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Hi I would love to hear from any one who is on Losartin Potassium for High Blood Pressure. I am a very fit 56yr old who is working in a professional job that needs a clear head and plenty of energy. However after three years of constant anxiety I was diagnised as having high Blood Pressure following three weeks of serious nose bleeds, and was prescribed Amlodopine. This worked well on lowering my blood pressure but had such bad side effects that I finally persuaded my GP to stop them . I am now taking Losartin Potassium 25mg and where as the side effects are not as bad as with the Amlodopine ,I am still experienceing severe tiredness and feel muddled and confused at times. I have only been on them for a week now and have to go back to my GP in three weeks time, but even though I am back in work I am not functioning the way that I should be. I would appriciate it if I could hear from any one else who is on this medication because I have gone from a very active person to one who is struggling to get through the day . Thank you

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    Hi Hoggie I hope that you are ok. I have been on the Lorsartin now for over three weeks and I am getting used to them. I am back in work and even took myself off to the Isle of Whight for a mini break which I could never have done on the Amlodipine. So I am very pleased that I went back to my GP and had my mediction changed .

    Take care Anastasia

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    Hi Stacy, glad to hear you are getting used to losartan, I'm 55 years old and on 50 mg losartan, and plus other medication to help me cope with my chronic blood pressure. I was tired at first but to be honest without them I doubt if I would be alive, so the benefits of hypertension medication outweighs the negative side of the medication.

    Take care and the best of luck.

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    Hi Moonbrush, thank you for your reassuring comments. I am finding Losartan much easier to cope with so will stay with it. As you say if they work then the benefits do out way the consequences of the results of Hypertension. My blood pressure is staying down which is great and I am now taking a different approach to life. However can you advise me as to the best time of day to take the medication. I take it in the morning but this is a problem when I am working nights because I becaome very tired when I take them before a night shift. I suppose I will have a chat with my GP and see what she has to say. Any way thanks again and I hope that you keep well .

    Bye for now Anastasia

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    Hi Anastasia,

    You should go and have a very serious chat with your GP, and please don't put it off, go as soon as possible, this medication is far to serious not too! I've been taking Losartan for a considerable time now with other hypertension medications and am leading a full active life. Don't let hypertension become a problem, what I mean by that is, don't worry too much about it, just keep a eye on your pressure from time to time, and enjoy life... Now please go and see that Doctor of yours..

    Bye for now and take care Alan

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    Hi Alan thank you for your advice . I will have a chat with my GP about my worries and then I should be right. I am going to enjoy my life because I am now glad that my BP is under control and not in control of me . It is a strange condition and I can understand why they call it the silent killer because there are very little symptoms. However when I think about it I was not my self for a long time but put it down to the stress of my parents being ill and passing away within 15 months of each other. Still I am now feeling much better in myself even though I really miss them . I am a very positive person and it takes a lot to bring me down so now it is upwards and onwards .

    Take care Anastasia

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    I am 42 and was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 33. I have been on most blood pressure medications and those that I liked did not agree with me. I have been taking Losartan Potassium 100mg for almost 3 years now and it is the only medication that I feel does not affect me mentally - in fact, prior to taking it I found it very diffifult to concentrate and had a feeling of fuzziness in my head for a long time - I believe this medication has actually made a huge difference to my concentration levels and energy - lots of other medications made me feel very tired. The only problem I think may be due to taking this medication is having dry skin - it may not be, but I have only had dry skin since taking it. I am considering changing tablets to see it my dry skin disappears, but this is the only medication that I have generally felt good on. I did stop taking previous medications as I was not happy with the side effects, but I ended up with a heart murmur due to a damaged valve because of it, so I know how important it is to take medication. I put my high BP down to stress also, as I have always been very fit and healthy otherwise. I would recommend Losartan to help with your energy levels and concentration - just from my own personal experience, as most others make you tired.
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      Hi Vanessa,

      I am taking Losartan Potassium 50mg for the past 4months now and experiencing severe itching on my feet and hands.

      Due you experience any similar symptoms?



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      Hi, just to say that last week I too was getting intense itching on my hands and feet.Also a cough started suddenly and I stopped being able to pee. I have been on Losartan Pottassium 50mg for about 2 years (previously on Ramipril which gave me a constant cough).I asked my doctor if it was the Losartan causing my itching and affecting my kidneys and stopping me weeing, but she said I had a urine infection.She tested a sample and then sent it off to the lab.However it came back clear. I still suspected the Losartan so decided to stop it for a few days (I have a blood pressure meter to keep an eye on things).Well almost straight away the itching stopped and the cough and after a couple of days I could pee properly again.I am walking loads to try and keep my blood pressure down.I will speak to my Doctor and tell her what I have done and that I'm convinced its the Losartan. I would however NOT recommend anyone to stop taking their medication without first asking their Doctor.I did it in desperation as I couldn't get a doctors appointment.
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      I get a vague all over under skin itch. When I switched to Ramipril that did not suit me the itch went. Back on Losartan it came back. My GP says that it is caused by a Losartan effect on the kidneys.

      Side effects from BNF the Doctors prescribing manual:

      vertigo; less commonly gastro-intestinal disturbances, angina, palpitation, oedema, dyspnoea, headache, sleep disorders, malaise, urticaria, pruritus, rash; rarely hepatitis, atrial fibrillation, cerebrovascular accident, syncope, paraesthesia; also reported pancreatitis, anaphylaxis, cough, depression, erectile dysfunction, anaemia, thrombocytopenia, hyponatraemia, arthralgia, myalgia, renal impairment, rhabdomyolysis, tinnitus, photosensitivity, and vasculitis (including Henoch-Schönlein purpura)

      I'll PM you a link to another site listing more side effects.


