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Longing, wanting, constant yearning 

Hating, loathing, frustration burning

Aching, hurting, forever crying 

Suffering, cutting, inside dying 

Fighting, trying, almost breaking 

Holding, clinging, bodies aching 

Twisting, Turning, mind controlling 

Spinning breaking, sanity unfolding 

Questioning, wanting, no understanding 

Breaking, weakening, darkness approaching

Asking, begging, happiness awaiting 

Hoping, wishing, forever praying 


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    Do you sit alone feeling scared and afraid? 

    Do you stop and reach for the nearest blade?

    Do you cut to release the tension? 

    Are your thoughts full of frustration? 

    Are you like me or am I just dumb? 

    Is it just me who's minds constantly numb? 

    Please tell me that I'm normal 

    Please tell me that it's okay 

    Am I the only one that can't keep my feelings at bay? 

    One minute I'm fine one minute life makes sense, the next I make these cuts at my minds expense! 

    I wish I could stop I wish I knew how 

    Wish someone could relate to the way Im feeling now 

    Slit my arm to watch it bleed 

    It's not something that I want, it's something that I need 

    To feel the pain to see the blood spill

    Anything to stop the way That I feel

    Oh god this is stupid I don't need you to tell 

    I know I should stop but wish I knew how 

    I just want someone to relate, want someone to see, to tell me that I'm normal and there's nothing wrong with me

    The truth is I don't want to do this to myself!

    The truth is Im just crying out for help! 

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    I try to change things in every way, but nothing's ever different, it's just like Groundhog Day 

    The same bad things repeating over and over, where's my luck? Where's my four leaf clover?

    I don't know why I bother even wanting more as things just stay as they were before 

    I have to lie in it for I have made my bed, try to stop thinking of what could have been instead 

    So I'll let things play out even though they're not that great, but my life is what it is, maybe is just fate?

    So I won't try to change things cos what will be will be, the sooner that I realise that the sooner that I'll see 

    That most things in life are beyond our control, we're just pawns in life's game, I'm just playing my role! 

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    Storm' "

    As single teardrop falls from my eye, the clouds grey over in the sky

    When it rains it pours, it's like a raging storm,

    My mind is in tatters, my heart is torn 

    I hope and I pray that the day will come, when even through storms I can see the sun.

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    "Dear Mr 'D' (depression) "

    Dear Mr D why are you here? Making me miserable and living in fear, casting your shadow all around, at every turn pulling me down 

    Dear Mr D why have you came, is it something I did? am I to blame? 

    I wish you'd go, why won't you leave? 

    Stop suffocating and let me breathe

    I've fought with my body, my mind, my soul, but I can't cope anymore, I'm losing control 

    I'm scared, I'm sad, I'm all alone, I can't get through this on my own 

    I've tried and tried for far too long, but I can't fight anymore you're just too strong!!!

    Dear Mr D why can't you see just what it is you are doing to me.

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    I had an ok day today, was good, I managed a smile, but the feeling didn't extend to tonight, it only lasted a little while 

    I thought that maybe things would change but all alas alack, as soon as I feel I could be happy the sadness comes rushing back 

    But I will keep on fighting, I'll keep on pushing through, for it's the only way I know how, it's just what I have to do 

    So I'll end this poem now before I say goodnight, 

    As I'm going to need all my strength for tomorrow's fight! 

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    I wear a mask so that I can disguise, the hurt and pain that I feel inside 

    It comes with a smile, laughter and fun, for I can't show my true feelings to anyone 

    I wear it so that I can pretend none of its real, this pain, hurt and sadness I feel 

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    I'm suffocated by my thoughts, i'm crushed by my pain, I'm overwhelmed by emotions I can't contain 

    I torment myself everyday, for these feelings I cannot keep at bay

    I'm stuck with this burden, I'm stuck with this guilt, I'm stuck with the mountain of pressure that's built 

    I live in the past and I can't move on, I just want to forget, I want to be strong 

    But because of what happened, I can't let it go, I can't talk to anyone they just won't know 

    They won't understand, they'd think I'm bad, that I'm a horrible person, that I deserve to feel sad 

