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Hello ladies, I am writing to share my story with you and my amazing home remedy that actually works! After nearly three years of suffering from these horrible, nasty, painful monsters, I finally found a cure.

I had my first abcsess at 25, it was excrutiating pain and went to the size of a tennis ball. I tried all the advice on the internet (sitz baths, hot compresses etc), none of these worked and I eventually had the marsupilaziton surgery (which for some people, is a permanent cure). It was uncomfortable and I was in hospital for around 10 days.

My second one came up around 6 months later, again extremely painful. I was admitted into hospital for surgery again but fortunately, it decided to burst itself in the night whilst in the hospital. I was discharged the next morning and was pain free.

A few months later, another one decides to pay a visit. So as usual, I go to hospital, which by this time, the gynae doctors are familiar with me. The doctor examines me and says it is not as big as the first two and that if I want, I can have it drained there and then. Obviously, this would mean that I would be awake throughout the procedure but also that it will be a quick fix and can go home the same day. I choose to have this and with a bit of numbing cream and squeezing of my moms hand, the abcsess is drained. 

This procedure is painful, but NO WHERE NEAR AS PAINFUL AS HAVING THE ABSCESS! When you are desperate, you will do anything to make it go!

A year and a half passes by (present time) and my 4th one arrives. I went to the hospital within hours of feeling that familiar pain. it was not as large as it had been but I wanted to nip it in the bud asap before it got to that size and that horrendous level. The doctors turned me away twice over two days and said that they cannot do anything as it still isnt big enough to operate on. 

Absolutely distressed, in pain and physically drained, I went home, where me and my mom frantically googled other peoples home remedy ideas, desperate to find a cure. We kept coming across a remedy involving,tumeric powder, coconut oil, baking soda and sea salt.

First, I mixed tumeric powder with the cocunut oil, to make a paste. This bought all the puss to the surface of the abscess, making it almost triple in size and the skin layer very thin, almost ready to pop. i left it on for approxamatley 2 hours. it does get very painful and uncomfortable but u can see that it it is ready to burst. A few painkiller kept the pain tolerable. Once it looks ike it is about to burst, mix the baking soda and salt in some water and dab on with a coton pad. I left the cotton pad there, held in pace with my underwear and sanitary towel. 

Baking soda and salt are supposed to burn the skin. So when the skin is very thin, it shouldnt take much for it to tare which will lead to the abcess draining.

i left the cotton pad in place for twenty minutes and realised the pain of the abscess jad dissappeared. When I checked, it had burst! the pain relief is instant and you feel almost back to normal.

I am now writing this less than 12 hours later and I feel great. There is very little pain (only to touch) and hardly any swelling. The abscess is draining itself. I have been having warm baths to keep the area clean and speed up draining but overall Im feeling happy and relieved.

Please try this as it really does work! Be patient and brave no matter how hard it gets, and believe me, I know it gets hard! If u think about it, this is a logical remedy- the tumeric (an anti-oxidant) makes all the puss come to the surface, making the skin thin and the baking soda and salt (an acidic formula)  burns the thin layer of skin making a hole for the abscesss to drain.

Good luck ladies! You can do it xxx


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    Hi Rupyck, I wanted to first thank you for posting this remedy--I used it, along with a few others and was able to get my cyst to self rupture. I can't tell you the relief that I'm in, it's like being on a cloud. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Now that I'm in recovery, I'm wondering if you, or anyone who has experience this has some advice for how to care for it after post drainage / self rupture? I'm doing the usual sits baths and compresses, but want to help encourage complete drainage and keep it from infection so that it can heal as best as possible.

    Any advise is appreciated.

    Also, for anyone interested, I'm planned on telling my story in a new discussion.

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      Hi MadameDawn! Congratulations on draining that bi7chhhh successfully! For post drainage, I would keep the area clean and dry as possible. I also recommend not wearing any tight clothing, and try not to sit for too long while it heals. If you're home, try to take the pressure off the by leaning back or laying down.

