i feel like im dying

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how can peri make me feel this sick

it started jan 2016 but past 3 months have beem horrible. i wake up at 5am feeling so sick. i am beyond tired everyday all day ( prob cause i dont sleep much ) and my body doesnt feel good. i feel like i am slowly dying and even tho all my tests come back normal ( and i havr had a lot ) that they are missing something thats gonna kill me. my constant upset stomach/trapped air burping/ feeling unsteady when i walk is the worst one, amxiety, feel like i have ongoing flu.

please ease my mind and tell me im not alone. this seriously needs to stop. its putting me into depression

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    Ah Kim think we are all dying together. I've convinced myself of that. The tiredness and constant anxiety is exhausting. So bad sometimes with chest pains I swear I'm dying from a heart attack.

    This forum is comforting as you realise others ate in the same boat. Hope you get the strength to get through this

    Big hugs


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    Hi Kim, have you considered asking about HRT or an SSRI to help with your symptoms? I do feel for you, I've been going through it myself with symptoms of anxiety, night sweats, disturbed sleep, racing heart, agitation and dry thinning hair. It's horrid but exercise helps, walking, running, swimming and keeping yourself distracted. I've just started HRT today and am hoping it will help. You are not alone and it helps I think just to talk about it with people who understand and are experiencing similar issues. Go back to the Dr and ask for help. Take good care.

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      Hi Jannie... How are you now so? I am new to this forum.... Did HRT work? I am desperate to know what will make this go away... I cannot handle it...
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      I have been reading these posts and finally joined so I could post too.  I am right there with you all.  I got hit in the face with this in Feb 2018, had to leave my job the anxiety was so bad.  It ruined my life.  The Anxiety turned into health anxiety, I was hospitalized and told I had depression and anxiety.  I’ve never felt this way before.  It all happened so fast, palpitations, digestive upsets, funny feelings in my stomach like going down a rollercoaster, hot flashes all day, panic attacks, ringing in ears, fear of everything, no self confidence, can’t drive, off balance feeling.  I also had every test done, blood work, EKG’s, MRI’s, nothing can be found.   I never knew this would happen and my life is miserable.  I’m seeing about bioidenticals now.  I have just really lost all hope that I will ever get my life back.
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      Hi Martine

      I went through the exact same symptoms at 41 and yes ruined my life too . I spent months and months   just doing jigsaw puzzles as could not leave the house . I had no idea it was all due to hormones and if I knew then what I know now 🙄 ...... it did get a little better mentally but the panic anxiety never went away . 

      Now 10 years later going through it all again but with the fatigue. Im better informed and am immediately going on hormone patches .

      I suggest you get hormones checked and even if they say they aren’t low ... explain your symptoms and demand dr puts you on something . Don’t waste 10 years living in hell like I did .

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      Hi Lori

      Do you know what will happen to people when they’re much older .... and when they will stop using the hormones .?.... will you then have to go through this horror a third time ??  And do you know how long this horror can go on for ?  Is there an end in sight?  

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      I have stopped tibilone last November after being on it for 3yrs. I was always very fatigued on it and sore joints. It took 13 weeks after stopping it to get really sick all over again. My symptoms are feeling very weak and pale when I wake, nausea panic attacks, burning bladder and urethra, bloating. Basically a feeling of dying. Oh and sore sore back. Doc did a dutch test showing adrenal exhaustion. Started dhea bioidentical hormone few months ago and it picked me up but sore breasts so had to stop. Doc said it was giving to much oestrogen so now on 7keto dhea. This one doesn't affect oestrigen pr progesterone or test. and sick as a dog in bad. I just started this one two days ago. Today so fatigued and bloated. Hell all over

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      Hi Martine

      I feel for you as ive been there and AM there still.

      The forum here is a life saver. Its a pretty overwhelming time in our lives, pretty horrible for sure.

      Especially when it hits you like a ton of bricks Never having anxiety or depression then all of a sudden you are experiencing it, its very frightening.

      Stay the course everyone is here for you.



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      I'm 52 and had a hysterectomy in 2013, the doctor left my ovaries intact because he said by removing them it could throw me into full blown menopause. With that being said I've been suffering since 2010; the last 3 years has been torture. This last year, the absolute worse. I wake up every morning with the 66++++ symptoms. Like you, all my blood work always comes back normal. Going through menopause is debilitating. I don't sleep, severe night sweats, severe hot flashes, which will then send me to the bathroom where I have diarrhea every morning for an hour or so. I work two jobs and I'm exhausted 24-7, therefore, on the weekends I try to rest hoping by Monday I will feel rejuvenated, but it never happens. I often call out sick, go home sick, go home with my office clothes soaked due to excessive sweating. I often make up stupid excuses with work because menopause is something that a lot of women don't discuss. I suffer most with physical side affects and anxiety. To live like this daily is true torture. I try to stay positive but its not easy, especially when your in pain. My joints hurt daily, my back is killing by 3:00pm, headaches, migraines, nausea, sleep deprived, chest pain, heart beating fast, in the bathroom 24-7, and completely wiped out. I'm ready for bed by 7:30, and/or will make myself go to bed early because I know when 2:00am comes I'm going to be awaken with hot flashes/night sweats and then running to the bathroom. Then the anxiety and panic attacks come into play, and from there I begin to pray, please god, let me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sad to say, and I would never hurt myself, but I have moments where I start thinking, I'd rather be dead then go through this. I refuse to have hormone treatment, and do my best with home remedies. Its rare that I have a good day, I find myself begging in head, "please, just let me get through this before menopause ruins my life completely." My life is literally on hold until I can get through this. Menopause is a daily feeling of constant fear too, because you really do feel like you're slowly dying, well I do anyway. I hope the worse is over for you, thank you for sharing. More women need to start talking more about this and I think it should be discussed in the work place. It can be a touchy subject, but I want my voice heard and others too. 

