Pain under ribs on right hand side

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Hi, for 5 months now I have been experiencing a stitch like pain under my ribs on the right hand side. I had my gall bladder scanned, all was ok. Had liver function test, all ok. Kidneys scanned - all ok. Test for ulcer - all ok. The pain is intermittent.

Not sure if it is connected, but five months a go I stopped taking sugar in tea and switched to sweeteners (aspartame). I got through 100 tablets in two weeks. My stomach ballooned with gas and I belched a lot. The pain appears to have come on shortly after this. Whether the sweeteners had anything to do with it, I don't know. I am male, 40 years old, reasonably fit and a non smoker.


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    All the symptoms said that in my case too but after an ultra sound at which the chap doing it had a really detailed look for any signs of blockage etc he could find nothing at all. That was only 3 months ago and the pain was present at the time of the scan. This maybe interesting to someone though, the first time I had this over 15 years ago the pain was intensive for 6 month and they didn't send me for an ultrasound (more fool me) and one morning I woke up and the pain was so bad I thought I was dying, I just lay there I could move, it got worse by the second. After 5mins of this, the pain went, just went and I was back to normal and I had no more problems for 8 years. I had an ultrasound 2 weeks after that episode and nothing showed up at all. To me and I'm no doctor but I feel I had a gall stone blockage and I passed it???? On that occasion. What I find very difficult to take is the fact that the doctors give up, oh well we cant find anything!!! Doesn't seem to matter your pain and discomfort. I bet if we we're paying them instead of the state they'd keep looking. How's the chap who stated this thread??????
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      i had same problem, was in severe pain and i think i was passing a gallstone but passed it by the time i had my scans which is why nothing showed up.


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    Thanks for your comments.

    Quick update: only had twinges for last couple of months, and have felt fine.

    Then two Saturdays ago in the evening, my stomach ballooned again. This carried on for several days, then on the Wednesday I woke in the morning with more than a stitch, it was painful even to breathe in or out deeply. I got an appointment and saw a locum doctor. To be fair, this was the first time I had been to the docs while actually suffering with the pain. Diagnosis.....gallbladder.

    When questioned about the negative scan, I was told it was very common for people, including doctors, to think you have to have gallstones to have the pain. Gallstones are actually a product of gallbladder disease. I have been told the flare Ups will only get worse.

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    yes thats true you can have pain with no stones you can have sludge in your gallbladder or maybe stones have been present and then passed, i think that i have had a few and passed some when i thought i was dying and now looks like im left with one thats causing so much trouble. i would demand more tests and even second opinion as you cant be expected to be in that pain, i feel like my life has been on hold for ages be glad when its over and done with if all goes to plan
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    I've had this problem too, for about the last 12 months.

    I've had ultra sound and x-ray, but nothing shows up.

    I went to the doctor again today, but he seems to have run out of ideas.

    It's got to the stage now where I'm thinking I'm stuck with it.

    It's not so much painful, as irritating.

    It may be just a coincidence, but my problem started after giving up sugar in tea and coffee,

    as well as changing from white bread to brown. As suggested at the surgery after a health check.

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    Sorry to here you have the same problem, the more you look into it the more people you find with the same prob. After a long period of hell mine's calmed down with hardly any pain or discomfort at all. Just went yet again??? I'll just mention what occurred just in case its the same as someone's else's. A bad bout of pain and gone, I was up all night with really, really bad wind and acid. I had to take the max dose of Omeprazole which after a few hours calmed it down. The next day whilst sat at the computer the pain just went??? I'm just taking 20mg Omeprazole as I'm so afraid to stop taking it and it coming back. Even when you've not got the pain you live in fear of it coming back, surly its not that a complicated issue that some doctor somewhere cant sort out or is it???? As per your comments Alan, when its not the everyday conditions the doctors seem to give up, never follow it up, never say well come back every month and lets review the symptoms, its just well get on with it. In fact all the doctors I now see ask me what do I want to do next???? But its far easier to keep a repeat prescription and take what dose you think lol and the doctors are happy with that too. Hope things improve Alan.
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    I know what you mean Dave regarding doctors. (and I don't want to take this thread off at a tangent)

    After I'd had my X-Ray, I waited nearly three weeks before phoning my doctor for the results.

    For the receptionist to tell me it was clear. So much for doctor / patient confidentiality.

    I have to call them on a premium phone line, and they can't call me with the results which they'd had for over a week.

    In my case it's more of a dull ache than a pain. Rubbing some Voltarol into it helps . Isn't Omeprazole

    used to combat excess acid ? I don't believe that is the problem in my case.

