Extreme fatigue, weakness, exhausted and don't know why

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I am suffering from extreme fatigue and exhaustion and every test is coming back negative. Except for vitamin d deficiency. Vitamin d is just a missing part to my symptoms. I am worried that it's my adrenals and maybe thyroid. I finally got my doctor to refer me to an endo.

Still waiting for approval from my insurance. I was wondering if anyone with adrenal problems have similar symptoms as mine.

I awake very tired in the mornings unreplenished from sleep and I am very hungry, I have to eat something. I have to eat every 3 hours or I get weak.

My fatigue is physical and some what brain fog. I can't function normally any more on a daily basis. Doing simple chores exhaust me. Some days I am unable to do anything not because I am lazy but I don't have the energy. It feels like I am recovering from running a marathon.

My fatigue started in October with a stressful job and doing too much. The fatigue just started getting worser as time went on. The lighthead, head pressure, irregular hearbeat, palpitations, irregular highblood pressure spikes, neck and shoulder pain and hands and legs get heavy at night, fingers sometimes get numb.

I don't get replenish from eating or sleeping. I don't understand it. What is wrong with my body? I've never been this sick in my life. Always been healthy except for doing a little bit more than I should.

Some days I feel like this his how it feels like to slowly die. Wondering if my body will eventually shut down. It's been 7 months just sitting and waiting for more tests and suffering.

Any insight or advice on what test to request to take from endo and questions to ask.

Thank you

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    Sorry my last reply got sent before I finished. In short I completely changed my diet around to plant based. I felt stronger and felt an increase in clarity. I no longer have Addisons and my doctor attributes it to my clean healthy diet. I was told I would have this disease the rest of my life. What most people do not realize is that meat and dairy is extremely unhealthy and unnatural to the human body, we are naturally meant to eat plant based foods. Doctors are taught to hand out prescriptions and given about an 8 hour dietary mandatatory class before getting their degree. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to elaborate . Please know their is hope and I'am living proof of that.

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      Shut up, please just shut up. If eating fruits and vegetables was the answer then we all would be just fine. So F*#k off, please, people are dealing with serious issues, the last thing we need is a smoothie bowl lover coming on here with their mumbo jumbo.

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      I'm pleased you are Adisons free at the moment ..long may it last..however it's very misleading to say change of diet..lactose..healthy living all made you feel better..most people even just diagnosed know about trying to live healthy however Addisons is a severe Stress Condition / Disease in the UK only 8.400 people have it..As you know already it is the lack of cortisol in your body which is produced by the Adrenal Glands ..maybe they are damaged or just not working..Cortisol..ie Hidrocortisone ( steroids ) are the only thing that help you function..Many are not aware that Addisons can be fatal if not treated..if you go into Adrenal crisis..on top of the fatigue.mood swings.severe stomach ache..aching limbs..headache nausea etc..it will slowly start with nausea..then sickness which can go on for days..your steroids will not have stayed in your system..I used to make the mistake of being sick as a dog for days retching every 10 seconds and hoped I could rest and power through..I have been informed now that no waiting..once it starts..which I can now tell the difference from just feeling unwell not Adrenal Crisis it becomes a 999 call resulting in a week or so in hospital. fluids..hidrocortisone..

      .anti sickness all by IV..and often oramorph or oxycodone injections for the pain the sickness diarrhoea usually stops after around 4 days when you are stabilised..no food for days and unable to even sip water as that will just result in sickness worsening..once stable sent home until the next bout of it starts again..

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    Hello reaching out to you because I can relate to some of your symptoms. lightheaded dizzy nauseous unable to sleep well heart palpitations blurry vision lacking mental clarity and fatigued random high blood pressure. After an ER visit and GP visit and blood work Vitamin D came back as low (21). I have since been taking about 10,000 iui in drop form daily. I have felt extremely better but still have off days. How are you Feeling ?
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      Hi Melissa,

      I am doing much better after endless testing from specialist after specialists. A doctor with some sense tested my b6 levels. It turns out that I have b6 toxicity from only taking a multivitamin. My levels were 47 (3.9-30.9). I stopped my vitamin and my symptoms started to lift.