      Also, to keep it disinfected without using harsh chemicals on such a delicate area, I would dilute some apple cider vinegar and apply it with a cotton pad, and let if air dry before putting your underwear back on. Another way to disinfect is 1 teaspoon of salt in a 500ml bottle of warm water, and to also apply with cotton pad and air dry before putting clothes back on.

      I hope this helps!

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    Is the turmeric really needed? I feel like coconut oil alone has antimicrobial effects. Or maybe the turmeric is used if the cyst is already big and painful, where it needs to come to head an pop.

    Right now I just noticed that I have one, I would say it's the size of a mini gum ball, or maybe half the size of a Lindor chocolate. This would be my second time having the cyst.

    The first time I had it, I would say it grew almost to the size of a lime. I tried the sitz bath numerous times, and tried to pop it myself before I ended up in the hospital to be put to sleep and have it drained. It was definitely the biggest relief EVER, but being sent home with a catheter in that area, how is it even possible to move around without holding it in place!?

    Learning from my own experience, and from reading everyone's stories here.. I think the best way to let it shrink to nothing or bring it to a head before it gets big and painful is to take the sitz bath daily, and treat it with the diluted apple cider vinegar, salt, the turmeric/coconut oil, whichever the remedy you choose.. I think the results will be good if we take action on it sooner than later.

    I'm so thankful I found this forum because it's something I'd rather not speak of amongst friends or family. I'm definitely gonna treat it with coconut oil daily, and if I have to, do the coconut oil and turmeric of it comes to that point 😬

    Wish me luck ladies, and I'll definitely send an update if my prevention method works. My plan literally is to shrink it before it needs to come to a head.

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    I'm fairly certain coconut oil is partially responsible for my cyst. Please make sure the oil you use isn't being used for anything else........Can confirm this method works great for infections, but can I use it for a cyst that.s just fluid?

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    i have dealt with these a few times theyve always been in the same location, however a new one popped up a couple days in the opposite side. ive had the same exact experiences youve had and decided to google home remedies and decided to try this one out. within minutes it popped! i couldnt believe it...thank you so very much!!!

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    After following this thread for the past month or so, I thought it was time that I contributed my experiences with treating the nightmare that it a Bartholin Cyst - I hope that my comments are of help to someone! About me: I am a healthy and active 27 year old. I eat a very low sugar, organic diet and have no underlying health conditions. I am in a committed relationship. I am also an academic / researcher (hence the long and detailed notes and my attempts to research every method going!!)

    I first noticed a small lump about 7 weeks ago and swiftly went to my GP who told me that it was not cancer (as the inexperienced me panicked it was) and that it was a Bartholin cyst. He advised me to start with salt baths and to try to avoid going down the route of surgery due to possible implications such as scarring, infection etc. He did say however that I would have to go to A&E as quickly as possible if it did turn into an abscess. Over the next few days I followed the advice of the salt baths but started doing more research on the Cyst. I did read that it could be caused by STIs and quickly booked for a Sexual Health test, which came back negative with no infections (just for those wrongly worrying that this might be the cause!). Over this time the lump started to get larger and harder - my suspicion is that this is an implication of the menstrual cycle as it also got larger prior to my next period. Consequently I started trying all of the home remedies that I could come across.

    Here are my notes (as followed sequentially).

    I continued to do 3/4 salt water baths everyday throughout the course of all of these remedies. I recommend that in the bath you try to massage the cyst, focussing specifically on the 'outer' edges of the cyst in an attempt to soften from the outside in rather than targeting the 'centre' of it.

    Apple Cider Vinegar dissolved in warm water: abraded the tender skin and caused irritation. Did not dissolve the cyst. Actually seemed to do very little to help.

    Phoebe's cure: Calamine lotion mixed with with hazel and tea tree oil placed . Some people say that this caused their cyst to drain through the opening to the gla

    Turmeric mixed with coconut oil: Very messy! Made the cyst larger and into more of a ball shape. I had read that this technique might cause the cyst to burst, which is what at the time I thought I wanted. Did not cause my cyst to burst.

