that was diseased and full of stones. You would think an ultra sound would've found that but sometimes these tests don't zero in on the first round. 

      Be consistent with your medical people. Sometimes you have to start fresh with a new doctor to have an issue discovered. The pain you're describing could certainly be as simple as gas but Nexium should help that. Yes, stay away from any soda's that are carbonated. They are the root of all evil. You could also take a Rolaids or Gaviscon, even though you're taking the nexium. 

      Could any of this pain be residual scarring from the H-Pylori?

      I hope you get to the bottom of this nightmare. Good Luck!

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      Thank you, I totally agree with you. I have never had issues with my stomach, until I was diagnosed with h pylori and was put on tons of med. I have to stick with water.

      When I went to hospital in September, they gave me an ultra sound and all looked good.

      I want to ask anyone, does anyone else's GP feel that doing another endoscopy is too soon? I am only with guy almost 6 months , but I brought all my previous reports to him so he was up to date on my records. He told me, believe me I enjoy doing endoscopy and he gets paid for it, but he truly believes that something (like a tumor) wouldn't occur within a year.

      Of course I think the worse.

      I was also told gastritis can be with you up ton6 weeks.. I'm going on 3 weeks with this on and off situation.

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      In answer to the endoscopy question: Most doctors have to justify the need for doing one so soon to the insurance company.. (not sure if you are in the USA) and you are right most doctors feel that not too much is going to show up in such a short term. For instance, I was found with a spot on my lung. They did a petscan and followed up with a catscan every other year. Fortunatley for me, the sport was nothing ore than a benign lesion but worthy of keeping an eye on. 

      Yes, gastritis can be quite the nag for some time. You can help it out immensely with diet and lifestyle. Cigarettes, alchohol, etc are killers. I suffer with Barrett's Esophagus. (GERD) and pay the price when I eat something that has an abundance of fats or just refined preservatives and senseless additives. 

      Again, good luck and keep us posted!!! Hope you feel better soon.

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      Thank you glen. That must have been nerve wrecking for you. I'm glad it was nothing.

      Yes my insurance will absolutely pay, with no problem. But my GP feels it's just not time.

      I'm taking the nexium every other day and at night famotidine. Of course when I was feeling better , I wasn't taking anything, so a possible flare up is what's happening.

      I quit smoking a year ago, I was not a heavy smoker , probably 4 a day. That's a lot to most non smokers, but a smoker would be saying, wow, I wish I could only smoke that much.

      I drink occasionally, hate the taste of wine. So I drink vodka and club, but go is saying stay away from that because that's gassy.

      I know it's slit of gas because I'm constantly belching, sorry for too much information.

      So it's constant belching and pain in mid stomach. Just texted negative for h pylori

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      Just an additional piece of info I can offer you, Cathy... I was taking Nexium and it was basically doing nothing for me other than creating other issues with diarrhea, etc.. My gastro doc tried me on a few other things that really didn't help either. Finally, my GP, or family doc, put me on a med, most likely in the same family as Nexium but helps me so much, without the baggage of the nexium. The med is called, PANTOPRAZOLE - 40MG - ONE DAILY. I also take another med as needed after meals called, SUCRALFATE. 

      These two meds have really helped me out with my Barretts. I'm not saying because they work so well for me, they would do the same for you. God knows, we are all wired differently. I guess my point is, sometimes it takes a while to find some med that really works exclusively for you.

      Thank you for your kind words on my lung.. Those were a scarey few months, let me tell you, especially when a Pulmonologist tells you, you have a 50/50 chance of having lung cancer. Not fun.

      Anyway, hope our exchange here helped you a little.. Take care.

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      Omg, that is scary. I truly believe in everything is in gods hands. Not trying to preach.

      My friend was told 50% chance lung cancer or 50% chance sarcardosis. It wind up being sarcardosis. But overall it's so scary to hear the word itself.

      I will definitely look into the other meds. I also feel you have to be your own doctor. These doctors are great at just giving you more and more pills.

      He wants to see me back in 6 weeks. Hopefully I won't feel the way I'm feeling.

      I have a lot on my plate which don't help the matter. My husband has been home from work 8 weeks because he tore his Achilles. He had surgery and is now recovering. I do mostly everything because he can't do much. He can't even drive any of the kids any where because he tore his right foot. So I try not to Be stressed but when your used to the person working and you doing what you need to do and now he's home everyday, it's a different lifestyle.

      Thank god he's really not disruptive, but having to do the stuff he used to do is certainly taking its toll on me. But life can be worse, this too shall pass.

      Now I have to figure out this thing with my stomach. Is it stress, gastritis, or what.

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      I'm so sorry to hear about your husband. That has to be a hardship on the family in many regards. Yes, this too shall pass. I'm sure this has something to do with your stress level and how your brain and stomach is interpreting hardship. You're living a completely different lifestyle, for sure. 

      We often wonder if our brain feels good, does the rest of us feel good.. One doctor asked me one time, "if you were on a tropical island with a million dollars and no worries, do you think you would have any medical problems?" I thought about it and wondered how much pain we create within our own minds and how our brain interprets stress, anxiety and just having a bad day. Kind of like, what came first, the chicken or the egg.. 

      You sound like a strong person and I'm sure you're going to get a handle on this gastritis and the cause. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Good luck to your husband and better days are coming for sure.

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