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      Hi I have a similar thing with a dull ache, it goes on for hours, when I wake ujp I am fine then a few hours later it comes on and is there all day.I also sometimes get a sharp stitch when I bend down.  How are you now? Yes omeprazole is for combnating excess acid, they say you must take it forever usually, but this is not true, it is just that when you try to come off of it you get a few days with withdrawal symptoms which make people feel scared and weird so they  tend to chicken out and stay on it rather than bit the bullet and stay off till that goes.
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      Hi Carmel,

      I know it's been a while since you wrote that message but just wondering whether you ever got a diagnosis? I have exactly the same symptoms as you - dull ache, sometimes sharper when I bend over, often fine in the morning then steadily getting worse... My pain is really localised, just right of my belly button. I'd really appreciate any info if you did find anything out about your symptoms. Thank you

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      I have had this pain since December,  have had all tests possible.  Seen several gps not in a practice where we can see same doctor... that doesn’t help matters.  

      The pain is hurting right now as I type.   Cant stay in bed so uncomfortable, feel like I am being stabbed .  Sore to touch on rib.  The doctors seem to blame everything on reflux. Really don’t want surgery but I can’t see connection between my ribs and osophogus. 

      I think they think.  Here she is again THAT women.  But getting frustrated.

      Don’t want anyone to hurt too but pleased that this seems quite common.


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    P.S. I don't know why my posts are appearing as they are ? Format wise .
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    Yes correct Alan, it is. We know its stomach, liver, gallbladder related but they cant say what, how, why etc and pin it down to one or the other. All I know is that it bloody hurts, last for ages and goes as easy as it starts without a change in lifestyle etc!!! Interesting re the voltarol, muscle???? But why does a muscle hurt for 12 months??
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    Who knows Dave ?

    I'm wondering if my pain is muscle related. Last winter I did suffer with a lot of coughing, in common with a lot of others. Maybe that strained a muscle ?

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    HERE'S WHAT I'VE DONE TO PROVIDE RELIEF FOR MYSELF WHEN I HAD THIS CHALLENGE...BUT FIRST, A VERY IMPORTANT BACK STORY! Most important for me to note is that I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice...I am simply sharing my experience and what I've learned.

    A few years ago, I experienced the same kind of pain. Went to the doctor and it was basically brushed off as a Fatty Liver. Many doctors do not even mention this when looking at the ultra sound because they don't believe it's a real big deal. So your doctor may have said everything looks normal when it's really not.

    What I've learned is that while fatty liver is relatively common thanks to the terrible eating habits of people today, most doctors don't even mention it and may even say something like, "your liver looks a little inflamed but nothing to worry about...everything is normal."

    But here's the thing. While it does not affect most people, there is a small percentage of people that actually experience physical discomfort from a fatty liver. And when not tended to, it can become serious.

    I'm going to guess that many of you who suffer with this may have a little weight problem. I was slightly overweight but not considered obese.

    Anyway, I was fortunate enough to find a doctor that specializes in this specific condition. I don't want to mention the name here because I want you all to know that this info is real and I'm in no way trying to advertise for any specific person or product.

    This is really my story.

    Moving on...the great news about the liver is that it's the only internal organ that can regenerate itself. It's always working and changing. Our job is to help it to change in the right direction...meaning back to normal size.

    I did it about 3 or 4 years ago and over a period of a few months the pain literally disappeared. I felt a whole lot better and like an idiot, started abusing my liver again.

    So now I'm back on the regiment and committed to taking care of it from here on out. If you don't, it keeps coming back and it can become very serious if not treated properly.

    By the way...there's no real "medicine" for the have to take care of it yourself. So love your liver and there's a good chance you relieve the pain and live longer.

    Here's the regiment I used that cleared it up:

    *Take a digestive enzyme before every meal to help break food down to relieve the strain on your liver

    *Milk Thistle is very powerful. Liquid or capsules are fine. I use the capsules...4 capsules 3 times a day

    *Use a supplement I've found that is formulated specifically for liver health.

    *Take a Probiotic about 30 minutes after every meal. I use a powder that you can put in your favorite juice. This also helps to reduce the work of the liver, allowing it to use energy to heal itself.

    Very important! It is not really fats that you need to avoid although you definitely want to remove saturated and trans fats from your diet. The culprit that is really causing your pain is SUGAR! Cut it completely or reduce it majorly. Otherwise, all efforts are in vain.

    And also very important is aerobic least 20 minutes, 3 times a week.

    Straight up though...some of the supplements are not cheap..

    The supplements help to relieve the stress on your liver so that it can focus on regenerating instead of cleaning all dang day.

    If you need to choose, I'd say this is the order of importance: Supplement, Digestive Enzyme, Milk Thistle, Probiotic. But using all of them together has given me amazingly fast results.

    Some will feel results after just a couple of days and others will feel results in a week, but I know what worked for me...and this was it.

    If you can't get any of the supplements then you absolutely have to change your yesterday. Your liver is need to make it's job easier so that it can focus on healing.

