What can I do to get a doc to give me endoscopies/biopsies?

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Recently I've encountered a deficiency in B12 and have started taking them to help w my nerve problems. It worked well, but when I got off the supply, I started feeling them again and have now gone back to them. But during this time I started getting shortness of breath, some lightheadedness, just ANAENMIC symptoms. This would happen maybe 2-3 hours each day. 

I know there TONS of reasons why I could be deficient but I just really want to get to the bottom of this, and that may involve screening for things I can't screen for, namely inflammatory bowel disease. Do you think any doc would be willing to give me to the full and proper diagnosis for that simply for my deficiency symptoms? 

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    Your red blood count/ red cell volume can be checked.

    Vitamin B12 deficiency (as it is needed for cell separation) anemia has a low red cell count (as they can't devide well anymore, hence stay big, but low in numbers), but is really the last stage of VitB12 deficiency, so very unlikely to feel anaemic due to real red blood anemia.

    Easy and cheap to check though.

    You don't want VitB12 to get too low to show bad symptoms like last stage anemia.

    I understand you like to know the reason for as to why. Since you have researched them. Some cannot be 'healed' as you will have found out too, and you always need to take the supplements.

    If the stomach doesn't produce the intrinsic factor is one story,

    if VitB12 doesn't get absorbed enough from intestine into blood stream is another.  

    How much your intake is, how much eaten food hinders absorbtion itself (I read once about an acid in chocolate but also paleo diet hindering absorbtion, but usually intake so high, that this restriction doesn't cause concern), or how much unavoidable pesticides in our food -thanks to us human ideots killing this planet shortsightetly for mass production- restrict the absorbtion is another.

    If your VitB12 is already low, that is proof enough (other people have normal VitB12 levels and need methylmalonic acid (MMA) and  homocysteine and/or holotranscobalamin tested to show a problem in this area)

    Have you been checked for celiac as an absorbtion problem? (simple blood test while on gluten containing diet)

    I am sure you don't smoke (as nicotin can hinder VitB12 absorbtion), you do take probiotics to support guts, don't you.

    Yes inflammation of guts can be one reason, but not THE reason.

    If your stomach has low acid naturally

    or you take PPI, VitB12 uptake can become a problem.

    Again, usually we eat so much of VitB12, that it is ok still with underlying low stomach acid or low intrinsic factor production, if not: one takes supplements additionally and needs no further investigation (eg if celiac is excluded, has no pain and person takes PPI =  pretty clear what was happening)

    You should have a doc listening to you. If you present him with the list for finding the reason, he might already tell you, what the reason in your case was. ?

    For inflammatory bowel disease you need a set of symptoms, pain.

    I don't think any physician will issue a colonoscopy if you have no symptoms at all, just VitB12 deficiancy as it is unlikely an IBS problem due to missing symptoms. Or maybe can do a calprotectin stool test and occult blood in stool test first? It comes down to indication for more invasive and expensive diagnostic tools. Colonoscopies are also done as cancer prevention in some countries, if you were over e.g. 50+ years of age. If age applies you would more likely get it without other indication.

    As you said you researched tons of reasons, but you need to also research the symptoms with it. 

    You surely came accross many reasons, that are not IBD related, too.

    I would ask my doc again, what he thinks was the reason behind the low VitB12 and go through your found list, if anything was there to prove the origin of problem and if the origin could be tackled at all or not, in case found.

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      IBD! Not IBS problem, I wanted to write. Having said so, some IBS patients have VitB12 absorbtion problems, too.
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      Hey Sanya,

      Didn't expect replies and messages so sudden so we'll just keep the convo to this thread I think haha

      I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I've been out of the country visiting parents so I'm visiting a myriad of doctors for my problem jumping from one to another. Started w neurologist and I saw a general one recently for those blood tests which I'll get tomorrow(Homocystein, CBC, Vitamin D, Serum B12, and Iron). They don't seem to be making a big deal out of it but we'll see what happens tomorrow. 

      I have NOT done a blood test for Celiac but I'll ask for that tomorrow as well along with H Pylori and SIBO hopefully. And I'll also ask if they can test my stools too. 

      The thing is I don't have really have any acute symtoms of those major bowel conditions YET. Past week I've been pooping about once a day in the morning, and they tend to be soft and kinda watery(no visible blood or mucus though). I've always had pretty non solid stools while visiting the mother land because I eat alot of different things and I'm not used to alot of it. I actually had myself a pretty decently solid stool yesterday but my dad decided to give me some fiber to eat after anyway and I just spent the whole day kinda wanting to fart but not really passing any. I didn't poop again the whole day but I did sit butt up let out some of the gas. I went to bed having a lil bit of tightness on my abdomen and I notice some tightness on my upper abs today while going out(maybe because of the fiber?). Aside from that I haven't any severe stomach pains or painful stool sessions. I don't ever feel like popping nor do I really feel that constipated really. 

      Oh, and if you read my message, feel free to reply to those questions here as well too smile


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      Oh good you get your blood tested!

      That will rule in and out some suspicions!

      Thumbs up!

      VitB complex (8) overdose usually doesn't happen as it is water soluble and excreted through kidneys into urine.

      But high doses can actually harm.

      VitBs are not as harmless as VitC, that can be really well overdosed.

      So have a look at suggested daily intake and what you are adding (additionally to the food, that is already containing VitB)

      Dosage matters, more is not better.

      VitB6 damages nerves (200mg/day is the danger cut off),

      too much VitB3 makes your liver go mad and stomach upset,

      too much folic acid appears like a VitB12 deficiency

      (cut off of intake for folic acid is 1000mg per day)...

      So wait for your blood results please

      and/or add VitB complex, but as labelled dosage to stay clear of any overdose risk, then it should be absolutely fine.

