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Hello ladies, I am writing to share my story with you and my amazing home remedy that actually works! After nearly three years of suffering from these horrible, nasty, painful monsters, I finally found a cure.

I had my first abcsess at 25, it was excrutiating pain and went to the size of a tennis ball. I tried all the advice on the internet (sitz baths, hot compresses etc), none of these worked and I eventually had the marsupilaziton surgery (which for some people, is a permanent cure). It was uncomfortable and I was in hospital for around 10 days.

My second one came up around 6 months later, again extremely painful. I was admitted into hospital for surgery again but fortunately, it decided to burst itself in the night whilst in the hospital. I was discharged the next morning and was pain free.

A few months later, another one decides to pay a visit. So as usual, I go to hospital, which by this time, the gynae doctors are familiar with me. The doctor examines me and says it is not as big as the first two and that if I want, I can have it drained there and then. Obviously, this would mean that I would be awake throughout the procedure but also that it will be a quick fix and can go home the same day. I choose to have this and with a bit of numbing cream and squeezing of my moms hand, the abcsess is drained. 

This procedure is painful, but NO WHERE NEAR AS PAINFUL AS HAVING THE ABSCESS! When you are desperate, you will do anything to make it go!

A year and a half passes by (present time) and my 4th one arrives. I went to the hospital within hours of feeling that familiar pain. it was not as large as it had been but I wanted to nip it in the bud asap before it got to that size and that horrendous level. The doctors turned me away twice over two days and said that they cannot do anything as it still isnt big enough to operate on. 

Absolutely distressed, in pain and physically drained, I went home, where me and my mom frantically googled other peoples home remedy ideas, desperate to find a cure. We kept coming across a remedy involving,tumeric powder, coconut oil, baking soda and sea salt.

First, I mixed tumeric powder with the cocunut oil, to make a paste. This bought all the puss to the surface of the abscess, making it almost triple in size and the skin layer very thin, almost ready to pop. i left it on for approxamatley 2 hours. it does get very painful and uncomfortable but u can see that it it is ready to burst. A few painkiller kept the pain tolerable. Once it looks ike it is about to burst, mix the baking soda and salt in some water and dab on with a coton pad. I left the cotton pad there, held in pace with my underwear and sanitary towel. 

Baking soda and salt are supposed to burn the skin. So when the skin is very thin, it shouldnt take much for it to tare which will lead to the abcess draining.

i left the cotton pad in place for twenty minutes and realised the pain of the abscess jad dissappeared. When I checked, it had burst! the pain relief is instant and you feel almost back to normal.

I am now writing this less than 12 hours later and I feel great. There is very little pain (only to touch) and hardly any swelling. The abscess is draining itself. I have been having warm baths to keep the area clean and speed up draining but overall Im feeling happy and relieved.

Please try this as it really does work! Be patient and brave no matter how hard it gets, and believe me, I know it gets hard! If u think about it, this is a logical remedy- the tumeric (an anti-oxidant) makes all the puss come to the surface, making the skin thin and the baking soda and salt (an acidic formula)  burns the thin layer of skin making a hole for the abscesss to drain.

Good luck ladies! You can do it xxx


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    It is Friday July 9th 2021. This morning my Bartholins cyst popped. Heres my story.

    I had my first one in May 2021. Being unfamiliar i was a total wreck. Not knowing what this was and why i got it i freaked out.

    After much research and google i became familiar and went to my normal GP for antibiotics and pain meds. Thinking it would go away. But hell no. It got more painful more uncomfortable and I was in tears every day whole day. My mom stays to far from me so I went through this with my partner who was an absolute angel and a big support.

    After a few days i decided to go to a family physician to drain my cyst. This was an experience on another level. My mom came with me. Thank God. The Dr used no numbing cream or anesthesia. I literally felt every cut burn squeeze incision. And i screamed so badly.

    But that instant pain relief was so worth it but would i do it again no.

    A month later my 2nd cyst arrives. Knowing what i went through the first time i knew i needed to prepare myself. I got my Epsom salt for sitz baths. I went to my local clinic (i was not prepared to pay R2000 like i did the first time again) who gave me strong antibiotics. Im on 2 400mg of antibiotics 5 times a day for 2 weeks as well as 2 penicillin injections. So i knew i was set and needed to be patient. Pain was there discomfort was there but i made myself as comfortable as possible and just waited. I did sitz baths twice a day. Took my antibiotics as prescribed and kept as calm as possible. I felt like this was me preparing for a home birth lol.

    The Dr did say a Bartholin cyst is early signs of cervical cancer especially if you get it more than once in a short space of time. Also mine is being treated as a viral genital infection.

    2 days after penicillin injections and antibiotics and sitz baths my cyst popped. Instant pain relief.

    Now i am keeping it clean with sitz baths. Checking all the time. Home drainage is a longer process but so much more manageable.