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      I'm 52 and had a hysterectomy in 2013, the doctor left my ovaries intact because he said by removing them it could throw me into full blown menopause. With that being said I've been suffering since 2010; the last 3 years has been torture. This last year, the absolute worse. I wake up every morning with the 66++++ symptoms. Like you, all my blood work always comes back normal. Going through menopause is debilitating. I don't sleep, severe night sweats, severe hot flashes, which will then send me to the bathroom where I have diarrhea every morning for an hour or so. I work two jobs and I'm exhausted 24-7, therefore, on the weekends I try to rest hoping by Monday I will feel rejuvenated, but it never happens. I often call out sick, go home sick, go home with my office clothes soaked due to excessive sweating. I often make up stupid excuses with work because menopause is something that a lot of women don't discuss. I suffer most with physical side affects and anxiety. To live like this daily is true torture. I try to stay positive but its not easy, especially when your in pain. My joints hurt daily, my back is killing by 3:00pm, headaches, migraines, nausea, sleep deprived, chest pain, heart beating fast, in the bathroom 24-7, and completely wiped out. I'm ready for bed by 7:30, and/or will make myself go to bed early because I know when 2:00am comes I'm going to be awaken with hot flashes/night sweats and then running to the bathroom. Then the anxiety and panic attacks come into play, and from there I begin to pray, please god, let me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sad to say, and I would never hurt myself, but I have moments where I start thinking, I'd rather be dead then go through this. I refuse to have hormone treatment, and do my best with home remedies. Its rare that I have a good day, I find myself begging in head, "please, just let me get through this before menopause ruins my life completely." My life is literally on hold until I can get through this. Menopause is a daily feeling of constant fear too, because you really do feel like you're slowly dying, well I do anyway. I hope the worse is over for you, thank you for sharing. More women need to start talking more about this and I think it should be discussed in the work place. It can be a touchy subject, but I want my voice heard and others too. 

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      Thank you for posting this.

      So understand and am living the same life as you.

      You mention feeling constant fear and like your dying. 

      We are kind of dying in a way, but it doesnt have to be bad i guess, its the transformation we are going through. I have fear every morning when i wake up, have spoken about it alot on the forum..

      Fear of what?

      Fear of dying, of life, of responsiblities.

      I also hate the thought of people ending their lives, its so scary to me. I do not believe in this whatsoever, i feel its a selfish copout on life.

      But i will say that after you suffer for so long you ask yourself.. 

      "Really?" "Realllly?" So i understand why other people have done that and the despair that you have is overwhelming

      Meaning, how long can i do this for, and it would sure be nice if the suffering would just go away.....i love the world and its a beautiful placae, but when you cant really feel it or be apart of it because you are basically just survivng, then all the joy is gone. 

      Is there a reason why you havent given hrt a shake?

      We need to voice our plight like you say, i think its time that we all do.

      Its so hush hush its ridiculous, and its a real silent epidemic im comfortable saying..


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      Theresa my heart goes out to you ❤️ I am too going through HELL so you are NOT ALONE. I too have thought ‘what’s the point in living this way?’ 

      You may want to give in and try the BHRT it has alleviated some  of my symptoms but takes a while to really kick in I’m told . 

      I also have fatigue so I’m going through a double whammy . It’s my own fault as I’ve stretched my workouts to a ridiculous level only because afterwards it’s the only time I ever feel happy normal but pay for it the next day . 

      I too am struggling to stay up past 7pm and just find myself ‘waiting waiting waiting ‘ for all this to pass . God help us all ! 

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      Hi Lori, 

      I'm so glad I found this forum. What a relief to knowing we're not alone. I work for a medical facility and last night I had a discussion with a good friend of mine who is also family therapist where I work. We talked about women going through menopause, I had him read a lot of what women were saying, and he was surprised to see how many suffer so badly with menopause. He's taking this issue as a learning tool to help his patients. He mentioned, many of his patients who are women, our age, see him about these issues, but some patients don't even realize it can be menopause related. Its time we start talking, and if therapists learn more about menopause then they too can better assist in helping women. 

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      Awareness is what is taking place in this form and it's becoming very obvious. we as a group of ladies are realizing that it's necessary to educate others and I'm going to do what i can also.

      it's important at this time and that is why we were brought together I believe to this forumxoxo

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      Yes the amount of money wasted on numerous tests ER visits when really they should know ! The first question should be how old are you ? The drs aren’t educated or just don’t care as we are only the 20% ego go through this really badly ! 
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      Thanks, I am checking into the bios now.  I just feel so down from all this and definitely bewildered by it because I never expected it to be like this.  💖

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      My doctor also said that if I used HRT that the symptoms would appear once the HRT was stopped so I don’t know if I want to be dealing with that when I’m elderly. 😐

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      Thats how i feel! I'm going through all this for 8 years i cant stop for a few and start again in my late 50's..

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      That’s what they say but some posts I’ve read the women weaned off it and had no symptoms . Just getting divorced and  alone I can’t handle these symptoms right now .i could not function without the patch I was a complete mess! The fatigue was unbearable so I’m trying it and hopefully it will help with the depression too. I just feel plain WEIRD! 
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      is the word to describe how i feel most of the time.

      Then there is high anxiety

      then there is depression

      then there is fear.

      ya..you get the picture..But weird, i totally agree...its just a freaking weird show everyday...so im just doing what i can, what i know..but no relief.

      Taking lemon balm and holy basil for adrenals..but who knows i may get frustrated and start up on the patch again.


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      Thank goodness for these posts.  I have spent so much time in a doctors office trying to figure out what is going on but my primary care is so dismissive and says everything is muscular or go see this or that doctor.  I am definitely going to spend more time with the OB/GYN when I go in October.  The hardest part is not feeling well enough sometimes to do things with my children.  Thanks again for sharing and being a support.


