How I Beat Pityriasis Rosea in 2 Weeks- Tips!

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Hi Guys!

If you're reading this, you must have been diagnosed with pityriasis rosea. If you're anything like me, you've probably spent the last few days obsessively reading about it on the web. If you're disappointed by what you've seen (the rash lasting for years, being super painful, etc) then keep on reading! I managed to clear mine up by 90% within the first two weeks of having it.

The day before I noticed the rash, I thought I had a stomach flu. I had just come off a month-long cold and was feeling so nauseous I threw up multiple times. This is part of the virus- it's normal to feel sick in some way before its appearance. My manifestation was like the flu- aches, vomiting, etc. The next morning, I woke up and found myself covered in little spots. I had noticed a few on my back the night before, but I figured they were just bites of some sort. When I looked in the mirror the next morning, however, I was horrified- they were all around my stomach and my back and they were super itchy. I immediately went to the clinic, where I spent the next few hours basically watching the rash spread down my arms. When I finally saw a doctor, they had no clue what it was- they told me it was either Hand, Foot and Mouth disease or chicken pox. They sent me to a dermatologist to be sure so off I went.

Within 10 seconds she diagnosed me with pityriasis rosea. DISCLAIMER: she said I had an atypical case. I had no herald patch (although in the next few days I would develop 4-5 hearld patch looking spots) and the rash had come on super quickly. Relieved it wasn't chicken pox, I asked her how long it would last- and she told me MONTHS. At this point I basically wanted to die and I left her office holding back tears. When I got home, I literally spent the next 48 hours alternating between crying and looking up this awful rash. What I saw stressed me out even more- people saying their rash had lasted years, spread to their faces, was ruining their lives, etc. What I noticed, however, was that many of these people had put off seeing a doctor or had gotten misdiagnosed. I figured that my best chance of beating this thing was treating it as quickly and aggressively as possible.

Let me just say- I had one of the worst cases I've read about. By the fourth day I was literally covered from the top of my neck down to my toes. Nothing was spared- not my feet, not my hands, not my scalp, not my 'lady parts' and i even had some on the inside of my mouth. I was literally polka-dotted with these big, blotchy red things. It was also EXTREMELY itchy, I wanted to crawl out of my skin and I could barely sleep. It was so depressing that I couldn't even look in the mirror. Honestly, I don't think you can understand how bad this makes you feel until you have it yourself. I could hardly look at myself without crying.

That first night, however, I had to do something (I couldn't just sit around and watch it get worse!) so I went out and bought my first weapon: Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength shampoo (blue bottle, orange liquid). I applied it dry on my body 1-2 times a day and rinsed it off in the shower about 10 minutes after.  After a few days of this I just used it as a body wash, although I would let it sit for about 5 minutes before washing it off. This would temporarily make the rash bright red which was kind of depressing, but it would also stop the itching for a while and by the next day the rash was already starting to look better.

Then it was on to the second step. I had read so much about tanning being a miracle cure that I decided, against my anti-tanning bed morals, to give it a shot. Of course my dermatologist advised me not to (which doctor would??) but I refused to live with this rash for the next several months. Over the next week and a half I went every second day- starting at first with 5 minutes in the lowest UV ray bed and gradually going up to 6 minutes on a medium bed. The rash would be extra itchy and red immediately after tanning, but by the second visit I noticed an improvement. I honestly think that this is what helped me the most.

Third attack- I applied Zinc Oxide 40% to my body every night. It can be found as a diaper rash cream. I honestly don't know if this worked, but it helped with the itching and also made my skin look paler, which in turn made the rash look better which helped my stress levels.

NOTE: I also used aveeno intensive moisturizer, with oatmeal. This really helped with the itching- I get that it's a bit counter-intuitive as we want to dry out the rash, but don't worry, that's not what it's moisturizing. It was honestly hard for me to even touch my body when it was looking so disgusting, but it was worth it in the end.

I also took vitamin C and rubbed the soles of my feet with tea tree oil, along with drinking loads of water, fruit/veggies and green tea. Help your body out!