    Bentonite clay mask mixed with a drop or two of tea tree oil: A less messy approach of the Turmeric remedy. Had read some experiences of this causing the cyst to come to a 'head' which would then pop. This again did not happen for me.

    At this point in time (about 10 days into the cyst's initial appearance), I was starting to give up on the idea of it going naturally and considered surgery. But then I also started to think about the long term impacts (plus no sex for at least 2 months) and changed my mind.

    Another thing I started to question was whether I really wanted the cyst to 'burst': what would the impact of this be? An open wound also has the risk of infection and a similar 'hole' to the problem of surgery. So, I decided to follow methods on tackling the cyst internally as I had read about certain supplements that could help.

    I also adopted something that I would really recommend - I moved on from Phoebe's cure by simply putting witch hazel and a few drops of teatree oil onto a cotton wool pad that I placed over the cyst, focussing on the opening to the duct. This caused some relief and I feel helped it to soften a little.

    10 days in to the cyst appearing - still large (about the size of a golf ball). Not painful, just unsightly.

    Purchased Silica 30c tablets. After 2 days of taking these noticed some small improvement of the size of the cyst.

    14 days in: Purchased Serapeptese tablets. These are quite expensive and hence I held back on buying them. Wish I had listened to advice sooner - they work! They have to be taken 3 times a day, on an empty stomach - so, 2 hours after eating and no food for 30 mins after (one good time I found was just before going to bed, or if you can manage it, to wake up at around 2 am and take one so that its really working on an empty stomach). Within 5 days of taking these there was a significant improvement. Within 9 days of taking these pills the cyst had shrunk to the size of a chickpea (so after 23 days)

    28 days in: I had two long sex sessions with my partner over 2 days following the end of my period - Unfortunately the cyst had swollen back up a bit after the 'chickpea' as I approached my period. We had remained intimate throughout the course of the cyst's appearance and I had noticed that it would swell significantly after sex, but would go down again after a salt bath). It undid EVERYTHING that I had done... the cyst started swelling exponentially - within 2 days it was back to the size of a golf ball. It was hard and painful to the extent that I nearly went to A&E - but thankfully held out and kept up the sitz baths.

    32 days in: in desperation (and pain) looked for more internal remedies. Came across the suggestion of Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, stronger (and more expensive) Silica Complex, Co-Enzyme Q10 - purchased all of these and started taking them in addition to the Serapeptase. Maintained also the salt baths.

    Also continued to (and this is important) place cotton wool pads doused in Witch Hazel over the entire area - sometimes I thought that there was discharge from the Bartholin duct opening onto the cotton wool pad. Try to keep these on all day and night.

    40 days in: an evident reduction in the size of the cyst. Down to the size of a small marble. Still quite hard, and extends across a large area, rather than being in a 'ball'. Massaging it in the salt baths and it is softer and more 'fluid'.

    49 (ish) days in (ie today): the cyst has pretty much gone! There is some slight swelling and can still feel the outer edges of what was the cyst but it is hardly noticeable and there is no lump at all.


    I will not get optimistic and think that the cyst is gone and stop following the treatments I have been following and which I think have worked for the next few weeks or so. I would recommend these. These are:

    • salt baths (now down to two a day) - my tip is to have a 'proper bath' morning and evening and letting the tub only fill up with about 5 cm before adding Epsom salts and sitting in it for 10 minutes prior to then filling up the rest of the bath - works then for cleaning yourself as well as treating the cyst
    • Serapeptase, Sillica Complex, Apple Cider Gummies (quite tasty actually) and Co-Enzyme Q10. Take as directed on the packaging. These are natural supplements and so I will maintain them in my diet. May drop the dosage now of the Serapeptase to two a day.
    • Witch Hazel on cotton wool pad to cover as much of the cyst as possible, focussing also on the duct opening. As said above, try to keep this on for as much of your day and night as possible.

