new to orlistat, any tips please?

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Hi everyone. I started orlistat Friday (29/11/13) can anyone give me some tips? I don't think i generally eat alot but I may be a secret eater. I dont eat breakfast but now I've started. So this is my eating now,

Breakfast I have a bowl of special k with semi skimmed milk. Lunch I have chicken breast with a small sweet potato (light butter) and salad with a small dollop of light mayo. Then dinner ive been eating a lot of stews/casserole lately. With lots of veg in it. Tonight im having a beef stew. I dont really eat bread and if I do its wholemeal. And ive swapped white potatoes for sweet potatoes. I really want to do this well anf loose weight. I dont drive so I walk alot or use buses. Im a single working parent so sadly I really don't have the time to be in the gym all the time.

Any help id be really grateful. Also ive not had any side effects. I do sometimes feel bloated and a bit constipated.

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    Hi Sam smile first of all I'd like to wish you good luck on achieving your goal weight!

    You are right about taking orlistat with meals, i find that the best time to take one is just after a meal but you can take it just before, during or up to an hour after your meal.

    Orlistat works by stopping your body from absorbing around 25% of the fat in every meal and the fat that doesn't get absorbed comes out in your poo. If you don't go over the recommended amount of fat per meal, you should be okay. Only take a tablet when you've had a meal, there's no point in taking one if you haven't eaten because of the way they work. For example, if you only have two meals on a certain day, you will only need to take two tablets that day, one with each meal.

    If a meal or a snack contains no fat, you don't need to take a tablet. It'd be a good idea to also take a multi vitamin before bed as orlistat stops your body from taking in certain vitamins, especially vitamin K

    Try not to worry about loose stools, you'll find that you're stools will be slightly oily and softer than normal anyway, but if you remain within the guidelines, you shouldn't experience any uncontrollable accidents so you shouldn't need adult diapers smile I've never had an accident, i do wear panty liners as a precaution though, i place them in my underwear slightly to the back. I've also experienced slight stomach cramps but they're just letting me know that it'll be time for the loo soon.

    I hope this has helped a little and good luck! Kindest regards, Elly

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    Hello Elly,

    Thank you so much, your feedback was extremely helpful.

    Okay, I've got it. in terms of meals, if I was to skip a meal but then had a little snack which contained fat would I still need to take a tablet?

    And in terms of loose stools... haha, thought I may have been going over board, I will use pant liners rather than adult diapers :D.

    I just have multivitamins, they should be enough right?

    Again thank you for your reply, I hope your plan is going well too. How long have you been on it so far?

    Sam xx

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    Hiya Sam, thankyou, I'm just glad i can help smile I've been on orlistat for around 6 weeks. So far i have lost 5lbs. About 1lb per week so it's coming off slowly but surely.

    I think that if you skipped a meal but had a snack containing fat, it'd all depend on the type of snack you were having and how much fat it contains. the guidelines say that snacks should have no more that 3g of fat and that you don't need to take a tablet for it, so if it has more than 3g of fat, I'd class it as a small meal and take a tablet. I try to keep snacking to a minimum, if you fancy a snack, go for something like a cereal bar or a piece of fruit instead. Also, if you feel hungry between meals, try having a drink of water or fruit juice first. It can help to stop the feeling of hunger (drink plenty of fluids anyway) Food containing protein like chicken, fish and other white meat also make us feel fuller for longer so a meal containing protein can also help to stop you feeling hungry between meals.

    Multi vitamins are very important, vitamins A, D, E & K don't get a chance to get absorbed into the body because they're fat soluble so they get taken out of your food along with the fat that orlistat takes away.

    If there's anything atall i can help with, I'm more than happy to help, i know how much of a struggle it can be and how confusing it all is with all the guidelines and possible unpleasant side effects rolleyes you take care and I'd really like to know how u get on, i really hope it goes well for you. Keep me posted!