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      Yes I’m on a new adrenal supplement ... by Standard Process let’s see if it works 

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      I have so many of the same symptoms as you.  The anxiety one is at its worse now and it does not help that my husband is dealing with ocd.  I never expected it to be this bad too but this blog and others help to reassure that I am not dying and that hormone changes suck.  I have gave up coffee to help with the anxiety (drink one black tea a day only) and it was also hell but worth it I think.  This off-balance feeling is killing me and the other thing I have noticed (not sure if anyone else noticed this) is that when I get hungry I feel weak and more off-balance).  It is weird.  Not hangry just weak.  I am going through tests now with DR. but of course none for hormones as they say they are inaccurate as they can change from month to month so one month your hormones will show nothing has changed and then the next could show up in a test.  Glad to hear your test results are negative.  How are the bioidenticals working?
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      Hi darlin. My name is Leisa. This thread is so comforting as I too feel like I am dying. I have not had a period now for 11 months.Last December (I remember this well as it was right before Xmas and I was hosting). I was SO nauseated I was like "how am I going to cook for all these people without throwing up". It passed them came back 3 months later. It usually last for a week or so. I went in July and had all my labs done and they were actually the BEST labs I have ever had which was comforting. Then this damn nausea came back in September for about 10 days and I have been nauseated again again (off and on - more on) for about 3 weeks.

      It is hard to eat as I have no appetite from the nausea. Other than hot flashes (which I can deal with) this nausea is my only symptom.

      All 3 doctors have said "nausea is not a normal symptom" and I am sick of getting poked and probed not to mention I have spent over $1000 out of pocket on blood test, had both a trans-abdominal AND vaginal ultra sound. All they told me was my endometrial stripe was at that time (2 years ago) 14mm.

      I am FREAKING out that I have cancer and it's consuming my entire life!

      Is this on and off nausea normal. Would be nice to hear from a doctor that knows the female body versus this guessing game!

      If this is normal I can deal with it but this feeling I am dying of cancer of some sort is absolutely ruining every aspect of my life.

      I would think if I had cancer I would have more symptoms than nausea! My bowels and bathroom habits are normal (I do pee a lot but that's because the only thing I can usually hold down is liquids).

      Does this sound familiar to any of you girls! I just want to be able to LIVE without this constant feeling there is something serious going on here.

      XOXO! Your sister in hell!

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      hi Keira

      I wouldn't worry so much that nausea is cancer.

      Ive had on n off nausea associatedwith everything else and have learned to live with it.

      Probsby close to 2 yrs. It will pass.

      Jist rule things out and put your mind at ease


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      Martine, this is EXACTLY what happened to me! My life completely changed one month ago, I was a normal working woman. Now, I'm paralyzed with fear and anxiety and haven't been to work in weeks. I don't have hot flashes, they feel more like adrenal surges. And, my vision has been greatly affected. I feel like my whole life has been ruined and I don't know if I will ever gain control and be normal again. Feel better.

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      I have the adrenal surges at night. Not hot flashes. My eyes bother me too. I was feeling a little better for a couple of weeks but my diet and exercise regimen went to crap after Thanksgiving and today I feel really bad again. Guess I'll get back with it and see if that helps.

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      Becky, I'm currently wide awake due to an adrenal surge. I always get them at night too. I don't think I have had a proper hot flash yet, just the weird uncomfortable surges. What bothers you about your eyes?

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      Nothing consistent. Just can't see well some days and then fine most of the time. Sometimes have refocusing issues and then other days not. Maybe these are normal aging issues but they seem to run with the rest of this. My blood sugar is fine as far as I know so I don't think it's that. All my issues seem to be at night other than the eye issues but it takes at least half of the next day to get over them.

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      I have been going through the exact same thing! It has completely ruined my life. I cant gain weight for the life of me, I feel awful all if the time. I hate when drs say "its depession amd anxiety" cause i will tell you i was never depressed or had anxiety until this started happening to my body! I just want it to stop!

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      THANK GOD FOR BHRT!!!!!! Had my first treatment last Tuesday, Dec. 4th and a week later I finally feel myself again. BHRT has given my life back. Ladies, give it a chance if you can, you wont regret it! Best of Luck!

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      Hi Theresa how have you been feeling these days? I was just reading your post and sound like you be been having a rough time. Have you gotten any better? so sorry.

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      Hi Mary,

      Thank you for checking in. I learned that stress makes peri menopause much worse. I had to make a serious decision and resign from my job. I had my first week off this week, therefore, I logged my symptoms when I was working vs not working and I suddenly felt 75 % symptom free. I still have to find work because I'm single and need to support myself. Taking a huge risk but feeling better is key for me right now. I wasnt taken seriously at my job about my menopause and was called crazy, and I Work in the medical field and had FMLA . It's so sad we have to suffer like this and not be justified. How are you feeling?

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      I completely understand. There is a group on facebook, Making friends with menopause, a lot of validation on there you can join. I post a lot on there and there are many women who share their severe symptoms and talk about what they are going through. I had a horrible couple weeks with the anxiety it was so bad I didn't even want to leave my house but it seemed to pass, comes and goes but it really wreeks havoc when it ls here. I am currentlt having problems sleeping with some hot flashes but I think its just the hormone fluctuations cause anxiety and that keep me from sleeping through the night, lucky if I get 3 hours but, it is what it is. I just want it to go away too, like yesterday.

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      I'm glad that you are feeling much better. Yes I agree, stress can worsen anything. I'm not working but still have symptoms, the past two weeks my body has been aching all over , dizziness, and lightheaded, low energy. I can tell my hormones are extremely low. I haven't had a period since Nov....

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      hi theresa. im sorry about your job. i know from experience working in the medical field can be very stressful, which causes stressed, unhappy employees that need to work and have a hard time being very nice people.

      i was wondering if you are still taking the bhrt?

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      hi martine it really is comforting to read these posts. i feel like i am in the same place with you right now. having trouble getting sleep. i had an anxiety attack yesterday and it put me in the bed for the whole day! ugh what a waste of a day. today i am a little better but not 100%. what are your symptoms with anxiety. i am 47 and ive been in peri about 4 years

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      Reading your post had me in tears. I'm 52 and had hot feet, palpatations , sweats and flushes from 46- now. Once I turned 52 in SEPT, by NOV 2018 all hell meno came forth. I have been experiencing several of the symptoms you mentioned and its horrible. Headache, pressure in head, lower back ache, vision changes, nausea, loss of appetite and weight loss because of it, NO LIBIDO, going to the bathroom back and forth, depression because of all this mess. Most of these symptoms left for about 3 months (feb-april) and I felt like myself again then it came back in May. Some days I will feel pretty good but the bad ones are really bad ones. I just pray for the day it will go away for all of us. I wouldn't wish menopause on anybody!

