Tapering Mirtazapine 5 mg mark.

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Hi guys, 

I signed up for this forum to exchange thoughts about tapering Mirtazapine. I have been taking 15 mg from january. I took it because I could not sleep anymore. Had four nights where I did not sleep at all. It all started with some kind of buzzing in my ear. This is better now, although it is not totally gone.

I have been slowly tapering to 7,5 mg and now I am only using 5 mg since 10 days. I am really struggling with side effects from tapering. Been feeling kind of low and sleeping not very well. Last night I took a little Xanax because I felt sooo awake. Smallest dose, but I hate having to take this. Muscles seem to hurt and I am having some trouble with my stool, if you know what I mean.

I have been tapering for some time now, and I just know this wil sort itself out in a few days time. Usually the 12 - 14 day mark is when I start feeling better and start sleeping better again. But I am curious about other peoples stories.

Are you tapering Mirtazapine as well, or did you do a succesful taper?

Am I going to fast maybe?

I am feeling a bit insecure now about this right now. I hate feeling like this. I read somewhere that tapering from 7,5 mg down is more difficult then from higher doses. Is this true?

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    Hi Who

    Your last taper 7.5 to 5 mg was a 33% drop, it's worth knowing, for an informed choice, that a 10% taper every 4 weeks is recommended if you want to avoid any discontinuation symtpoms.  You can read about it here:  

    For advice on tapering Mirtazapine slowly at the recommended rate of no more than 10% every 3 or 4 weeks, please see the following which is within this forum,


    and then click on the link "REDUCING AD'S USING 10% WITHDRAWAL METHOD".

    I am also doing a small taper, 5% every 2 weeks and have been pretty much ok, I tried a couple of 7% and had some problems so returned to 5%.  

    Are you UK?  Liquid is available in the UK although expensive and you may have to beg your doctor for it; next best are Mirt' Sol Tabs which dissolve more readily, ask for advice is you want to try the latter.

    Hope some of this helps a little.

    Best wishes


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      Tnx for your quick reply Calmer. I had no idea before today 10% taper is recommended, but I am going to try the scale method I guess. I am in the Netherlands, and I think liquid is available, but the scale method sound doable. Will try to ride this one out, but if there is no improvement I will go back up to a dose that makes more sense in the recommended taper.

      I will check out your link. Tnx again.What dose are you taking currently?

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      I'm down to 3mg from 15, since October ... ugh lol  !

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      Good for you Calmer. You deserve a 'went from 15 mg to 3 mg badge'!

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    I tapered from 15 to 7.5 slowly with tablets and then struggled to get lower because of difficulties cutting tablets. On advice from good folk on here I moved to liquid. It is so much better as you can control dose so easily. Now down to 4.5 using Calmers advice and am managing it well. Sleep not as good as higher doses but exercise helps. 
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      Tnx for your reply. I will try to ride this out and maybe goin up a fraction. I was doing fine with the 7,5 mg before. I went down from 10 mg. to 7.5 mg and had a similar experience that resolved itself in aprox. one week. It's a 2,5 mg jump which is probably too big. Will also keep my dose stable for a few weeks as it seems I was moving too fast.

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      That was my problem too. I was taking 2.5mg drops and the drop from 7.5 to 5 was far too much. On advice from folks on the forum I went back to 7.5, stabilised then started 5% drops. Others seem to cope with bigger drops but not me
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      I understand. Docs are not very helpful in this situation, are they? ;-) 

      My sisters husband is a doc, and she told me that he said I should take it very slowly. I guess he's one of the 'good guys', since most of them recommend to stop immediately with 15 mg and not taper. ;-)

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      Hi my cloud

      That's good news, yes the liquid makes it so much easier.  I think you can still get sleep aid at that dose though. Are you doing 10% or 5% each time?

      Hope the decline goes smoothly, do let us know how it goes for you smile  


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      When I ran into problems with my far too big a drop from 7.5 to 5 which you sensibly pointed out was a 33% drop!!! I stabilised at 7.5 then moved onto the liquid mirt. I use a 1 ml syringe with 100 graduations so I can control te drop precisely. Am following your regime with a 5% drop every 2 weeks. I know it is very slow and will take a long time but am in no hurry and I feel much more confident now. Am so grateful for your help!
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      Brilliant My Cloud, in the long run it will pay off doing a small taper, helping the restructuring that needs to take place.

      May I ask how long it took you to restabilise at the 7.5 mg mark?  

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      Hi Calmer - I stabilised very quickly - just a few days on 7.5mg and I was sleeping better and the nausea under control so I know definitely an overnight drop from 7.5 to 5 was not for me hence the slow 5% taper. !!
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      Great, good job you caught it within a few days,sometimes folk struggle if left too long.  Some get back to 'normal' quicker than others ~ its not a matter of luck but no one can explain why this happens.  One day there will be an explanation I'm sure!  Glad to hear you're doing ok.

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      Thnx Calmer and my cloud for both your advice. I stuck with the 5 mg. and am doing much better now. Had some rough days and nights, especially last weekend, but felt much better Monday and Tuesday. 

      Felt a sort of manic kind of 'good', and I read somewhere that is part of the deal aswell. Sleep has been better since last Monday thank god. I am going to taper using a microscale from now on. And I am not going to start until I am really stable. I think liquid is available in my country, but I would have to make a doc's appointment and I really don't want that if not absolutely necessary.

      Why the rush with the taper, you may ask, but my biggest problem with this medication, is it made me feel really low. Low, hungry and tired, and it was only helping me hibernate, but hibernating, is not really living, is it? Lost almost 2 kg already and feel more like myself overall.

      Anyway, tnx again and let me know how your taper goes Calmer!

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      Ahhh so pleased you feel a little more stable, thats good.  I think you are so right to feel well for a while now before starting another taper, give your nervous system time to catch up literally, have a rest.  Stick to low tapers is my strong motto.

      Best wishes

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      I asked my doc if I could taper, and soon I was on the 7,5 mark. Then he kinda pressured me to go further, and I remember I wanted to stay on that dose for a while. First they make you feel like quitting is a bad idea, and then, when it all goes well, they pressure you into quitting sooner than you can handle. They really don't know.

      Tnx again for the support.

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      Yes, general practitioners and even P'docs do not necessarily know about a slower taper - did I ever tell you I printed off a booklet from Surviving Antidepressents web site and gave it to my doctor, she kept it for a week to read it, amazing!  She doesn't push me harder than I am prepared to go any more.


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      Hi whosthatgirl well I'm on my last week of mirt starting to see a little decrease in appetite at night so maybe I'll start losing weight soon hopefully you'll do well with getting off mirt too.I'm here to chat with Cat196111

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      Hi mycloud seems your doing well on the tapering that's great ?? soon enough you'll be off the mirt all my best cat196111

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