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  • Natty86 2

    You are all inspirational....

    Hi All - new here!! I was recently told I suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is why I find it hard to lose weight. I spoke to my doctor about my options and she mentioned Orlistat. I went away to think/research about it and come across this forum. I have to say the success people

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  • issues92 2

    Back on Orlistat

    Hi everyone, was on orlistat under a year ago, couple of unfortunate situations happened and it didn't work out first two times. Family member died after I started first time and I comfort ate a lot. 2nd time, things were starting to go well, was able to go to the gym with my mum, but she injured

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  • Shepster 2

    Keep feeling sick

    Hi guys, Every time I eat I'm feel sick on the tablets, the feeling doesn't last long, but it's getting to the stage where I'm not eating as I should. I am also struggling big time to Make my goals each day calorie wise, this isn't good as we all know. Anybody else suffering these effects? Need

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