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      Hi! I really feel for you . I m going through some very tough times at the moment. I have debilitating nausea lasting days on end. I cant do anything except writhe in pain.

      i Cant eat or sleep and when I do try to lie down I have had weird lights flashing in my brain and sudden body jerks and spasms at the top of my throat. I did see a doctor today and she ordered blood tests but thinks that this is all just perimenopausal related, which I think is just crazy!!

      I feel like I am dying also and its scary. The nausea attacks accelerate at night time and I truly have felt like I just want to die rather than deal with them. They are the worst of it all.

      I am glad I found this forum, just because now i am not alone.

      I talked with a lot of older friends and they have not had these issues, which made me think this is quite rare

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      Hi, I'm new to this forum and see a lot of posts are from a few years ago, but I also sometimes wonder if I'm dying. I keep telling myself that its menopause, but it's scary. I'm 53...haven't had my period in 9 months. I've had all the usual stuff everyone talks about...not being able to sleep, anxiety, ear ringing, heart palpitations, etc...but, no hot flashes....the worst for me is the body aches and pains. In addition to that I have frozen shoulder in my right shoulder. I've had blood work and xrays and the most they can tell me is early osteo-arthritis, but I don't think that's what it is. If this is early osteo-arthritis, I'll be in a wheel chair soon. I have to go back to the doctor again, but it's just become so challenging because no one seems to get it. I'm thankful that everyone here does. I was fine before menopause....better than fine. And then, it's like I slammed into a brick wall. I too have left my job. I took an early retirement package hoping that reduced stress will help. I read a few posts where ladies mentioned body pain, but I'm wondering if there are any more? Also, for those with posts from 3+ years ago....does it get better? Thanks!

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      Hi!! welcome to our little group!

      I've been going through this hell for over 9 years! im 53 years old and 5 months without period!! Like you the body pains and frozen shoulders are the worst symptoms currently! and lets don't forget anxiety, horrible headaches and raised heart bit..

      I've been to dr's, specialists, took every test possible out there, I'm surprised i don't glow in the dark by now😣

      for them to come and tell me it would help if i would took some antidepressants!! i wont for me helps avoiding sugar alcohol and caffeine..

      feel better xx

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      I am 60. having been suffering for 9 yrs with debilitating symptoms. doctors don't understand. still trying bioidentical hormones for 2 years already but many different mixes. sometomes feel so sick like im dying

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      me too nausea shocking and I am 60. 9 yrs in meno. seems these symptoms will never go away.

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      Hi Maria, have you always had the body pains? Have they gotten better at all? What about your frozen shoulder? If I take an NSAID it helps, but from what I read, it's not good to take them frequently.

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      Hi, Try taking Loratadine it seem to work for me for my joint and muscles pain.

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      I have everything that you have. I have terrible anxiety about having a disease. I had a hysterectomy around 8 years ago. I've had a number of tests and I was diagnosed with GERD, probably got it for the constant worry.

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      I want to cry hearing your story. I totally feel the same way. You go through your days just waiting for something else to hurt. There is no happiness, My stomach is always upset. I can hear my stomach churning while I eat, and I never sleep.

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      some of us can't have HRT or the like. Due to family history of cancer.

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      the last 3 years all the time..if its not my shoulders will be hands and legs then moves on to upper back and rib cage its crazy..the last 3 days ive been feeling so sluggish and depressed..i havent been out of my house the past two days!!

      10 years its been a long time!! my OBGYN had said 10 years the most after that it should be getting better! nope! still waiting for that to happen!!

      im tired, there is no end to this nightmare!!!

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      Hi Jannie9770

      I have many variations of symptoms all related to menopause so my Dr has suggested I try HRT but I am terrified of using it... Have heard so many bad things!! And I always worry... May I ask what you are on and if you have found any difference as yet?

      Thanks a mil


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      Hi @alicat2020 You are not alone ,I have some very bizarre symptoms going on too 😕 i've been in peri for around 6 years but the last couple of months symptoms have ramped up significantly .i've been having "brain shivers" feeling like my brain and skull is burning inside breathlessness,feelings of being strangled and as if my throat and neck is swollen to twice the size (it isn't) and having fibromyalgia on top ,a myriad of other strange sensations and physical feelings.I seem to be still alive at this point lol but its so hard to believe these things arn't anything serious isn't it. .sorry you are suffering so much too x

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      Amen to the ER visits. They are making a killing on us, and we still get the same results or worst, some pill for depression. Or a nice talk about stress anxiety. We women need some REAL solutions to these menopausal issues. This is a SERIOUS problem that needs some SERIOUS solutions that won't give us HORRIBLE side effects in the long run. Someone, somewhere out there knows how to maintain healthy hormones, without the bad health issues. We are women, and we want .to enjoy our senior years with our families and friends too. I sit at home every day trying to deal with the same illness every day. Hoping the new day will bring peace and better health. Or hopefully, prayerfully this will be a good day with no sickness. We just want to get out and enjoy the day with a smile. Feel "NORMAL" again. Anyone have any all natural solutions without side effects?I tried some estroven and it literally made me SO SICK!!! I started cramping like my cycle was coming back again. If anyone has tried something that really worked that is all natural please let me know. Please share. We all just want to feel better.

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      So sorry you are dealing with this! What a nightmare! I have a holistic practitioner working with me. She takes things slow and starts from the ground up. She's a dear friend as well. I'm still struggling with perimenopause but I'm like you dealing with the medical doctors gets you no where! There is a better way!

