Yet another one! Feels different though....

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I'm glad I've found this site, I had begun to wonder if I was on my own.

I am 36 and have no children but have suffered with ovarian cysts for the past 15 years. After several keyhole & \"open\" operations I decided to have my right ovary removed 2 years ago, as most of them had been on that side.

I had hoped that that would solve the problem but the I started getting them on my left side as well. I have had several drained on that side. After the last one I made a decision that, if I got another one within 6 months, I would have my other ovary removed and suffer the consequences of the menopause. I don't have periods due to the pill that I am on, my last one was well over a year ago.

It's now a year later and I feel the same old symptoms again, yet there is something different this time. As well as feeling the pain in my left abdomen, being tired all the time and extremely tearful I am having what I can only call pain attacks.

I can feel a wave of pain coming on and then it feels like something inside me is being gripped and twisted. I fall wherever I am, it takes my breath away and I start crying from the pain. Afterwards my tummy feels very tender and bruised inside. Does anyone else recognise these symptoms?????

My consultant had told me that I had some endometriosis so I'm not sure if that is what is causing this pain.

Any info or comments would be much appreciated.

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    Hi Cysters

    just wanted to say that i too get moody,tired and have some spots esp on the forehead, which i used to get when it was the time of the month, so definetly looks like it could be connected, as if we don't have enough to put up with, i even suffer with facial hair and i'm grateful it's fair so not too noticiable.

    I went to the supermarket earlier with my hubby and i was alright then he said something then my mood just changed and he got fed up with me and walked off :oops: , and it was over nothing really, i use to blame a lot on my thyroid because it's underactive but my moods etc are getting worse so it's got to be more hormonal.

    Take care

    Kim xx

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    Hi Jill and Kim

    My spots are on my chin and nose its like being a teenager again sometimes my hair is either dead greasy or dead dry too.

    My boobs are also very big and sore today too and its another 2 weeks until my period. :roll: I also had to shave my chest yEsterday LOL as there were a lot of hairs sprouting. My facial hair has always been blond but its getting darker. This morning I felt wide awake then come dinner time that was it (i had done nothing apart from make a pot of soup) and I wanted to sleep. Its a nightmare what we have to go through isnt it

    As for work my line manager emailed me back and was very suportive and has offered to help me out with transport for appointments as she will pay for it out of her budget and she explained more about what the occupational health was for. But Jill you are right you do get paranoid because you are off so long especially as on my good days I can be out and about so then I feel guilty (having said that I am dosed up on pain killers if I am going out for a long time)

    Kim hope you and hubby are friends I usually end up crying. I tell you I am such a cry baby at the moment its bad LOL

    At least we have all found each other this site is great so glad I found it.

    I also hope we remain chat mates after we are all sorted too

    Tracey xx

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    Hi Tracey

    Glad you got things sorted out with work, bet that's took a bit of pressure off you now ?

    Me and hubby are speaking lol he just winds me up so much, if i suggest anything he has suggest something else, it was all over something for lunch, and i just got so annoyed with him and snapped.

    I'm so glad i found this site aswell and like you would love to stay in touch after we all hopefully get sorted.

    Kim xx

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    Good everyone is happy now :D well as happy as we can all be in this state :shock:

    I phoned my friend from work tonight and we were on the phone for 2 hours. I worlked alongside her up until I went off sick and we were always laughing and giggling and I said I havent giggled likle that for ages and she said she hasnt either. She made me laugh tonight although I cant laugh too much as it hurts :?

    Brrr its chilly tonght wheres the hot flushes when you need them???

    Night all xxx

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    Hi Tracey & Kim

    Well yesterday I was the devil incarnate with my moodiness and anger. Today I'm a big crybaby who wants to curl up and sleep.

    Pain is a lot worse today and I wish I was at home in bed rather than at work having to be nice to people.

    Hope you are both ok today. Sounds like your employer is finally getting it right, Tracey.

    Where in the UK are both of you writing from? I'm in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

    Have a good day.



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    Morning Jill

    Sorry to hear your at work and suffering, if it get's too bad could you finish earlier ? it's true what someone said on here that it's like a rollercoaster some day's up and then down.

    I had a better night's sleep last night yipee , i think i'd got so over tired with lack of sleep, i'm in the no energy mode today yet ive got loads to do but can't be bothered. :lol:

    I'm in Bolton lancashire lived here for 7 yrs & 6 mths and i'm under bolton hospital.

    take care

    Kim xx

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    Hi Jill and Kim

    I have 6 spots on my chin today :shock:

    I emailed my boss today to say that I had sent a sick note in the post and it was for another month.

    Later that afternoon I got a phonecall from occupational health to say they would like to see me this week.?????????

