In Process of Healing Deep Chronic Anal Fissure, Blood-Free and Pain-Free

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My intention with this post is to speak about the successes and failures of trying to heal my Chronic Anal Fissure thus far. I will share what has worked, what I've learned, and what has not worked.

I also want to ask some questions about things I haven't tried yet that will hopefully lead to a full recovery and to me resuming a normal life.

FIRST, a little background about me and my experience.

I am a 25yo Male, I am active and follow a plant based/vegan diet.

The symptoms of my Chronic Anal Fissure began in early February 2020. The exact cause I am unsure of, however, I believe that bike-riding, dryness of the anus, stressful period of work and personal life, plus some constipation and straining during Bowel Movements, led to the formation of the anal fissure.

After BMs with blood and anal pain that wouldn't go away (which you are all familiar feels like you are being stabbed in the anus with a knife), I finally went to the Urgent Care.

After initially being misdiagnosed with a Hemorrhoid/Pile, I eventually saw a GI specialist. My anal fissure is deep inside my anus. After a proper diagnosis, I was prescribed a 2% Diltiazem/Lidocaine compound cream. This cream was not covered my insurance (I am American), and it costed $140, however it was well worth it. As it helped me get beyond the initial, very difficult and painful initial phase of healing the Anal Fissure. This cream, as well as taking hot bathes for 15-30 minutes, helped to calm anal spasms and greatly relieve the pain.

I found that my stool was still too hard and would re-aggravate and re-open the fissure. I was told to take 2 tablespoons of Benefiber in the morning. I also began eating Prunes in the evening before bed. My BMs usually take place in the morning.

I also found that sitting and exercising (Running, Pull-ups, sports, etc.) would also re-aggravate and re-open the fissure. Even though the GI specialist said I should start to resume normal activity.


This forum and community has been very helpful in providing me information and advice on how to deal with, cope with, and heal the fissure. I want to thank those and also share the posts that I have found most helpful or with methods that were successful or promising.

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While I am not completely healed yet and my Anal Fissure is now official Chronic (being that it has been more than 4 months now). And despite multiple relapses (at least 5), I remain optimistic and have been free of pain, blood and itchiness for the past month.

I realize that every case is different and I can only speak to my experience, But

Here is what I have learned and done so far that has been helpful. Most of which I learned the hard way.


  1. Medicinal Cream Helps but Is Not Everything - the 2% Diltiazem/Lidocaine compound cream was helpful, but did not completely close up the fissure. It did help with pain and spasms, and maybe I didn't take it long enough or consistently enough, but it can be itchy and uncomfortable, it is expensive and it expires. I also believe you CAN heal without it, however, it was helpful for me initially.

  2. Exercise - Doctors say exercise helps with blood flow and tissue regeneration, however, exercise was NOT helpful for me. I have tried to limit my movement as much as possible, only walking very slowly.


  1. Go to the Doctor right away - the longer you wait, the more you risk of developing a Chronic Anal Fissure (like me). When properly diagnosis, creams and medicines that help aid the process of healing making it more comfortable and manageable.

  2. Change Your Diet - cut out food that makes your stool hard and difficult to pass.

  3. Take Hot Bathes to relieve Anal Spasms - at least 15 to 30 minutes

  4. Use Vaseline/ Petroleum Jelly/ Coconut Oil or some equivalent before BM

  5. Use a Stool Softener - I use Benefiber, however I may switch because I want my stool to be even softer (advice welcome!)

  6. Eat PRUNES! - Prunes helped make my poop soft and allowed me to not "open" as much during a BM. With Prunes you can push the poop out lightly and use your legs and sphincter to drop the poop out. This was absolutely crucial to me getting out of the pain and blood phase. Every time I have relapsed I have done this and within a week or so I am no longer in pain.

  7. Don't Sit - sitting very much aggravates my fissure. When sitting in the car I use 2 pillows and push my legs in my car so I can be standing. I try to be standing or laying down as much as possible. Especially don't sit on hard surfaces. Only sit on the toilet as long as necessary.

  8. Breathe and Relax - spasm, tight anus, strain during BM, stress in general. All of these factors contribute to the worsen of the anal fissure. Even during urination, do not strain. I recommend meditating (at least 10 minutes of just breathing, no distractions) before and after BM and as necessary. You must relax. Stress is not good for anal fissures. Breathe and relax. I know it's difficult, we can do this!


  1. I still feel my stool is too hard. Benefiber doesn't make my poop soft enough, but without it is much worse. I am going to try switching to Psyllium Husk, maybe Konsyl specially. I want have very soft, mud-like poops. I have a high fiber diet, because I am vegan, but any supplements beside Benefiber? I do not want to take laxative pills, because I need something I can do for a longer period of time.

**What can I do to make my stool softer? **

  1. **Has anyone had success with any of the following creams/ gels? **

    In most of the success stories above they reference these. I am skeptical about anti-septic creams because I have heard it prevents healing and good bacteria growth, however there seems to be some success.

