Left Testical pain. Lower Stomach pain and side.

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Hi All.

I am very pleased to have found this site to see other people are having simular symptoms as myself. Also I will add that whilst I fell very down its very clear that there are many on here that are in a worse place than myself.

about 4 months ago a dull pain developed in my left testical on the left hand side of it. Doctor gave me cipro thinking Prostatis. it did not work.Uroligist gave me cipro and Doxicycline with Naproxen. they have not worked. back to the Doctor and he has given me a course of doxicycline for another 2 weeks. they are not working. had an Ultrasound and all clear. Had blood tests and urine tests and they are all clear. in now experiancing pains in my stomach and my side. feels like a stich sometimes in the side. this can also spread to the kidney area to. i am taking Gabapentin to. just wondering if anyone has had simular and found a cure. is it an infection? is it a damaged nerve? kind thanks.

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    I'm having testicular pain which feels like I've been kicked. It only happens when I'm urinating toward the end when my bladder is about empty. I've had blood work, urine testing, ultrasound of the scrotum and a CT scan of my abdomen all have come back clear and normal with the exception of a mass in my lower intestine. Having that checked out tomorrow. My question to all of you is have you had a vasectomy? I'm wondering if this isn't related? If I find any answers I will post them.

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      Nope. But I'm experiencing the same symptoms. I took Levaquin 1 pill for 10 days after the first initial test detected Epidytimitis but a month later the pain was back. My Urologist put me on Cipro. I only took it for 3 days because it was giving me headaches. Now I'm getting stomach pains. Could it be the bacteria has traveled to my upper abdomen? Anyone had this?

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      danny24 Don't take Clndamicin antibiotic,This pill gave me C-diff

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    I'm suffering with very similar pain, lower left abdomen and left testicle. I was put on antibiotics too, no help. Then urologist puts me on gabapentin, helps, most of the time. Today is the worst to date, which brought me to this group.

    I do have a complicated health situation. Among other things I have prostate cancer and ulcerative colitis. So here we are.

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      I don't have a anwer for what you ask I read what pose bout your health situation everything ok with you I'm 45 I go to my doc tomorrow to get my prostate check lol scared

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      My pain is completely gone Eric. Thank you for asking. My insurance got a work out though. They ran every test under the sun. My prostate was good and every test came back good. It literally took 5 days of ibuprofen and it was all good. I haven't had any pain at all since. Hope everything turns out ok for you.

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      jasdiv97 Did you have this testicle pain and ibuprofen is what got rid of the pain?

      after 5 days. How many pills a day??

      thanks for this info.


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    To all on this chat!!! Listen up!!!

    I was having abdomen and testicular pain, they ran a bunch of tests and found a mass in my abdomen. I was told that it more resembled an inflammation rather than a tumor. I took 800mg ibuprofen for a week and then the pain just went away. I went back for another scan and the mass had shrunk to about a quarter of its original size! The doctor won't say for sure but this mass may have been hitting the nerve or something leading to my bladder.

    They found this mass with a CT scan.

    Hopefully this will help someone.

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      I went to the Doctors and they Checked me. They didn't do no CT scan but did give me 800MG of ibuprofen and after a week the pain is gone. So thank you !

      Anyone who has this problem should go to the doctor and hope it's nothing major and 800mg of ibuprofen should do the work.

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    Hi There,

    I am experiencing a very similar situation right now...clear tests, and same origin and pattern of movement in pain...

    I can see this is an old post, and I'm wondering how you are now and if you were able to figure it out? And maybe insight?



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      Hey Tim,

      Since you have gotten test and they came back clear. I would suggest asking your doctor for a prescription for 800mg of ibuprofen. When I first took these, the discomfort/pain lasted about 3 weeks. After I wasn't feeling the pain so I stopped taking them and I haven't fee any pain.

      I hope this helps. I would like to hear back on what you end up doing and if you fee better.

      Best ,


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      I began experiencing the same symptoms being discussed in this forum a week ago. Dr. gave me Cipro thinking it was epididymitis, but 4 days later I ended up in ER with intense testicle pain and shooting lower back pain on left side. ER doctors ruled out kidney stones and sent me home with Percocet to be able to sleep. After spending time researching online, I think this all might be Iliolumbar Syndrome, which should be treated with anti inflammatories. Severe cases can cause groin and testicular pain. I will begin the 800mg Ibuprofen treatment along with lumbar stretches to see if there is any improvement. The cipro hasn't given me any relief.

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      Hey guys, This all started for me 6 weeks ago. Went to ER, exam and tests negative. After two follow up exams. MD said, "I don't know." Gee thanks!

      The frequency has increased and the waves of spasms as of tonight went beyond any previous events.

      Starting on Naproxen. With stretches and massage. Hoping that I get long term relief. Will repost with my progress.


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      Unfortunately, my case turned out to be Shingles. The rash finally showed up a week into the pain. Over the worst part now, but still having some soreness which is considered normal.
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      Hey I had the same problem when I were in my late 20s.now I'm 45 yrs.old at first I had uti seem like it was not going away took med bout month now this discomfort dull pain left testicles and left leg hurts to

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      Hello my friend to honest had a uti for month took antibiotics seen like nothing help got back on my old med amoxicillin seem like it work.now my left testicles hurts and left leg aching..... now that's ova riding the sign I had with the uti 4 got to mention uti I had burning or sting inside penis head. I hope I express my self good you ppl.con understand

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      Hi, my left testicle pain started 6 months ago. So far 2 Urologists don't know what it is. My regular guy put me on Gabapentin which seems to help some of the time. I'm starting to note what pants I am wearing when it starts. Maybe a snug fit and a seam with a bad attitude?

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      Have you tried ibuprofen 800mg for a week? The pain felt like it was migrating for the first couple days and then gone. Coincidentally the mass they found in my abdomen has diminished at the same time.

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