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      Thanks Derek. As it happens I have had Tinnitus the past 6 weeks.My Doctor first said it was caused by fluid behind the ear drums and gave me a steroid spray.That only gave me a sore throat.My other Doctor said it could be due to the supposed water infection.Antibiotics given.The itch as you describe felt like it was under the skin and was unbearable. I suggested to my Doctor that it was all to do with the Losartan but she said no. So I myself stopped it and all symptons except the tinnitus have gone.I must see the Doc again. I may still need blood pressure medication but have had side effects so far from several.Ramipril gave me a constant cough, palpitations and cramps .Good luck to everyone,especially Derek who replied. It has confirmed for me that I was not imagining my symptons were due to Losartan.Good luck all.
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      Over the years I have had Atenolol (the very worst and too much to relate) combined with Amlodipine.

      Lisinopril, caused my lips to swell and a blister like swelling to come up on my throat.

      Securon, severe constipation and problem with heat and sunlight.

      Enalapril, a rash that caused me to privately see a skin specialist. 

      Bedrofluazide, reduced my urine output and gave me pelvic pain.

      Irbesartan, Ramipril and Perindopril virtually turned me into a Zombie. I was going around in a fog with a headache and feeling so light headed that about to pass out. They also had me so tired that I could sleep at the drop of a hat. Even in the front row of the theatre at Priscilla Queen of the Desert and that is not a quiet show.

      Reading the side effects again I must question my GP about my recent  sleeplessness and the fact that I have been back in atrial fibrillation since early April.

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      Wow, you've tried 'em all ! I began on Lisinapril but as soon as I took the first one I had terrible stomach pains, nausea and really bad head. My doctor out me on Ramipril which I took for a few years but had a constant irritating dry tickly cough that would always come on when I needed my voice ! It would end up with me coughing so bad it was like whooping cough.Eventually I was put on Losartan a couple of years ago.Until recently I had no problems but then I began getting  a jumpy heart as I lay down to sleep which was quite scary.It would settle after about 5 minutes but not nice.Then I woke one day about 6 weeks ago with Tinnitus. Went to the Doctor 3 weeks ago who said fluid behind the ear drums and gave me a steroid nasal spray. Good I thought, this will sort it.No such luck.Got a bit worse and I got a painfull sore throat despite gargling with water after I used the spray.Then about 10 days ago I began getting terrible itching, as if under the skin, on my heels and palms at night. Previously I had found my lower legs getting unbearably hot at night (strange as I also have Raynauds and have cold feet).Then the dreaded cough began and unable to pee hardly anything. Saw another Doctor who suggested urine infection and gave antibiotics.Urine test turned out negative. I decided it had to be the Losartan and as I have my own BP meter thought I would give it a try giving up the Losartan (there were no appointments to see my Doctor for another week !).I have been going for 3 decent walks a day and my blood pressure hasn't got any worse yet but I will be checking with my Doc. All I can say is my tinnitus is now quieter ! The itching stopped a day later ! The cough also stopped a day later ! I can also pee again ! I also don't have a jumpy heart. I feel like a naughty child for going against my Doctors but it must have been the Losartan.Where I go from here I am not sure. If my blood pressure gets no worse maybe my Doctor will agree to wait a bit and see, but I am between 114/75 and 148/85 so some would say I should be on medication, but my BP is no different on or off medication.I have found walking gently in the countryside the best for lowering blood pressure. I eat lots of veg and no processed food, but think I eat a varied diet, low in salt.Fingers crossed all is wellas can be.Good luck Derek and hope you find the right solution for you.
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      Haven't used the email associated with this for years. If you have severe itching of feet and hands it can be a sign of liver damage. I had the same problem when I was pregnant with my twins - couldn't stop the insane itching on my feet, hands and arms - thankfully that was just because one of the twins was blocking off the gall bladder to the liver and my urine was the colour of dark coffee - they told me initially that my liver could be failing :-/ - thankfully it was just that my twins were getting too big for my body :-) xx

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    To anyone who takes hypertension medication and may be thinking of stopping their medication, please don't, always, always see your doctor first. After all the side effects may be awful but the consequences of stopping your medication far outweighs that. Hypertension medication is for life I'm sorry to say but factual.

    Vanessa I'm afraid sometimes high blood pressure comes on without any reason, yours could so easily be 'essential hypertension', that just means hypertension sets in without any reason. Anyway good luck to you.

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      Hi Almac, have you heard the link between pre-eclampsia (in pregnancy) and life long hypertension? This is what I had and was told it could well lead to hypertension later. This was in Sweden but I can't remember the reasons given. It turned out correct as from that time it seems I've always had it!

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      Hi Almac, yep that is what Dr's used to tell me too, but they only know what studies have shown. Stress is now implicated in many health problems ifrom BP to stress. Always remember a consultant caridiologist telling me about 12 years ago that Beta Blockers was extremely safe and had been used for about 20 years after I complained that it was making me feel extremely depressed, then about 2 months later it was all over the news that it was linked to type 3 Diabetes and they stopped recommending it as a first choice for high BP. My next consultant cardiologist actually agreed that stress was probably a reason for high BP in many people, although it hadn't been officially declared at that stage. He knew what he was talking about and was the best consultant cardiologist I have ever met. The previous female one was extremely condescending and dismissive. He was much older and more experienced than her. I was in the gym 5 days a week and ate an extremely healthy diet for years when I was diagnosed - so it wasn't as though my weight or diet had anything to do with my high BP. I was a full time working single mother with 3 toddlers and was exhausted most of the time. The stress of bringing up 3 young children alone and being the only one repsonsible for putting a roof over their head was immense - hard enough bringing young children up alone without the financial issues to deal with. Yep, chronic stress was the reason for my high BP without a shadow of a doubt.

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