      Usually sold supplements stay clear of the overdose and the user should stick to the dosage listed.

      Never take more than it says unless your blood results say otherwise or your doc.

      Please ask your doc (if you should take e.g. the usual 2.5µg or 25microgram of VitB12 if deficient)

      when you get your results back because your age also determines need, we are all different in 'how much' is good.

      All the best.

      I like that 'skin patch' thingy, but don't understand the 5000-1000mg relating to what, maybe total content of all VitB together?

      Floic acid sounds fine with 400mg.

      Hope I find it in the internet. Or you guys enlighten me about it please.

      Take care!


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      Hi there, 

      Got my blood tests back. So my CBC, Homocystein, serum b12, and Iron/TIBC all came back normal! Oddly, my VitD test was deficient, 11 or so I think. Admittedly San Francisco doesnt have a lot of sun, but the place Im at right now has plenty(dont go out a WHOLE lot in it though). My doc said I was pretty normal and so did my parents so we didnt get any further tests, even though I still feel like my "anemic" symptoms kinda warrant one. I'll probably be taking more Multi's, maybe change up my diet and go from there. I'm getting on a plane in 2 days and I'll be doing those tests I mentioned there.

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      Yeah, good!

      Or not good because

      you don't know what to tackle if CBC, Homocystein, VitB12, Iron are all normal and do not indicate anaemia therefore.

      Your symptoms must be down to something else, but not oxygen supply or VitB12 deficiency.

      VitD is often low and supplements help.

      Hm, if you are not on the upper limit with VitB12, you can still take small VitB complex supplement.

      There is an Anaemia forum here in patient.info, but I don't think you can be called anaemic with normal findings.

      Your heart is ok, your lungs ok? Good sleep? Any pains? Or all symptoms very general like heachache, dizzyness, tiredness? Not overworked by any chance?

      Hm. Hard to tell what is up. Especially from around the globe. ;-)


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      Exactly, a bit of a conundrum there. 

      Right, its definitely not due to B12, now I know. I'm supplementing multis to cover a large area for now.

      My heart is okay I think, lungs too. 

      My symptoms as of late have been, dizziness, some headaches, some eye floaters, tightness in my upper abs, and some occasional gut "nipping" pain. Nope, trying to relax.

      Yeah I suppose so. My parents cant pinpoint exactly where Im at either haha

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      Also to add onto my symptoms. I have noticed diarrhea in the morning and early afternoon. I usually have 2-3 a day consecutively. 

      1st stool: Looks like cross between type 2 and type 5. medium sized lumps and not too soft

      2nd stool: I usually end the excrement with this one. Its usually a typical type 6 stool.

      3rd stool: Type 6 as well. Usually leftovers for when I don't finish the 2nd stool or clean up to abruptly. 

      I'm going to assume the 1st stool is from lunch the previous day and 2/3rd are dinner+late night snacks. Trying to find some sort of correlation between the meals I ate and which ones end up turning into what at what time. I apologize for the colorful descriptions. 

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    I have anxiety/depression.  Those go together with stomach issues.  I have both.  My stomach problem is IBS.  Nothing wrong with taking vitamin B supplements.  In fact that is great for the nervous system.  Depending on your age, you can request an upper GI and colonoscopy to check everything to put your mind at ease.  Pepto Bismol and Peppermint tea give me some relief for my stomach issues and antidressants/mood stabilizers help with the anxiety/depression.  Hope you feel better soon.
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    Hi Paul02113

    How did you encounter a B12 deficiency?...if you dont mind me asking you how old are you?....

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      23. I encountered it while working in my office and it all started with tingles in my feet which then progressed to my hands and other neurological problems like motor imbalance, and vision blurring and now this. 
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      Hi paul02113

      Yes tingling in feet and hands also motor balance and neuro proeblems are classid symptoms of B12 deficiincy not to mention extreme fatique, brain fog, and memory loss. B12 is a very vital vitamin along with all the other 'B' vitamins.  The reason I asked your age is that the elderlys Intriinsic Factor declines with age and this is necessary for B12 to absorb through stomach into the blood stream. You are very young, are you a vegan? as B12 is found in meat or are you on meds that will block absorption of B12 such as Metformin for Type 2 diabetes, also steriods and there are other meds than can block B12 absorption.

      Whilst there are many things that can block B12 absorbing into the blood stream there is a new remedy that allows B12 into the blood stream and that is the Transdermal B12 Patches which also contain all the 'B' vits plus folate which is essential to take with B12. They come in various dosage such as 5000mg +1000mg plus 400mg folate and various other dosages of 'B'vits.   They are very good I have tried them and they are a very welcome med for those who cannot absorb B12 through the stomach.

      I have not seen them in pharmacies yet but I will send you a private message to tell you where you can get them.

      They have been researched will good results.   Hooray! for transdermal B12 patches. I feel so energised and my mental clarity now is amazing. Best wishes with restoring your B12 levels...


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      I am a meat eater and I don't take other medications. 

      Nice, I'll look into transdermal patches. Thank you lilian. 

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    Did you actually have your B12 tested, or are you just guessing? What kind of nerve problems are you experiencing?
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      This might be a long shot but it worked for me. I was told I had fibromyalgia, and was having all kind of nerve issues. I cut out alcohol and caffeine for a month and am back to normal. Though anytime I have a beer, about 2 days later my stomach issues and back pains return. When I have coffee I get weird twitches in different muscles the next day.

      May not work for you, but maybe worth a shot if having nerve issues. I think caffeine can especially exaccerbates your central nervous system.

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      Nice. I currently don't have good insurance so I'm still trying to figure out what to do. I'm signing up for new insurance once november rolls around and I'll see what they have to say.  

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