Dr Colin Tidy

Dr Colin Tidy

General Practitioner, Medical Author


Dr Colin Tidy qualified as a doctor in 1983 and he has been writing for Patient since 2004. 

He has also been the Clinical Editor for Patient since October 2018.

He has 30 years’ experience as a General Practitioner. He now works as a GP in Oxfordshire, and also spends a great deal of time teaching doctors and nurses, as well as medical students. 

In addition to writing many leaflets and articles for Patient, he has also contributed to medical journals and written a number of educational articles for various General Practitioner magazines. He also has a great deal of experience in making assessments and helping to improve the standard of care provided for patients by General Practitioners.

Recent articles

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Refeeding syndrome was first described in Far East prisoners after the second world war when they developed heart failure after starting to eat again after a prolonged …