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Hello ladies, I am writing to share my story with you and my amazing home remedy that actually works! After nearly three years of suffering from these horrible, nasty, painful monsters, I finally found a cure.

I had my first abcsess at 25, it was excrutiating pain and went to the size of a tennis ball. I tried all the advice on the internet (sitz baths, hot compresses etc), none of these worked and I eventually had the marsupilaziton surgery (which for some people, is a permanent cure). It was uncomfortable and I was in hospital for around 10 days.

My second one came up around 6 months later, again extremely painful. I was admitted into hospital for surgery again but fortunately, it decided to burst itself in the night whilst in the hospital. I was discharged the next morning and was pain free.

A few months later, another one decides to pay a visit. So as usual, I go to hospital, which by this time, the gynae doctors are familiar with me. The doctor examines me and says it is not as big as the first two and that if I want, I can have it drained there and then. Obviously, this would mean that I would be awake throughout the procedure but also that it will be a quick fix and can go home the same day. I choose to have this and with a bit of numbing cream and squeezing of my moms hand, the abcsess is drained. 

This procedure is painful, but NO WHERE NEAR AS PAINFUL AS HAVING THE ABSCESS! When you are desperate, you will do anything to make it go!

A year and a half passes by (present time) and my 4th one arrives. I went to the hospital within hours of feeling that familiar pain. it was not as large as it had been but I wanted to nip it in the bud asap before it got to that size and that horrendous level. The doctors turned me away twice over two days and said that they cannot do anything as it still isnt big enough to operate on. 

Absolutely distressed, in pain and physically drained, I went home, where me and my mom frantically googled other peoples home remedy ideas, desperate to find a cure. We kept coming across a remedy involving,tumeric powder, coconut oil, baking soda and sea salt.

First, I mixed tumeric powder with the cocunut oil, to make a paste. This bought all the puss to the surface of the abscess, making it almost triple in size and the skin layer very thin, almost ready to pop. i left it on for approxamatley 2 hours. it does get very painful and uncomfortable but u can see that it it is ready to burst. A few painkiller kept the pain tolerable. Once it looks ike it is about to burst, mix the baking soda and salt in some water and dab on with a coton pad. I left the cotton pad there, held in pace with my underwear and sanitary towel. 

Baking soda and salt are supposed to burn the skin. So when the skin is very thin, it shouldnt take much for it to tare which will lead to the abcess draining.

i left the cotton pad in place for twenty minutes and realised the pain of the abscess jad dissappeared. When I checked, it had burst! the pain relief is instant and you feel almost back to normal.

I am now writing this less than 12 hours later and I feel great. There is very little pain (only to touch) and hardly any swelling. The abscess is draining itself. I have been having warm baths to keep the area clean and speed up draining but overall Im feeling happy and relieved.

Please try this as it really does work! Be patient and brave no matter how hard it gets, and believe me, I know it gets hard! If u think about it, this is a logical remedy- the tumeric (an anti-oxidant) makes all the puss come to the surface, making the skin thin and the baking soda and salt (an acidic formula)  burns the thin layer of skin making a hole for the abscesss to drain.

Good luck ladies! You can do it xxx


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    hi ladies, fellow BC suffers

    just wanted to pop on here to tell you that the turmeric and coconut oil paste worked for me.

    Ive suffered with BC's for the last 20+ years. Im 39!!!

    Ive lost count of how many Ive had. anyway, cyst started on Sunday morning, always have anti biotics with me just in case so started taking them straight away.

    Cust abscessed yesterday, Monday, so knowing what was ahead of me, tried the turmeric and coconut oil as a desperate measure.

    put it on yesterday afternoon and did notice it reduced but was back to full size of a peach again this morning.

    Made the paste a bit stronger and it had burst an hour later. I would strongly recommend this to any of you suffering. 1 tablespoon of turmeric and a small bit of coconut oil, mix to a paste and push right up inside you!!!!

    good ladies

    Denise ❤

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      i used 1 tablespoon of turmeric and added a small amount of coconut oil

      mix it to a paste

      the first one i did was not strong enough so maybe try less turmeric for your first time an if it doesn't work use more until it works

      hope it helps you



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    praying this works.!! Ive had the turmeric paste on for a hour now.. not sure if i did it right.! it looks pasty but once applied its more so runny. But I do feel some discomfort meaning its working right?? this is my 3/4 day with BC Im just ready for it to be over

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    So im back and THANK GOD IT WORKED.!!!! I applied it twice the first time for 2 hrs then again for a hour and a half and it burst.. I didnt even need to use the baking soda and sea salt..! Ive tried so many things tea tree oil, sitz baths, warm towels etc. I cant count how many times ive had a BC.... Now I know what to do

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    Hi ladies like many of you I never write on forums.

    TRY THIS BEFORE YOU BURN YOUR LABIA with the turmeric & coconut paste/baking soda salt process, which never worked for me! (skip down the the other cap lock words to get to the nitty gritty!)

    I noticed the robins eggs sized BC a few months back after having sex. I at the time didn't know what it was, definitely freaked me out, but after a few days it went away.

    Flash forward to my first round of fertility treatments and after all of the ultrasounds, an HSG and IUI the BC was back. This time to stay. I called the fertility clinic and told them I had a lump the size of a robins egg and the woman said sorry hun it sounds like you have a BC and need to have it drained. I immediately started looking through the internet and found this thread.

