Pain under ribs on right hand side

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Hi, for 5 months now I have been experiencing a stitch like pain under my ribs on the right hand side. I had my gall bladder scanned, all was ok. Had liver function test, all ok. Kidneys scanned - all ok. Test for ulcer - all ok. The pain is intermittent.

Not sure if it is connected, but five months a go I stopped taking sugar in tea and switched to sweeteners (aspartame). I got through 100 tablets in two weeks. My stomach ballooned with gas and I belched a lot. The pain appears to have come on shortly after this. Whether the sweeteners had anything to do with it, I don't know. I am male, 40 years old, reasonably fit and a non smoker.


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    Interesting, as it happens I do have a fatty liver, that's been put down to moderated alcohol consumption. My diet is very good with no sugar (apart from what's in most foods and the same with fats). Even more interesting is after reading what you've put I can put my outbreaks down to when my alcohol consumption was higher!!! I've been and seen a new doctor who's testing for the bacteria that cause ulcers and if nothing is found I've to go for the Endoscopy again, been here done that. There maybe something in what you say and they all say the pain is close to my liver but the tests are fine, but do the tests rule out this fatty liver is the cause??? Even though my stomach is effected (acid) they cant find a thing wrong but seem to just want to concentrate on that. So maybe just maybe your in the right area. I thank you very much and will mention this and try the items you say, it cant hurt can it at least.
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    My God, I've just read up on this topic and this is what I experience apart from the pain worsening and then residing, the rest is spot on. Also my Grandma died of liver disease! Also interesting is my cholesterol is very high but after four years on statins I came off of them a year ago, whilst on them I had no problems. I'm no doctor and I know that some symptoms cross over but this is an area that's really worth a visit and more research on my part. Also it seem that a great number of people who have this problem cant get an answer to what it is. Is fatty liver disease more common than thought but not diagnosed as like you said they always dismiss it when the blood tests are ok???Thanks for this, like I said it may not be the case but its another piece of the jigsaw worth investigation. When I have more info I'm going to ask to be referred to the hospital.
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    Whoa Dave. You were on statins?

    So was I because of my cholesterol. I got off of them as I started experiencing the right side abdominal pain because the nurse at the gastro doctor told me that all medicines do damage to your liver and can sometimes do more harm than good.

    She also told me to keep that to myself.

    That's when I decided to get off of medications completely and to "Heal Myself"

    Good luck...please keep me posted on your doctor visits.

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      Folks I had similar pain for many year.

      It used to happen when my stomach bloated. 

      I was Lactose Tolerant so gave up milk.

      I was sensitive to Gluten( it was giving me gas) 

      Gave up Wheat.

      took following vitamins for a month. Seems like I am not having any gas. Also pain went away.

      Nutrilite Digestive Enzymes.

      Nutrilite Intestiflora 7.

      Nutrilite Invisifiber. 

      Nutrilite Milk Thistle.

      I'll recommend first find out what causing you gas then avoid such food for few days. And try supplements mentioned above. You will feel better. 

      Please reply on your results... ☺😊

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      Hi ..I have been suffering with pain or some thing under my right rib cage little bit right side from center. When I pressed I can feel the pain. But sympotams are not that much worst. Initially I used to have bolting with small amount of food. Now I can try heavy. Digestion is ok. My stools were ok .slowly it's changing to black but not completely.

      When I traied pizza or cheese or soda .I get heavy heart burn for two or three days continue ly .if I get heartburn my stomach is ok . If I don't have heart burn I get stomach pain not heavy ..I don't know know it's not something ..but my daily actives ok.

      My excises makes my heartburn . Doc did ultrasound scan no stones. Then I visited gastroenterology trolisgt . She referred omeprazole it didn't work for me and I gave hpylori breath test ..waiting for results ..can somebody give your suggestions

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    I have for approximately 2 years being suffering from fairly consistent pain under my right ribs together with a persistent sore throat. I was sent for a scan which did not reveal any problems (no gall stones etc). My doctor has been saying that the pain under my ribs is muscular and my sore throat is just acid reflux and has nothing to do with the right sided pain. I am not convinced. When I get the pain really bad my throat seems worse so I think the two are connected. I have pressed my doctor into getting me to have an endescopy but he says this is not necessary?
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      I'm not a doctor, but addressing your acid reflux - it is not "just" acid reflux as if acid reflux isn't a serious problem.  Chronicacid reflux left untreated puts a person at risk for stomach cancer and Barrett's disease, which causes esophageal cancer.  If you are not on any prescribed medication for acid reflux, go to a gastroenterologist and have him prescribe you something.  I am on omeparazole for that.  It is very important to take your medication daily to reduce your risk of disease.  Keep on trying to find out what the pain is under the ribs.  That's serious business.  Go to a specialist, like a gastroenterologist.  Dont give up!  
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    That's common Robert. At the end of the day, your health is in your hands. Not sure about the sore throat, he could be right about the reflux but like I said in my earlier post, doctor's just don't take Fatty Liver seriously. Do the regiment I shared in the earlier post and see how you feel after a couple of weeks maybe sooner.

    There's no magic pill so you've gotta nurse yourself back to health.

    Stop with all the bad food choices and add some exercise.

    If you do nothing but wait for the doctor, you'll only get depressed.

    Your doc and most docs know nothing about what's going on with you.

    I'm not trying to be cold...just trying to move you into action.

    A few years ago, I was there...if you haven't read my super long post from earlier then read it.