    I know you want to find out what the magic pill is that will just make it disappear. With the liver...there is none.

    It's your you need to make a choice. I know how painful it is and how it disrupts your life...but the freedom has been awesome.

    Like I said, I've had to get back on the regiment again...only this time it was easier because I knew for sure that it would work.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck and good living.

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      I want to THANK YOU SO MUCH for your information because I, too have been experiencing the same annoying pain after being treated for "pancreatitis" last week with all sorts of tests and one month ago with "diverticulitis", so really wasn't sure which one it really is?  But when I had the bout of pancreatitis (which I never had), I was doubled over in pain and had to go to the hospital, was treated with IV's and a CT Scan which was diagnosed as the pancreatitis and sent home on a total liquid diet and told to give my pancreas a rest!  However, I am not an excessive drinker (maybe a glass of wine on occasions or a nice cold beer in the summer) and don't smoke (have asthma), so why this happened is still questionable.  But then have had that annoying pain under the right upper quandrant all this time and no answers were given!  So after researching came across this website and read your discussion and felt like it was me!  So I went out right away and got this Milk Thistle and OMG!  I have only taken one pill last night and woke up this morning and that annoying pain is GONE!

      Yes, no annoying twinge  I can't thank you enough....what a relief.  I will now continue taking care of myself and definitely watch what I eat (even though I'm really not that bad?) and hope to recover fully from this horrible experience.  Because there is nothing worse than having to deal with any tummy problem! 

      Again, thanks and hope all continues well with you too!


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      i agree 100% when i am working and my wight under control and stay way from sugar , no probelm as soon as i am above 210lb i get the pain, but if you realy want to get ride of the pin just start workingout the pain goes away immedietly!

      thanks people for posting , just want to share , no doctor need.

      oh btw i have been told that i have fatty fatty liver!

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      Thank you so much for this information!! I have had the same reoccuring problem for 2 years. I changed my eating habits and it went away.

      I have slipped lately with more fatty foods and alcohol, and it has come back!! I am starting over and will try the other items you recommended!

      Thank again!

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       I feel so relieved toread all these treads but especially yours Idon'tlike quick fixeswith drugs I love remedies that involve discipline andlifestyle adjustments so Iknow this isfor me  Iam going to get on board. the pain is terrible I have trouble laying down and sitting and then when I do getting up is a challenge breathing also causes pain. Iam so excited to read your post thanks
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      Hi I have. started the regimen as stated above and I am now up with bowl movement is that to be expected also inn my country I am mostly seeing acidophilus as probiotic and papaya enzyme as digestive enzymes are those ok 
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      Yes they are perfect. Acidophilus is a orobiotic read the labels to make sure that they have bifidus or bifidum in them and papaya is a great digestive enzyme.
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      Its not at all so long, Many thanks for the information and the regiment.

      I have been experiencing this pain for past one week, and started googling today and found the right information. Now, I could recall the medical test results last year as I go for health check-up once in 2 year. My medical report says "Fatty Liver".   I consult with Doctor and I have been informed that its very common and nothing to worry.

      I am sure fatty liver is making me feel uncomfert for past few days. I need to follow you and will.   Many Thanks once again  smile   

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      your post is very similar to mine and i have been to so many doctors that i dont know where to go. been in and out of the hospitals, clinics, ER, and the list just grows no one will give me a right diagnostic by any chance the doctor you saw that helped you could you tell me what did they specialize in and how did you get to that doc.

      thank you for your story i an going to the vit shop. first thing in the morning

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      Hi after having almost constant pain and bloating for eleven years and visiting doctors the length and breadth of the UK.  Having every conceivable test xray, scan, blood test, acupuncture,massage, you name it l have tried it.l was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer and acid reflux.But still suffered with terrible pain under my right rib.Every doctor l saw said l had a fatty liver but was then told 50% of people have a fatty liver so that was not the prroblem.Even when l asked does a fatty liver cause pain l was told no it does not !!!! As you can imagine being in constant pain is very debilitating,l spent the last eleven years swallowing pain killers with very little relief,l would also nurse my side area so it was not knocked and to give it support.A hot water bottle offered some relief while sat down in the evening.

      l have trawled the internet trying to find the reason for my pain.l felt the doctors did,nt believe me and cannot remember how many times l have left a doctors room in tears with no diagnosis.Then l found your thread on this web site.l thought l would try what you recommended.No sugar and all the suppliments you recommended.l have now been doing it for three weeks and my life has turned around.My bloating has disappeared the pain has disappeared and l now have a,s early days l can still make it ache by doing a lot of bending down and putting my liver under pressure. After all l have had pain for eleven years l cannot expect the inflamation to go down over night.What l can say is my life has changed completely l wish l had found the forum earlier. Thank you so much for sharing your experiance with us.If you had,nt written it down goodness knows how many more years l would have been crying in doctors surgeries. Thanks once again.

