Why is Zopiclone so awful

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Will somebody tell me the reason for the hysterical comments, and hate

campaign against this sleeping tablet . Please don't tell me to read 

yards of stuff on different forums and sites, What is so bad  about it. .

I get sleep, and nothing else, (thankfully ). 

It can't be so bad ,some people have used it for years,so they say, 

So, no yelling or shouting, or soap box attitudes, just tell me, nicely,

what it's all about  ..


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    Hi Jacqueline

    ​The confusion comes from what type of medicine it is. It is almost identical to benzodiazepines (which alot of people don't know) but it has a very broad spectrum of symptoms. I personally have not had any problem with them, but everyone is different in their reaction to it. It is an hypnotic drug, which can cause memormy loss and more importantly overdose if prescribed with a benzo like diazepam or alprazolam. Used properly, with medical supervision you should have no problems, but i bet you the people that have been using it for years will soon be effectived by withdrawall sysmptoms, and can be extremely dangerous if suddenly stopped.

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      Hello Craig, probably some sense in what you say, if a lot of drugs 

      are taken ,maybe they fight with each other and cause more problems. 

      I kicked my prescription drugs into touch, because of the side effects 

      of them, which far outweighed the good they were supposed to do, In

       fact, my blood results, and the state of my body improved 

      i now use herbal remedies not many, but there are no nasty side effects.

      I take Zop. because I have overpowering Tinnitus, which does not

      allow me to fall asleep ,because of the noise.Probably could find a herbal sleep tab, will have to trawl through H&B

      I do not have any bad things happen to me because of Zop. just

      blissful sleep

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      Thanks for this post, Craig.  I have been trying to just cut back little bits at a time as I've been on it for over 15 years.  I, too, was sure it would be dangerous to cut back at once.  I'm now on 1-1/2 (from 3) and doctor wants me to go to one.  I find that too much as well.  I've gone to  1-1/4 but recently lapsed for a couple of nights.  Back on the wagon I go, I guess.  Am I going too slowly? Also, does anyone know if Zoplicone makes central sleep apnea worse?  Mine is quite bad even with CPAP.

      Thanks everyone.

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    ​These are all highly addictive and very comparitive to 10mg of diazepam

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    I think the main thing is it's addictive. Yes that's not such a bad thing to some people but it's bad to others that get addicted to it then their dr stops giving them prescription to it. Then they start buying from online getting over charged and possible taking stuff that is not real zop. I was on it for 9 months. I've been off for 2 weeks. While I was on it I slept great. It knocked me right out. My issues with it was it was still in my system the next day and I would feel drowsy throughout the day. Also falling asleep while driving at times. I've read in a lot of forums that it causes some cancers and also increases your chances of having a stoke. Well what doesn't cause cancer these days ? But I can't risk it or having a stroke I have a family to support. In your case it sounds like you need to take it. I only you know how it makes you feel. I was just taking it because I have terrible insomnia and sleep Apnia. My own snore would wake me at times. But zop knocked me right out so I wasn't even aware I was snoring. Zop is great for getting to sleep. I have a sleep pap machine I sleep with now so I don't snore anymore so I decided to come off zop and so far it's been great.
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    Hi Jacqueline

    I am glad zopiclone works for you and that you do not feel addicted to it by using more than prescribed amount. 

    I just wondered why you have written on this site as it is mainly for troubled people who want to give up and need help. 

    I was taking more than I was prescribed , then the doctor said no more so I bought ( very stupidly) from internet . Have now gone cold turkey and have no sleeping tablets but this forum has been a great help to me and to many others as we can ask anything and someone comes up with a helpful comment. 

    Please do not get addicted but hope you continue to take tablets under medical supervision.


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      I have written on this post just to reassure some people that it is not

      a bad thing ,to want some sleep, and that Zop  helps as long as it isn;t

      abused. The comment I made ,I regard as helpful ,by saying that there is nothing to be gained by scaremongering, with possible nasties, Cancer is nearly a must these days ,with no answer as to why

      it developes. You show a lack of common sense ,buying drugs from

      the internet. Go to a Health shop, see if there is anything there to help you

      Talk is what helps everybody ,even if the remarks don't suit you.

      I have no intention of becoming addicted,, whatever that means I

      am a sensible adult who likes to sleep every night

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      Whose buying what on the internet, not sure who your talking about? anyone that buys any drug from the internet is a fool. Your mostly buying brick dust, rat posion or some other nasty products masquerading as approved medicne. A little common sense is needed here. If you weren't prescribed the drug, there's a reason, and if you turn to the internet to purchae whatever garbage you like then counselling is needed. Take what ever druge you like, it effect's me zero percent. There comes a point when someone has to take responsibilitty for his/her own actions 
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      Maybe if you had stuck to the prescribed dose ,your doctor would not

      have stopped them

      By the way ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i started this post, hoping to get an answer to a question,which,has not been answered as yet.  I really don't need

      supervising to take one tablet. There is a product called Kalms, a one 

      a night  ,which could  help with your problem,  What is troubling you

      that  keeps you awake, ??? 

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      This will be my last post to this forum which has helped me up until now due to the remarks by jacqueline.  I have sorted myself out and do not take zopiclone now or ever again. Kalms do not work for me. My problem with not sleeping was 2 children with cancer so please do not ask other people to vent their feelings on me Jacqueline. 

      Good luck to others who have had help on this forum but currently I am crying my eyes out for being told how 'bad' I was for trying to get some sleep. 

      sorry about your tinitus as my husband also suffers. Please do not judge others so harshly in the future.

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      Why is it so difficult for people to not react in a hostile manner. I started

      this site to simply ask a question, and I am being treated like a villian

      Your reasons are of no interest to me ,we all fight our battles , but I am not one of yours. There is ,as far as I have seen ,a lot of aggression amongst Zop users, wether this is causd by the drug ,I have no idea.

      I am really sorry your husband has Tinnitus, Iv'e had it for four years,

      and the noise just gets louder as time goes on, hence my need for 

      help to fall asleep ,


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      It doesn't start off addictive but that's why now it is only given 1-4 weeks as research has shown it is addictive you start off 3.75 or 7.5 mg and slowly that amount does not work so you take more that is everyone who has become addicted has rescribed , it is a hypnotic drug part of the benzoate family , I swore after stopping for 2 nights 10 years ago 1 tablet for the rest of my life would be fine , we only kid ourselves ,
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      Non if us intended to become addicted as I've said before it is a controlled drug as is morphine diazepam etc ask yourselves why , I've never been addicted to anything , zops build up a tolerance and you will in the long term need more to sleep , why do you think gps are no longer giving them out , good luck you may one day need it ,
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