      It is crazy and I am dumbfounded. I learned that in other countries the upper limit is 10mg but not in the US, it is 100mg. I was only taking 25mg in a multivitamin.

      It takes 15-30 days to get it out of the blood serum and 6 months to a year for the nerves to heal and symptoms to subside.

      Please have your b6 levels tested just to be safe. My heart palpitations, irregular heartbeat, random blood sugar spikes, numbness, muscle weakness, dizziness, brain fog, erratic blood sugar, and severe fatigue has improved.

      Praise the Lord for allowing me to finally find the root cause. Now I can start healing. I thought this was going to be a life sentence for me. I am just relieved.

      Take care

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      Great news!

      And that is a message to all those people who wanted you to take even more vitamins. Google "vitaminosis" - small amounts good, large amounts poisonuous.

      B12 by injection is only needed if you have pernicious anaemia [lacking the "intrinsic factor" needed to absorb oral B12]. Most healthy diets contain enough B complex - IMO sale of  multivitamins without a prescription should be banned! For those who feel they have to have something, take a homeopathy "remedy" - it's only water so it won't do you any harm.

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      Hi this is not correct. There are several causes for vitamin B12 deficiency that may need levels correcting by administering B12 injections, not just autoimmune pernicious anemia.
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    It is very difficult to assess your situation. 

    You say every test is coming back negative. 

    What tests have you had? It would be necessary for us to see them to be able to help. Your message is 9 months old. I got it today.

    How are you these days?

    Getting up unrefreshed 

    You know it could be Addison's disease or hypothyroidism.

    I have both.

    Symptoms are similar at times....

    Getting up unrefreshed is Addison's but I find that I wake up very tired having 20mg/day of hydrocortisone for the Addison's which makes me think I wake up very tired due to hypothyroidism...  


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    So whatever happened?    Your condition sounds very similar.     17 months later I’m still unbelievably fatigued and wiped out for no reason after dozens of tests and labs.     Endo, neuro, gp, and there nothing left we can think of.    

    Chronic fatigue syndrome?   That’s what I’m thinking now which sucks because there is no cure.    

    Did you figure this out?   Hope so.  

    Let us know please.


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      Yes, doctors said cfs. Now doing the root cause protocol to see if it will help. Many with cfs had gotten better on this program. Doctors are of no help so many of us end up at magnesium advocacy group to find answers.
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      Holy cow.   Your whole thing is exactly like mine.    

      Has it been 18 months?   Mines been 17.   

      I’ve been so run down for no reason.   I remember talking to you months ago about vitamin d deficiency which fixing did nothing.   

      I was in excellent shape physically and mentally and then started getting wiped out in November of 16.    Had no idea what was going on.   Very scary. 

      Had so many tests and labs and specialists and nobody has found anything.    

      Endo, neurology, sleep, Lymes,  Cushings,, etc... 

      As things got ruled out I got more scared and worried because it got to the point that I just needed to know why I was so sick.   

      I’m trying to get diagnosed with CFS because there is nothing left.   

      Is this how it’s gone for you?    What’s your plan?      

      What did you have ruled out at the end to get the CFS diagnosis?   

      Very interesting and good luck.   Please keep me updated.   

      I’m on Phoenix Rising CFS forum.    Seems to be a very helpful place to go vent and tell that you are not alone.    

      I know I have CFS.   Wish I had something else.  

      How are you now?  

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      Your story is exactly like mine, healthy then one day just started getting sick in Oct. 2016. The rhuematologist would diagnose you with cfs. Some don't do much testing to rule out other things that's my problem with doctors.

      It's good to get second and third opinions.

      All my symptoms have gone from mild, moderate now severe as I am bedbound. It's crazy and all I have been doing is resting and pacing.

      Root cause protocol belief it might have something to do with mineral and vitamin deficiency and dysregulation. I'm doing this the strengthen and rebalance the body. The first 6 months is basically detox and healing as I don't feel well and am exhausted. Taking it slow. I heard so many with cfs had success on this protocol. Fingers crossed, hopefully it will help in some way.

      I will keep you posted and let me know what you are doing to get better. Take care.

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