    Sudocrem ?

    Zinc Cream ?

    Coconut Oil ?

  2. Fasting?

Many success stories include fasting. I am strongly considering doing a Water Fast or a Liquid- only (water, soup, juice) diet, just to get over the last hump. In post #2 above, he references a water fast with vitamins A & C, which promoted healing. I don't want to endanger myself or make the fissure worse. But if this can help, I am open to doing an extended fast.

Any success fasting?


Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing. Stay hopeful, I have wanted to give up on everything at times. But, I have hope. I feel as though I have found a regimen that works for me, and I want to continue to improve upon it. This has helped me be able to live more comfortably, without blood and without pain.

I will continue to update you all on my process and recovery, and provide any information that has been helpful. Hopefully I have a full recovery, and we can all help each other find the formula that works for each of us!


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    Hi! Thank you so much for sharing all this! I am in a similar situation as I've had a fissure for 5months now with period when it's been great and then eating something bad and making worse again. I have now just restarted a treatment of 6weeks on Rectogesic cream, it's been a week and so far it is much better. For me what works is that I changed my diet a lot by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, adding oats, nuts, chia seeds, it helps making the stools more soft but wasn't enough to reduce the pain. My doctor recommended Laxido which is a laxatifs, I've been taking it for a week with no side effects and it makes the stools really soft and easy to pass so I have no more pain when having a BM! I don't want to be on laxatifs too long so I am also thinking on trying psyllium husk. I also do some exercise, 20min of soft yoga in the morning and 30min/1h walk every day and it helps. I try to not sit for too long either. I think we all have different ways of getting better but staying positive even on the bad days is the key, we will get better eventually! 😃

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      That's awesome. Thank you for sharing. I will have to give the laxido a try.

      Keep us updated on how things are working!

      Yes, Stay Positive! 😃

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    A brilliant post.

    I have had this since October. Early thirties. Life has completely been taken over.

    The only slight relieve I have had is from juicing but then when I eat, it comes back.

    Can I ask about skin tag?

    So I had my removed with botox for fissure.

    It still feels like a bit is still there and that's what the pain is (not just fissure)

    What do you think?


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      I am no medical professional but from what I understand the "skin tag" is a byproduct of the fissure, not the cause. However, I have noticed tenderness with mine as well. So I would say it is probably still the fissure that is the issue.

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      Yeah definitely a by product but so confused how sometimes no pain in my bm and then crazy pain in tag after.

      Is your tag still there then?

      Gotta stay positive, that is the key. I am trying so hard and have started counselling x

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    Did you ever apply Gtn?

    Was looking to see if anyone has experience of this? And how quick responses sometimes take

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      For me although it unfortunately never cleared it I felt it really had a good effect anything from a day or so to a week. It has never cleared mine but after each relapse I feel it has helped get me down from the 10 hour pain days to 6-8 and lower quicker than without.

      Frustratingly, although on two stool softeners a day with every BM very smooth and regular, I have gotten down to pain somedays of just 1-2 hours, but every time I somehow relapse like I did again last week and go back to square one. Just a bit annoying. So I will be doing the fast next week and see how it goes.

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      Have not tried Gtn, just Diltiazem cream, but I would say I had similar results.

      Let us know how the fasting goes. I might recommend drinking juices, pedialyte, and/or sports drinks so you are gettinf the necessary sugars, viatmins and minerals (not sure what kind of fast you'll be doing).

      Keep hanging in there!

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      Thanks for the advice Nilok, just starting today so will see how it goes.

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      Actually, just one thought. I am on two movicol (stool softeners) a day even with fasting should I stick on them? I think so but just wondered.

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    Great Post. Trying to read only positive posts. So some of you are feeling the same... feels like you have good days then bad days? Are your bad days a result of a bad BM or is it just a fluke? Ive had some good days,no pain during bm (this happened 2-3 tx in the last few months...but somepain afterwards ( 30 min plus post). And then painful BM's a few days later.. Does that mean I keep retearing the Fissure? Are some days more painful then the others post BM? My stools are within the brexit range mind you they can look different each day. My goal is to just empty once like i used to instead of the 3 times that seems to be happening more regular. Off to check out the posts that have helped you. Thank you.

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    Just to provide a little update. I saw a different doctor and his treatment plan has been more comprehensive.

    2 hot bathes, twice a day, for at least 20mins.

    Applying 0.3% Nifedipine / 5% Lidocaine compound cream after bath.

    Take a probiotic (This has helped me sooooo much. Stool is much softer.)

    Don't spend more than 10 minutes on the toilet.

    I am continuing to take Benefiber, psyllium didn't work as well.

    But I am feeling really good! I don't think fully healed, but I barely notice it at this point. I have been able to resume some light exercise, but I am trying to be really cautious until I am fully healed.

    I HIGHLY recommend the 2 hot bathes a day (morning and night), this provides blood flow, which basically eliminates spasm, and allows the medicine to work better.

    Stay positive! You can do this!!

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