    I really struggled with it but then decided that my health is my own responsibility.

    Your doctor doesn't know what's wrong and he/ she will only dismiss you...

    Do the regiment, eat healthier and see if you feel different after a week or two.

    My situation turned around quickly once I decided to love my liver instead of destroy it.

    You can truly reverse your situation.

    Good luck

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    That's because he now pays for it!!! tell him in no uncertain terms that you no longer can put up with this pain and ask for a referral to the hospital, if he disagrees ask him for the practice complaints procedure and to record the fact that you've asked for a referral on your records which he will NOT have done to date no matter how many times you've asked as if in the future something comes to light that could have been prevented or cured long ago by this procedure you'd be in a position of a potential claim against him. You've paid for this service and remember the 'squeaky wheel gets the grease'. If still no joy swop doctors and put a formal complaint in. I will say one thing for my doctors they have sent me for all the tests and even twice for some, but never ever be fobbed off, its YOUR health Were at a point in time when daily some medical issue comes to light in the press or on the news where the patient/s have suffered because of shall we call it medical neglect or shall we give it its real name Latin Name: non ad iactare 'we don't really want to spend any cash on you and we're not that bothered anyway syndrome ' That's why the NHS is paying so much out in claims. I cant go into detail on this forum why I know this to be the case. I will add for balance that most doctors etc do a fab job in difficult circumstances, but are also getting paid very well for doing it.
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    I moaned for years about my Abdomen problems but I got sorted out in the end. It's right what has been said above,, the squeakiest wheel does get the most oil smile
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    I have been having the same problem for almost a year and I have gone to the doctors and have gotten ultra sounds, x rays, I have been basically poked and prodded but no one is finding anything. Honestly I am only 15 and I really want help figuring out what's wrong because I am missing a lot of school and if I miss just 3 more days I am going to have to repeat a year in high school. I have been put on several different medicines I am starting to get super sick from all of them, I hope the ideas you guys have put out will help. Please keep me posted on anymore ideas. Thank you!!!
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    Oh dear Rai, not good that one at 15. I'm no doctor but maybe as they cant find anything try coming off all of your medications (best to talk to your doctor first) and see what occurs. Surly if they cant find anything

    what are they giving you medication for???? The more threads I read on this (from all the sources that I can, not just this site but many) the more I'm finding that people have the same main symptom (pain under the right rib and in their back around the liver area which can travel all the way into the right shoulder and then a combination of SOME of the other lesser symptoms including the sore throat??? They have the same tests as the symptoms clearly point to stones/blockages/liver problems etc. Some even have their gall bladder taken out with no improvement. Test all come back ok for liver etc. Enlarged liver is also very common. Its clear that something is causing us this pain for long periods but never gets to a stage where we cant stand the pain or die from it!!!! As such we get passed over, when the doctors have conducted the basic tests which come back clear and our health does not deteriorate further we are left to live with it, not nice but very true. I'm strongly going down the road now of stress induced (don't laugh at that just yet) which again seems very very common. I would have thought someone in the US with med insurance would have got to the bottom of this but I cant find ONE outcome that clearly says this is what it was and xyz cured it as after many months of pain it can go and then reoccur many years later for no reason??? So theres no bench mark as whatever we do or take could or could not have cleared the problem or it could have just got better via good old time??? What do we know?? Its very common, pain is nearly always constant no matter what we take or don't take but can get worse at periods and then after months or even years it goes, for month's or years but can come back at any time. And the medical profession are lost so we're doomed to have it classed as IBS as this seems to be a more and more common diagnoses for anything nowadays.

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    Oh I forgot to add to the one above that we all get checked out for ulcers also. You must read this one with the one above also.
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    Hi Chaps,

    Wanted to share my similar/possibly the same (who knows!) problem. Around 6 weeks ago I was incredibly ill, I struggled to move out of bed for a week suffering horrible pains where I can only explain as where my appendix is. Of course I should have gone to the doctors straight away as I suspected that. So the doctor asks me to come back tomorrow get some blood tests done and urine too, when I get there he says he would rather me go to hospital to get a specialist to look at it and get bloods done there as I am not someone who goes to the doctors much at all, I generally just deal with it and get on with life. My blood and urine are both fine and hospital have sent me away after poking around for ages (by a specialist), he said it could be inflammation, IBS etc and gives me a big list of what it COULD be, told me to come back in a few weeks if it is still the same pain.

    So christmas came around I am now starting to eat as I have passed illness and I am feeling like myself again! I dropped some weight which I have now put back on/putting back on (I am a slim guy, turning 21 btw). However now I don't feel incredibly painful near my appendix instead I feel the following:

    - Dull pain where the original pain started, and it's feeling 5% fainter every day (or my other pain is masking it!)

    - A irritating type of pain under my bottom right hand rib.

    - Flem at the back of my throat and not a sore throat but not a 100% feeling fine throat!

    Stools are normal for me too. Whilst I say I am slim for the past 3 years I have done literally zero excersize and my diet is atrocious to be quite honest I am bless with fast metabolism! Before I felt unwell I probably didn't eat fruit for about 3 months, I dislike all/most never eat veg. I am always eating pizza (whether it's dominos, microwavable ones or normal oven cooked ones.) I probably have a proper meal one a week (roast chicken) other than that I do have to admit my diet is terrible. Other than that I am an incredibly happy guy..I was expecting the pain to go away but it is just awkward under my ribs now. Strange.

    Hopefully you guys had wonderful Christmas' and New Years'!

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