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      Hi Susan. I have had all these tests. I think that it is a fatty liver that causes this pain because I have a fatty liver also and suffer that same pain sometimes, as I mentioned earlier. I have found that taking 6000ml of fish oil daily for around 2 weeks then taking the same amount around 4 times a week has made a significant difference to the frequency of those attacks and has increased my good collesterol and decreased fat in my blood (triglycerides) that caused the fatty liver in the first place. Fish oil is the way to go. Also, don't consume sugar. That is the fatty liver culprit.


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      Awesome - i'm getting onboard with this protocol as my problems come and go for many months and each time i 'get better' then i forget and revert to form...and then "the Apocalypse" as i call it comes back with a vengeance.  thanks for the good detail and useful information! 
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      Thanks for the advice.

      I only get the same symptoms about once every 6 months. Sharp in stabbing pain under the right rib cage and a pain that feels like lunch isn't passing through the stomach.

      Headed to A&E a couple of times with it - once resulting in the removal of my appendix. The other times, the pain has almost instantly subsided as I've arrived at the hospital doors.

      Pain has had me bent double but the aerobic exercise may well be the relieving factor.

      I am as I speak going for a brisk walk which has alleviated the symptoms (although it's pretty hard to do when that pain cranks up).

      Your advice makes sense as I've always had a sweet tooth and recently been informed that I have high cholesterol.

      But I have noticed that I generally have problems with lose stools after consuming sugary foods or alcohol.

      Will take your advice and see if removal of sugar from my diet has a positive effect on my digestion in general together with the digestive aids.


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      Thank you so much for this information it really help me to put my fears in order, of what I was experiencing, I am going to try what you suggested, I was told when I had colon cancer that I had a fatty liver, I got a blood clot after my surgery and I thought it had come back, went to the Dr today and she said it wasn't a blood clot, but I insisted to get an altrsound to make sure, am scheduled for one next week, but am definitely going to try what your suggested. This was so helpful to me and sure to others
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      Not sure why you would need the probiotic. When you take it it just blends in with whatever is there in the stomach and if it has prebiotics with it it slowly multiplies.  You get no benefit from it straight away.  If you have been taking care of yourself and have a good gut flora it won't help it one bit. If you are going to take it then at least take a prebiotic with it, so that it gets a chance to flourish and help the whole of your immune system more now and in the future as it multiplies.
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      Could you clear a few things up for me? When you say your stomach and then you had your aapendix removed.. They are in completely different parts of the body.. The stomach is just under the bottom of the left rib cage under your left lung.. The appendix is to the right of your belly button and down a little..

      How did pain in your stomach which is under your left rib result in the removal of your appendix which is down almost at the top of your right leg??? 

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      Sounds like it may have been Candida causing problems, as it puts strain on the liver. Reducing sugar, and taking probiotics is the protocol for Candida and milk thistle will support the liver.
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      After I had C Section in hospital with my daughter, I experienced pain in my left shoulder and it was very common after the procedure, caused by gas in the stomach, they call it deferred pain. So it is possible to feel pain elsewhere in the body. :-)
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      Dear Heal_yourself

      Thank u for ur input.

      would u please tell me which supplement u recoomend?


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      Thank you for taking the time to write your post.   I too have had this problem for about 20 years.   I've had pancreatitis which was the worst thing I've ever had in my life, was in hospital with a pain block for 2 weeks.  After it they removed my gall bladder.    I have been taking Omeprazole, then Pantoprazole for years and it still doesn't really get rid of the pain in my right side or the discomfort in my upper stomach/chest area.    The discomfort has become so bad that my doctor has now upped my meds to 80 mg Pantoprazole twice a day and also 4 tablespoons of Advanced Gaviscon 4 x per day.   

      I have just put my symptoms in the search on google and it led me to this web site.   I was amazed at how many other people have the same condition which has never been diagnosed properly.   In some ways it makes me feel better that there are so many others just because I was beginning to think I must be a chronic hypochondriac or something because they can't ever find anything specific wrong.

      I have just completed an order for some of your recommendations, I figure it's worth a try, I surely can't feel any worse than I do now.  Thanks for posting.

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      Hi, did you find that by sitting more to either left or right intermittentlyalleviated some pain?

      I often get what feels like radiated pain from right side to the left only, sometimes right across the upper back.

      I also suffer from coccydynia due to a fractured coccyx many years ago, but that isn't connected with this latest pain which has lasted on and off now for approximately 8 months.

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      I am currently researching ways to help with this new issue that I've been experiencing which is the topic of conversation on this forum. 

      I am just wondering, did you experience a very slight swelling of the abdomin on the side that was troubling you? 


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