    It is very messy so I keep the area as clean as possible and change my sanitary towel often.

    I do need to know like when will i know everything is out and gone. Should i pop in at my clinic for a check up after 2 weeks?

    I hope you all find what works for you. And I wish you strength. Because this is no joke what we are going through.

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    Currently sitting here with the tumeric paste on. Fingers crossed it works. I've tried everything else. I'm worn out getting these cysts . Will update if it works.

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    i am in the same stiuation as you....it not painful at

    all..would also like to know if there is any remedies that can make it disappear..

    please share if you do find a solution.

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    hi ladies! i have had a painless bartholin cyst for 2 months! i have tried everything to get jt to go away. ive had one before and witch hazel and warm compress made it go away without popping. when this one popped up it was a little painful and it slowly got smaller until i thought it was gone. i then had sexual intercourse and it swelled again. ive used witch hazel, tea trea oil, sitz baths, ive also tried just using tumeric and coconut oil but it didnt seem to do much, and ive tried prid. i do not want to go go the doctor as everything ive read said that theyll just drain it and it will come back or wont do anything since its not causing pain. Any suggestions to what to do? has this worked for anyone else with an unabcessed cyst?

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    guys it works even for small or big cyst , my took atleast 15 hours to pop since it didnt have a head but this remedy its not a scam, so if u have a cyst just do it !

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    Hi ladies! im 23 and it hasnt even been a year since i had my first BA... im now on my 4th. i typically get then right before my period and i have tried EVERYTHING to get it to pop on its own. ive never had any luck. i do my sitz baths and heating pads and my dr proscribed my cephalex and it has done nothing. Im looking into trying this but how do you guys apply it? Im scared of irritating it even more. Do i apply on the outside of the labia or like in? Yikes help

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    Hi friends,

    The number of times I have read through this thread is one time too many. This cyst is a nightmare. My first was when I was 22 and left my calling my

    mother bawling in pain. I'm now 32 and just experienced my 6th one and it brings me here, yet again. I have had 5 ER visits to have them drained. I have even wasted money going to urgent care to have them turn me away because they supposedly couldn't help. The 6th one though, I wasn't going down without a fight. Sitz baths never worked for me before. I added epsom salt, essential oils and nothing. I've used PRID and nothing. I was really hopeful that one would work too. Warm compresses, didn't help either. So, I was determined this time around. I got 100% tea tree oil, witchhazel, tumeric, coconut oil, 4x4 gauze, and a whole lot of courage.

    My cyst reared its ugly face so I slapped a gauze with witchhazel and tea tree oil on it for two days, changing it periodically. This angered it, but was still bare-able, and I could see a tiny head forming, but didn't get too excited. The 3rd day I went in with the tumeric and coconut oil. Mixed it into a paste, put it on a gauze and shoved it up there. I then took a nap with a heating pad for a couple hours. I awoke with a wanting to call my mother pain again. Not backing down this time, I took a peek with a mirror to assess the enemy. I could see the head had gotten larger. Progress! I then drew a hot bath to clean out the mess of the tumeric paste. It was not pleasant and very uncomfortable, but needed. I then put tea tree oil on a gauze and winced as I laid back down with the heating pad. The pain increased quickly. The enemy was closing in. I was losing strength. Bawling and scared I called my bf and asked him to come get me to take me to the ER. Shout out to him for being so supportive and encouraging. As I was getting dressed and went to put on my coat, all of a sudden I felt warmth, the enemy retrieved!! It BURST!!!! I had won.

    Things I have noticed that contribute to my cyst reforming in the past is not keeping up on a healthy diet, too many processed foods and sugars at once. Intercourse, that is too rough too quick without proper lubrication. As well as, a UTI infection or yeast imbalance. Then, as soon as I have a period where one of these conditions have occured, bam, a cyst. I have come to the conclusion that I need to be more diligent on prevention. I plan on keeping my diet in check, using proper lubrication and supplementing with tumeric for the plethora of healthy benefits that it has and help keep my body balanced. Should the cyst return, I will have no choice but to seek surgery. I simply cannot allow it to hinder me any longer.

    Should you take the approach I did to relieve your cyst, all I have to say is to remain strong. It will get worse before it gets better, but be patient and trust your beautiful body. This condition is hard on your feminine heart, but there's nothing wrong with you and you are still a lovely woman. Much love!!!

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      Thanks for sharing your story. I think I experience the same. My cyst turns into an abscess when my diet involves a lot of processed and sugary food. Did you feel that the groin lymph node close to the abscess hurt a little bit because of the infection? just for future reference, what method is PRID? Thanks! Good luck!