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      I just started taking tibolone hoping this would be the magic bullet. I've been on various HRT combined types but the progesterone gets me every time. I feel great on the estrogen but am intolerant to the progesterone. Thus my reason for trying tibolone. Reading your post that sympotms of fatigue and sore joints from tibone never went away after 3 years made my heart sink! I I'm sorry to hear you're not finding relief with other regimes. It's a real minefield and I do think if this were a men's health problem we would have had solutions a long time ago.

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      i was thinking the same thing. my GP which is a female is so dismissive saying "hormones flucuate all the time" My GYN wants to put me on HRT but i feel like that will be delaying the process.

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      hi sorry to interupt but omg its so much relief reading all this

      i am 48 nearly 49

      2 yrs ago i was the happiest person alive

      i was on 40 mg of citrapram for yrs then one two yrs ago i woke with panic attack

      i rushed to drs

      she said the meds have probly stopped workng and switched me over

      long story short

      nothing ever worked from that day

      but i can honestly say the last year been hell

      the anxiety and panic and started getting awful palps on period or just before and noticed became worse

      went to gp had blood work done

      all ok apart from high chrolestrial which i have never had ever

      periods are erractic

      never ending

      dr keeps offering me different anti deppressants and i keep saying "i know my own body and i dont feel right "

      my symptoms


      or acid reflux




      feel cant breath at times

      awful palps

      on edge feeling

      weird head pressure

      list is endless

      begged my doc for blood tests so finally got them today

      so waiting for results

      my dr presvribed me gel patches hrt

      scared to take them

      any advice


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      hi just wondering how the hrt was going? im going to the docs tomorrow to hopefully sort some out as my constant aching joints, anxiety & crushing fatigue is making life a struggle x

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      sorry slow reply

      i was going to start the patches but when i got my bloods back they said i was lacking if vit d and folic acid and said the patches would make my anxiety worse

      so confused

      i have just had a period after 5 wks sooo late but last 10 days had awful dizziness like inside my head and off balance and heavy heavy period and palps

      all this is just too much xxx

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      forgot to add i have crushing fatigue too

      but i take diazapam but still dont help

      awful x

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      i know it feels like something is terribly wrong, which ramps up the anxiety, but i have had severe symptoms for years...and years...now, with MANY investigations (to the point that I'm kind of embarrassed to see my doctor as I touted myself as a sane, logical person who wasn't making it up!!), and I've just had to believe and come to terms that this is my body's reaction to the hormone shifts. It doesn't seem at all plausible, but that's the only explanation. This forum helped me find "my people" ;D and it's where I finally felt someone understood my "weird head pressure" that felt like a balloon was being blown up in my head, or my GERD symptoms out of the blue that stuck around for months and then would go, only to make room for some NEW fibromyalgia body pain symptoms, or bladder abnormality/irritations, or swallowing difficulties/choking on food, I mean the list goes on. Now if I'm super dizzy, I just tell myself my hormones must be waxing or waning...I did have a very serious and scary time for about 5 years and it's hard to believe that its not something deadly happening to you - unbelievable really! But I'm still here, and things have gotten a bit better, then i will have a regression and get scared, but for the most part I think I've wrapped my brain around this bizarre new life. Wishing you well but wanted you to know that your list is understood & I believe you will find a way to live less scared at some point. It's quite a journey for some of us - I don't know anyone in my circle like me, so this forum will help you when you get low and fearful. Take care!

    • Edited

      omg yesss gerd

      what was yours like ?

      i developed these odd stomach issues last 2 yrs but seem to of got worse!

      like my stomach bloats upto my ribs nearly and feel i can breath propely and cant burp

      its soo scary

      also acid comes up in my throat !

      scares me soo much

      is this gerd?

      same as you sick of going gp as they prob think its all in my head

      The worst symptom for me is waking crack of dawn heart racing

      and can never get back to sleep

      and now i have developed horrible pms or pmdd

      yest i was so dizzy and thought i would callaspse

      its a weird dizzy feeling in head

      and eyes go all heavy and vision odd

      i hate it

      its bout 10 days before period i start suffering

      is HRT the answer i am 49

      it must be peri menopause

      or doni start anti depressants ?

      forgot to add my cholestrial was high never had that and also now have ti take vit d3 and folic acid

      from recent bloodtest

      like wtf ...

      wat the heck is happening

      thank u for replying

      i know so many woman on here suffereing


    • Edited

      I had/still get sometimes (or I'm used to it now) lots of pressure in chest, back, sometimes feels like I have asthma breathing, trouble swallowing, food getting stuck, I've had acid in throat sometimes, sore stomach, odd times burning feeling of heartburn, but lots of pressure. Ive gone to the ER in the past, thinking it must be a heart attack, as I've had overlapping numb tingling arm symptoms as well throughout my "journey"! I've never been able to burp my whole life, so I suppose that's the pressure build up for me. I've had a barium swallow for my swallowing/food stuck feeling issue with, of course, no logical explanation or issue to be seen. A couple of years before an internist suspected I had GERD and also told me to lay off ibuprofen - only a few years later told by a rheumatologist to take anti-inflamatories for "fibromyalgia" & arthritis. I just turned 50, appear to look younger than that, but feel like I'm in my 70's. My aunt is far more active and healthy than i feel!

      I also have seen changes in my cholesterol, at the cusp of being on the high end, and also get high blood pressure from time to time, when I've ALWAYS been on the low side (quite low). All very mysterious and unwanted! I used to have those episodes where I would be jolted awake with a panic attack, or wake up gasping like i hadn't been breathing for a bit...heart racing, adrenaline pumping...sometimes teeth chattering and feeling very out of control of my body. Thankfully those have subsided - I can get that "feeling" like something is coming on, but if I'm alerted prior to attempting sleeping, I will put my Calm app on with a sleep story and try techniques to avoid. I do get a weird thing now where I can feel either my heart skip and my breathing does a double take, mainly while lying in my back. That was with me for a few months and I finally brought it to my doctor's attention and of course the checks in the office do nothing at that point. It has gone for the most part now too, but the odd time i will have it happen again - leading me to believe it's just another weird symptoms from my hormones/body transformation!!