    What I have found is that for me there is no 'miracle' overnight cure. I also realise that cures of popping etc. are not ideal and I would try to avoid them. I think that the best, even if most frustrating approach, is to accept that they will take time to heal, and to treat them as consistently and gently as possible. Try to heal them from the inside and outside. Use natural remedies and supplements. If you're not already healthy, make sure you try to eat more wholesome food. Try to avoid sex (or a lot of sex) while you're trying to cure the cyst. Accept that these horrible cysts come along for no explainable reason, and that with time they will hopefully go away.

    Phew! This feels like my PhD thesis! I have tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but if anyone has any questions, let me know. I really do hope that there is some information in all of the above that helps someone else out there.

    Much love to all.

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      i have tried almost all remedies on here except for the supplements you mentioned. i just ordered them. My cyst is not painful, but it is there. I had the first one drained and will not do that again. It's not hard. i am hoping that these supplements will fix it like they did for you.

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    Good God in Heaven, thank you Lord for sending this angel and letting her write about a home remedy THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!! THANK YOU!!

    Ladies, I have a reoccuring Batholin cyst that gets extremely big and EXTREMELY painful. Like y'all, I've tried EVERYTHING and really did not want to go back to the ER to get that agonizing, torturous drain procedure (the catheter always falls out within a couple of days anyways).

    I was desperate to say the least! I feel like i have tried every home remedy known to man kind and none of them worked - EXCEPT THIS ONE!! Praise Jesus, halleluah!!

    I tweaked it a little bit and this is what I did: I melted coconut oil until it was liquid, dabbed a cotton ball in the coconut oil until it was nice and soaked. Then, I dabbed the soaked cotton ball into the tumeric enough to where when I touched the cotton ball, it was nice and pasty. Then, I put the cotton ball where the hole should have been (as mentioned before, it is a chronically reoccurring cyst, so luckily I knew exactly where mine should be - but you can google for pictures of where yours should be).

    Mine had gotten to the size of an egg, which happens for me rather quickly - a matter of just a few days! The last one was the size of a small avocado before I ended up at the ER - so you can imagine how painful and desperate for relieve I was!

    I left the cotton ball overnight and, low and behold, I woke up when IT BURST!!

    Grateful is an understatement - THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!

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    I had mine for 3 days and on the 3rd night, I was ready to cry which I never do from pain but I couldn't sleep and found this forum. In the morning, I was going to go to the store to get all the ingredients but then I remembered that I had a heating pad. I normally use the heating pad on my back whenever I have my period so I gave it a shot and threw it in between my legs up to my groin area which actually made me sleep comfortably. I work from home so during the daytime, I did the same thing and put a heating pad in between my legs while i worked.

    i was still in pain but i had no choice and was Desperate to get any kind of relief. hours later I went to the bathroom and check and sure enough it started to look like it was ready to burst. maybe it’s because of the heat that made it go to the surface but it burst and what a sense of relief!! i was going to give up but I put a maxi pad on and went to dinner. Now im just letting in drain and but so far the pain level is at a 3.

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    so i am trying this now

    my cysts get bigger every tiem i get my period

    i have tried draining them many times

    i am now doing this formula. when i put on the tumeric, it didnt hurt at all.

    i hope this work. will keep you posted

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    Hi! I have my 2nd BC now, the first one was like 3 years ago and went away on its own with nothing. this one has been here for a week, super painful and is quite large (maybe a golf ball size after warm compresses). I am a little confused about where the gland actually is and am having trouble finding an answer. Should I be putting the mixture, like inside my vagina on the cyst there? or outside on my labia area. I havent been able to see a whitehead or gland so I am very confused and super frustrated with this pain!

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    i have tried almost everything. i have had my cyst for about a year and a half. It is not painful. It is just there. Witch Hazel made it bigger, Prid did nothing, Preparation H did nothing, and tea tree oil did nothing. Hot compresses and sitz baths also do nothing. tumeric and coconut oil only made a mess. Does anyone else have ideas?

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