Hospital admission an option?

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Hi all

I am in such bad shape but I'm considering asking my doctor to put me in the hospital so that they can get this under control. The itching the burning the bleeding the everything that goes along with this is interrupting my life. I do have an appointment with a good guy now on the 17th of this month. I don't know if I can wait that long. No doctor has offered me anything for pain. I have been using barriers to like desenex and something that I can't pronounce called caliseptine something like that. So I need advice from all you wonderful people. Has anyone ever been hospitalized for this. It is taking over my life. Help

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    Marilyn! so sorry.... have you been taking any ibuprofen for the pain?  Silly me, I couldn't believe I never thought of that for weeks until one night ( its been months ago for me now.. BUT it was a perfect for 3 days and then I felt much better when I stopped it.  

    ALSO, I just learned by accident a few days ago, that the standard over the counter hydrocortizone cream ( that we usually think of for insect bites - which I got stung)  is also approved for external anal and feminine itching! wow.  

    You might give those a try. Oh, but the directions do say to not use it IF a woman has a vaginal discharge

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    the problem is..

    most Drs. dont know alot about LS

    .....and treatment is hit or miss......everyone's body reacts differently to different drugs and products. Basically, over time, we figure out what works for us as individuals .....

    I did find a Specialist in Annapolis, Md, and a Dermatologist specializing in female issues. I no longer itch, or feel constantly inflamed.....their are flare ups, but can be controlled....

    a few basics are only cotton underwear, wash that area with water (I use a hand held shower wand and only luke warm water)

    try to eat Gluten Free. I know from experience that is A Huge Help! google celiac disease for guidance....

    Usually Clobetisol (a steroid perscription drug) is prescribed morning and night application for 3 to 6 months for a case like yours, and a source like pure coconut oil (a healing agent also), Emuaid max, YES VM (a vaginal moisturizer that can be either water based or oil based) ....even Crisco works, to keep the area moist at ALL times....

    Your appointment is less than two weeks.....I would get Cortizone 10 ointment (not cream) at the drug store NOW, apply at least morning and night, get a squirt bottle (like hospitals give patients for clean up)...use it Every Time you pee, blot, not wipe dry, and apply a moisturizer

    ....given the severity of your symptoms, I would apply the Cortizone 10 ointment morning and night, use the Emuaid Max as a moisturizer exclusively, then add the pure coconut oil and the YES VM (both Emuaid and the YES VM can be ordered from

    Hopefully you will find the Inching reduced or gone in a few days, and the Emuaid first I thought it was burning, but no that was different, but very soothing....almost like putting out a fire!

    You are not alone! I and other are here to help, sympathize and support!

    Now get that Cortizone 10 Ointment and moisturizers and FEEL BETTER!


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    Marilyn- I’m so sorry to hear that you are suffering so much! 😢

    I was diagnosed June 11 and ised Emuaid Maxx for 10 days, then switched to Emuaid regular. While recovering from 6 biopsy sites I put Mwdline Soothe and cool moisture barrier on after every bathroom trip, put emuaid on after every trip to bathroom and all itch and pain were gone within 14 days. I stopped sugar, most carbs, eat low oxalate diet and sat in baking soda bath ( 1/2 cup) to soothe. Now I can use a little coconut oil and I’m good to go. 

    I hope some of these suggestions help you! Don’t get too discouraged, stress does not help! 

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      Thank you all so much for your sage advice.  I must have had LS for a few years, but was just diagnosed last December.  My family doc referred me to a proctologist and he is the one who did the biopsy and then sent me to a special dermatologist who gave me steroid cream, which did not work.  I then got double pneumonia which had me hospitalized for a month but I applied the creams the entire time.  I am tearing at the anus and the buttocks and the vulva area is so itchy and burning and throbbing.  It is taking over my whole life.  I have an appt. on the 17th of this month with a really good general gyno who was referred to me by an uro/gyn. And then I have an appt with a Special vaginitis gyn.  I couldn't get an appt. until February.  This is all complicated by upcoming things in my life.  I am an actor and director and have a important audition coming up on the 23 of august.  If i get the part, it will mean intense rehearsals and I am set to direct a play that goes up in January.  This has me stressed out to the point of taking zanex.  