    Kindest regards, Elly xx

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    Hi ladiea. Glad to hear your getting on ok. So since I started ive lost 6lb. But I was a bit naughty over Christmas so im really getting stuck back into it now. And ive set my self a goal of one hours power walk three times a week whilst the children are at school. Eventually im hoping to get some running in there too. My sister is getting married in November and im her maid of honour so I really must get trim. Im still not having side effects but I do notice my stools being slightly orange. I feel I dont go regularly enough so thats why I drink a big glass of prune juice in the evenings.

    Thanks for the vitamins tip elly I must get some of those. X

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    Elly, You are a jem!!

    Any weight loss between 1-2lbs per week is a good weight loss. You are doing great:D

    That is all so helpful, I am feeling much better about it now, and more positive. I am fine to snack on fruits etc, and cannot go a day without water, so hopefully I will be ok with liquids etc. I just hope I really stick to it and get the results I want.

    I am sure the side effects won't be that bad after all, well I hope so anyway haha.

    And I will be sure to let you know how I am doing. All the best to you and thank you so much for your help. xxxx

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    @ honey123 There is nothing to worry about unless you plan on eating the wrong things if you stick to it then the weight will fly off i have been on them nearly a year now and am nearly at my goal weight good luck
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    Hi all, I wish you all the very best on your journey and hope you all get to where you want to be smile

    I started taking Orlistat on Monday and weighed myself today and have lost 2kbs. I felt a bit disappointed but then a loss is a loss. I have to see it that it isn't a quick fix and it will be little. I am a little worried as the first day I had oily stools but since then it has stopped. I have been checking fat in each meal but was worried the tablets would stop working. Is there an average guide to how much you should expect to lose each week?

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    Hello...I'm looking for some advice please ladies.

    I've been to my doctor today as I am so unhappy with me weight and she has suggested these tablets.

    I just wanted some feedback like do they work,? what do you do that's different? Am I going to be on the loo loads?

    Thanks x

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    @carolyn22840 Hi Yes they do work if you stick to it. You won't be on the loo if you stick to the no foods over 5g rule and no more than 15g of fat per meal. Basically no junk food also use spray oil as you can't have any other oil.Read all the backs of packets/labels in the supermarket takes a while but you get used to it

    They have worked for me Good Luck

    smile x

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    Thanks Britney, any hints on what I can't have or any meal idea?

    Thank you x

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    carolyn22840 Hi

    You won't be able to have cheese apart from Laughing Cow Lightest and i believe Sainsburys do a be good to yourself Philadelphia type cheese which is 4g of fat per 100g so that's fine i just cut out cheese completely apart from the occasional laughing cow which tastes nothing like cheese.

    No oil

    No Chocolate/crisps etc

    You can find lower fat alternatives such as snack a jacks and weight watchers puddings i buy a lot of saisnburys be good to yourself foods as they are very low in fat.

    Meat must be lean i don't really eat meat anymore i eat quorn and prefer it

    Maggi (can use chicken or quorn for this)

    Jacket Potatoes homemade wedges


    lean steaks from sainsburys are 3 g of fat per steak

    I don't eat bread but you can if you wish i don't know what the fat gram is for bread i eat ryvitas or plain rice cakes

    Mullerlights are nice

    You can have cottage cheese Asda do some nice flavoured ones

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    Today is my first day on orilstat, I have had a bowl of Special K for breakfast and a small jacket potato with beans for lunch. Does this sound ok?

    I'm about to go out and find something for tea, are fish cakes ok with salad? I'm thinking of sticking to the slimming world diet while taking them?

    I need help hehe thanks xxxxx

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    Hi Gefow that sounds fine just make sure the fishcakes are 5g of fat or under 100g and it will be fine. I don't follow slimming world but i know a lot of people do i may look up some SW recipes tonight! Good
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    Ah ok I looked at them and one is 11gs of fat, I thought this would be ok as I have hardley had any other fat today? X

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