Could this be thyroid issues

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Hi all

Will try and keep this very brief.

Stopped smoking 'permanently' in January & since mid January or end January I developed something of a constant discomfort in my throat area of my neck.

In January I had a cough, being a smoker my dr ordered a chest xray which was normal, but nothing has changed. Dr has also ordered Full bloods - normal (6 weeks ago)

Lyranoscopy - normal with irritation on Lyranx & Globus diagnosis (2 weeks ago)

My symptoms are

~ Heavy fullness feeling in the throat area (the area from the voicebox to the part where your collarbones meet)

~ Swallowing saliva is a discomfort on the right hand side only of the throat, like I have a deep paper cut

~ Eating solids & liquids makes it feel better to the extent of not feeling it at all

~ The felling of something trapping the back of my throat or applying constant pressure to the throat or a 'dangling' feeling at the back of the throat feeling like my windpipe is blocked.

~ No lumps or bumps present upon physical examination by ENT & GP

~ Exessive dry throat

~ Feeling of cold air sensation when breathing in shooting to the right part of my throat where this cutting feeling is.

~ Sleeping is not disturbed but when I wake it makes its horrid appearance once again, it starts of slowly then boom full on symptoms of blockage, discomfort & heaviness feeling

~ Constant swallowing

I have been put on antibiotics twice with no relief, lansoprazole & omperazole - no relief & do not believe I have GORD as no heartburn, I understand you can have LPR but again no relief even when being on PPI's for a month & Gavison & Rennies!

This is driving me literally insane, I know the likelihood of throat cancer is none as my scope has been done for that but now my mind is wondering to cancer of the oesophagus or thyroid.

I am 35 f with no history of being a drinker, smoked for 16 years (10 a day or so), overweight sad.

Can someone if you can shed any light on this 'disorder of mine'

My GP dismisses me to having anxiety & these are they symptoms for that she states but for me this is so REAL!

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    Hi Kay,

    I am sorry that I cannot answer your question at this time, but if I do find anything out I promise to get back to you.

    What I do know is that anxiety can cause all sorts of problems like the feeling of "a lump in your throat", but I have never heard of the dangly bit you referred to.

    I also know what acid reflux feels like and it can be very alarming at times.

    I do hope that you get some answers from your doctor soon, and just wanted you to know that we are listening to you, and can at least sympathise with you.


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      Hi Anne

      Thank you for your message

      The dangly bit thing comes and goes its all very strange!

      I hope I get some answers too, I have had three of the same diagnosis from two doctors & 1 ENT professor whom is the best in my county and they all say anxiety & reflux, maybe I should accept the diagnosis but I just fear the C word and always fearing it has been overlooked!

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      Ive had the dangly feeling too. Mine feels more like something has stitched itself to my throat! Its also so dry! Yvette, was your thyroid levels normal as they have checked mine and it is so is my blood counts.

      I have to go back as this feeling is only one sided and driving me crackers!!! The GP says reflux, ENT says Globus BUT my question is, i had a scope down my nose, would they have seen a nodule on my thyroid with that scope?

      Thanks all

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      Hello Anne

      The dangly thing is hideous drives me insane! Feels like my throat is being pressured from the front to the back and i have to pull them apart also all the time

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      Yes hun all my bloods we're what they class as normal I too had a camera down my throat all clear and no they can only see thyroid nodules by doing a scan of your neck the same as a baby scan hope this helps hun xx
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      My doctor also told me gerd and a virus until I got a second opinion and was referred to see a specialist.Hope you soon get answers soon hun, it's so annoying when they fob you off .You know your body best.
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      Hi again

      This is intersting as ive always said its thyroid! When i swallow i feel like a sharp scrap on the right hand side where my wind pipe starts if that makes sense? I wheeze every now and then also and the immense pressure that i feel on my throat is silly! Im forever trying to pull my throat apart!

      Could u feel your nodule when u felt your throat? I cant feel anything BUT last week i touched my throat and it felt bruised right where the sharp swallowing sensation is! When i bend down i feel pressure on that side in my throat too. I know i have relux though as i taste the acid but i cant have reflux everynight to warrant this feeling surely?!

      Also when i breathe in its like a sharp wind to the right side too!

      Im going back Wed and if she prescribes anymore blinking ant-acids i will go mad!

      My mum had thryroid issues when she was my age and ive told the dr but she says i have anxiety! When i chew chewing gum it feels so good as my throat isint dry and sticking together, as i type this my trying to pull my throat apart from each other 😓

      Did u have your nodule removed?

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      Hi hun I only found out what it was a couple of weeks ago doc wants to leave it 3 months and re scan but I'm going back to see him today as I think I want it removed as I hate the throat sensation and neck pain and feeling tired all the time xx
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      I can feel mine on the outside but it's at the right bottom side of my neck not under where my Adams apple would be and it's only because my neck is so thin no body else can really notice it and it depends where on the thyroid it is as to weather you can see it from the outside hun even my doc couldn't see mine feel both sides of you neck together to see if either side feels different at all might only feel a slight difference xx
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      Im convinced my right side is bigger but me too i also have a very thin neck. The thyroid is above your collar bone right? No all thyroid nodules are visable or felt i have read but who knows im sick of feeling like this, constantly swallowing too.

      Was your throat dry?

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      Yes hun me too I'm always swallowing mine is also the right side and yes the thyroid is just above the collar bone in fact some days when I swallow it hurts in to the collar bone it's horrible hun and it's nice to talk to someone else who has this have you had any other symptoms hun xx
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      Ive had this for 4 months now. Started with a cough and i was convinced i had lung cancer sad as im a smoker. But the chest xray was clear and im also 35 so a little young for the likes of throat cancer too (so says the ent professor).

      I just swallow all day about 1000 times. It feels like thick skin im swallowing and i also seem to rub my throat. The dryness and constant trying to pull the throat apart is the worst for me but ny dryness see to be higher than the thyroid its more by my voicebox but behind if that makes sense.

      Do you eat and drink ok? As i do the feeling actually goes when i chew.

      I have a cancer phobia big time, do you?

      Its nice to talk to you too. Are you in the UK?

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      Yes hun I'm in the uk and mine is only felt when swallowing, when I eat or drink I don't feel it and yes I'm a huge worrier about cancer I'm only 38 I've never smoked or drank and my health has always been fantastic till now and doctors always put everything down to viruses and stress even though mine has come back benign I think I'm still going to ask for it to be removed at the end of the day it's not them living with it every day xx
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