      It's honestly so strange that I can't even recall all of the issues I've had over the past 7 years. I have posted in this forum a few times over the years, listing all of the nutty and scary stuff I was going through...maybe you can search my posts and see if anything rings true to you & maybe it will give some level of comfort knowing that I'm still here! 😉 I joke, but it's certainly no laughing matter when you're going through it! Take care.

    • Posted

      thank u for kind caring reply

      are u on hrt ?

      or took anti deppresants ?

      i was looking back at ur posts

      and yeah i get left rib pain too uncomfatable feeling like it feels bruised

      everyday a different symptom

      i defo have gerd i think

      can i ask what vits u take

      so far i have vitd3 25000 iu

      take one every two weeks for 6 wks and 5mg folic acid too as this came up in my bloods

      i was heavy at the time of blood tests mind you

      i have centrum 50+

      wonder if i can take that too

      i feel so run down

      i have lost weight as no appetite with my anxiety

      i dont look like me anymore

      i lok so much older than i should

      drs keep offering me anti depressants

      i actually got hrt gel but not used it

      just feel very lost xxx

    • Edited

      I read where you said you have been thru alot of symptons . I have dealt with a lot of them too . Right now I have pain in my throat not a sore throat but like someone hit me in the throat. i also felt like i had something stuck in my throat and that made me swallow alot so i dont know if that could of made my throat sore. Was wondering if you ever felt anything like that?

    • Edited

      you must be my twin. i have been feeling the exact same. i also have inside body tremors from the anxiety sometimes to. the chest and throat. i feel like i have a ball of mucus stuck in my throat that wont come out. idk what that is but im so sick of it.

    • Posted

      yes i have gone through that with my throat. similar to the pain when you are filled with emotion and don't cry, how it can hurt your throat. i also went through months of not being able to swallow properly, i still get little flashbacks of that feeling but i don't worry about it now like I did then (probably close to 4 yrs ago now). I had a barium swallow diagnostic exam in the hospital back then and it came back negative - i was also getting food stuck in my throat and feeling like i couldn't swallow food down completely. I learned a couple of years before, when i was having throat issues (felt like someone had their thumbs pressed into my throat all the time), that this is a common anxiety feeling. I didn't feel anxious in my mind, but my body was reacting all on its own!

      i started to go to massage therapy (for relaxing massage work to sooth my nervous system), tried yoga, and began listening to a meditation app that helped me. i can still get those symptoms for a few weeks at a time, now and again, but it hasn't been consistent like it was then.

      So I feel your concern over it and I hope that you can find some little amount of comfort that what you're experiencing has been experienced by others. It's always so hard to understand and believe when you're going through it.

      I'm having a hard go of it again right now, but trying to not get too worked up (always dreading heart/stroke/cancer!), and so I return here to see if other women are experiencing similar things to help calm my mind a bit. It's amazing how many symptoms there can be and just how many I have experienced. One of the unlucky ones I suppose. I take each day and try to keep the anxiety over the pain, or weird symptoms, away. Best to you in your journey & I hope your symptoms ease for you soon!!

    • Posted

      Hi Victoria - sorry, I don't come on the forum too often. Usually during the middle of the night when I'm feeling anxious or scared!

      I am not on HRT and I do not take anti-depressants. I'm sure my doctor would agree to give them to me if I asked 😉 But I'm sure I have it written on my medical chart "not open to medication", as I have always been nervous to take drugs too! After my second child was born, my doctor at the time offered to put me on antidepressants for my post partum depression. I refused, thinking I didn't have it (looking back, she was correct). I have good girlfriends who do take small doses of antidepressants though, and they have said that it helps even them out. I'm not adverse to it if I feel I might need it someday though.

      I have to get back to taking my vitamins...I fell off the wagon...not being a pill taker (other than meds for my migraines & headaches), I struggle to get my vitamins in. I have Vitamin D & C, and take iron, for the most part, but I do have a plethora of vitamins that I've bought to try. Magnesium (which I think I should try again), Primrose Oil too...I just don't know when I should be taking them when there are so many...must go back to the naturopath and get some direction.

      I'm sorry that you're feeling so lost - I completelt understand as it can be isolating when you're feeling so unwell, sometimes with scary symptoms, and yet nobody understands and/or your doctor cannot find an explanation. I think part of my journey is due to my keen fight or flight response and having some traumas in my life to go through - nothing most people haven't experienced (childhood stuff, death of a parent, etc)...but with my system, and how it's always had some anxiety & heightened level of awareness, I feel like when my hormones started "wigging out", it became harder for my body to regulate the para/sympathetic systems. I didn't feel anxious or scared to CREATE the physical symptoms, the physical symptoms pushed my anxiety levels up and then I believe it became a vicious cycle.

      I, too, feel old - my body feels sore all the time and i feel run down. I have had some good days in there & I try to remind myself if this when I'm in a bad state, as it's really hard to not think I have something seriously wrong going on & I'm going to be really upset when it's found too late because it wasn't investigated!! So I try and do things to calm my system as much as I can. This convo was a good reminder to get back into my vitamin routine and also to work on my gut health - maybe go back on some good quality probiotics to help with the anxiety. I feel like my body has the anxiety, not my mind! Take it easy & take care - and remember to breathe...