    I rang the consultant and now the secretary is on holiday. So i grumbled and said she wasnt in last week and I was told she would ring back when she was. Anyway she said that a appointment should be with me in the next few days she couldnt tell em when the appointment was for or what it was for but she said the secreatry is back in on tuesday and maybe she could tell me more.

    So we are getting there slowly but surely.

    I am also in Lancashire and am under Blackpool Victoria Vic and surprise surprise their gyno dept has the worst reputation going. Wonder why that is :D

    Yesterday everytime I walked I felt like something was about to fall out of my backside the pressure was so immense and everytime I got up from the chair I felt as though something was pulling at my ovaries.

    Whilst out shopping at the weekend I was ready to smack the next person who walked deliberately in front of me so mood wasnt the best :shock:

    How are you feeling?

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    Hi Tracey

    Well, at least it sounds like you're finally getting somewhere with your appointment. I hope you get something through soon.

    My pain has subsided over the last few days and I'm thinking that it may have gone. I have had pain free days before so I'll wait and see. My boobs aren't as sore and my moods seem to have calmed down as well, so they are all good signs.

    Take care.


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    Hi Jill

    How are you still pain free I hope.

    I am in a lot of pain today but my period is late so think it may be related and hoping it will ease off when it finally comes.

    I went to see the occupational health doctor who used to be a gyno and he said I cant go back to work yet so not to worry about the council.

    But he reckons I have fibroids rather than a cyst as I have a lot of bleeding and the symptoms are very similar but obviously wth out seeing my scans etc he cant be sure.

    So its still a case of waiting and seeing. My appointment hasnt come though yet. She said to give it til Monday then ring back the hospital so shall do that but the consultants secretary is back on tuesday.

    Anyway hope you are ok

    Tracey xx

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    Hi Tracey

    Yes, I've been mostly pain free for the past week or so. I have had the odd twing now & again but I'm still not sure if it's gone or not. I have to see my Consultant on 20th Oct so I have another couple of weeks to make sure.

    It's good that your occupational health doctor knows what they're talking about as it helps with communication with your employer and will hopefully take some pressure off of you. I hope you are not in too much pain at the moment.

    Fingers crossed that you get your appointment through soon.

    Take care.


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    Hi Jill

    Glad you have been pain free for week its great when you get those days.

    I dont think it will have gone but as you say you have your appointment soon so you will find out for sure what is going on. :P

    I was in bed all day Saturday with Pelvic pain and back ache and was so tearful. Hubby kept poking his head in saying lazy and that and at one time I burst into tears and he was going to take me to hospital but I sid I will be fine and it eased off when my period came.

    Yesterday I was up and about and not too bad just tired

    Today the pelvic pain has come back and my period is heavier Mark rang me up this morning and I wasnt sure what to do I dont think it is severe enough to go to causualty but I dont think I should be in pain either expecially as I am having to wait so long for things to be sorted. I said I would ring up nhs direct for their advice but then ti eased off slightly with my painkillers so shall see what it is like when I pick up the kids from school. My back is bad and getting the odd twinge whilst sat here typing.

    I am just so fed up.

    Tracey xx

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    Hi Tracey,

    You poor thing. It is frustrating and upsetting to be in so much pain. But it's equally annoying when the pain comes and goes and then you don't know what to do for the best.

    However, I wonder if your appointment would be brought forward if you did go to A&E?

    It's good that we have this site to help - I feel your pain!

    Take care.


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    Hi Tracey

    I agree with Jill you should go to A & E you shouldn't be suffering like this, it really might make a differance to you being seen quicker, or even there an then.

    How are you now after the school run ?

    They wouldn't let an animal suffer so why should you.

    love Kim xx

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    Hi Kim and Jill

    I seem to be ok now apart from the burning cheeks :oops:

    I always seem to have a red face these days must look like an alcoholic.

    I do think next time I am in pain I will go

    I cant seem to stop crying agian either and I am just os tired today.

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    Good morning ladies, I hope you all had a good & pain-free weekend.

    Well, my little experiment :oops: has proved to me that my cyst has definately not gone away. I have been in constant pain all weekend and am very tearful today. I have my appointment with my lovely consultant tonight but my hubby has had to go to France again for work.

    However, I have made up my mind and will be asking my consultant to take out my remaining ovary. I have had enough of the pain and I know that even if we just deal with this one, I will still be back to see him again in the future. I might as well get it done now while I have the insurance.

    I have been very teary at work this morning and broke down in front of a collegaue. I've also been feeling really sick. I put on a new dress and did my hair & make up in the attempt to look good even if I don't feel it!

    Hope everyone else is okay. I'll update tomorrow after my appointment tonight.

    Take care everyone.


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