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    She's all alone feeling nobody cares, sitting and doing nothing but stare

    On the floor in a subconscious state, no one knows she exists, feels the worlds on her plate 

    Nobody knows that she's even there, no one to talk to and no one to care 

    Her frustration is overwhelming she feels the need to hurt, she hates herself, she's feeling like dirt 

    She's going crazy, she's losing her mind 

    Doesn't want to give up but feels that nows the time 

    She's laid in the corner alone and so cold 

    Nobody knows what happened, no one was told 

    She took her life and no one knew why, she tried to reach out but they didn't hear her cry 

    So she kept things to herself, didn't want to be a burden, Didn't want them to delve 

    Into her life for they wouldn't understand, what she was going through, why she was sad 

    She stayed withdrawn from the people that cared, didn't realise that of course they'd have been there 

    But now it's too late she's taken her life, leaving her friends and family with the strife 

    That troubled girl just needed some release 

    And now all that can be said is 

    'Rest in peace' 

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    Everyday I struggle, everyday I try, to force a smile to hold my head high 

    If people only listened, if people only knew, 

    But no one understands the things that I go through 

    I wish I could run, I wish I could flee, but no matter where I run i'd still be me!

    I'm my own worst enemy, a victim of my own mind, 

    How can I have a better future if the past I can't leave behind.

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    I don't know what I'm doing, don't know where I am, wish I could change things but I'm not sure that I can 

    So I'll just reach for that familiar bottle, drown my sorrows and then..in the morning when I wake, probably do it all over again 

    Cos I see no other way, seems it's the only thing to work, to take away the sadness and the hurt 

    I just want to know will it ever be different and if so then when? 

    But until I get that answer I'll just get drunk again 

    It's not the right thing to do, don't get me wrong, I know 

    But I'll try anything to make this feeling go! 

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    Happiness "

    Everyone wants happiness, it's what we all try to find, 

    for a little bit of joy and a That little piece of mind 

    The road may be long, there may be obstacles to push through, 

    but once we reach our destination it'll be an amazing view 

    So be your own counsellor, take your own advice, 

    guide yourself to happiness for we don't get to live twice! 

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    Crying, hurting, don't know what to do

    Feeling sad, down and useless too

    Life is so hard, wish I knew how to deal 

    With the hassle, the stress and the pain that I feel 

    Tired, broken, feel I've nothing left to give 

    Times are so hard in this life that I live 

    No one understands what goes on in my head

    So I keep my problems to myself instead

    Wake in the morning and dread the day

    Wish I could sleep, wish I bed I could stay 

    Tears keep on falling, scared they won't end

    Till I make big changes and my life I can mend  

    But it's not easy, believe me I've tried 

    Seems lately all I can do is hide 

    From all the struggles that I go through, 

    It's not the best way but it's all I can do 

    Tried to help myself but it's just too tough 

    There's nothing more I can do 

    Should I just give up?

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    I hide my hurt so that no one can see 

    But I can't hide the tears running down my cheek 

    My eyes are filled with the pain I'm feeling 

    Before I know it the tears are streaming 

    From my eyes and it's no surprise 

    With what I have to deal with, what I've had to suffice 

    I sit and think of a way out of this place 

    As the teardrops still fall down my face 

    I hate being like this, hate what I feel 

    This pain that I go through is far too real 

    My body is aching, I feel so weak 

    The tears fall so hard they start to seep 

    Into my pillow, it's soaked with the hurt 

    This pain that I'm feeling is just the worst 

    I'm hurting so much, my future looks bleak 

    And these tears are still dripping down my cheek 

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    The mirror "

    I look in the mirror and try to see

    But I don't know the person looking back at me

    Who is this girl? I am unsure 

    She doesn't look the same as she did before 

    Why is she different? I think for a while 

    Her eyes full of emptiness, she has no smile 

    I try to think and I try to see 

    Why the reflection is there but it's not me 

    I look once more, I stand and stare 

    But the girl who once was is no longer there 

    So I smash that mirror and I break that glass 

    So I don't have to look and these feelings may pass 

    Who was that girl? Who did I see?

    Who was that looking back at me? 

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