    • Edited

      Experienced all of that - sticky mucous throat, swallowing issues, food getting stuck & then feeling like I wasn't going to be able to swallow food...inner tremors - feeling like I've been shot with adrenaline...it's so messed up. Nobody told me about this, but I also don't think as many people go through it like this. I have to work so hard to keep my "calm on"...for the first few years it was just one thing after another and it didn't stop...now it seems I can recycle some of the old things and not feel as scared as I survived it once (or more) before. It would be nice to feel "normal" and not scared that I had a terminal disease or might have a heart attack...what a way to live! so much management to feel like a barely functioning human...I try to focus on the good days, or moments...when they happen & just keep trying to do things to keep my body calm...I actually tell my body to relax, you're going to be okay! lol! Negotiating with my body to not fritz out with the hormonal fluctuations. I am off to listen to a meditation app now so I can calm my heart squeezes tonight!! Take care 😃

    • Edited

      So glad to hear back from you. My throat has gotten better but now I feel like food is getting stuck in my chest and throat. It feels like it is taking my food a long time to digest. It's also feels like I have a nagging pulling pinching feeling in chest and between shoulder blades after I eat. Have you ever felt that? I know you said that you had the food in throat issue. I was wondering if that is a reoccurring thing or if it goes away? I feel the same as you about heart attack stroke . I used to be the best nana I would love to play hide and seek and go to amusement parks and ride rides and let my grandkids stay all night but now I have a fear if I do much of anything I will have a heart attack. it stays on my mind all the time.

    • Edited

      i have that same feeling in my throat and chest. i have noticed lately it happens when i feel like my body is gearing up for a period. even though most the time i dont start i just suffer. idk what it is besides very scary.

    • Posted

      i get lots of pressure in my chest and mid/high back, like a wide band is around it tightly. I think it's GERD related as I notice that the intense pressure is relieved sometimes with the release of air (I've never been a good burper!). It was suggested, by an internist, that I try medication for it however I never got the prescription filled after reading about people who tried to stop the medication and the symptoms were worse than before. So I just assume it's all related to that & try not to get too stressed about it. Try 😉

      The food sticking in my throat comes and goes. When it first began, about 4 years ago @ age 45/46, it was pretty constant for a few months. Enough time for me to finally go to my Dr & then wait for a barium swallow exam in hospital. Looking back, I'm sure it didn't help that it was a new symptom, after so many, that likely made me think all these things must mean I'm going down the tubes! So I imagine my anxiety over food getting stuck would have played with my mind and in turn, made swallowing even harder with the panicky feelings around it.

      I hear you about the heart/stroke fears...pressure in chest, back, numb arms, blood pressure spikes sometimes, heart squeezes, hiccups, racing, skips, flutters, missed beats, you name it! All feel so freaky...but the calmer we can be and the more we can breathe in and out...trying to push away those feelings of doom, the better we'll manage the fear. It's sad that we feel this way...fearful of death due to terrible sensations and/or pain in our bodies...but we have to try and do things to keep positive as best we can. I hope someday soon you get back to being that fun-loving nana that enjoyed all of those joyful activities. I believe that you will - it's just a really tough transition that seems to take a long time (!), and I think we'll eventually adjust. Be kind to yourself and try to soothe your body's tensions as best you can - we can do this (I think, lol!).

    • Edited

      Thank you so much for responding back to me. You always seem so calm and can explain things so good. Whenever I get nervous or panicky i read your reply back to me. It calms me down. It just seems like it's one thing after another. I have been going thru this for about 2 yrs and have had good days and bad days with repeat symptoms that have come and gone but in the last 3 months the digesting of food taking so long and in between shoulder blade and throat pain has stayed alot longer and stronger than before. I have had alot of test and everything comes back ok. I was wondering if you have had trouble with slow digestion and it feels like it is pulling at your throat and chest and in between shoulder blades? Also my back gets really sore. I think part of it is me being so tense over digestion issues. if you had digestive issues did it .make your back sore? Hope to hear back from you

    • Edited

      Hi! Yes, i experience digestion issues now. I likely have for quite a long time, but just didn't realize it was related to my upper back pressure and throat issues. I was just recently reading the symptoms of silent reflux/GERD issues etc. I haven't really altered my diet, but I do notice that sometimes I feel terrible after eating, with either pressure in chest/back, sometimes left rib discomfort/band squeezing around ribs, throat tightness, breathing laboured etc. I'm not overweight, but I have gained weight more recently - partly due to being more sedentary during the pandemic experience of being more isolated, and I think also due to a different hormone shift that seems to have happened right after my 50th birthday.

      It was the first time I had ever experienced true hot flashes & in my true peri-menopause fashion, I was having them every 20-30 minutes continually day and night! Go big or go home I guess! I had experienced many heat flushes, pressure in the head, red face, etc...but this was an entirely new experience! These lasted for 3 straight months, consistently 24/7. I started off quite intrigued by the sheer frequency and experience, as I had never had them like this before. I had experienced the VERY odd night sweat before but not these fast onset infernos that were like clockwork. And after 3 or so months it wasn't so intriguing but became downright exhausting, especially through the night - then they left, almost as quickly as they came!???? I wonder if my body regulated itself or ? In any event, my last period occurred around the end of May, so I'm definitely going through the change.

      So to wrap things up, YES I get a very sore back now and even though I go to massage therapy for it, I don't think it's necessarily all muscular - it feels like pressure internally and also within my intercostal muscles (ribs) & under shoulder blades. I've even asked my daughter to whack me on the upper back, hoping that it would release air or pressure in there - my 24 year old child burping her mother! 😄 I am bot a natural "burper" so I feel like the pressure builds inside.

      I 100% believe the hormone issues slow down digestion and bring on some issues that we may not have experienced before. If I look to my friends who are older, I recall being at a table of a restaurant and listening to them order: gluten free, no dairy, no wheat, no salt...just a list of substitutions and alterations! So even though they may not have been discussing menopause, or the issues they were having with it, I can look back and guess why they were ordering these modified diets. I do feel like tomato sauces bother me, pastas, breads, rice, etc bring on more back/chest pressure and breathing challenges etc., but I have yet to learn my lessons and modify my diet.

