Bump on meatus.

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Hello guys, I've had this swelling on the side of my meatus for about a half and a half now and have no idea what it is. I had a full spectrum STD screening except for herpes and it can back neagtive. I also did a seperate urine and blood test and they also came back negative. I got treated for a yeast infection, but that hasn't seemed to do anything. I'm really worried and would like some feedback, Thanks.

On a side note I've had other issues, such as erection issues, anal discomfort and lack of sex drive. Could any of this be related.

Heres a picture.

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    I've been having the same issues with my penis.  The very tip is swollen/inflamed on both sides.  It's been like this for over 2 months now.  I don't have any other symptoms.  There isn't any pain any other lesions on my penis.  
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      Derek.  I've replied in Jared's box.  However, you will pick up the thread. What is your sex life like (I'm sure it has nothing to o with it) but sinilar symptoms can occur when you have sex (without a rubber) when your partner has an unknown fissure.  IT IS NOT AN STD!
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    derek, Hi
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      Derek Hi.  I'm sure that you have Ballainits also.  I have already discussed this issue with Jared.  I had the same problem as both you and he (although not the other assosiated 'anxieties' that Jared had) and the head and around the corona were red, swollen and botchy.  It's typical of this fungus and can be cleared up by using the cream.   Wash the head of  of you penis with just waater. Don't use soap or shower gel.

      Hope it soon clears (as it will - given time)

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    CAN SOMEONE HELP ME? For a few years now I have had this swelling on the meatus of my penis! Or a rash if you want to call it that. I am not sexually active so it can not be an std. I am so worried abourt this can someone please help me out. It is right at the meatus I want to know what it is so that I can get it taken care of. It even makes my pee hole close up sometimes.
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    any news? has it gotten better? i have the same thing its more a psychological draw back than a physical. its just irritating knowing its there .. 
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    Hello i have the same very same issue as JaredG when i look at the picture very same...maybe i have more of redness and inflamming meatus then he is...expecially after ejaculations it gets red 100 % and it gets bigger for a bit (the swollen meatus)...only when ejaculate...but at other times its 30%-50 % redness (pink) and i had this ENTIRE LIFE...im 21 years old had balanitis and balanoposthitis 3 years ago and got pain and itching symptoms back then...and that time i got circumcised and after that no symptoms at all...maybe 2-3 times per year some urinary infections but thats minor rly...so no symptoms or anything  for 3 years but i still got this red swollen meatus that gets inflammed very much after ejaculations...same thing like u more pronounced on the right side of meatus...probably coz of phimosis i had also...has anyone found any solution to this maybe ?...its been so long im trying not to think about it anymore but sometimes i try look for solutions on internet ...thanks and sorry for my english smile
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    Having the same problem for over a year, tried quite some things and lotions but nothings works. Currently doing 400 grams of itraconazole each day with miconazole but nothing works...


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      Hi Pablo, it seems that i´m having something very similar. Looks like mine sometimes a little bit more red. Can you explain how do you think you get this? Or what did the doctors told you?

      My experience is something like this. I had unprotected oral sex, suddenly a few days after before masturbation i started to have urethral pain, like at the end of the glans inside my penis. terrified of having an std i took azitromicine 1g nothing happend, then i went to see an urologist he gave me a shot and seven days with doxycycline, it seemed that there was some recovery, but the meatus still irritated, all test were negative for std even the blood test. Now a few months later i deal with a irritated meatus, almost no pain at all but it is still there. i put alibour water and a cream with miconazol and corticoids. it seems to be a little improvement but very very slow, and sometimes cames and goes. p*ssing make it red, also masturbation and eyaculation. I think if we share some info maybe we could have some idea. What i think it is just an irritation, in a very sensitive place wet and dirty so it is very hard to cure. What do you think Have the doctors told you?

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      I honestly don't know how l got it... haven't had sex for 1.5 years now; but probably got it from that last time...

      No STD were found did 3 tests, including prostate liquid test stuff, all turned negative... doctors told me it is normal as nothing was found, that it probably is some variation of the penis etc; and not to worry...

      IMO it's some kind of virus or something that might cause cancer long-term. It makes me quite depressive but there is nothing we can do l'm afraid...

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      Have you found a solution already? This makes me very depressive...
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      hi pablo

      hiw did it turn out in the end?

      same thing going on here,really depressed

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      pablo did you solve your problem?

      i have the exact same looking penis...

      last 2 months

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      mine is exactly the same pablo.

      any improvement? anyone?

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