Common Football Injuries

The beautiful game can be a catalyst for some horrible injuries. They're all part and parcel of a contact sport, but there are ways you can protect yourself, preparing your body to perform at its peak whether it's for a quick kickabout or a World Cup Final.

We asked the fine folk at the Football Ramble podcast for their views on some of the most notable injuries in World Cup history. Was Beckham's metatarsal injury in 2002 as dramatic as the media made out? Just how miraculous was Baresi's recovery in 1990? Could Neymar's injury in 2014 have ended his career?

Listen below, then take a look at our other expert features covering the phyical and mental aspects of football.

Can football tackle mental health stigma?

Can football tackle mental health stigma?

Beyond the pitch, football is doing more than ever to address longstanding stigmas around male mental health. With more players speaking out about their problems and the creation of new grassroots projects, is the beautiful game finally setting an example?

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Recovering from a sports injury
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