      I think we have to remember the good days, in amongst the bad, and remember that there are moments when we feel "normal" (even a little and/or even fair in our new normal). I would say the digestion issue is quite prevalent now, and at the point where I really need to make a concerted effort to stay away from specific foods - will require a food diary I think, where I can document how I feel after eating...it will go something like this: breakfast - feel like sh*t, lunch - feel awful, supper - bloated, tons of pressure, throat fullness/sore, etc! 😉

      Maybe check into silent reflux symptoms and GERD experiences on the Patient forums to see if you can relate to any stories. I'm sorry that you're going through this, but I keep hoping for better days for us all 😃 I'm also glad that you have found comfort and kinship in sharing similar experiences - I think there is amazing power in sharing our journeys, as I believe them to be quite unique in their intensity and almost debilitating nature. Even knowing that you can find comfort in reading a post, beings ME comfort. There's a real sisterhood of women on this forum, who have helped more than they can know, just by sharing their stories, fears and symptoms. So be well - I'm sure we'll cross paths again!

    • Edited

      hi martine,

      like you, I just found this forum as well. I've been reading all of the posts and it has helped so much. I'm a bit different in that I had my last period on my daughters 21st birthday 11 years ago when I was 47. I was ok for the first year then the hot flashes started. I was dealing with that alright for about 2 years then gradually everything else went down the pooper. ringing in my ears, stabbing pain in the ears, the vibrating in my lungs like I'm strumming a rubber band, shortness of breath, breast soreness, vaginally dryness and atrophy, PAINFUL sex, and recently the anxiety, palpitations, racing heartbeat that resounds in my ears my stomach and my gums, upper stomach ache and no appetite, i get nauseated when i take vitamins and don't eat so that's an interesting situation, i need them but can't take them because I can't eat , I went to the emergency room in November as I thought I was having a heart attack; they ran all kinds of tests chest xray, etc and It was "normal" lol, blood work was normal, they called it anxiety and a pinched nerve in my neck! , I have crazy insomnia , dry skin, dry brittle thinning hair, tons of saliva, and oddly enough an INSATIABLE sex drive that i can't do anything with, talk about depressed...... ask me about anymore symptoms, I've probably had then or having them, but the memory isn't great EITHER, so there you go!! I can't take HRT because of family history, I lost my insurance when I lost my job, i have recently moved during covid and going to a new doctor just isn't in the safety zone right now. this forum is a very helpful place especially right now.

      I welcome any and all suggestions from my menosisters.

      praying for you all

    • Edited

      oh and the panic attacks..... omg....

      I'm just not used to this. and I don't complain to ANYONE. I'm the bubbly happy one in the family that everyone depends on for fun and happiness and support. when i have mentioned some of my symptoms, they get ignored as though I'm over exaggerating. I can't win.

    • Posted

      it is so crazy that doctors don't have any answers and even much information about it.

      It really doesn't help with the anxiety.


    • Posted

      This is is all me suddenly in three months downhill every single symptom you listed lets keep each other encouraged. ❤

    • Edited

      I'm 53 and had a frozen shoulder happen out of the blue about 4 years ago. I just woke up one morning and couldn't lift it and it was so painful. I went to the Dr. and he gave me exercises to do and ended up going to physical therapy for a short time (which I stopped after a short time, because I could do the same exercises at home for free). It basically resolved on it's own (I'm sure the exercises helped) but it has never occurred again. The whole situation was weird. I do have wear and tear in that shoulder because it's my dominant shoulder that was affected. Everything I researched when this happened pointed to a possibility of decreased estrogen which affects the lubrication of joints so I'm thinking it was just a "flare up" of some kind. I've been dealing with all kinds of symptoms since around 42ish. Some have come and gone, others come back and then never reappear, and some just don't want to seem to ever go away. I've had eye twitches, buzzing foot, itchy skin all over, pain that comes and goes especially in the hips, headaches, stomach blahs, changes in bowels off and on (need to schedule a colonoscopy just because I've finally mentally convinced myself it's the right thing to do because of my age and not because of my symptoms - most of the time I'm just fine), knee pain, jaw/tooth pain which has no dental cause, etc., etc. I've definitely gone through the anxiety- horrible, horrible stuff. I had it really bad for about a year - mostly gone now but with occasional flare-ups that are manageable unlike before (thought I was dying, etc. health anxiety). Also, had the fear of not wanting to be left alone, anxiety about leaving the house. I had to force myself to go out - even if it was a quick errand. Right now dealing with the hot flashes which seem to come for several weeks at a time and then mostly disappear only to reappear later, tiredness, lack of motivation, lack of interest in anything, still some tearfulness - but not frequently, just an overall feeling of unhappiness/feeling like life is passing me by. Don't even have the energy to clean the house much - just do the bare minimum. I do find I just have to try and force myself to do things otherwise I will sit and watch tv all night. Going to work helps because I get energy from people. But I do start to get tired around 3 PM and don't do a whole lot in the evening. People say it will get better, but it is hard to imagine it will. I do try to trust God - his plan is all good, but still makes it hard to live each day when you know this isn't who you really are. I wish everyone well and hope we all come through this into the light one day!

    • Posted

      I know, HRT is tempting but I'm worried eventually when the patch comes off when I'm older and then ... this all over again.

      To be honest, just being here with all of you nice ladies is making me feel better. There's nothing worse than going thru this, alone. My friends are not experiencing any of this. I am 49 and postmenopausal.

      I have not had my hormone levels tested because really what's the point, I know they're all down.

      And I'm on a rollercoaster

      Glad to be here, though! Great site

    • Edited

      hi jenni, im also having head pressure like a tightness and band around head which stretching my neck too , like a pulse is shaking my intenal body from top to bottom n some kind of noise in my left ear may be tinnitus and aura like bright sun in left eye. vertigo was last year like whole room is spinning. my my MRI, ECG n blood test hormonal n general is all good. im 41 n estrogen, progesterone n fsh all normal. donno still its im in peri. its weird 😕 my blood test r normal 😭 does anyone has the same symptoms?

    • Edited

      Hi! May I ask how its going with the HRT?

      I do feel better once I start walking but if I try and real exercise I get horrible inflammation and have had lots of exercise induced injuries. You don't have that issue?

    • Edited

      This sounds like all me. Ive had electrical zaps,insomnia,sore teeth, anxiety, ibs flare ups,sore knee,sore joints,horrible cramps, more cycles than ever,when will it ever stop?

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