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    Thank you so much for sharing this home remedy. IT REALLY WORKS! i dont usually write in public forum but i would like to thank this amazing support group because only we know how we feel when we get this bartholin abscess. i got this cyst for the first time around few years ago. shortly after it turned into an abscess. i went into the ER to have it lanced. it was extremely painful even though it was such a relieve. since the catheter fell out the next day, a new duct was never formed. a few months later, the abscess came back, i was crying again because of the excrutiating pain. i tried some home remedies but i couldnt wait any longer so i ended up going into the ER again. the abscess burst when i went to pee after waiting for 5 hours at the ER. so i went home. i realized that the recovery was so much easier when it burst on its own than having it lanced.

    a few months later i got the abscess again. since i felt that the recovery is easier when it bursts on its own and also resting at home is way better than waiting in the ER, i decided to stick with home remedies this time. first i started with the phoebes cure recipe the first 2 days (tea tree oil + witch hazel+calamine lotion) and sitz bath (apple cider vinegar or epsom salt) cycle: 3-4 times / day. on the third day i followed the home remedy recipe in this forum (tumeric paste for 2 hours to draw the pus to the surface then baking soda and salt paste). cycle: 3-4 times a day. i let the skin rest and breath in between. after 2-3 rounds of application, my abscess grew to the size of an egg and the abscess really burst when i gently placed the baking soda and salt cotton pad on. and some dark brown pus immediately leaked and dripped down. it drained. my cyst redeveloped after awhile but it hasnt turned into an abscess for a few years.

    long story short, i just broke another egg sized abscess about an hour ago after 1 day of mild pain, 1 day of moderate pain and 1 day of excrutiating pain (couldnt sleep because it hurt when i switch positions, couldnt sit up straight, painful when i stand up from sitting down vice versa). i did the exact same recipe. on day 3, i started the tumeric paste recipe. when it grew to the size of an egg and reached the extremely painful state. you will feel some itch. use a soaked cotton pad with baking soda and salt (no need to dissolve the salt completely i think that might have helped creating the hole) to gently rub when the itch is. then abscess will burst. do it gently as it shouldnt take much to break when it is ready. otherwise it wont break no matter what you do.

    as mentioned by some of the amazing people in this group, just be patient you can do it!! this recipe helped me twice already, please try! good luck and thank you so much again everyone!

    i will continue to sitz bath and eat less sugary food for the next few days hopefully to clear the infection. the abscess/infection is causing some pain in the nearby groin lymph node. anyone else felt that?

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    i did it today i was in so much pain . I've been getting these whenever i have intercourse and dont use lube i got one yesterday and today it was so painful i stumbled on this fourm and went out to buy the items.

    at first i melted the coconut oil and mixed it with the tumeric but it didnt seem to have an effect. then i realized it needed to be a paste not milky. so i just mixed the coconut oil again with the tumeric made a paste and placed a nice size amount on a cotton swab and put it on the effected area . it took about 1-2hrs for it to burst and i felt instant relief. i didnt even have to use baling soda or salt . i am so grateful for this home remedy it is a staple for me now

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    I can't explain the pain i have been facing with BC. I had my first one in may,2022 and it popped itself after using phoboes cure, sitz bath, turmeric application. I also made a powder form of aspirin and mixed it with warm water to make a paste and applied in on the cyst for 30 mintues, bath tub with epsom salt and warm water and washed the area. it burst after four days of pain. Then, I got one last friday , 26 aug,2022 . it was golf ball size and I did the same cures I did last time but it was almost 8 days and it was not ready to pop. I was is extreme pain, crying and trying to get a appointment for doc but nothing seemed reachable.On next friday, I sterlized a safety pin, tried making a hole and so that it could drain but it did not seem to work. I almost lost hope and stuck with sitting in hot bath. It was the only thing giving me relief. I filled bath tub with hot water as hot I could tolerate added 3 handfulls of epsom salt and sat for 10 mintues. I took a nap after that. I repeated it after two hours. and then took a nap again. after 3 hours, I woke up to go to the bathroom and as I was wiping i noticed blood on the tiolet paper. I wasnt sure if it was the blood from the hole i made so I decided to take another hot bath. Then before going to bed I applied prid on it and hoped it pops. After some time, I noticed something leaking from the hole I made in the morning. I still wasnt sure if its from the cyst. when i checked after some time I saw another hole and drainage from bottom of the cyst( same spot from where it drained last time) . Now I am waiting it to completely drain by itself after 18 hours and it is 75% drained. I am looking forward to getting some ayurvedic treatment for it to cure permanently. it will pass ladies even though it seems not easy.

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    im hoping someone can help me.

    ive got my 1st cyst and by god its sore!

    it doesn't feel huge but I've used warm compress and sitz baths and I noticed on Sunday it started draining but slowly.

    is there anything I can do to hurry the process along as the pain is still there and I'm taking all the painkillers I possibly can.

    Help please!

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    i specially created an account on this website to thank your method. i read this post by 6:30pm and applied tumiric powder and castor oil with tea tree oil, the discomfort increased and i couldnt even walk. after 3 hours i applied the second mixture as suggested and within 12 hours my cyst burst.

    thank you it worked

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