      I know I am rambling, so forgive me.  I am 71 years old and don't want to hang it up yet.  Still plenty of life to live.   The uro/gyn told me I have occlusion and will need surgery but cannot do it until this flare up goes into remission.  She also asked me if I intend to be sexually active.  If the answer is yes, she will open me up all the way.  If the answer is no, she will make sure that my urethra is exposed so that I can urinate. 

      I am petrified.


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      Okay - so got it - Marilyn you need serious antistress help ASAP! smiles. I'm 72 and working on a book (15 years now) but luckily at home so I don't have your amazing life - or the stress of performing right now. I too realized in december that I had this and it started with the anus tears (which I thought was from having eaten something too acidy - little did I know). 

      SO at Christmas I thought I wouldn't be able to go visit my daughter and 2 year old grandson; oh god I did it anyway... but just in the nick of time I found this site and found only one article - which mentioned Vitamin D - so I hurriedly got a bottle and kept downing them.  It made Christmas bearable. 

      Then I got home (4 hours away across state in mountains of North Carolina) and read and read here for 4 days solid, with only 4 hours sleep a night. Women from 3 , 4, 6 years ago mentioned magnesium; another MSM, another Lycine, another acupuncture. IT was the one who gave up on clob and went to a Naturopath who mentioned the healing from Vitamin D that the Naturopath put her on. These are women who figured something out and then never came back! they must have gotten fabulous relief and went on with their lives.  

      Well I just had to do the deeper research - but are they safe; how much ; how long? is there scientific evidence?  and most of all, WHAT ARE THE CO-FACTORS that would make each of these 'safe'? i.e. many supplements have a known specific ratio between one or two others. 

      The upshot of that are my two articles and a couple drafts that you can download from my name on the right side in the discussion area. 

      Marilyn, if you have time in your stress days to read the 17 pages, you'll be in a position to NOT have stress when the upcoming meetings and auditions are. 

      I didn't even get clobesetol because my social security budget  would not support the non-insurance covered $180.... but a week or so later after getting some of this intel under my belt I realized I'd rather "eat beans"  than continue to put up with the pain.  I think i started with about $90 of what seemed the most critical and then added others in the next budget month. some of them last 2 months so it's been bearable. 

      Here's another one that I haven't reposted in ages.. but I think it makes it easier to decide what to buy... THOUGH i just spent a bit of time posting the exact amounts for someone last night.. where is that... If I post that again, the admin guy will hold it back a few hours or day all over again.. so let find it. 

      OH, by the by, when I was in as much distress as you I took 15,000 iu of D3 perfectly well. and only reduced it sometime later AFTER seeing my doctor who said that was fine ( he had recently diagnosed me with hypothyroidism and THAT implies LOW thyroid as well.  USe you intuition YOu will NOT harm yourself in a month until you have time to find a knowledgeable medical person. OH, and if you can afford the Vitamin A at the same time then you won't have to worry at all. they complement each other as you'll see. (always 3 to 4 times as much D).

      Be well, my Uncle was an actor director in NY for years worked with Al Pacino - they drove each other crazy. 

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      I know the borax may sound extreme but was so inflamed and could not even think about getting in a relationship but after I found the post about borax and started usinusing it I could tell the difference in a week. I now have sex and it doesn't hurt. You just have to stick with it every day. Also do your best not to STRESS it will make things so much worse. Good luck with your new dr's I hope everything works out. I wish dr's would really want to focus more on finding a cure. This is a problem growing very rampant.

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    Marilyn have you tried borax? It has done wonders for me. I use a teaspoon diluted in a luke warm sitz bath and sit for 20 minutes once day. No flare ups in a year. I was skeptical to try it but it worked for me. I hope you get relief soon. Good luck!
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    I'm sorry to hear you have it this bad. I've not been hospitalized. When things were bad I did end up taking time off work. Cold compresses helped me when the pain was bad as well as some over the counter pain medication (tylenol etc). Are you moisturizing? This is important. I like emu aid as I find it soothing. Also, do not use the steroid any more than you have been prescribed. You can make things worse which ends up in a terrible cycle as you keep using it and get into a rebound situation where each time it wears off it gets worse. A yeast infection often goes hand in hand with LS. The times that I have been the reddest, sorest and itchiest it was actually a yeast infection and not LS. It wasn't a typical yeast infection with discharge, the infection was solely on the vulva. I ended up using some Canesten and quite soon the itching began to subside. 

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