By the end of the first week, the rash was already starting to fade. I had a few setbacks- on day 9, I randomly got a crop of patches all over my neck and even on my face. As bad as that was, they all disapeared within 2-3 days. Even now I find a new one once in a while but it's usually gone by the end of the day.

I'm now exactly 16 days from when I was diagnosed. My rash has cleared up by 90%- all that is left is a few brown spots that just look like bruises. I feel so relieved I can't even tell you! Don't give up hope. There's no reason anyone should be suffering from this when there ARE cures out there. Follow the steps above and I'm hopeful you can clear yourself up just as fast!

And just remember not to let this get you down too much. I know that even just 2 weeks can seem too long for something like this, but just stay positive and keep your smile. No one goes through life without getting something like this. As much as all these steps above helped me, what helped the most was going out with my friends and talking and laughing. Showing them the rash relieved me so much- people are kinder than you think and you don't need to go through this alone. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!

*as a sidenote - my doctor perscribed me a cortisone cream. I suggest not using it. After doing some research, I found that this can actually make the rash last longer. Use Zinc Oxide for the itching!


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    Thank u for sharing my daughter was diagnosed with this yesterday shes only 6 their was no hereld patch i noticed the spots last thursday night i thought it was eczema starting and every day new spots are apperaing she been in tears tonight saying all her friends are going to laugh and pick on her i feel so sorry for her i got a feeling she going to get them bad we only on day 6 aswell xx
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    Hello! First of all, I want to say how much this makes me feel a little better. It is nice to see that I'm not alone with this condition. The past week my emotions have been a mess! I was diagnosed with PR this past Monday after the rash started appearing on Thursday of last week. I have it all over my chest, my armpits, my torso and my inner thighs. As of yesterday some started appearing on my arms. I have been putting on the Head&Shoulders shampoo since Wednesday of this week. I put it on dry, wait about 10 minutes, and then scrub in the shower. I have only been doing this once a day since I work most of the day. Afterwards I put on a lotion that contains tea tree, vitamin E and Chamomile. I plan on starting the Tanning sessions on Monday of next week and have started taking Vitamins, especially vitamin C.  I have a few questions, however, that I hope will help put my mind at more ease(since this is so stress related). I know it's only been three days, but so far I have not noticed much of a difference in the rash except that they seem to be getting more abundant. Some of them are light pink but some are red. So I was wondering.. how do you know if it's working? Do they turn a different color? become smaller in size? How long did it take you to notice a drastic change? 

    Thank you so much in advance for any advice/tips you can give me!

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      Hi! So I had an atypical case. Part of that means that my rash didn't dry up and flake off like most people- instead, it just kind of faded away. Regardless, I'll try to answer your questions!!

      So I only saw real improvement after like 6-7 days. I think that no matter what you do, it's going to complete its initial spreading- you just have to fight it once it's there. Don't let it discourage you, they were gonna pop up regardless!

      When mine started disappearing, it's exactly like you said: they started fading and becoming a salmony pinkinsh color, and some faded from the inside-out making them look like little rings.

      The drastic change was after about a week and a half, but mind you I had started tanning about 3 days after diagnosis.

      I hope this helps! Keep me updated and keep your chin up! smile

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me! Your answer gives me a ton of hope! This is just so unexpected, I work in costumer service every day and it is making me feel self conscious, a couple of costumers have even asked me about it because of the ones on my arms. I will try to keep a positive outlook, and try to keep my mind ocupied! 

      Thank you again, and I will definitey keep you updated!! Will get back to ya sometime next week after a couple of tanning sessions! cheesygrin

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    hi everyone, some good tips here, great to find I'm not alone. I'm one week in & it really itches, yesterday it started spreading to my neck & chin. Not happy about that :-(  I did some reading and started applying wet oatmeal yesterday, it's a bit messy, but it really helps against itching.  I also read some good things about Neem oil & coconut oil. I use a mix of that to keep my skin moisturized. Also some extra vitamine d3,  fishoil, milk thistle tablets + a teaspoon of turmeric in water, lots of green tea & water, wheatgrass smoothies...I'm not a very patient man :-)  Now the weather's bad (in Holland) so 10 minutes sunshine will be difficult,  So I think I'll go for the sunbed too...
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    I have tried the head & shoulders as a body wash for 2 days now and I think it might me making it worse, does anyone else feel that way? I am on day 10
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      hi emde

      which head and shoulders are you using?  i thought it wasnt working but do stick with it,  i stopped putting it on dry and just applied it as a body wash in the shower.  its gonna get worse before it gets better but i agree like so many on here there is light at the end of the tunnel. 

