Where are all the positive supportive people?

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I'm starting mirtazapine for the first time ever tonight....someone please tell me how well it has worked for you! I can't stand thinking there's only sadness, anxiety and depression waiting for me!

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    Scotland Damien? Funny how you kind of expect everyone to be is Australia. Takes a bit of getting used to, support from all around the world! I felt very very groggy all day...slept too well perhaps...? 15mg but think if I cut back to 7.5 , the sedatory effect won't be lessened any. I'm supposed to stick with it at this dose for 2 weeks so hope I can drive and function in the morning!!! I know I have to hang in there to give it a proper run....
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    Can really relate to what you are experiencing Sharon!!! Did you experience really vivid dreams?
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    Thanks for the positive response Jaqueline! It's reassuring to hear some good news stories. I really am hoping to keep my chin up, it's just that I have been struggling on and off for about 8 years now. Trust me, no one wants a happy ending as much as I do! Where are you writing from?
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    Thanks for the well wishes Sunset! Yeah, I know that it's unlikely that people will stick to just the positives. Besides which, reading about different experiences is really helpful to those of us just starting out. It's just that I had read a lot of negative comments and I was nervous starting my first dose last night. I felt I needed some reassurance, which fortunately, a few people came good on. I just want things to move in the right direction because it's been getting me down, wondering if I am ever going to improve...thanks for your support!
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    Hi Nuffy. Hope you got on ok with your first dose. I'm still REALLY groggy. Got up this morning at 7.30 only to have to lie down again by 10.00. Just got up again now and am having to force myself to be active. Feel worse now than before! Am trying to apply for jobs at the moment so this really isn't helping!!
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    Yeah I foolishly did the same thing, reading all the bad stuff about mirtazapine before starting taking it, but just because nobody's written about their good experiences doesn't mean they aren't out there. At least it hasn't put you off trying it though, it shows that you're making an effort to get better. I just remember I desperately wanted to sleep, so was happy to take it if it was going to help that, and it certainly did.

    Don't let others bad comments bring you down smile. It's different for everyone. Also remember that your feelings of thinking you won't ever improve are feelings of hopelessness, a symptom of depression. It's probably hard to believe it right now but you will improve. It can take time and patience though, your doctor has probably told you it can take a few weeks for you to start feeling the benefits of your medication, and it can be frustrating when you're living through those weeks of nothing happening, but stick with it and don't give up smile.

    I read your comment about vivid dreams too, I get these, I dream most nights now, and they are very realistic, almost confusing to me as to whether they were reality or not. I had a very realistic dream that my hair caught fire whilst I was straightening it, and it left a bald patch, I had to check my head for bald patches when I woke up!

    Best wishes!

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    Hi guys ano I'm repeating myself but now on fourth wk mirt 30 and starting to feel great.... Sharon if I can give u some wee tips or to everyone... I've bn there when starting med I felt really drunk so no matter how u feel don't go back to sleep as u say u feel so so much worse... my drunkenness passed in two days.... also remember as soon as u wake in morn straight up and in the shower .... I no I hear u all say it's hard and by god it is very hard but in my days of hanging about with a dressing gown on made me feel ten times worse..... if u don't do anything for the rest of the day then u have showered... so no napping and try stick to a reg sleeping pattern.... trust me u will gt there as believe me I've had days of not wanting to b here.... I swear by this med.... kp the postivity going and kp going everyone... it's good to talk x

    Ps nuffy I'm from bonnie Scotland.....

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    Hi Jacqueline and thanks for the advice! I know its till early days so will stick with it.. Really hard not to give in to the need for sleep tho have kept myself busy this after noon so that's better Dread the evening cos I know l'll want to be in bed by 8! Things can only get better I know. Always look on the bright side!
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    Once the meds adjust into ur system and u start to feel better u probably won't even think about the meds... but initially when u start there is a lot of what if.... its not working... I feel worse etc.. that will go when ur mind set changes... good luck...kp me posted... wish I had found this forum years ago... when I was unwell in 2006 I felt that I was the only one in the world experiencing what I was going through... it s 'very scary how 1in 3 of us are going through this god awful, debilataing illness... kp travelling through the tunnel and u will c the light at the other end... don't gt stuck in the middle b cos u CAN'T go back... ps sorry hope I have not weighed u down with war and peace lolx
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    I have been on it for a few months now, started on low dosage but up to max of 45mg. I haven't had any problems apart from a little light headed when I move or turn my head quickly. Yes, it does seem to have increased my appetite but I love eating so why complain about it ;-)

    I tried various other antidepressents but this seems to suit me best, I sleep better and it has helped inprove my mood considerably. It is still early days for a complete recovery but things are going well.

    I would add that I also enjoy drinking wine/cider, I don't have any problems mixing alcohol with these tabs either. But I do take my pill last thing at night so if it were to cause drowsiness it would just help me sleep!

    It did take about 3 weeks to kick-in so hang on in there.

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    Hi Nuffy......You have nothing to worry about it is a great drug for anxiety n depression...

    Just give it time, like all medication it takes time to get into your system

    Then you honestly won't know yourself.😀. You will probably get food cravings

    But who cares when your feeling good again. 😊. 😃😃

    Just hang in there till drug kicks in ........

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    I was OK waking to make an early appointment and driving but I was pretty hesitant. The work situation is really difficult - my self confidence has taken a few knocks and dogging deep to find that belief is self is really challenging! Good luck on the job front for you Sharon! Keep me posted.
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    Thanks for the really positive feedback Maizie...I could really use it right now!
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    Pleased it's working for you Kitty 😊
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    Scotland Jaqueline! I try to imagine you with an accent now. Thanks again for the supportive comments! Sorry you've been down a long hard road!

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