    Friday I made the coconut & turmeric paste. I reapplied 2x and left it on over night. Saturday I applied the paste throughout the day, I did a few hot water sitz baths with Himalayan sea salt but still no head. I also dampened a paper towel and put a heating pad on for some pain relief, since pain meds weren't an option for me while waiting to see if I was pregnant. (Also left the coconut & turmeric paste on over night). Sunday I was like, ok I'm attacking this thing! Turmeric & coconut with a heating pad & left it on for the duration of a movie, then baking soda and water paste (that burned so bad for the first 15 mins, left it on for 30). I did this 4 more times and all it did was make it more painful and burned some skin off the already sensitive area. I went to bed with the coconut/turmeric paste & heating pad. I woke up & STILL NOTHING!

    Monday, yesterday I ordered what SENI mentioned:PRID HOMEOPATHIC DRAWIN SALVE, ( it was still for sale in Walmart for $5 dollars ) I put it on throughout the day, I dried the area and applied the paste with my finger, then put a little more on gauze and covered the whole BC. It is super sticky! After 2 hrs I noticed the pain subsided, it never burst, but started to shrink. I reapplied throughout the day and the pain almost went away completely! I left it on overnight with a heating pad & when I woke up this am (Tuesday) the BC is now half the size ot was yesterday, so I reapplied and have no pain!

    I also ordered the loose leaf tea that erika82655 mentioned. She followed this process: https://patient.info/forums/discuss/tea-brew-only-permanent-solution-that-worked-for-me-616594

    and I plan on drinking a whole pot when it comes Wednesday. She said it keeps her BCs at from reoccurring!

    The Pride homeopathic paste worked for me as well and soothed the area I burnt the sh@t out of. For those of you that had no luck like me this works and for those of you who don't want to burn skin off and pop the BC please try this first. It really is soothing and not painful. I almost dismissed SENI's post, but knew I didn't want to pay someone to burst or surgically remove it.

    I hope this helps someone out there! Thank you so much for this forum!! It helped me so much.


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    thats all i can say right now!!!!!

    this stupid cyst has been torturing me and my sex life for too long

    i am just so happy and grateful for this post

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    I cant thank you enough for this remedy you gave out. Today was day 4 in pain when boom it popped open. I repeated the remedy back to back as much as I could yesterday and also used apple cider vinegar along with tea tree oil. I felt some type of relief walking to my car on break time and saw that all the nasty from the inside of the cyst had came out. Thank you Thank you Thank youuuuu.

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    At this moment it burst like omg , i couldnt stop crying of joy , it was so painful literally traumatize for life and never want to get this again . Thank you , it takes long for me it was 12 hours but still thank youuuuu!

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    WOW!!!! Testimony time!!!!!

    I got home yesterday and was in great pain from this evil cyst. It had swollen and covered both vaginal lips and it was hard to urinate or even wipe the pink zone. So I decided to help myself via Google. I searched for home remedies for it and saw a page where over 100 women were battling with it for years(this wonderful forum). The shared experience and remedy of mixing turmeric and coconut oil into a paste and Appling to the area for some hours after which salt and baking soda in water and dabbed the area then left it pasted in for two hours with cotton wool was worth trying And their testimony of how it busted afterwards and was draining puss. I decided to try same so I did the same thing overnight and by midnight the pain was out of this world. I woke up and applied the baking soda and salt and by morning I no get myself. So I took a mirror and checked the pink zone and lo,it was very tender. One touch and poom,it busted and was draining puss ;smelly puss. I pressed till bad blood was coming out. Though there's still a small lump there, it's almost totally gone and the pink zone is flat again. Turmeric works wonders ooo. I used with olive oil since there's no coconut oil available. Using shea butter to massage the zone at intervals.. I am fully relieved. Hallelujah!!!!!! i hope it doesn't rear it's ugly head again.

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      I am directly replying to you because you are the most recent comment.

      I am so nervous to do these home remedies as I am not even sure if what I have is the same as everyone. I am currently trying to avoid hospitals due to Covid. I am in Canada and we arent doing so well here.

      About a week ago, I felt an irritation down there, but not painful at first. Within the next couple of days I noticed a lump, small and a little painful. 2 days later and it grew significantly and is soooo sore, I can barely move. It is currently 3am and I am in the bath. I want to try this tumeric powder and coconut oil, but need some clarification that I do indeed have a Bartholin Cyst. The lump is about the size of a ping pong ball, maybe a tad smaller, and right in my inner lip, pushing against my labia. It is closer to my clitoris than it is my pee hole. It is super red, and pushing against my labia and my lip.

      Thank you!

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      So this is actually my 10th Bartholin cyst since 2017. I got the surgery done last January, 2020, and this is the first time it has came back after a whole year. its deep inside and I feel like nothing is bringing it to a head. someone pls help me ! this pain is depressing

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      Mine wasn't by my pee hole either, but sine it swells so much it most likely will feel like the cyst is s little higher! this remedy worked for me and saved me from so much pain and also going to the ER! i would try it out its worth it! it will sting a little when you put the salt and baking soda and water on the cyst, but its worth it!

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