      i used head and shoulders n then i put aveeno shea butter moituriser on and then sadacrem at night. it helps loads.  i went through 3 diferent types of aveeno moisturiser and found the shea butter one to help the most.  i was also taking asda milk thistle tablets and them tablets that can help with hair, nail and skin. also i got some cod livers capsules with garlic extract in them and i took them for a week and these extra bits seemed to help speed up the process.

      it does take between 2-6 weeks to clear but if youre like me n most others it tends to go by week 4. 


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      I was using the blue bottle with the orange liquid, right now I am on day 13 with this horrible rash! Did you use straight aloe Vera from the plant? And how often?
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      no i havent used aloe vera, ive used aveeno moisturiser. i am in the uk where are you? 
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      i would continue with the head and shoulders and find something similar if you dont have aveeno moisturiser over there.  speak to your pharmacist thats what i did and they advised me to use aveeno. i have aloe vera does work but not as well as it should.
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      Hang in there, with me, around day 14, it was still in development and itched like hell.  I'm on day 23 now and the itching stopped (wow:-) and the patches are slowly turning brown & clearing up. I tried everything, for me Neem oil  & Coconut oil cooled it down. Also sun & Vitamin E oil at night. A friend of mine in the UK went out to get Aveeno for me, they don't sell it here (Holland) still waiting for it to arrive.
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      im fully clear. just stick with the head and shoulders and aveeno and sudacrem and it works a charm. i do recommend getting out in the sun. i went to wales for a week and on the weds it was horrible but by the sunday it was nearly all gone :D  just to be on the safe side i am washing for 1 more week in head and shoulders just to get rid of any little ones that may appear.
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      Around what day did it stop spreading for you?
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      it stopped spreading about day 14.
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      about the same time as Vici, around day 14. It seems to receed in the same order, so clearing from where it started first. 
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      ye it will start to peel kind of like how you do in summer if you havent started to already and then they go darkish and then your normal skin tone appears. its like greeting an old friend haha. i found at the end of week 3 60% started to heal. where is your herald patch?  mine was on the inner thigh on my right knee.  i only used sunbeds 3mes and just let the natural uv's heal.  please keep me updated x 
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      Thanks it's good to hear there's light at the end of the tunnel!
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      there is, it doesnt seem like it but all being well toy should be spot free in 13/14 days
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      Another quick question did either of you try using coconut oil at all? That's what I've been using but I'm going to try aveeno
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      i tried using bio oil and it made my skin worse! had to wash it off.  i wouldnt recommend using anything other than a moisturiser.  ask your pharamacist of some similar items.
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      I am all cleared up! 😀 it started fading very quickly around day 14 like you said. Tomorrow would have been 3 weeks and I was probably cleared up around 2 1/2 weeks. Just a couple dry flakey spots, thanks for asking!
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      OH BRILLIANT!  ye dry flakey spots but they'll disappear.

      bet youre like ive got new skin!!! haha

      aww im glad to hear all is well with you.

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      I'm getting better too, almost a month now and all the red spots are light brown.It started on my back and chest and thats almost clear now. I got some Aveeno from a friend in the UK, finished it in 4 days :-) Now I only use minted Argan oil a special product by Jacob Hooy (dutch company)  Argan oil seems to be great for skin problems too. It's not as sticky as vitamin E oil, smells lovely and cools your skin. great stuff!


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      hi rob. brilliant jsut brilliant!  im glad to hear youre doing well.  another week or so and your skin will be back to normal and you'll be like "i have new skin! haha i was so careful of mine, acting like it was made from glass or something but it is so nice to be able to go out without thinking are people looking at me.  let me know when its completely gone!

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